Hey, it's Marli again! I hope you like my poem. You might not care, but you can change this from a poem to song lyrics and it can be sung to Enya's song, Flora's Secret. Anyway, I hope you like the poem. Please R&R!

*disclaimer* This is my original poem, I didn't steal it, and I don't own gundam wing or it's chars. or anything like that.

My brave soldier,

Reutrn to me.

With love in my eyes,

I let you be.

Every time you leave,

My heart cries,

My eyes fill with tears,

and I give myself lies.

He isn't really gone,

or he'll be back soon,

Maybe they aren't lies,

he's coming home at noon.

My heart soars, as he comes into veiw.

My heart soars,

he come into sight,

As I run toward him,

I feel as though i'm in flight.

Hee---------eero, i cry,

As we meet and embrace,

Here we are again,

Not wishing, really face to face.

I knew you would return.

I knew you would return to me,

my trust in you rings true.

For now and forever, we both know,

Brave soldier, I love you!