Mai-Tai's and Machine Guns

"Stop running!"

Steve McGarrett was debatably a patient man on a good day. It wasn't that he didn't have nerves of steel or could out wait the rapture if he had, to it was simply that deep down there was an unbridled compulsion to accomplish a mission. If all that stood in his way was a door then yes, he'd rather kick it in then look around asking for a key. It was also the reason Steve knew, if a suspect was going to run, he was going to run too. Because another thing Steve loved was exercise. He considered his body a temple of fitness and if chasing criminals helped tone his long legs and Adonis like abs, he was all game for it.

It was killing two birds with one stone, a work out and catching the bad guy. He'd dust himself off, give Danno a pat on the back before conveniently forgetting his wallet when they headed out for beers after shift.

Today however, today, Steve wasn't in a mood. Two days ago, Steve had gotten word from some friends that his old SEAL team had gone under fire and every team member was injured. No one died but still, a secret compulsion to get back into the thick of things with the TEAMS was always in the back of his mind. Never more so then the moment his contact told him; "Sorry Smooth Dog, I can't tell you anymore, you know? It's classified man."

Steve hated, loathed, being on the other side of that and after yesterday morning's phone call he vowed never to use that line on anyone ever again. So needless to say, Steve had been stewing recently. Sure he loved Five-0. He loved Hawaii and the idea that at the end of the night, baring any intense cases, he could go home, to his own bed, his own house and shut out the world to remind himself he was still human.

"I swear to god Mayoma, when you stop running, I'm going to make it hurt!" Steve yelled, not quite realizing that those words weren't exactly an inspiring incentive for anyone to surrender.

Today's recent foray through the streets of Oahu was because of Ted Mayoma, low-level drug dealer turned informant for HPD turned snitch for the Samoan gangs. Basically, a scum bag with little to offer but an uncanny ability to get information from both sides which he would sell to the highest bidder. Sure it wasn't a life threatening situation or international incident waiting to happen but HPD had been stretched thin recently. That and on two of the last major raids Five-0 had set up, they got burned because of Mayoma.

Oh, and it was raining, pouring rain. Raining so hard, Steve could feel the squelch of his drowning socks as they sloshed around in his combat boots. Annoying rivers of rain jabbed into his eyes as he ran and to make matters worse, a moment ago, he'd nearly been hit by a car. A car that had skidded to a halt but not before swinging through one of the biggest puddles known to mankind letting a massive tsunami of muddy water cover Steve head to toe.

Danny and Steve had cornered Mayoma in his ratty apartment only to have the man scurry out the fire escape like the rat that he was and initiate a chase that had been going for almost seven minutes now.

"MAYOMA STOP!" Steve roared again.

"Screw you pig!" the fleeing suspect yelled over his shoulder. In a split second, Steve actually considered taking out his gun and shooting the man in the knee cap but it turned out not to be necessary.

In all of Ted's infinite wisdom, his pause to yell back at Steve had left him slightly off-balance. He stumbled and being a good foot taller than him, Steve easily closed the distance and football style tackled his suspect into an outdoor restaurant patio. Thankfully, due to the rain there was no one out there and the only thing the two tumbling bodies had to contend with were metal tables and plastic chairs.

"Ah, AH, police brutality! Help! Help!" Ted screamed.

"Oh shut. up," Steve growled. Slapping the cuffs on the perp and making sure they were as tight as legally allowed, Steve hauled the man to his feet. It was at that moment, a familiar silver Camaro pulled up and the window passengerside window rolled down.

"Nice catch," Danny said from his nice dry car. "So's you know you're not getting in this car until he's in a cruiser and I've finished covering the back seat with towels." Steve expected as much, honestly he did and he wasn't all that angry. He would do exactly the same to Danny if the roles had been reversed. Still, the roles were rarely reversed when it came to chasing down suspects and somehow, Steve knew his partner was all to aware of that fact.

"I think you broke my arm, cop!" Ted ranted again.

"Yeah we'll I'll break the other one if you don't stop talking," Steve hissed.

"Steven," Danny warned. No doubt he could see the wrinkles of frustration all over his partner's face. As partner's the men knew each other's "tells" and Danny no doubt knew that Steve was one drip to the eyeball away from actually breaking his suspect's other arm.

Mercifully the police cruisers pulled up soon enough and after a quick exchange, Steve was finally out of the rain and in the back seat of the Camaro.

"Really? The back seat Danny?" he asked.

