A/N: I know the guild seal isn't as small as I portrayed it here, but realistically I can't see her lugging something around the size and probably the weight of an iron shield. I wanted to keep it small enough she could fit it in her packet, for easier access and such. ^^


Chapter 6


"I believe it's time we paid our respects to Albion's last hero."

"Eugh, this place is as dark and dank as I remember." Jasper grimaced as the door to the tomb was opened, revealing a long and narrow passageway. "Never thought I'd come here again."

Walter chuckled. "Reina, the night your father died I promised I'd bring you here one day. When you were old enough, and strong enough. This is your history and your legacy."

There were a series of lit touches that had flared up upon their entering the tomb. Probably some magic spell placed here long ago. The floor was covered in stone as were the walls, after walking along awhile the tunnel opened out into a huge dome shaped room. Large stone stairs led to a statue in the center, surrounded by large pillars with row upon row of brightly lit candles.

It was the statue they were headed for, and right before it were two golden coffins. Large and ornate they contained the remains of the late King and Queen of Albion.

Reina followed Walter up the stairs, with Jasper trailing behind. She stopped between her parents coffins, laying a hand on each in turn. "It's been far too long, Father, Mother..."

"Perhaps Albion will have another." Walter knelled next to the wall beside the statue, he felt around for a bit before pressing in a single stone. "Ah, here it is then."

Reina jumped back, as suddenly the great hands of the statue lowered. A little later on her part and she'd have been knocked out by those same hands. "A little warning next time Walter?"

Walter chuckled. "Sorry, sorry. But you may want to inspect the hands."

Reina looked where he indicated, into the curved stone hands, held together in a cupping gesture. In the center of which was a small object, a pale yellow with two blue ovals on either side. With a trembling hand she reached out to clasp the object, it was small, about the size of her palm. She held it up to inspect it better in the light.

"This was your father's most treasured position, the guild seal. It chooses those who have the power inside them...those who have the potential to become legends.." Walter explained.

"Is something supposed to happen?" Reina asked, turning the object first one way then the other. "I mean it isn't..."

Suddenly the thing in her hand began to vibrate and emit a harsh white light. She was actually having difficulty keeping a hold on the seal and had to cover it with both hands, even then the object would not be still, and the light was becoming almost blinding. She shut her eyes against the brightness and when the light finally faded she found herself surrounded by a thick fog.

"Where-where am I?"

"I knew one day you would find your way to me, Reina. Or perhaps I should say young Princess." there was the sound of light laughter, and Reina tried to peer through the thick fog.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" she was getting defensive now. Only natural though after being with Walter and Jasper in her parents tomb and suddenly finding herself...well who knows where.

"I am Theresa, the seer of the Spire. I guided your father in his greatest triumph." a woman wearing a deep red cloak emerged from the fog before Reina. Her hood was pulled low over her eyes and with slight shock she realized the woman was blind. "However, you have an even greater destiny ahead of you. The seal awoke at your touch, as it would at no one else's."

"This?" Reina pulled out the seal. "But where is this place?"

"A corner of your mind, a dream perhaps."

Reina thought she might have imagined it, but a small smile tugged the corners of Theresa's mouth.

"The fate of Albion now rests on your shoulders." the seer held out her arms wide. "Before you lies the path you were born to take, and at it's end the kingdom you were born to rule."

"I'm not a ruler, I'm not sure I could be." Reina sighed.

"Not as you are now, but you will be. Of that I am certain." Theresa seemed so sure, Reina wished she shared the woman's convection's. "Like all hero's you will face many trials, but you can't make it alone. You will need to gather followers and gain the support of the people. For now you have the support of two friends. Jasper, who will serve you always, and Sir Walter Beck who will be your greatest ally. Together you have already taken the first step in your journey."

The fog around them was already beginning to clear, and a disturbing sensation was building in her gut. The place seemed to be blurring around the edge's and with shock Reina realized she was leaving this strange place. "What if I need to speak to you again?"

"Then I will be here." Theresa answered, though her voice now seemed to come from a distance. "Only you must find the way."

"I say, are you alright?"

Reina glanced up to see the familiar faces of Jasper and Walter peering down at her. She was sitting on the floor, and there was a strange weight on her right arm. Looking at it she was surprised to find a gauntlet of sorts from her wrist to her elbow. It was attached between her thumb and forefinger, and atop it was a light blue jewel.

"I suppose I am." Reina accepted Walter's hand as he pulled her to her feet.

"Well...do you feel any different?" Walter asked after some hesitation.

"I'm not sure." Reina answered honestly. "Should I?"

"Well from what I heard the seal is supposed to grant a mysterious power, or something to that effect." Walter continued on. "That gauntlet on your arm, where did you get it?"

"It-it was a gift actually." Reina was turning the gauntlet first one way then the other, inspecting it.

"Balls!" Walter seemed quite shocked. "Well perhaps you can use magic now, it is our only way of getting out of here now."

