"Hey Noah?" Kurt said, staring up at his boyfriend. The two were lying on the bed in Kurt's room in the basement, starting to slowly fall asleep after the most amazing sex either of them had ever had. Both remained underneath the blankets, Puck underneath Kurt's body. The two of them both wore pajama pants-Kurt's plain blue and Noah's red and black flannel-and a tee shirt...y'know, but in case anyone in the Hummel-Hudson household came downstairs. It was no secret (to anyone) that the two were together but no one knew that the two were fucking. (Kurt had acquired a few things to make sure that happened.)

Puck's eyes opened up and he looked down at Kurt. The slight smile and nod said the 'Yeah?' that he would've said. Kurt almost forgot what he was going to say; every time he saw that smile of Noah's his mind just went blank."

Thank you," he said simply. Confused, Puck tired to understand what the smaller boy meant."For?..." he pondered."

Everything. When Blaine cheated on me you were there. When half the football team threw me in the dumpster, you were there. Hell, you were even there, standing up for me when I was called "World's Biggest Fag." You've been there when I needed someone to talk to and didn't push me when I told you how I felt...and I appreciate it so much." A smile formed on Noah's face. He sat up on the bed and pulled Kurt into his lap."

Then I guess a thank you is in line for you, too. You...god, you've done so much for me. You helped me discover who I actually am. If it weren't for your help I'd be one confused motherfucker. 'Cuz I'm sure all hell not straight. I'm not exactly sure WHAT I am..I think I'm like, bi? Maybe? Whatever..I'm yours." Puck smiled and leaned down to place a kiss on Kurt's forehead but Kurt lifted his head and it ended up and his lips."

I love you..a lot," Noah admitted. "And you know I seriously suck with words so...," he laughed. "Yeah." (Ignoring all the rambling Noah did,) "I love you, too, Noah," Kurt laughed.

Love it? Hate it? WHAT?! TELL ME!