Hello yall, back again with another story. This will be my second story on the sight. First of all, I want to say that it's truly been awesome writing these things, and I have a lot of fun while doing them. But this one is going to be a little more serious and less humorous than my last story, so I will warn you all in advance, it's gonna get dark. But I digress. The main reason I'm writing this out is to say that this will be the only Author's Note I will have posted for this story. I find that these things take too long and take up too much of the writing. My fault completely, but I can't control it. So I just decided hell with notes and just simply give you the entire story, which is what you came here for right? No? A cookie? I don't have a cookie on me at the moment but I'll bake you one.

Again, I'm getting off subject. Basically, this story is based (if not entirely ripping off) the movie Unbreakable. You'd be doing yourself a favor by watching it. It's a very awesome, thought-provoking movie and in my opinion, it's the last good movie made before going completely bonkers. Seriously, if you're a comic books fan or a super hero fan, you'd be doing yourself a favor by watching that movie.

I'm not a Gilda/Big Mac shipper, but the premise of that shipping worked for the story, so it is in use.

So, enough of these author's notes. Lets jump right into this story shall we.

Here it is the prologue.

When she was born into this world, she was brought in like any other baby. She was weeping, and sobbing, and screaming at the top of her newly formed lungs. But she was alive; oh sweet Celestia she was alive.

She was also destined for something big. At the time, no one knew what it was. But eventually, destiny was revealed to her and she accepted her role. Her acceptance allowed for another to finally gain their identity as well.

This is a story about those things. This is a story of destiny, identity, and anything else dealing with such topics. It is also a tragic story, and not for the faint of heart. But most importantly, it is a story dealing with redemption.

Like most stories dealing with destiny, it all began when she was born.

At 15 pounds, 22 inches, Twilight Sparkle was brought into the world shaking, wet, and screaming. Even when wrapped in the blanket provided by the doctors and nurses present, she still shook and she still screamed. It was the screaming that bothered her mother the most. She had already given birth to one boy and he didn't sound anything like Twilight when he came out of her belly. Then again, he was a boy, and Twilight Sparkle was a girl. But was there suppose to be a difference? She could remember clearly that Shinning Armor's newborn cries were not as…..ferocious. For some reason, when he cried on that day, she didn't' respond with panic, rather, with a sigh of relief. Why was it that she was getting nervous at her new baby crying?

Speaking of Shinning Armor, the colt rushed in just in time to see his mother grasping onto the baby. He immediately cried out "Mom," and rushed her with a hug.

The mother, weakened by the process of birth, replied in a whisper, "Baby, it's so good to see you."

Shinning gripped his mother tightly and for a few seconds, promised himself not to let go. Part of it was the initial response of a child telling his mom that he truly loved her. Another part of it was that Shinning Armor knew he wasn't going to hear the end of this. He was late. No question about it. In all actuality, it wasn't his fault. He tried making to the hospital once he got the news that his mother was in labor, but the training today was crucial, and if he were to have left early, his chances of becoming a royal guard would've substantially been lowered to almost nothing. He just hoped that the special guests would smooth things over with her.

Just as he was pulling away, his eyes caught a glimpse of her and automatically, he became frozen. His jaw was agape and his eyes went wide. It was not out of shock, but rather, it was out of the surreal nature of the moment that caused him to stare. Right in front of him, was the newest member of the family. So tiny, yet so important was she to his life now. There she was, so small and fragile, yet powerful in presence.

"Sweet Celestia," Armor exclaimed as he picked up his crying baby sister into his hoofs and rocked her gently. "She's beautiful," he proclaimed after a long bout of silence. He was content with holding her all day. She was, without a doubt, one of the coolest things he'd ever witnessed in his life.

As he sat there at the edge of his mother's bed, holding on to his newborn baby sister, he asked "where's dad?"

The mother laughed. "You know how your father is. It doesn't take much for him to get sick. The simple smell of rotten eggs would cause him to faint."

"So he just passed out while you were giving birth?" he inquired.

