I'm so glad that you guys are all enjoying this! This is the last chapter in this series, so I can get back to writing "What We Fight For" because this has captivated my brain and would not let me write the next chapter...anywho, this is about seven years after the last installment. The intro to this chapter is inspired by the fact that I'm watching "Couples Retreat" and Vince Vaughn is hilarious. If you've never seen the movie just...ignore that statement...

"Do you remember how it used to be?

We'd turn out the lights, and didn't just sleep.

Remind me, baby, remind me.

Oh, so on fire, so in love, that look in your eyes I miss so much.

Remind me, baby, remind me.

I want to feel that way. Yeah, I wanna hold you close.

Oh, if you still love me, don't just assume I know, baby, remind me, remind me.

Do you remember the way it felt?

You mean back when we couldn't control ourselves?

Remind me, yeah, remind me.

All those things that you used to do that made me fall in love with you,

Remind me, oh baby, remind me.

You'd wake up in my old t-shirt, all those mornings I was late for work, remind me.

Oh, baby, remind me."

-"Remind Me" Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood

I startled awake, squinting at the light streaming through the window and grumbled into my pillow. It wasn't much longer before two sets of tiny feet were hopping up and down on the bed.

"What's going on? Everything okay? Honey? Fiona?" I groaned, pulling the pillow over my head, but it was torn off the bed almost immediately.

"Daddy, you gotta wake up! It's Halloween!" Came a squeaky voice from above me. It wasn't until tiny knees connected with the small of my back that I turned over, grimacing from the pain, and wrapped Nate in my arms, pinning him to my chest.

"You know that Halloween isn't like Christmas, right? We can't start trick or treating before night time." I chuckled, ruffling Nate's mocha hair softly before kissing his forehead. He scowled down at me.

"Of course I know that, Daddy." He replied. I laughed loudly and turned to where a pair of green eyes were staring at me.

"Hey, buddy, how'd you sleep?" I smiled down at Marcus, our four year old. He stared at me a moment before whispering his repsonse.

"I peed." My eyes flicked down to the bed and then back up to Marcus, who had an innocent smile on his face.

~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~

"Good morning, Michael." Fiona called from where she was stirring something near our stove. She quirked her eyebrow when she looked over and saw me carrying Marcus down the stairs with our bedding tucked under my arm. "What are you doing?"

"Marcus peed. In our bed." I replied, tossing the sheets into the washing machine and setting Marcus on the floor. He ran across the kitchen on chubby, barefeet and wrapped his arms around Fi's waist.

"Oh...I see." She replied, chuckling softly and lifting him to place a soft kiss to the top of his head. "Go wash your hands so you can have breakfast, little one." I watched as Marcus and Nate took off down the hallway and into the bathroom. I placed a chaste kiss to the corner of Fi's lips, not even allowing her to turn her head fully.

"Are you taking Nate and Marcus trick or treating tonight?" I questioned, opening the fridge to grab a yogurt and pouring myself a glass of water.

"Michael, we talked about this, we were both going to take them this year." Fiona sighed, the spatula in her hand falling to her side. "Remember?" I scratched at the back of my head a moment, leaning against the counter and sipping my water. The front door swung open, revealing Sam and Jesse. My jaw hung open when they stepped in.

Sam was clad in black from head to toe, with a pointed mask on his head, and Jesse was looking a bit distraught in a green and red jump suit.

"Um...what the hell is going on with you two?" Fiona questioned, quirking a brow. I wanted to make a comment, I really did, but my brain couldn't seem to formulate anything other than an amused chuckle.

"We're ready for Halloween." Sam smirked, sauntering over and leaning on the breakfast bar. "We've come to tell you that we're going to take the boys off of your hands tonight to take them trick or treating, and then they're going to come spend the night at my place. We're going to go get breakfast at my favorite diner tomorrow morning."

"What are you supposed to be, Sam?" I questioned when I finally regained my voice.

"What does it look like, Mikey?" He held his arms out and spun in a circle. "I'm Batman." I tried to stifle the laugh that threatened to break out. I turned my attention to where Jesse was trying his best to melt into the wall.

"And that would make you-."

"Yes. I'm Robin. Shut up, or I'mma make you eat your own shoe." Jesse cut me off, pointing his finger at me menacingly. I raised my hands by my head in surrender.

