Hey, it's Marli again! I hope you like my poem. It's just a very simple poem I wrote one day in computer class about Heero and Relena. Please R&R!

*disclaimer* This is my original poem, I didn't steal it, and I don't own gundam wing or it's chars. or anything like that.

Cast down the shadows,

Turn out the light.

Bitter-sweet love,

Is all that's in sight.

Keep your friends in you heart,

Though you make time for love.

Never forget,

God is ruling from above.

Truth is the first,

Of things you must learn.

Beauty will someday,

Take it's turn.

Freedom is something,

We all can enjoy.

For all of you girls,

Love comes from one special boy.

Bitter sweet love,

No matter how queer,

Keeps you holding the next day,

Oh so dear.