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The full moon gave off a creepy light that shone across the land. I can't believe I am still crept out by the dark.

It had been an hour and we've checked campers and nothing has happened, not even a crack caused a suspicion. Morgan and I were put together and we hadn't released a word since, constantly on the lookout for the unsub that lurked in the shadows.

A deep growl snapped our attention, "Reid, did you hear that?" Morgan whispered as not to draw the attention of whatever lurked in the darkness.

"Yeah," the growling grew louder and deeper, "Wha-" my sentence was cut off only to be followed by a blood curdling scream. I just realized that it had actually come from me. I felt the warm liquid run hot down my chest and then from my throat. When the creature finally released me I felt myself fall helplessly to the ground. All I heard before the darkness enveloped me were the terrifying growls of the creature and the faint yells that repeated.

Morgan felt his heart drop when he turned around at the sound of his friend screaming. Morgan couldn't believe his eyes, a large, and almost indescribable figure was at Reid's neck before letting go and letting Reid fall to the ground.

Morgan would've lunged at the creature, even though his chances of surviving were slim and he went to but was stopped by a recognizable person. But that was the thing, it was human but it wasn't at the same time. The new creature let off a low growl. They both weren't human but the new one looked more human, the other one was pure animal.

They circled each other, each letting off a growl every now and then. It would've gone on if the yells and glimpses of flashlights didn't drive the larger one away but the other one stayed. Morgan, who was aiding his friend, had no idea what was going on but didn't care; he had to get his friend out of there.

"You need to get him to the hospital," That voice, Morgan had heard it before only today… Damien Davis.

"What!?" Morgan shouted at Damien, "What the hell just happened!?"

"Look I can't explain it now but he isn't going to survive out here and he sure as hell won't survive being alone," watched in shock as the features that wouldn't be described as human slowly faded and Morgan was now looking at the man he had just encountered that day.

"Wh- What the hell are you?" The voices came closer and the lights were now not just specks in the far distance.

"Someone who can help him," With that Damien was gone and Morgan was left with his bleeding friend who was now close to death.

Morgan's POV

I don't know what's just happened and I don't care. My hands are covered in the blood of my dying friend and my phone doesn't have a signal, all I can rely on is that the team is getting closer.

I reach to my radio, why are my hands so shaking so damn much?

"Hotch we need medical help. Reid was attacked, he's bleeding out, I don't know how long we've got," I was amazed I was able to hold a steady voice.

"How bad is it?" Hotch of course was still holding strong. I don't know how he does it most of the time but he isn't the one holding on to his dear friend life.

"It's real bad Hotch,"I paused, "If he doesn't get to a hospital, he's going to bleed out."

The flashing lights and sirens became all that I could see and hear. My heart was at a standstill and I was covered in the blood of my friend. Reid's neck was torn apart and a deep claw marks were across his chest. He was lucky that he made it to the ambulance. I couldn't leave him alone, I was supposed to protect him, I was supposed to be there for him. If I had paid more attention to what was out there, Reid wouldn't be fighting for his life.

Reid's POV

The last thing I can remember was the darkness, the warm blood running across my body and a voice, a very familiar voice, was it Morgan? Yes, Morgan was there. He was saying something, something that is a thick layer of fog to me, a muffled voice.

"Can you tell me your name sir?" A faint female voice echoed as I coughed, trying to get even the smallest of words out but all I could manage to get out was a stream of a hot pool of blood.

The pain was near unbearable, I could feel them trying to stop the bleeding but it still felt like I was growing even more weak that I was losing grip on this world. Fading in and out, I could hear the sirens and see the glare of the lights flash at my eyes and that was at last thing I could remember before the numbing darkness engulfed me.

"Morgan you need to calm down," Hotch spoke in a calm voice but his face said otherwise.

"Don't tell me to calm down Hotch!" Morgan was pacing the waiting room, "They're not telling us anything at all!"

"Morgan?" A familiar voice drenched in sorrow and pain waddled in the room.

"Garcia, baby girl what are you doing here?" Morgan walked over to the red faced woman with wide arms.

"I heard what happened and I w-wasn't going t-to stay in my little r-room while my Junior G-man is in t-trouble," Garcia was bearly able to finish the sentence when an old surgeon walked towards them.

"Spencer-" before the man could even finish the sentence, everything rushed towards him with their hearts pounding, "Are you his family?"

"Yes we are all his family," Hotch said to him.

"Is he going to be O.K?" JJ was the only person who spoke up.

"Well he's out of the ER now and he's going to be alright but because of the deep puncture wounds on his throat he won't be able to speak for a while and when he regains that ability he won't be able to speak loudly. Our main concern was the lacerations across his stomach which was causing massive bleeding, we manage to stop anymore bleeding, he should be fine now," The doctor had a concerned look across his face, "I don't normally allow visitors in with his condition but honestly I have never seen a patient pull through so strongly."

"What do you mean?" Aaron knew the look on the surgeon's face, he was holding something back.

He hesitated before allowing himself to talk again, " The bleeding, it should've been too much," He took a breath as if the words were choking him from within his throat, " We couldn't stop it, but something happened, the bleeding started to slow down that was the only reason that he pulled through, in my opinion he shouldn't be here right now, on that I will allow one person in until I see him well enough to have more there," With that the surgeon explained the short and long term effects of the ordeal, Morgan was furious when the doctor suggested that both Reid and him should see a councillor. Hotch tried to calm him down and soon enough Hotch decided that Morgan should be the one that should see Reid and the rest of the team agreed with him. Morgan needed this and Reid needed Morgan at the moment, as well as the team but Morgan most of all at this time.

Morgan's POV

They said I need to see a councillor as well as Reid. What the fucking hell do they know? They can't possible being to predict what happened and now they want us to go see someone about it?

I calmed my pace before I reached Reid's room. I couldn't lift my arm to push the door open, something wanted me to open the door, another part was afraid of what would lay behind it. Every time closed my eyes all I could see were the eyes of the creature that attacked Reid, they were pure red, nothing else but pure evil.

I walked into the room, "What the hell are you doing here?!" a dark figure stood next to the bed, I recognized him instantly, Damien Davis.

"I am here to help," Was his simple explanation as he continued to stand next to my friend.

"You're here to help?" I walked up closer to him, "You're the reason he's here!"

"Really, that's the best you can come up with, you know it wasn't me, in fact I am the reason he is still alive," I felt like tearing him to pieces but he was right, if he hadn't shown up Reid wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be here either most likely.

"What happened out there?" It was the question that was on my mind every second since we arrived at the hospital and it was one I knew would haunt me.

"Yeah I saw that coming," He quickly said before taking a look at Reid, "Your friend is now a part of something bigger and something that could most likely put you all in danger."

"What the hell are you talking about!" I wished he would just hurry up and get to the point.

"He is a werewolf," He almost shouted at me. I felt like laughing, a werewolf this guy was insane, no wonder the whole town thought it was him, "And you've already seen it, his quick healing, soon he will be walking and talking and also what you saw in the woods, I know you saw it and you know what I am."

I looked at him, baffled at what he had just said, "No, it's not true," Was all I managed to get out. I looked at Reid, no to him.

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