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Chapter 5- Party

Robbie was shocked at the scene in front of him.

Standing in the Vega living room was their friends and Robbie's family. They were supposed to have something like this back at his house when he brought Katelyn back from the hospital. To see it here in Tori's house was definitely something that Robbie was not expecting. A giant banter hung in the center of her living room with giant letters that spelled out 'Welcome Home Katelyn'. Robbie also saw that everyone had big smiles on their faces; except Jade who had a smirk-like smile on hers. Bowls of party food and even one or two gifts were in the back at the counter.

Robbie felt the shock reside and replaced with gratefulness. Hugging his little girl closer to his chest, he turned his attention from the back to Tori; who was still smiling sweetly at the both of them.

"What is all this?"

His voice came out a bit of a mix of a whisper and a choke. He was doing the best he could to not cry the tears of happiness that he was feeling right now. Never in his life did he think he would ever have friends that would be as great and caring as the ones he had now. Most people abandon their friends at a young age when it came to a pregnancy. That was what he was expecting to happen when his friends found out about Katelyn. He was glad that he was wrong and that his friends did care about him and now his little girl.

Tori kept that smile on her face that Robbie loved with every fiber of his being. Every time that smile of hers found its way on her face, he felt at peace with himself no matter what was going on. He was sure this time wasn't any different. Most people assumed that he liked Cat and he did for awhile. But with everything that's happened to him with both Katherine and Katelyn, he lost sight on those feelings and took it over to Katherine. But she died now and he was left by himself to take care of Katelyn. He always liked Tori too, ever since she took Trina's spot in the Big Showcase and he heard her sing for the first time, he was smitten. Those feelings had only been increasing and expanding for the past few days after all of the nice deeds she had been performing for him and his daughter. His feelings for Tori were greater than those he ever had for Cat.

Tori rubbed a finger on Katelyn's small cheek, "I heard that you were bringing Cutie here home today. So I made a quick little call to your house and asked when you were coming. Your mom said around two, so I asked if it would be O.K if we can have Katelyn's little homecoming here. So here we are," she explained.

Robbie opened his mouth to respond, but a different sound that sounded a lot like a baby's crying came out instead. Robbie went into daddy-mode in the blink of an eye, "What's the matter, baby?" he cooed to the crying infant. "You got a stinky?" he hesitantly placed his nose by his daughter's diaper and took a whiff, coughing and hagging afterward. "Yep, you got a stinky."

As if things weren't bad enough, when he fixed his daughter's position, she decided to spit up the food in her tiny stomach on his face. As the spit traveled down his face, he cursed himself for keeping his face so close to an infant. Now he knew that the next time he needed to check his daughter's diaper, he was doing it over the sink.

Robbie ignored the laughter that was coming from behind him, "Okay Katelyn…that was not cool." He wiped some of the spit off of his eyes. "What do you have to say about this?" he was obviously not mad with his girl, just kinda disgusted.

Katelyn giggled at her dad's dismay, her laughter sending a happy chill up Robbie's spine. The best thing for a parent to hear was their child's laughter. The infant moved her hand on Robbie's stained face, probably her own way of saying she was sorry.

Robbie groaned as Katelyn touched the spit, "Now I have to clean you too,"

"Sucks to be you." Jade's voice called out, her laughter not being very well-hidden.

"Bite me," Robbie looked to Jade. She was obviously getting a kick out of Robbie's misfortune. One complicated thing about Robbie's relationship with Jade was the insults and teases thrown all over the place with anything and everything that happened to them. Sure it got tiring at times but then there wouldn't be any kind of friendship between them.

Jade chomped her teeth, smirking at him. "Where?"

Robbie sighed at her, knowing that he wasn't gonna win this conversation. He turned his attention back to Tori, "You don't mind if I-?"

She shook her head, "Go ahead. Need any help with her?"

"No, I'm pretty sure I ca-"

"Great! I'll be happy to help!" Tori was already pulling him to the upstairs bathroom. "We'll be back in a few minutes. Have fun!"

The remaining group of people all looked to each other in confusion before Andre coughed to break the silence.

"Is it me or is Tori completely invested in Katelyn?"

