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It's been a week since Emmett and Rosalie had their talk and slowly Emmett has been warming up to their little girl, Rosalie could tell. Emmett was out in the back swinging Holly on her little swing set while Rose made the little girl dinner.

Rosalie finished the cooking and sat it on the table in front of Holly's chair before walking onto the patio to tell Emmett and Holly it was time to eat but stopped when she noticed Emmett's smile as Holly squealed with delight. Emmett chuckled briefly before he noticed Rose watching them.

"Is it time?" He called out to her.

Rosalie simply nodded and watched as Emmett picked Holly up and carried her to the patio then sat her down so she could run happily inside for her dinner, which is exactly what she did. Rose smiled as she watched and Emmett did too. Their little girl was, in a word, perfect. She was quickly adjusting to her new life with her new family and she had no qualms about any of it. Little Holly seemed quite content with her new life and this made Rosalie ecstatic which in turn made Emmett happy.

The one thing that made changed Rosalie's life was the day Holly started to call her 'Mommy', and Emmett knew that this little girl was perfect for Rose. He could see it now, all the times they would share. Shopping, laughing, crying, first days and last days, trying new things, boys, and everything in between until the day that little girl left. He knew that Holly had Rosalie's heart and he wasn't sure how he felt.

He was slowly beginning to like the girl but he knew it would crush Rose as soon as she left and he knew that her being human would lead to friction between her and the rest at some point but he couldn't help but smile when she was near him, she had that effect. She was always so bright; a shining light at the end of a long, dark tunnel and that was exactly what Rose needed. Emmett couldn't see himself taking that away from Rosalie and he honestly couldn't see himself taking Holly away from Rosalie either. Holly needed a mother and Rose needed a daughter, they were a perfect fit, how could he ruin that for either of them?

Holly was tugging at the legs of his pants and he looked down at her, those sweet blue eyes shining and he smiled.

"Yes Holly?"

"Play?" Holly asked him, a smile tugging at her lips and Emmett couldn't say no.

"Go ask Ro- your mother." He told her.

Holly nodded and walked off, a bounce in her steps and he smiled once more at her tiny retreating figure. Soon enough Holly came back, a smile on her face.

"Mommy said yes!" She told him excitedly.

Emmett grabbed her and held her in his arms as he took her outside to play in the last few hours of sunlight and watched as she ran and squealed and laughed with him. The most beautiful little girl in the world, his daughter, was wrapping him around her little finger and he didn't even realize it.

"Emmett, Holly!" Rosalie shouted at them from the patio.

"What is it Rose?" Emmett quickly replied, bringing both himself and Holly over to the patio.

"I thought I told you I didn't want you out her playing." She told Holly.

Holly shrugged her shoulders and smiled innocently.

"You told me but I didn't tell Daddy that." Holly answered, her voice didn't sound scared at all.

Rosalie looked shocked for a moment but then she started laughing and Emmett did too, causing Holly to look at them both, confused which only prompted more laughter and that was when Emmett knew. He loved this little girl, only a week they'd had her and she'd already reeled him in. A fish on a line but he didn't care. This little girl was his and he loved her. She completed his family.

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