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"Oh, just look at her Em!" A blonde haired woman showed her husband the little girl coloring with another in the corner.

The little girl had a head full of blonde locks that looked like they'd been curled, eyes as blue as the ocean and a small physique. She was the definition of perfect in the blonde woman's eyes.

"We just have to get her, please Em." The woman spoke again, her voice sounded excited and she was smiling.

The man shrugged his shoulders; he obviously didn't care much about the decision being made. The woman noticed this and frowned.

"What is wrong with you? This is a big deal."

"I like her Rose, just get her and let's go." He replied his voice monotone as he walked away.

The woman, Rose, shook her head and went to the lady at the adoption agency to tell her which child she wanted. The lady quickly complied, bringing the young girl out. The girl couldn't be more than two at the most but she was so beautiful already.

You've already filled out her paperwork, all I need is your final signature and she's all yours." The agent smiled at Rose.

Rose followed the agent to a small desk and signed her signature one last time and she knew this was right. She knew this decision was good.

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