"Out like a light," she remarked, "Took out a couple of trays and doctor's with him too as well. He's in the hospital bed next to mine. Still unconscious, but everything looks ok."

"Sheesh," Shinning Armor stated. "You've been through a lot today. Now we got to add dad to the list of worries. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it in time."

"You're just fine baby," the mother retorted. "I'm just happy you came, that's all."

He smiled. "Yeah, well, I wouldn't have been able to make it here so quick if not for the help of some good friends. I brought them along, if that's ok."

The mother was confused. "I'm certainly fine if you're friends are over, but who's they?"

And that's when a voice emerged from the far side of the room. "Why, that would be me of course," the voice sang brightly.

The mother lifted her head to see the guest entering the hospital room, and immediately, her initial response was to scream; not out of fear, or joy, but just the shock that she was there among them. Her long flowing rainbow mane cascaded merrily across the room, moving although there was no wind. Her shinning white coat was much more beautiful seen in reality than it was imagined when hearing the passing gossip. The mother's jaw went slack, and she began to stutter as royalty made its way to her hospital bed.

"Princess Celestia?" the mother finally stated baffled. This could not be happening.

But it was. "You've got quite the son," she said with a smile. "When that drill sergeant said he wasn't allowed to leave basic to see you, he put up quite the fight. In fact, he ran all the way to my secrete corridors, just to find me. Needless to say, I sided with him on his argument, and when I realized that he would be late if he left by trolley, I let him ride with me on my chariot all the way down here."

The mother was shocked to hear all this, to say the least. What shocked her most was how her son was taken it. Either basic had gotten the best of him, or he had held back this relaxed state of mind for years just to wait for the perfect opportunity to put into use, but her son somehow treated the whole experience like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

He presented the baby towards Princess Celestia with a cocky smile. "Princess," he began, "Please let me introduce the newest member of our family; Miss…."

And that's when the horror struck him. He had just arrived at his mother's side to see the child and completely forgot to ask about her name.

Luckily for him, the mother supplied the answer. "Twilight Sparkle," she told the princess.

Princess Celestia eagerly accepted the baby and with her magic, kept the baby softly afloat. "What a beautiful name," the princess remarked.

Nothing could hide the blush that the mother tried so desperately to repress. "Thank you," she replied. There was a long moment of silence that followed. Princess Celestia just stood by the edge of the bed, holding the child close with its magic. She didn't know why, but she felt an immediate connection to this child.

After a few minutes of continuous rocking, the mother finally asked. "Can I have her back now?"

The princess smiled. "Getting clingy aren't we?" she asked in a tone of voice that carefully explained how she was only joking.

The mother weakly laughed in reply as she took the baby from the Princess's grasp. "Hey, I'm a mother her. I'm allowed to be as clingy as I want."

Princess Celestia chuckled in a reply. Suddenly the tables turned, and it was now the mother who sat in silent admiration as she rocked her frantically crying newborn child. It was the crying that eventually got to her. It became a sort of reminder of her fears. That crying kept pestering her as the moments went by. Finally, she couldn't get away from the fact that she was scared that something was wrong.

"Do they usually cry like this?" she asked the princess.

She shot the mother back a questioning look of confusion. "You certainly know the answer to this," she stated, motioning her head towards Shinning Armor.

The mother caught what point the princess was making. "He didn't sound anything like this."

Shinning was standing right by his mother side while and the princess talked. Neither one of them spoke as though he wasn't a part of the conversation. Hearing all these strange things about his new sister, it made him worry. And so, he decided that he should take action. Trotting along slowly from her bedside, Sinning Armor remarked, "I'll go get the doctor."

Princess Celestia stopped him. "It's perfectly fine. Allow me." Once again, the little baby foal was enveloped by her magic and brought closely to her face. "Being a Princess means you have to know a lot about the physical body/"

"Does it really?" Shinning Armor asked strictly out of curiosity.

"Indeed it does," The Princess said. "It would be much better for me to examine the baby actually." And so, that's what the princess did. She looked all around the hysterical child. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It was just another newborn crying because it had entered this strange new world. But the princess did recognize why the mother was so worried. Even she, Princess Celestia, had not heard such vicious cry's coming from a child.