"Yep," his partner replied glancing back at him in the rear-view mirror. "Easier to clean... You know, we could have cut him off at Pi'iua St with the car; pretty sure he was headed to his girlfriend's house." Steve blinked, then blinked again not even realizing the direction he'd been running in or even the neighbourhood he'd chased the criminal in to.

Oddly enough, instead of inciting a hilarious rant from his partner, Steve just leaned his head back and let out a heavy sigh. Maybe he was starting to get to comfortable with his Five-0 job.

"Y'alright back there?" Without realizing it, Steve had closed his eyes only to open them again at his partner's genuinely concerned question.

"I'm fine, Danno," he replied. They drove in silence for a few minutes before Danny tried again.

"Thinking about your SEAL buddies?" he asked. Taking a breath and looking at the ceiling of the Camaro, Steve simply nodded. Danny was his first call after he'd found out about his fellow teammates and honestly it had been nice to have someone to commiserate with. Over the past little while Steve had learned a lot about his Jersey native detective.

They'd been through a lot together and it was only after nearly loosing Danny to a crazy stalker from his home State did Steve realize how much their friendship meant to him and to the task force. It had been a crazy time that could have been transcribed as a Hollywood movie. There were car chases, terrorists, abductions, murders, CIA and even a stolen nuclear submarine. In the end, Danny nearly lost a leg to infection and Steve had taken several rounds to his upper body and almost died.

It was a time Steve really never wanted to remember but knew he'd never forget. During those days of absolute hell and uncertainty Steve realized Danny was probably just as haunted as he was. In the end, the CIA had taken away those Five-0 and a CIA Ghost Team hadn't killed and left the Islands of Hawaii to the people who knew them best. A number of times, while Steve was recovering in the hospital he and Danny had talked about what their lives used to be like before Five-0. Steve talked about being a SEAL and Danny talked about being a detective back on the mainland. Damn it all if they didn't catch each other on many occasions looking wistfully off in to space... like they'd rather be in the past than the present.

"Any idea what hospital they're at?" Steve snorted at the question and shook his soaked head.

"I don't even know what country they're in," he replied. "Could be at Tripler or somewhere in the back country of the middle east. My buddy probably broke a few rules just letting me know as much as he did."

"Then why would he bother calling you?" Danny asked. Steve let out another sigh.

"Because he knew I'd want to know," he replied. "Maybe even to remind me what I'm missing."

"Yeah, getting shot at is supposed to be a day at the beach for you SEALS isn't it?" Danny snorted. Despite the heavy thoughts on his mind, Steve chuckled and nodded.

"Rather that then a skyscraper blocking out the sun," he said. Danny's face curled up into a grin and it was the last thing Steve saw before nodding off for a quick nap in the car.

That afternoon, after a long hot shower and a change of clothes, Steve returned to Five-0 HQ only to find his paperwork done and neatly stacked on his desk. All it needed was his signature. Smiling, Steve signed away then headed over to his partner's office. Danny was camped out at his desk typing away when Steve pushed the door open.

"You did my paperwork," Steve stated. Danny didn't even look up.

"Only because you are incapable of writing anything more than a string of "X's" and I would have had to redo it anyway," he replied nonchalantly. "Beers are on you buddy and I will be inspecting for wallets." Steve laughed but pulled his wallet out anyway and waved it around. Danny glanced up then back down again. "Just because it's there doesn't mean it has cash in it," he huffed. Punching a few more keys the detective sat back and folded his arms across his lap. "Open up G.I. Steve," he ordered.

Steve did as told and flashed a few twenty's at his partner before adding;

"For the record, even though I have never been General Infantry, you just called me a "real American hero". I'm touched." Rolling his eyes, Danny flung his arms up before leaning into his computer again.

"For your record, G.I. Joe was a collaboration of the world's top military professionals. No specific branch of the military was in charge," he replied.

"Aw, Danny... now you're just making me blush," Steve chuckled.

"Get out!" Danny barked. Steve just laughed at he headed out the door back toward his own office. Just as he was pulling open the door to his own office, Chin appeared.

"Howzit Chin?" Steve asked. "Feel like I haven't seen you guys all day."

"Kono had a court date and I've been playing adult while you two run around surfing in the rain," Chin joked. Curiously, however, the normally stoic Hawaiian seemed a little off at the moment. Only a highly trained individual could catch the very subtle twitch of Chin's normally expressionless face.

