(author's note: ive never written a story in my life literally. Im more the drawing type. So if this sucks im sorry I really have no other excuses)

"Fuck this!"

Kizami screamed as he slammed his front door, rubbing his temple and groaning. He's had it with this fucking family. All of them, worthless. If only he were of age, he wouldn't be subjected to living in this household. Letting out a sigh, he turns and examines his reflection in the window.

He grimaces, lifting a hand to push his long bangs back and examine his eye. He flinched a bit; it stung to the touch. The red around it on his skin's surface was clearly visible, and a bruise had already begun to form. "Great…" he sighs, stepping off his front porch and looking into the sky. Of course it would be raining tonight, of all nights. Of course it would.

Not much he can do about it now, though. All he has are the clothes on his back, and he certainly can't go back inside to grab anything after that whole scene. Things will probably cool off by morning, as they always do, but for now he just needs a place to stay. Stepping down the front porch and into the rain, the tall boy shoves his hands clumsily into his pockets and slouches over. He starts walking through the rain, on his way to the only place he knows he can stay.

Kurosaki laid on his bed, totally immersed in his PSP. He had just bought a new portable dating sim game, but just as it was getting to the good part he hears a gentle knock at the front door. "Tch.." Kurosaki sucks his teeth, setting his PSP down on the table in sleep mode and quickly making his way downstairs. He glances through the small peep window in the door and sighs. He'd know that silhouette anywhere. He quietly pulls the door open.


"Kurosaki…sorry to intrude."

Kurosaki blinks, and turns to look at the clock hanging by the door. "It's so late…what happened, Kizami? You lock yourself out aga-" he cuts himself short, getting a better look at Kizami's face. Even with Kizami's slumped posture, he can look up and clearly see the shiner darkening around his eye. Kurosaki gives off a worried sigh, to which Kizami responds by slouching further, almost apologetically.

But of course Kurosaki doesn't ask any questions. He's known Kizami so long. He knows what his life is like at home. He wishes there was something he could do, but, he knows deep down that Kizami isn't totally free of blame. Still, Kurosaki feels that maybe it just isn't his place to interfere with family affairs. They quietly make their way back upstairs, to Kurosaki's room, careful to not wake the rest of the Kurosaki household.

"Here, put these on." Kurosaki says as he tosses Kizami a towel and some dry clothes: a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"Ah, thanks.." Kizami says, proceeding to pull his damp shirt up and over his head.

"W-w-whoa!" Kurosaki stammers, quickly facing the opposite direction. "Uh, y-you go ahead and get changed, I'll go get some snacks!" and before Kizami can even react, Kurosaki is out the door, and the light 'tmp-tmp-tmp' of his footsteps down the stairs echoes back.

Kizami smirked. Heh, he didn't expect Kurosaki to be such a prude. He must get changed in front of other guys all the time; having been into sports his whole life. Maybe it was different because the two of them were so close? Kizami just shrugged it off as his finished getting changed, folding his wet clothes neatly and stacking them atop the folded towel.

He looked around Kurosaki's room. Kizami had been here plenty of times before, and aside from a few minor aesthetic changes, it was still basically the same. There was a bed, a small table in the center, a closet, a television with a game console…nothing you wouldn't find in the room of an average teenage boy. Kurosaki kept his room…relatively neat; neater than one would assume someone like him keeps house, anyway. Kizami scuffs a few stray articles of clothing on the floor with his foot, pushing them to the side, clearing space where he intended to sleep.

He sneered and glanced at the bed, reminiscing on a time where he discovered Kurosaki's…personal magazines, so to speak, under the mattress. Average teenage boy indeed.

The tall boy kneeled down at the table, sitting up straight and proper as he usually does, in the place he usually does. Shortly after, Kurosaki returns, carrying armfuls of various snack foods and drinks. "And I'm back!" he exclaims, haphazardly dropping the snacks on to the table, and plopping himself on the floor beside his best friend, with significantly less perfect posture, to say the least.

"Thank you for letting me stay." Kizami said as he reached for a can of tea Kurosaki brought with him. "I'm sorry I didn't call ahead…I left my phone behind at the house. I'm surprised you were still awake."

Kurosaki pulled open a bag of chips, tearing the bag all the way so that he could share with his friend. "Yeah, I'm strangely not very sleepy tonight. I think it has something to do with this game I just got." Kurosaki says as he picks up his PSP, taking it off of sleep mode and waving it around in the air. "It's the latest portable dating sim on the market! X-rated." He snickers.

