An Animorphs Story By: AmandaKK

Setting: The woods by Cassie's house

Marco: So, Rachel. How's your life going?

*Rachel sends him a death glare* Do you want to know the answer?

*Marco smiles* Yes.

*Rachel punches him in the face*

Ax: What is that?

Rachel: To make him shut up.

Ax: Oh... *Backs away slowly*

Jake: Rachel, you need to learn to control your anger problems. *Setting becomes a therapy office*

Rachel: I will kill you…

Jake: Tell me your troubles and concerns.

Rachel: Aliens are invading earth, and I'm always being attacked, and Marco is an idiot, and Tobias won't just ask me out, and I can morph into animals, and Yeerks are ruining my life, and I can't trust anybody, and this SUCKS!

Jake: You have serious problems, woman.

*Rachel gets a Punjab lasso* Don't make me use this…

*Jake cowers* I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't kill me!

Marco: Here, Rachel. This homemade pie will make you feel better!

Rachel: I didn't know you cooked. *She takes a bite*

Marco: I don't. Chapman made it!

*Rachel drops dead on the floor*

*Marco shakes his head* I'm starting to think we can't trust that guy…