Everyone cupped their chins to think about how the youngest Vega was totally obsessed with Katelyn Shapiro. The way she cuddled her and fed her in the hospital, about how much she told their friends how cute and adorable Katelyn was and about how she was the most precious thing in the world.

After a few seconds of thinking, Beck shrugged and nodded.


"There sweetie," Tori carefully wiped Katelyn's mouth, making sure not a drop was left. Katelyn was lying on the counter of the bathroom. Her diaper was off and Robbie was getting ready to put on a new one. "It's not nice to spit on your daddy."

"Daddy agrees," Robbie nodded his head in agreement. He made sure Katelyn's diaper was secure around her tiny legs.

Tori finished wiping Katelyn's mouth, tossing the napkin she was using in the small trash bin next to her. She picked Katelyn up by her arms, "Who's a clean baby?" she asked her. Katelyn started to giggle again. "You are," she playfully rocked Katelyn, but not too fast where she'll throw up again.

Robbie smiled at the scene in front of him. Seeing his friend play with and care for his motherless daughter was something that he was really grateful for. He didn't know Tori was so great with kids. And he didn't expect her to treat his with such love and care that only a mother could give to her child.

And again the reminder of his newborn daughter being motherless came back and he felt like crying again.

His chest started to shake and the sobs were very well coming up his throat. He wouldn't cry. He would have enough time to do that when he went to Kat's funeral in two days. He could wait. He could do it.

Tori turned her attention from the still-giggling baby to her shaking friend. She could easily see that he was trying his best not to break down and cry. She didn't know why he was so upset. She was only playing with Katelyn; there was nothing wrong with that.

Adjusting her hold on the baby, she moved closer to Robbie. One or two tears had already escaped his eyes and were shining behind his glasses. Tori moved one arm to Robbie's eyes and pushed his glasses out of the way to wipe away the tears. Robbie coughed to try and play off the crying, but one look of sympathy from Tori got him to stop.

"Let's go back," she offered, handing him his daughter.

Katelyn seemed to relax when in her father's hold and drifted off into slumber soon after. Robbie held his daughter close to his chest, kissing the top of her blonde hair head.

"O.K." he nodded his head.

"Wanna talk about it?" she tried to ask.

Robbie quickly shook his head at her. Any idea of talking about Katherine was making him feel sick. And since he was holding Katelyn, he didn't want to bring anything up about her mother; even if she didn't understand a word he would say.

"No, not now." Robbie wanted to say 'not ever' but then Tori would pry at him until he answered. This way at least she would think he'll talk later and give him space.

Tori nodded, "Later?" she hopefully asked. She hated to see Robbie so upset and depressed. With the death of Katelyn's mom, Tori was sure that Robbie was feeling an overflow of emotions that were making him upset. She knew now that it was because of her that he was crying. She didn't want to pry and make him feel awkward. She would wait until he was ready to talk.

Robbie nodded, "Yeah…later."

"You alright, Rob?"

Beck watched as Tori and Robbie came back down the steps ten minutes after they had gone up. Katelyn was now clean but Robbie seemed to have been crying, if the redness in his eyes were any indication. It bothered him a lot on how he hadn't noticed Robbie's predicament before and he hated how now he couldn't make his friend feel any better. He was sure Robbie was grateful for the help he had been giving, but he knew Robbie was still grieving on the death of his daughter's mother. Beck was sure that Robbie wouldn't talk about Katelyn's mom until he was ready, and that most likely wouldn't be for awhile.

Robbie noticed his friend looking at him and ignored the look he was giving him. The look of him wanting to talk to him about something that was bothering him. He was grateful that Beck wanted to talk, but he wasn't anywhere near ready to talk about what was bothering him. He nodded his head at the boy and went to sit with Katelyn on the couch by his parents.

"You sure you're okay?" his mother, Lucy, asked. She loved that her son was taking his duties as a parent seriously, something she hoped for ever since Robbie and Katherine announced that they were gonna have a baby. When she heard Kat died, she knew that Robbie was gonna feel wrecked and upset about it and she was sadly right. She wanted her son to talk about his feelings, but that was completely up to him to do.

