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Morning rises, at first he cringed at the sight but then let the embrace welcome. Reid wasn't the exact morning person but after three coffees he was fine. Finally finished his last coffee he was ready and he paced out of his apartment but something about today made him sick to the stomach, he couldn't quite put it but he felt something evil lurked within the day. He mentally slapped himself, there is nothing wrong with today, he properly drank the coffees too quickly.

When he reached work, the expressions on Hotch and JJ's faces were deathly. He knew the case was going to bad by the looks of it and he wasn't looking forward to it today, not today.

He placed himself at his desk and started finishing his reports, when he felt a strong, death feeling inside him, this time he couldn't ignore it, it was stuck with him, boiling within him.

"Hey kid, what's with the face?" Morgan grinned at him. Reid didn't even hear him come in.

"Ahh, it's properly nothing just feel a little bit sick I guess," Reid explained but he knew it was just a little bit more than a little bit sick.

"Ok…" It was clear Morgan wasn't convinced but what else should Reid say 'I can't go on the case because I have a bad feeling,' it was ridiculous!

"Guys we have a case," JJ called, her voice filled with the seriousness that was normal in Hotch.

As they all gathered into the conference room, the saw the pictures of three young women and two young men. Reid felt the uneasiness in his stomach again and he couldn't get rid of it this time. Morgan's eyes travelled over Reid, he knew something wasn't right with the kid and he had toi find out before they go out for this case.

"Three young women and two young men were found mauled to death in the forest just north of Ohio. They were all camping together and when they didn't call to their friends at nine a.m. they went searching for them only to find only 50 metres away from the campsite, their friends mauled to death," JJ's eyes looked anywhere but the screens.

"So how do we know it wasn't just an animal?" Rossi stated, he clearly didn't see why they were being called out for this case.

"Because on the last full moon, five other campers were found mauled to death and the full before that another five were found mauled to death," JJ pointed out before showing the other crime scenes and the other victems.

"Ohhh, we got ourselves a werewolf," Morgan joked but to Reid that only encourage his stomach to churn, especially when Morgan said the word werewolf.

Morgan looked over to Reid to only see his discomfort and uneasiness grow.

"Ok guys wheels up in 15 minutes, if this guy's attacking on full moon we are going to have five more bodies tonight," And with that Hotch left the room, leaving the others to trade glances before preparing themselves to leave.

Before Reid could even leave the room Morgan walked straight in front of him.

"Hey kid, look you're not looking so good," Morgan his hand on Reid's shoulder.

"Morgan I'm fine," Reid couldn't focus his mind on the subject, it only made his pain more noticeable.

"Hey look if something's wrong you know I'm right here," Reid knew Morgan was worried but nothing could help him right now and even if he even did tell Morgan, he would laugh at him. He would think he was being stupid and just bring the topic up again on the plane.

Reid nodded his head, "Yeah I know," In which was true, if something was wrong he would tell Morgan but this wasn't bad just a stomach and a bad feeling, so that's what Reid kept telling himself that.

Morgan nodded in the sense of he had agreed, although his eyes told Reid otherwise, "Ok," and then he left Reid to be the only one in the room.

The plane seemed to have calmed him down. He didn't feel the need to vomit or the need to strangle the next person who asked whether he was ok or not.

The plane was an eerie silence, no one looked up from the case file, it was finally Rossi who decided to start the profiling.

"Ok so we know this guy attacks on s full moon, why?" Rossi looked to see all the heads dart up from the case file that they held in their hands, except for Reid who still had his eyes glued on the case file.

"Well a full moon has all types of supernatural and spiritual links to it, as Morgan said back in the conference room, a werewolf is a more common belief," Reid was still looking over the case file, "There are also the magical aspects of it, I mean it's believe that a full moon is where a witch will feel the strongest point. Others are well pretty much the same."

All eyes were on the young genius. Of course they had all gotten used to him blurting out facts but the areas of which he had them from was unreal most of the time and also a little bit frightening.

"Ok, so a spiritual link, what else?" Hotch finally spoke up after Reid.

"He kills five victims each time, that could also be a link to the spiritual link to the full moon," Morgan pointed out and they all agreed, even Reid nodded even though his head was still down so they were unable to tell whether he was agreeing or still looking over the case file.

"Victimology, why did he pick these five people?" Emily spoke from behind Rossi.

"They're all camping, easy way to kill someone is out in the middle of nowhere, where they can't get help," Morgan stated.

"Yeah but also look at these victims, he doesn't pick them out of random," Reid started to add, "They're all early to mid-twenties, they're all going in a group of five and they're all camping on the full moon."

"Ok so we know that he attacks young adults while camping in the middle of a forest, so that means he knows the land pretty well, it's a large forest," Emily added before Hotch cleared his throat.

"That's not rush this too quickly guys, we need to get off the plane before we make a proper profile," Hotch made clear before anyone else could add anything else to the profile.

Reid sat back into the chair. Staring out the window he let his thoughts flow through his head. What was it about today that made him so unwell, they had seen worse cases but something about the full moon made him cringe and lower himself further into the seat. Whatever was about he knew something, after this case he was never going to be the same, whatever that meant.

Morgan couldn't help but look at his friend and watch him lower himself into his seat. What was with him today? He knew that this case was getting to his friend but why so strongly? All these questions he had but he still didn't have any answers to them. All he could right now was keep an eye on his friend and make sure he was ok during this case. He wanted to ask him what was wrong but it wouldn't help, Reid would just ignore the question and bite his head off again.

It wasn't only Morgan who could see something was wrong with Reid, they all saw his eyes and saw the sadness and the fear within them, which they didn't understand. But of course the young man didn't tell them anything and they were blocked from figuring out why. They all wanted to profile him but they all made a rule not to profile each other but right now it was becoming the hardest part of the job not to profile each other.

Reid could feel the eyes linger on him and as soon as he looked up to confront them , they retreated and looked somewhere else. He knew they were worried but he wished they would drop it now. But that was the problem working with friends who were profilers, they were relentless and they wouldn't stop until they got the answers they were looking for, which was, for him, a nightmare.

Soon the plane was lowering and they would soon land in Ohio and be set on the case. They all began to gather their things and were preparing to exit the plane. Reid almost didn't notice until a light hand shook him from his train of thought.

"Hey Reid," He was met by JJ's gentle smile, "We're getting off now."

Reid nodded and felt actually quite stupid that he didn't notice but he had other things on his mind other than getting off this plane, other things that made him almost mad with himself.

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