"Hey, I'm not going to judge you for wanting to be a sidekick."

"I didn't want to be a sidekick! I wanted to be Batman!" Sam chuckled and nodded.

"It's true. I beat him at arm wrestling though, so he got to be my little boy toy." Jesse, Fi, and I all grimaced at the statement.

"That came out so wrong." Jesse grumbled, shaking his head. The boys running down the hallway interrupted the conversation.

"Uncle Sam! Uncle Jesse!" They squealed in unison, both of them throwing themselves at Jesse and Sam. I glanced at Fiona, quirking an eyebrow curiously. She shrugged and moved to stand next to me, though she kept a few inches between us.

That was how it had been for a while. We would wake up in the morning, give each other a quick kiss, and then rarely have much more contact before falling back into bed and passing out on contact with the pillows. Such was the life of married people with children.

"What do you guys mean that you're taking them out?" I voiced the question that had been unspoken between Fi and myself.

"Because you guys need a break." I opened my mouth to protest, but Sam raised his hand to cut me off. "Don't try to tell me that you don't, Mike. When was the last time you two went out to dinner, just the two of you?"

I thought for a moment, grasping for anything that resembled a date in my recent memory, but I was drawing a blank. The blank look on Fiona's face was enough to tell me that she was in the same position.

"I guess you're right." I grumbled, running my hands over my hair and shrugging.

"So, you're going to go out to dinner, we're going to take care of the kids, and you're not going to worry about anything." Jesse stated, leaning against the doorframe and crossing his arms over his chest.

"I'm sorry, man, but it's really, really hard to take you seriously when you're wearing a Robin suit." Sam chuckled. Jesse shot him a death glare and shook his head.

"It was your idea!" I listened to the two of them bickering back and forth for a moment before turning to Fiona.

"So, what do you think?" I whispered. She pulled half a shrug and nodded.

"Why not? They're offering to take the boys out, and I haven't had a night with just you in God knows how long, Michael. It could be fun. I'll put on one of those dresses that you like so much, and we'll have a date night." I smiled down at her and wrapped my arm around her waist.

"Okay, Fi, okay. If it's a date night you want, it's a date night we'll have."

~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~ ~*BN*~

Sam and Jesse had come to pick up the boys a few hours before, and I had been sitting on the couch for going on an hour, waiting for Fiona to come downstairs.

"Fi, if we don't get out of here soon the kids are going to be back." I called out, sipping the beer in my hand. Every thought had left my mind, however, and the bottle nearly slipped from my fingers when Fiona rounded the corner in a tight, short black dress. I was pretty sure I almost swallowed my own tongue when I tried to say something, and the only thing that I could manage was a croak.

She chuckled and strode over to the couch, pulling me to my feet, and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I hooked mine around her waist and pulled her flush against me.

"You are so beautiful, Fi." I whispered, brushing my nose against hers. "It has been way too long since we did this."

"I know. I can't remember the last time we had an empty house." She chuckled, tucking her head under my chin. I placed a soft kiss to her hair and smiled.

"I think it was in the old apartment. Or possibly the loft. Do Sam and Jesse count as children?" I chuckled. She swatted at my chest playfully before leaning up to kiss me tenderly. I smiled, pulling away reluctantly. "You ready for dinner?"

"Do you think that we should just stay in tonight? Maybe take advantage of not having to share our bed?" I raised my eyebrows in aroused surprise and ran my fingers over the exposed skin of her back.

"Why, Misses Westen, I don't think that you've ever had a better idea." Fiona smirked and leaned up to kiss me, but I pulled out of her reach quickly. She scowled at me and let out a disappointed groan. "There's one condition, though."

"What might that be?" I leaned behind her and grabbed a small remote off of the coffee table before clicking on the stereo in the entertainment center. The slow sound of the country song filtered through the apartment. I knew that Fiona (secretly) loved country music, and, truth be told, it was growing on me as well. The song was more fitting than any song should ever rightfully be.

"Would ya like ta dance?" I whispered in her ear gruffly, the smooth, Irish lilt of Michael McBride coming easily. I knew that the shiver that ran through her body was, in no way, caused by anything but the rough scrape of my breath washing over her ear. She nodded and we began to sway softly back and forth together.