"Mm.." Kizami hums, feigning interest. Kurosaki's games never particularly interested him.

Kurosaki grumbled at Kizami's obvious apathy. Even when they were kids, he wouldn't play games. Fixing his eyes on his PSP, Kurosaki mindlessly flips through the options for a bit as Kizami opens his drink. Then, Kurosaki starts thinking.

"…Hey Kizami, what's your type?"


"Yeah! You know! Your type! It's the kind of person you're typically attracted to! Everyone has a type!"

"Er, I don't think-"

"C'mon!" Kurosaki exclaims, practically shoving the PSP into Kizami's hands, "Just take a look! There're all kinds of girls in here!"

Kizami groans, but takes the console anyway. His expression remains still as he flips through the various profiles of scantily-clad anime girls. To be honest, he probably paid more attention to the verbal descriptions. Even then, nothing particularly stood out to him.

"Well?" Kurosaki questioned impatiently.

"I don't really like any of these."

"Booooring!" Kurosaki let out a hard sigh as he leans back, supporting his weight on his arms. "Come on, Kizami, you can't be completely hollow! Don't you have a crush on anyone?"

Kizami sets the PSP back on the table. "How did you buy this game, anyway? You're underage," he enquires, swiftly shifting the topic of conversation.

Kurosaki smirks and rubs his chin. "I dunno. Maybe I'm just so mature and ruggedly handsome that the teller didn't feel the need to check my ID."

This elicits a chuckle from Kizami. Kurosaki laughed in return, rubbing the back of his head. "Heheheh, hey shut up!" he jests. It wasn't often that Kizami genuinely laughed, so to Kurosaki it felt like a huge accomplishment to be the one to get him to laugh, even if it is at his own expense.

"So, Kurosaki, what's your 'type' then?"

"Eh, my type?" he crosses his arms and scrunches his nose, really giving the question serious thought. "Hrrmm..hard to say..I have a lot of favorites.." Kurosaki shrugs. "I dunno, I like them all!"

"I see." Kizami replies disdainfully, popping a potato chip in his mouth. Typical Kurosaki, not knowing what he wants.

"Sheesh, what's with that attitude? You might not have a type, but that doesn't mean you don't attract, my dearest Ki-za-mi~" he nudges the taller boys shoulder and grins. "In fact, just the other day Kirisaki was asking about you, I think you might have an admirer!"

It wasn't any secret that Kizami was popular among the girls at Byakudan High. He was tall, handsome, and carried that quiet and mysterious demeanor. Even some of the guys, such as Shimada, were envious of him. Kurosaki was unsure if Kizami was honestly oblivious to the obvious advances the girls put on him, or if he just simply wasn't interested. To be honest, he'll probably never know for sure. Kizami is very cryptic about that sort of thing.

"Is that so?" Kizami replies, taking another sip of his drink. He smiles and looks down at the can, idly playing with the tab. "But, I don't see her in that way."

Kurosaki sighs, waving his hand in front of his face. "Yeah, yeah. I figured as much." He leans back and looks up at the ceiling. "I just figured you would tell me these things- as your best friend, I mean."

Kizami doesn't reply.

The two spend some more time eating and talking. Or rather, Kurosaki goes on about all kinds of things and Kizami listens, every now and then giving his input. Despite their conflicting personalities, he really does enjoy Kurosaki's company. He assumes Kurosaki feels the same. That would be the only logical answer, right? Why maintain a friendship with someone for so long if you didn't like them? Kizami catches himself thinking about these things sometimes. Heh, how dumb.

Eventually they decide to call it a night, and Kurosaki proclaims it's time for bed.

"It's a good thing we don't have school tomorrow, Kizami. You can wear my loungewear, but I doubt you'd fit into my uniforms!"

"Ah, yeah…" Kizami replies, gesturing to the space he cleared on the floor. "I'll just sleep here."

"What?!" Kurosaki gawks, tapping the floor with his heel. "Kizami, these floors are hardwood, and I don't have an extra futon. My bed is big enough for two; that's how we always had sleepovers as kids!"

Kizami blinks. "I just…thought-"

"Nope!" Kurosaki interrupts, climbing into bed and settling into the side against the wall. "It's okay, I know you don't snore Kizami!"