"I'm going to take the blanket off her, if that's ok?" The Princess asked. Shinning Armor and his Mother nodded their heads for her to continue.

With her magic, she slowly peeled the blanket off the child.

And that's when she gasped.

Being a mother, tired and drowsy from child birth, the one thing that can catch your attention in an instant, is to hear a gasp much like the one the princess produced. Shinning Armor was also taken aback by the Princess's outburst. Both of them anxiously asked "What?" three times.

She did not reply for a few moments. She simply just couldn't. All she could really do was just stare at the child; awed, bewildered, and frightened by what she saw.

Finally, after what felt like hours to Shinning Armor, the princess ordered, "Shinning, please find the doctor who helped during the delivery."

Immediately, the colt rushed out the room.

The mother, naturally, was frightened and nervous by what was happening. "What's going on?" she asked desperately to Princess Celestia as her voice started to crack.

"I'm not quite sure," The princess stated in a monotone voice of wonder as she continued to stare at the baby.

The mother tried urgently to get a glimpse of her child, but she was so weak that she couldn't move barley an inch within her hospital bed without feeling like she ran a marathon. It was agonizing both physically and emotionally. "Please, what's wrong with my baby?"

"I don't know," The Princess addressed the mother, trying her best to calm the increasingly frantic mare. "Once the doctor gets in, we'll find out for sure."

As if on cue, at that moment, Shinning Armor rushed back into the room, pushing the doctor towards his mother. "Found him," Shinning said.

The doctor, Dr. Rayband, shocked by the presence of royalty, immediately bowed in the princess's presence. She humbly, and quickly, accepted the bow and immediately closed the distance between them. "What can I do for you, your majesty?"

The princess levitated the baby towards the doctor, who immediately examined the child he was given. "Did you assist during the delivery?"

"Yes," the doctor responded.

"Did anything weird happen?" Princess Celestia asked, her voice registering a lower octave due to her increasing nervousness.

"It was just quick," the doctor replied as he tried to make sense of what the fuss was about. His head would shift back and forth between the princess, the baby, the mother, and then the boy. "She just came right out."

Then, Princess Celestia stated something that caught everyone's attention.

"Did you drop the baby?"

Immediately, the mother's head perked up, and both her and her son responded with a loud "What?"

"Good Grief no!" the doctor announced.

Princess Celestia showed looked over the child and then pointed at her one last time, emphasizing for the doctor to look. And it was during his second glance over, that he caught it. It caused him to gasp as well in shock. How could he have been so blind not to notice this?

"Oh My," he said in a breath. There was a slight pause as he looked up at Celestia's demanding eyes, and knew immediately what he had to do. "I'll alert the medical staff right away," and with that, he disappeared out the doors.

"Medical staff?" Shinning Armor repeated, flabbergasted by what he was hearing. "What the hay is going on?"

"Princess Celestia," the mother asked anxiously. "What's happening?"

It was then the two ponies saw a side of Princess Celestia that no one had ever seen. It was a side that revealed just how normal she was. It was a side that many would consider weak, but it was a side that had to be expressed, in order for the Princess to relate the dire situation calmly towards her new fellow guard and his mother.

"I never seen anything like it," The princess stated as she carefully gave the foal back to its mother. "Typically, a newborn foal sometimes experiences fractures during labor. But in order for her to receive as many fractures as she did, it would've had to have been prenatal. Either that, or I'm truly witnessing something horrifying."

The mother gripped her baby tightly. She madly ripped off that blanket the doctor's gave to wrap around the child. And then she screamed. Normal forelegs and back legs don't bend that way.

Armor, frightened by his mother's reaction, rushed over by her side and looked at his baby sister as well. He immediately caught a glimpse of what his mother was looking at. It made him sick. This was by far, the most dreadful moment in his life.

It was Celestia's voice, calm yet saddened, bland and yet drastic, which caused the tears to fall.

"All four of her limbs are completely shattered."

And the mother and the brother joined the baby in the hysterical weeping as well.