Percy felt he had just gotten brained by Gleeson's club. He coughed a little, then slowly opened his eyes and tried to get up. Searing pain shot up his left leg, so he stopped instantly and looked at his leg. It was bent the wrong way, which would explain the pain. He decided to look at his right leg, it was fine. He tried to look around, he began trying to remember what happened. It took him a moment, but realization sucker punched him. He was in Tartarus…. where in the name of Zeus was Annabeth?

"ANNABETH!" he yelled, a deep pit of dread filling him when all that answered him was echoes. "ANNABETH!" he yelled louder, desperation growing inside of him. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! She can't be gone, she's around here somewhere! He began to get up on his knees, well knee more like it, and with a growl, hoisted himself up on one foot. He looked around desperately, "ANNABETH!" He started feeling tears well up in his eyes. Suddenly, he heard something, it sounded like his name.

"PERCY!", ANNABETH! was all he could think.


"OVER HERE!" Annabeth shouted, she over to the right. Percy began limping over to the right, ignoring the pain in his leg. He began looking around wildly all around, he decided to yell once more.

"ANNABETH! Where are you!" he shouted this time.

"I'm over here!" she yelled, maybe twenty feet in front of him. He began limping over quicker, and saw her running towards him. She grabbed him in a hug, and she was crying. "I-I-I thought I lost you!" she said between sobs.

"It's okay, it's okay." and he realized he was also crying. All he felt was just relief, relief that Annabeth and him were alive, alive, and together. They stood there holding each other for a while, but then Percy's legs felt like jelly. He began to slump against the wall, brining Annabeth with him. She looked down and saw his leg.

"Oh my gods Percy!" she yelled, "what happened to your leg!"

"I think when I crashed, my leg hit a rock…." he groaned at the pain. He moved his fingers through his hair, and he felt a stickiness. He looked at his hand and saw blood, he now groaned louder. "I think I also bashed my head."

"Gods…. Percy," She was starting to water again, "You should've just let me fall!"

"Never….. Wise Girl," he said with a smile, "someone needed to watch over you, make sure you didn't kill all the monsters." He began to look Annabeth over for any injuries, "Did you get hurt anywhere?"

"Don't….. don't worry about me Percy, I'm fine." She had tears going down her cheeks now.

"Wise Girl, I asked you, are you hurt anywhere?" he made sure there was gentleness in his voice, but also serious enough to let her know he wouldn't back down.

"I-I've probably sprained my wrist, and I've bruised my shin." She said, just looking at him with a look of pity. In her eyes, he could see that she was terrified by the aspect of losing him, it made him choke up.

"Annabeth, I promise, you won't lose me," he said with complete certainty, "never again." She began crying again, she sat in his lap, and pressed her head against his chest. He held her tightly, that way to never let go. They cuddled like that for a while, her crying into his chest, while he comforted her. They probably stayed like that for a while, Percy didn't know how long, nor did he care. A while later, he realized that she had cried herself to sleep. He looked own at her, her hair was covered in dust and webs, but he thought she looked beautiful.

He fell asleep too, and his dreams were of their friends, aboard the Argo II. Leo was steering the ship, while Nico was next to him, helping to guide them towards the House of Hades. Jason was standing by the railings, probably thinking of how they would patch things up with the Romans. Piper and Hazel were below decks, playing cards. Gleeson was beating the stuffing out some practice dummies that they got somewhere. And Frank was just sitting in his room, thinking about… stuff he guessed? It looked so peaceful there that Percy envied them greatly. Then the dream vision ended, much to his despair.

He woke up and saw Annabeth's gray eyes staring at him. She was smiling sadly at him.

"What're you staring at, Wise Girl?" he asked with a smile.

"You still drool in your sleep." she said, chuckling.

"After all these years, you thought that would change?" he asked her. She didn't answer for a moment.

"Percy, I love you." she said.

"I love you too Annabeth." he said, "I'm never going to leave, I'll always be there for you."

"I know, Seaweed Brain." she said with a sad smile. They stayed like that for a while, just staring at each other. They heard a roar that was a good distance off, still it made them tense, ready to fight.

"I think we should start trying to find the entrance, so we can get out of here." Percy said, rather nervous now. He wasn't because he was scared, he wasn't even concerned for himself, he was only concerned for Annabeth.

"I know Percy, but what about your leg?" she asked with concern.

"Can you help me up?" he asked, Annabeth got up, and stretched out her hand, he took it and she pulled him up. He wrapped an arm over her shoulder and they started setting out to find the entrance of Tartarus, so they can close the Doors of Death, and be reunited with their friends…..