Jasper seemed shocked. "And you couldn't have mentioned this earlier?"

"And spoil the surprise." Walter chuckled, Jasper seemed less amused.

"Hush, I need to concentrate now." Reina lifted her hands up, then brought them together so the palm of one hand was over her other hand. She pointed them at the floor. She envisioned rolling flames, and to her surprise a ball of fire erupted from her palm, striking the floor and traveling along it for a few paces. It hadn't hurt, and now there was only a vague tingling feeling left.

There was a sound then, like metal grinding upon metal and to her shock the floor began to part, revealing a passageway of sorts leading below the tomb.

"It bloody worked!" Walter cheered. "You really are a hero!"

"Hmph, I never doubted you for a second." Jasper gave a haughty sniff.

"Well of course, neither did I." Walter suddenly defended, and Reina felt the need to roll her eyes. "Still though...it bloody worked!"

Gypsy was nudging her hand, the uncovered one and whining. Perhaps seeking a comforting pat, it had been a long and busy day.

"It's ok girl." Reina scratched her behind the ears, where she knew she liked to be scratched best. "I suppose we go down there then?"

"It's a little narrow, and dark too." Walter peered down the hole. He now didn't look too happy about going down there. "But this is the only way to go."

The three of them, plus one dog began to slowly make their way into the tunnel. The walls were now solid rock, with huge stalagmites hanging down from the ceiling. It was just like a cave, well more then likely was one. As they progressed further in a damp chill greeted them, defiantly a cave.

"You never did care for confined spaces, did you Sir Walter?" Jasper finally asked.

Reina glanced curiously at Walter, he didn't seem the type of man to have these types of fears.

"I never did care for being poked in the eye, or having my head chopped of either. What of it?" Walter answered a bit gruffly.

Reina giggled. "Had your head chopped off much these days?"

"He's a little sensitive about these things." Jasper trailed back to walk with the Princess, and whispered so Walter wouldn't hear. "Best not bring it up again right?"

Walter grumbled something from ahead of them.

The cave suddenly opened out almost before any of them were even aware of it. They were now standing before a grand space, there was a long flowing water source, and a dirt path a ways higher then the water that they'd be following. Reina was pretty sure they were still in the cave however, especially when she looked up and couldn't make out the stars of the night sky.

"Now this is more like it!" Walter stepped to the edge, stretching his arms high above his head. "Grand, spacious, a plentiful supply of oxygen...Just the way a castle's escape route should be."

They then took the path leading out between several large rock formations, Walter picked up the pace, probably for all of Reina and Jasper's encouraging words earlier.

"I hesitate to ask, but what is our plan?" Jasper asked as he kept pace easily with both Reina and Walter. "Other then leaving the castle far behind us, which I wholly approve of obviously."

"Simple." Walter now seemed in better spirits. "We have to stop Logan."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Reina asked. "I know you claim I am a hero and all, but I'm only one person."

They crossed a rock like bridge over the water and took the curving path down, heading further into the cave. At least as long as they followed the path they wouldn't get lost in here, she hoped anyway.

"Exactly, that's why we need to find allies, and lots of them." Walter was in his element now. Deciding a course of action and going with it. "Once you prove what you are people will follow you, many of them willing to fight for you. They'll need a leader though, someone they can believe in."

"Bats!" Jasper suddenly screeched, ducking and covering his head. "Take cover quickly!"

Gypsy who'd been following silently at her side until then began snarling and jumping at the bats, trying to catch one in her mouth. It looked almost comical. Gypsy snarling and leaping and Jasper cowering in fear.

Reina shook hear head and fired a ball of fire over Jasper's head, scaring several bats off where they flapped to deeper, darker parts of the cave.

"Are you all right Jasper?"

"Nice work there." Walter chuckled.

"Indeed." Jasper straightened himself at once, dusting off his clothes. "I suspect your father would have been quite proud."

"I know I am." Walter praised her, then turned to Jasper, a sly smile on his face. "And you as well, I've never seen a man cower with such grace."

"It is merely a matter of hygiene." Jasper suddenly defended. "Bats are such filthy creatures."

Walter laughed, slapping his knees. "As I am sure old friend."

Jasper frowned.

"With that fire of yours Reina, I think we have the proof of what you are capable of doing." Walter looked her way. "I think you'll do just fine."

As they continued on Reina occasionally saw relics and pieces of statues from a time long ago. This place must have existed long before her parents had decided upon it as a tomb, and from the look of things maybe even longer then she thought. A huge spacious cave underground that apparently Logan was unaware even existed.

As they arrived at more cobblestone steps there were touches again, once more mysteriously lit. They did provide much needed light to see by, and for the time being Reina was thankful for any light in this darkened place. A little light filtered through the darkness from above, but not much. The touches however cast enough light where one didn't have to be too careful about one's footing.