I pressed my cheek to the top of her head, the stubble of the day catching on the strands lightly. I smirked at the tickle of her breath on my throat, causing her to pull back and look up at me, a grin on her own face. The crinkle of laugh lines were a bit more prominent around her eyes these days, but she was still the most beautiful woman in the world. Not that I could say much, time had taken it's toll on me as well, the peppering of grey in my five o'clock shadow and my temples was enough of a reminder of that.

Fiona's fingers burrowed themselves into my hair and pulled me down for a deep kiss, drawing a groan from the back of my throat when her tongue flicked over the roof of my mouth. My fingers tightened on her hips roughly enough that I was pretty sure there would be bruises the next morning. I was a bit shocked when her leg swept around the back of mine and I felt myself falling until my back connected with the floor. I gave a quiet 'oof' as the air rushed out of my lungs.

"Jesus, Fi, a little warning wouldn't kill you." I chuckled, looking up at her in her position on my chest. She smirked and kissed the end of my nose.

"Well, now that would just ruin the element of surprise, wouldn't it?" I let out a loud laugh and shook my head.

"Some things never change, Fi." Her teeth grazed my bottom lip harshly enough to pull a yelp from me, but her tongue swept over the offending wound and calmed any protests I had. "You remember the night we got married?" I questioned, the words muffled into the kiss she laid on my lips.

"The coat room?" Fiona questioned, pulling away enough so that we could look at one another. I nodded, loving the way her eyes lit up at the memory that I knew was flashing through her mind. "Of course I remember. You tore my wedding dress on one of the coat hooks."

"Hey, it's not my fault. Those hooks should have been up higher."

"I don't think the architect had planned on people being shoved against the wall that way." She chuckled, her hands running under my shirt. A shudder travelled through my body and I shifted our positions, pinning her beneath my body weight.

"Let's go to bed, Fi." I whispered, my voice gruff with pent up arousal.

"Oh? Tired already, Mister Westen?" She gave me a devilish grin and I narrowed my eyes playfully up at her.

"Oh, no, Fi. I don't intend on doing much sleeping tonight. I'm going to remind you of all the reasons you fell in love with me." I growled, nipping her ear.

"You think that I fell in love with your...prowess?" She teased in response.

"I think that it helped my case, yes." I pressed my hips forward, my slacks dragging against the fabric of her dress. She groaned and let her head fall back. "You can't deny that we were a bit insatiable back in our younger years."

"Well, we're not dead yet, Michael. I'm sure that spark is still there." I stood swiftly, lifting her with me and headed towards our bedroom, my lips latched onto hers as I poured everything that I felt for that amazing woman into a single kiss. A groan permeated the air between us, though I couldn't tell which one of us it had eminated from, as I moved through the bedroom door and we fell into our bed.

That was where all coherent thought flew out the window and dissolved into a blur of feral growls, tearing clothes, kisses with more bites in between than breaths, and scratching nails. When we both collapsed against one another hours later, our sweat cooling on our flesh, and our chests heaving, I couldn't help the self-satisfied smile on my face.

"See? Prowess. Definitely high up there on the 'reasons you stuck around' list, right?" I gasped, trying to regulate my breathing. Seriously, that age thing was catching up with me...

"Definitely top ten." Fiona agreed, her breathing as ragged as my own.

"Top ten?" I scoffed, propping myself up on my elbow to look down at her. She nodded coyly, and I scowled at her before leaning down and engaging her in another heated kiss. If I had my way, I intended on moving from 'top ten' to number one by the time the sun crested the horizon.

Back in Ireland, you couldn't have pried Fi and I apart with grease and a crowbar. We could never seem to keep our hands off of each other, even in those first few months. The attraction had been immediate and I couldn't deny that there had been more than one occasion where I had been tempted to tell her everything about the op we were running for the chance to spend the rest of my life in her arms. We were meant to be together, like we were then and like we were going to be again, since day one. And I was going to remind her of that fact every day until the day that I stopped breathing.

'Til death do us part was more than just a vow that I had repeated. It was a mission that I was commited to. It was a promise that I intended to keep. Always.

You guys don't even know how hard it was for me to not go SUPER smutty with that last scene. I was going to. Hell, I even wrote it super smutty the first time, but I thought better of it and rewrote it. I hope you guys enjoyed this!

Much love,

J. Rook