Robbie nodded his head, keeping his hold on his daughter tight. His father, Shane, was looking at him skeptically, not believing a word his son was saying. "Don't lie to us," he warned. He obviously knew how destroyed his son was due to the death of Katherine, and wanted him to at least attempt to move on. But Robbie wasn't making any effort, just staying in the sea of depression that he was drowning in and willingly sinking to the bottom. This wasn't healthy and didn't want his son to hurt himself.

"I'm not, I'm fine." He assured.

Stephanie shook her head at her brother, not believing his crappy lies. "We all know you miss K-"

"Shut up!" Robbie snapped at his sister unintentionally.

"Wow," Jade whistled, "Shapiro has a nerve that he doesn't like being hit."

"Robbie, be nice to your sister." His father scolded. "She's just worried for you."

"I don't want to talk about it, everyone. Just leave me alone about it," he begged. He hated when people tried to push him on something he obviously didn't want to talk about. Kat did it to him over the nine months on his worry of being a parent and even when she did it, he hated it. And now when people were talking about him talking about her death, it struck a nerve in him that he didn't like.

"Robbie," Cat whispered. "Are you guys talking about Katelyn's mom?"

Robbie stiffened and lowered his head to the ground to avoid the stares. Cat might've been naïve at times but she wasn't an idiot. He shut down at the hospital when Rick and he were talking about Katherine and Cat picked up on that. He knew she wanted to help but this wasn't something he wanted to talk about.

Andre picked up on Robbie's uneasiness and interfered, "Cat, why don't you give Robbie the present you got for Kate?"

Cat blinked, "Who's Kate?"

Jade pinched the bridge of her nose, "Katelyn, Robbie's daughter!"

"Oh right!" Cat pushed towards the back of the kitchen and got her present. She quickly rushed back and sat next to Robbie. "Wanna see?"

"Isn't that why you buy someone a present?" Beck felt himself facepalm at Cat's question.

Cat either ignored Beck or didn't hear him. Her hands moved like that of a predator catching its prey and tore the wrapping paper to small pieces. Inside the box was a small toy duck that was perfect for a newborn like Katelyn.

"It's a toy for the baby." She held it in front of the baby. "You like it, sweetie?"

Robbie took it, "I'm sure she loves it. Thank you, Cat."

Cat gave him a hug, "Gotta take care of my niece."

"My turn," Tori broke in, ignoring the anger she was feeling at seeing Cat hug Robbie. She didn't know why she felt it but figured it wasn't that big of a deal. It's been a strange week afterall.

"Tori, you've been helping me so much these past few days. You don't need to give me anything." Robbie tried to talk her out of giving him and Katelyn a gift.

Tori shook her head, "Don't try and stop me, Robbie. It won't work."

Opening his mouth to say something, Robbie saw Andre slice his neck with his hand while shaking his head, motioning for Robbie to stop talking and let her do what she wanted to do. Taking his friend's hint, Robbie closed his mouth.

Tori returned shortly afterward with a box. Tori squeezed in the space between Cat and Robbie, holding her box on her lap. "Cat and I went shopping together."

Robbie, not saying anything 'cause of Andre's hint, only nodded his head while Tori opened the box in a more civil matter than Cat did. Inside Tori's box was a baby doll. The funny part was that it resembled Katelyn a little, which is probably why Tori picked it out in the first place. It has blonde hair like her and had similar cheeks and features like her. Might've seemed weird but Robbie appreciated it.

Tori looked to the baby, who opened her eyes for a moment. "You like the toy, Katey?"

Katelyn's eyes wandered around to where it landed on the doll and the duck. She started to laugh and bounce around in Robbie's hold. She obviously liked the toys she had, finding them to be fascinating.

Rick laughed, "I'll take that as a yes."

Shane nodded, "I second that."

Robbie smiled, hugging his daughter as close to his chest as possible. "I love you, princess."

Katelyn continued her little giggle-fest while everyone watched her. This little girl was too young and innocent to know that she lost her mother. Everyone felt bad for her and wanted to figure out an answer to that problem.

They just hoped they could do it before Katelyn got old enough to start asking questions.

End of Chapter 5 of Little Secret

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