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The idea for these 3 one shots came from a song request list that MissTink1987sent to me. Thank you, deary, for enduring my ramblings and such! I hope you like these ideas! Anyone else that has a two or three song request list that they would like me to write to, let me know and I'll give it a whirl.

Timeline: this is a year or so (I think) after the mid-season premiere. There is a slight reference to that at the end of this fic.

"Look around, there's no one but you and me,

Right here, and now, the way it was meant to be.

There's a smile on my face, knowing that together, everything that's in our way,

We're better than alright.

Walking between the raindrops, riding the aftershock beside you.

Off into the sunset, living like there's nothing left to lose.

Chasing after gold mines, crossing the fine lines, we knew.

Hold on, and take a breath, I'll be here every step,

Walking between the raindrops with you."

-"Between The Raindrops" Lifehouse feat. Natasha Bedingfield

I winced, sucking in a sharp breath between my clenched teeth as Fiona brushed the cotton ball, which was soaked in disinfectant, across the wound on my forehead.

"Ow! Jesus, Fi." I snarled through my teeth, pulling my head back out of her reach for a moment.

"Oh, Michael, quit being such a baby and come back here." She rolled her eyes and wrapped her free hand around the back of my neck, pulling me closer. I tried to contain the grumble of pain that bubbled through my chest as she went back to the task at hand, but couldn't. Fiona chuckled and dabbed the rest of the wound before dressing the wound quickly.

I scowled up at her from where I was perched on the barstool when she placed a sarcastically loud kiss over the wound.

"There. All better now?" She questioned, her voice overly saturated in sweetness. My eyes narrowed at her, but I couldn't help the way that my lips twitched upward. "You know, if you didn't go running into every building like you are indestructible, this would happen a lot less."

"That little kid was in trouble, Fi. I couldn't wait for you guys to get there, he would have died."

"I know. You're a good man, Michael Westen." She smirked, settling onto my lap heavily and wrapping her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply. I groaned softly.

"Fi, we have to go to the birthday party." I murmured againt her lips. Nate's son was turning two that day, and my mother was hosting a birthday party at her house, and it was the first time that she had willingly invited me to any sort of event since...well, since Nate. "I don't want to be late." I whispered, nuzzling my nose against hers as my hands roamed her back. Her skin was always so warm. So soft.

"Hmm, somethings are worth being late for, Michael." She ground her hips against mine once, drawing another groan from me. My fingers fell to her hips, holding her in place, and she pouted down at me.

"Fi, I really, really would love to finish this," I gestured vaguely between us. "But, I don't want to be late to this. Ma will be pissed, and I think I'm just starting to get back on her good side." She sighed and nodded, placing a single, chaste kiss to my lips. We both stood from the store slowly, our chests brushing and sending a small electric pulse through my body. I clenched my jaw, my eyes fluttering shut at the contact. "Damn..." I whimpered, reaching out and gripping her biceps in my hands.

"Tell me about it." Fiona chuckled, kissing the hollow of my throat once before moving to put some distance between us. I immediately missed the warmth of her skin against mine and felt my lower lip forming a slight pout. She let out a loud, carefree chuckle at the sight and shook her head, bringing a grin to my own face. "Come on, we need to get going, Michael. Wouldn't want to be late to the party." She smirked, swaying her hips as she walked out of the loft, waiting for me to follow.

My teeth closed over my bottom lip as I tilted my head to the side and watched after her. I would never tire of the sight of her walking out of a room. It wasn't until she turned back to me, her hand braced on the open doorway and her brow furrowed when she asked if I was coming with her, that I snapped out of my trance and jogged after her. We both slipped into the seats of the Charger easily before speeding towards my mother's house, stealing glances at one another covertly on the ride.

~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~

Sam, Elsa, and Jesse were already at my mom's house when we arrived to the small gathering. Mom had a couple of her friends playing bridge with her on the back patio, Jesse was chasing Charlie around the backyard, his arms outstretched in case the wobbly toddler fell, and Sam was sitting in a lawn chair, mojito in hand, and his arm around Elsa, watching the scene in front of him with an amused smirk. He waved at me and Fi when we rounded the house.

"Hey, Mikey." He smiled, standing and clapping my shoulder lightly.

"Sam, Elsa." I greeted shortly, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other as I glanced across the backyard to where my mother was laughing, honest to God laughing for the first time in ages, at something one of her friends had said. Her eyes met mine across the party and the smile fell a bit, though it was still there, parading itself as though it wasn't paper thin and more fake than the orange spray tan her friend had. "Excuse me." I muttered, stepping away from the group after I placed a kiss to Fiona's head.

