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As a side note I know the dog I am using is not the one you start off with, but later you can get a dog potion so I picked a breed from those choices. I just thought it would be kinda silly to magically change my dog's breed later. ^^


Chapter 1


Two girls and a young man by the name of Nathanial, the three friends would often meet to play thought they often somehow managed to get in the way of their caretakers and everyone else around them. The three children were almost inseparable. And they were almost always causing mischief. Like the time when Myah released all of the chickens in the great hall, or Reina set fire to an expensive drapery.

But times were changing, a great foreboding was overtaking the hearts of Albion. People were ill at ease and there was talk of an uprising. But there was also hope as well or in times of great crisis a hero would always appear.

There was a telling of a great darkness that would overtake the land and the light that would dispel that darkness.

Or so it was foretold by the great Seeress Theresa.

There was also one other huge difference between the girl's...


Reina rolled over in bed, there was a nagging voice and she was far too comfortable where she was to wish to be disturbed. She was not a morning person by nature and had spent most of the night up gossiping with her best friend Myah about this guy who'd been hanging around the castle a lot lately. She assumed he was castle staff.

She pulled the comforter over her head as the curtains were drawn apart and it suddenly became very bright in her bed chambers.

"Such a beautiful day to waste in bed?" her servant Jasper admonished gently. "Don't you agree Lady Reina?"

Reina was a Princess, but not just any Princess. She was the daughter of the great hero from a long time back, well she and her elder brother. Though Logan had changed a lot since the passing of their father. A rift had developed between the two siblings, a rift that Reina felt she dare not cross. As a Princess she was supposed to be noble, elegant, and lady like, none of which she actually was.

"It's always a good day to waste in bed." Reina agreed and snuggled closer to the warm bundle of fur beside her.

"Now that is hardly the response of a Princess." Jasper pulled the sheets back, and Reina curled into a ball. "I am afraid it is time to rise."

"Will you just leave Jasper?" Reina muttered.

Jasper laughed. "With your permission I will awaken your sleeping companion?"

The sleeping companion, a female setter known simply as Gipsy rolled onto her back stretching her forelegs out lolling out her long pink tongue in a most dog like way. Her fur was a pale yellow, and she tended to have the same mannerisms as her master having been raised by the girl since she was a puppy.

"Ah yes..." Jasper placed his hands on his hips, staring down almost amused at Gipsy. "One's heart sours before such...eh regal bearing."

Reina finally sat up stretching and covered her mouth to stifle a yawn. "So what is on the agenda today Jasper?"

"Quite the busy day actually." Jasper answered, then looked down to the dog now at his feet. "That won't work you know."

Gipsy whined lightly, causing Jasper to sigh in defeat. He reached down to scratch the dog behind her ears.

Reina stepped past the man to examine the outfits laid out for her to choose from today. She was very rarely given a choice on what to wear and simply told to wear this gown, or that dress.

"What a pair." Jasper shook his head and followed after the Princess as Gipsy bounded after her as well. "The kingdom is doomed."

He said all of this in a lighthearted manner as Reina was trying at times, but was still well loved by the castle staff. Her long dark brown hair went to her middle, though Myah's blond hair was by far longer, going to her knees. Her eyes were also the palest green, though with a twinkle of amusement contained within. She was slender, though it was more of an athletic kind of slender. As a Princess she was not allowed to be lazy, slouch, or slack off in her studies.

In truth...everything was boring.

Myah and Nathanial were what made everyday living really fun.