Kizami sighs, but doesn't argue. He stands up and turns off the ceiling light, before climbing into the bed beside Kurosaki and lying down. He flinches a little, as the side of his face against the pillow was still pretty tender. "Nn.." Eventually he gets used to it, and closes his eyes. For a few moments, Kizami just lays there. To be honest, he wasn't tired enough to fall asleep instantly, but he didn't want to disturb his friend. So he just lays there with his eyes closed, absorbing the dead silence of the room, and the sound of the rain outside.


"Mm?" Kizami opens his eyes to discover Kurosaki staring at him intently. "..Kurosaki?"

Kurosaki smiles. "You never did answer my question."

"Ah..your question?"

"Yeah. Do you have a crush on anyone?"

Kizami choked as he felt a warm sensation fill his cheeks. He supposes there's really no point in being secretive with Kurosaki. When he said that thing about best friends talking about this kind of thing, it hit pretty hard. Kurosaki confides everything in him; Kurosaki trusts him, so why can't he show him the same trust? In his whole life, no one has been more loyal to Kizami than Kurosaki – not even his own family. If there was anyone to expose his vulnerability to, it would be Kurosaki.

He only worries how Kurosaki might react.


"Ehh?!" Kurosaki propped himself up quickly. "For real, Kizami?!"

"Is that so hard to believe?"

"Huh? No, no! It's just- I mean- You've never said anything, or even given off any signs!" Kurosaki lies back down, but inches closer to his friend. "So, what's she like?"

Here goes.



Kurosaki fell silent. He never did inquire if Kizami preferred the opposite or same sex; or if he even had a preference at all. It isn't really any of his business anyway. Of course it didn't matter to him. He was still Kizami. Still, it was wrong of him to assume Kizami was attracted to girls by default. Man, he must look so ridiculous!

All of that aside, this was still an extremely personal thing for Kizami to share- and he chose to confide in him. Him, Kurosaki Kensuke! For the longest time, Kurosaki thought Kizami treated him with the same indifference as he treats everyone else. But with this revelation, maybe it's Kizami's way of reaffirming their friendship. Maybe Kizami thought of Kurosaki as his best friend after all. That thought alone was enough to make Kurosaki grin from ear to ear.

All these thoughts occurred to Kurosaki in a split second, but to Kizami, the silence seemed to stretch on forever, making him fidget a bit.

"Okay!" Kurosaki piped up, still smiling. "What's he like, then?"

Kizami's eyes widened, and he offered no response other than a few incoherent stammers. His cheeks flushed even fuller now, and his blush would be fully visible if it weren't dark as it was. He was honestly not expecting Kurosaki to react this way. Deep down he knew Kurosaki would never hate him for something like this, but, he wasn't even phased! There we absolutely no questions asked, he immediately accepted it, and eagerly badgered Kizami for information, just as he had been doing before.

No one…no one else would have reacted the same way. He was sure of it. Kurosaki…he's so naive! He's so stupid!

He's…probably the best friend Kizami could ever ask for.

"Hmm? Come again?" Kurosaki persisted, snapping Kizami from his train of thought.

"Ah, um," he finally managed to cough up some words. "He is…kind, and funny, er, a little scatterbrained…I suppose…erm..." Kizami struggled to gather his thoughts. This was something completely foreign to him.

He didn't want to reveal too much, either. One confession was enough for tonight.

Growing increasingly stressed and uncomfortable, Kizami fidgeted more, shifting his vision at anything but his friend's face. The heat in his face gradually spreads, until even his ears were tinted red. The only thing that brought him out of his bubble of worry and back into reality was a loud laugh from Kurosaki, which startled him so much that he jumped a bit.

"Ahaha! That's great, man! I'm so glad!" Kurosaki chuckled, giving Kizami a friendly pat on the shoulder. "Don't stress so much, everything will go just fine."

Kurosaki smiled at him. His smile was enough to put Kizami at ease again, and he couldn't help but return the gesture.

"Thank you, Kurosaki. I mean…for everything."

"Heh, no problem, buddy! I do it out of love, you know?"

Kizami nodded his head. Kurosaki proceeds to let out a big yawn and stretches, slumping down into the bed and closing his eyes. Kizami lies awake, watching his friend curiously. Eventually, Kurosaki's breaking slows and falls into a rhythm, indicating that he is fast asleep. Kizami hums softly, his eyes falling half lidded as he looks over his friend, that warm feeling tingling in his cheeks once more.

"I love you, too."