I started taking long, measured strides across the backyard, but I was cut off halfway to my mother's seat by a smaller woman. Fuck. I forgot Ruth would be there...I hadn't seen her since Nate's funeral. However, her eyes weren't flaming with the rage that I had been expecting. Instead, they were wet with the mosture of pain, and of loss, and of grief. My heart twisted in my chest as I saw her.

"Ruth, I..." I breathed, my voice barely audible over the joyus babbling of my nephew as Jesse scooped him up and tickled him.

"Save it, Michael. I know that it wasn't your fault. Nate was trying," She swallowed around the tears that I could tell were threatening to overtake her. "He was trying to help you. That's all he ever wanted, you know? He wanted you to be proud of him. He talked about you all the time."

"I'm so sorry. I never should have gotten him involved in any of this." I whispered, not allowing my eyes to break from hers, despite the urge in the pit of my stomach to turn and run until I hit the ocean.

"You're not listening. I don't blame you for Nate's death. He died fulfilling the only goal that he had ever wanted to accomplish. He helped you get your wife back," My gaze flicked to where Fiona was watching intently, her eyes meeting mine in a silent comforting gesture. I didn't even bother to correct Ruth about Fi being my wife. Instead, my thumb brushed over my bare ring finger on my left hand subconciously. "And he helped to get rid of a bad man. I just wanted you to know that I don't blame you."

Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, holding me close. I tensed for a moment, unsure of what I was supposed to do, before I wrapped an arm around her and hugged her tightly. When she pulled away, I opened my mouth to say something to her, but her hand landed over my mouth and she shook her head.

"Let him go, Michael. You have to give him the oppourtunity to be the hero that he always wanted to be. Don't take that away from him by feeling sorry for yourself." She whispered, patting the side of my face and smiling sadly at me before side stepping and taking Charlie from where he was outstretching his arms in Jesse's embrace. He giggled and patted her face softly.

Shaking off the traces of saddness in my gut, I continued to where my mother was now standing, her arms crossed over her chest as she watched me. I stopped a few feet in front of her, my hands tucked in my pockets because I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to do.

"Hello, Michael." She whispered, her voice raspy. The simple sound of her addressing me without venom dripping from the words.

"Hey, Ma." I replied, a small grin spreading across my face. "Charlie's growing up fast. He looks just like Nate." Mom nodded, taking a drag off of the cigarette that was hanging from her fingers.

"Yes, he does." She said, her mind obviously in a different time. I knew that look, it was the look that she got when she recalled memories of me and Nate as children. "It's good to see you, Michael."

"It's good to see you too, Ma." I replied, outstretching my arms. My chest warmed when she stepped forward without hesitation and pillowed her head on my shoulder. I held her tightly for a long time before I finally released her. She brushed my cheek with her fingers.

"You're a good boy, Michael. I'm sorry that I was so awful to you."

"I understand why you were, Ma. I let you down."

"You didn't let me down. I was upset, but I understood. Now, you go have a good time with everyone. It's your nephew's birthday, try to have fun." She winked before turning away from me and sitting back at the bridge table.

I had a large grin still plastered on my face when I returned to the rest of my little group and tucked my arm around Fiona's waist.

"How'd it go?" She whispered, kissing my cheek gently.

"It went," I sighed a breath of relief and nodded, looking down at her happily. "It went really well, Fiona. And, tomorrow, we're going to go find that house that I promised you." She quirked an eyebrow curiously at me.

"Michael, we already have an apartment, what are you talking about?"

"Yeah, but I think having a house will be easier to raise the kids. Maybe even a dog. Yeah," I nodded, more to myself than to her. "Definitely a dog."

"K-kids?" She questioned, her eyes lighting up. Fiona had been hinting about wanting children for quite some time. The sight of my nephew, running in circles with his carefree laughter permeating the air made me realize that, perhaps there was more than just the wonderful world of the CIA to live for. "You mean that?"

"I mean every word, Fiona." I whispered, kissing the top of her head gently. "I love you."

"I love you too, Michael." She grinned, tucking her head under my chin. Fiona had always been it for me. She'd been there through thick and thin, even when the shit storm of my life was raining down around us. She had broken out her raincoat and rubber boots, and we'd puddle jumped our way out of the storm, hand in hand. I loved her with all of my heart, and, at the end of a long day, that was all that mattered, right?

It isn't about learning to avoid the storm that makes every day worth living. It's about finding someone that means more than life itself to you, and learning to dance in the spaces in between the raindrops.