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Chapter 1- The Death Call

Another day at Hollywood Arts was filled with laughter, abnormality and the occasional drama, and a group of six friends were trying their best to figure out how to unwind from it. Whether it be mini-golfing, going for sushi, or even hijinks, they figured out something to do to fill their time. And today wasn't any different.

"Who's up for some sushi?"

Tori Vega's voice filled the quieting halls of Hollywood Arts. Her long brown hair tangled into curls with her usual radiant smile plastered onto her face. Often the one that gets her and her friends involved into their shenanigans, she was looking for some excitement to dull out the boredom that she had been feeling for the past few days.

Of course her frenemy, Jade West, had to shoot down the idea. "Why is it always sushi? Why can't it be something else?"

"Why not some burgers?" Beck Oliver threw in.

"I could do with that," Andre Harris nodded.

"Yay!" Cat Valentine bounced in excitement, "I can make them. I still have my grill."

Everyone groaned at the reminder. Last week, Cat suggested that they have a barbeque for a little hang-out. It looked and sounded alright at first, with the way she had things planned out. But, after Andre had taken a bite of one and promptly spat out the undercooked meat, things weren't as great as they had seemed.

"My stomach doesn't agree with that," Andre rubbed his stomach in protest. "The poor thing still feels some of that meat coming up. Maybe some not so undercooked food can help with that problem."

Cat pouted, "Phewie."

"Come on guys," Tori continued to try and get her sushi idea to be accepted by her friends. "Sushi is our thing. Our icon," she turned to the one voice that hadn't made himself known yet. "How 'bout you. Robbie?"

Everyone turned their heads to the ventriloquist that wasn't saying a word. He was just in la-la land with his phone held tightly in his hands. It was like he was waiting for an important call and didn't want to miss it. He didn't appear to hear Tori, only hovering his thumb over his touch screen so he can stop it occasionally from going into sleep mode. Whatever he was waiting for had to be important if he was so quiet and tense.

"Shapiro!" Jade tried to get the puppeteer to look away. "Vega just asked you a question!"

"What are you doing, Rob?" Beck tilted his head back and to the right to see what was on Robbie's phone screen. It was only his home menu with a picture of a girl on it. He didn't recognize the girl at all. She had blonde hair that reached down to her shoulders, which was tied into a ponytail. From what Beck saw before Robbie moved his phone away, she was smiling and her stomach was kinda large.

"Nothing," he uttered his first word within the hour. He moved his eyes to Tori, "I'm not really in the mood for food, Tor. I'm sorry." And like before, right back into la-la land with his phone tightly held within his palm.

Tori blinked her eyes in confusion, "O…K?" her confusion wasn't well hidden if she was trying to make it so. Passing it off as another Robbie Shapiro episode of weirdness, she looked back to her other four friends. "So it's 1-4?"

"Yep," they responded in quick succession. They were probably the only group of people in this school that can do that. It took years of practice and accidental blurting, but they got it down. It always funny to see Tori get all annoyed when they did. It brought humor and humor was always good.

Like they predicted, here came Tori's reaction to their unison speech. "I hate it when you guys do that," she whined.

"Why? Just because you can't do it?" Jade smirked.

"It's part of the reason, yes." Tori admitted. No sense of trying to lie to Jade and give her a chance to turn your lie into a hurtful insult. It was something Tori learned over the months and she wasn't gonna fall for anymore of Jade's traps.

"Enough blabbering about our awesome group talent," Andre stood up from his spot on the steps. "Let's get going for some burgers."

"Can I make them?" Cat started to ask.

"No!" Jade's loud and demanding voice cut through like a saw on wood. Cat quieted down and didn't try to suggest making them again. Jade's loud voice was scary.

"You coming, Robbie?" Tori turned back to the boy who was still trapped in his own little world. They almost forgot him with all of their friendly arguing. It wasn't the first time it happened and it was always her to be the one to remember he was there. She wondered if the rest of the gang ever noticed about how they always forgot Robbie. If they did, they did a good job of hiding it.

Robbie's mouth opened to answer, but the sudden ringing of his song 'Broken Glass' stopped him. Tori gave him a disbelieving look at his choice of a ringtone, but knew that it was his phone and he could do what he wanted with it. Due to the way he reacted when he looked at who was calling, it was probably the call he was waiting for. She would wait for him to finish before asking again.

"Yeah?" Robbie looked jumpy and nervous. "Wait," he looked like he figured something out and was starting to get angry. "Why didn't you call me?" Tori could see the tears starting to brim in his eyes. "What do you mean she's…?" his eyes watered more. "Is the…?" he grew kinda happy, "It's okay? What is it?" he saddened again. "Rick, please tell me that you were lying before." He started to get emotional, "She can't be…" he held his eyes with his free hand. He calmed himself down, "I'm coming now. I'll be there as soon as I can." The call ended.

Tori did not understand a word of that conversation that Robbie just had. What was he talking about? Who was 'her'? What was 'it'? So many questions were buzzing around in her head and she at least wanted answers for a few of them.

"What's going on, Robbie?"

Robbie turned his attention from his phone to his friend. He didn't even realize that she was standing there the entire time watching him. He figured that they left him alone again, and it was the one time he wanted them to. He couldn't think of a way to hide this from Tori. She would keep asking him questions until he caved and it was clear he couldn't put up a good and long emotional fight. He always lost those.

He blinked some of his tears away before he got the words out.

"The mother of my child just died giving birth to my daughter."

End of Chapter 1 of Little Secret

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