"Something up?" Steve asked. Chin glanced at Danny's door before grabbing Steve by the elbow and guiding him back into his office. Once inside, the blinds that gave a clear view in to Danny's office were firmly shut. "Chin what's going on?"

"The Governor called while you were out," he replied. "There's a home-grown terror cell on the mainland that's using Oahu as ground zero for importing weapons from overseas. According to sources, they've stepped up their game recently and could potentially be planning something big. He wants us to look into it before officially making it a joint operation."

"Okay," Steve agreed still a bit confused. It sounded like just another job for Five-0. "So why are we hiding in my office?" Chin pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it.

"This e-mail came was sent to me an hour ago," he replied. Now Steve was concerned, this team was a family and if something was being hidden from a member it was usually for a very serious matter. He stood up and took the printout from his friend.

What he read next made his eyes grow wide;

"Headed your way. Get Danny out. O'Reilly."

Snapping his head up, Steve quickly crumpled the piece of paper and closed the distance between him and Chin.

"The hell is this supposed to mean?" he hissed quietly as if Danny could hear through walls. The Hawaiian just shook his head.

Anders O'Reilly had originally been introduced to the Five-0 task force as just another Jersey detective Danny used to work with. However after Danny's abduction, it was revealed that Anders was actually an undercover CIA agent.

"I have no idea," he replied. "I dug up O'Reilly's number but it's out of service. I called he and Danny's old prescient and I was told Anders is gone."

"Gone?" Steve snarled. "Just... gone?" Chin nodded.

"I even had Kono call Langley when she got back, they stone-walled her," he replied. Then after a pause added, "What do we do?" Steve took a breath, he refused to be blindsided by the CIA again, refused to let Danny get blindsided again. Glancing at his watch Steve checked the time at 4 pm.

"We get Danny out," he replied. "I owe him a beer anyway, you and Kono hang back and find out what's going on." He looked at the clock again before turning to Chin. "An hour ago?" he confirmed. Chin nodded;

"About that, maybe more." Hissing at the passage of time, Steve jogged over to Danny's office and stuck his head in.

"You're done Danno, trains leaving the station or I resend my offer for drinks," he replied. Glancing up with a "you're insane" look Danny didn't budge from his chair.

"First off, I created the offer for you to buy me drinks so you can't resend anything and secondly its only four on a Thursday... Some of us still have work to do."

"Don't care," Steve said walking up to Danny's computer. "I skipped lunch, I want food now, let's go." Without hesitation, he hit the power button on Danny's computer and dragged his partner's chair on wheels around the desk. "Up, that's an order."

"What the hell is the matter with you?!" Danny exclaimed as he was practically dumped from his chair. Steve didn't reply as he snatched his partner's car keys from off the desk and shoved the shorter man out the door. "Have you completely lost your Neanderthal mind!?" Danny barked. "Chin! Chin-Ho! Stop the madness!" Chin who was fiddling with the main computer desk, just shrugged. The man was very good at hiding his true emotions when he wanted to.

"Sorry Brah," Chin replied without looking up. "He's the boss."

"Are you two at least coming with us?" Danny questioned as Steve continued to shove him toward the exit.

"Not yet. We'll catch ya later," Chin waved.

"Later Chin," Steve replied cutting off anything else Danny had to say.

In the blink of an eye, Steve and Danny were in the Camaro pulling out of HQ's parking lot on their way to the nearest slippers bar.

"Can I ask why you just herded me out of there like your favourite cargo pants were on fire?" Danny asked after a few minutes of driving. Steve stilled, just for a second, but then replied with the only answer he knew would completely derail Danny from any further questioning;

"It's classified."

And for just about an hour of Longboards and wings at the generic slippers bar, that response kept Danny's questions at bay. Steve had actually started to enjoy himself when his cell phone "pinged" notification of a text. Pulling the offending object out, Steve's face flashed unbridled emotion faster than he could hide it as he read the message. Either ignoring the negativity or chosing not to see it, the response drew a laugh from Danny.

"Your girlfriend send you lewd photos?" Danny snickered. Normally Steve would have chuckled at the joke but what he'd just seen was no laughing matter. That and he knew Danny would probably punch him in the face if it was withheld.

Sucking up his concern and hesitations, Steve looked his partner in the square eye.

"No," he said as deadly calm as he dared. "We need to go back to the office." The Jersey native scoffed at Steve's sincerity.

"Why? Because its my turn to buy the Malasadas that Kono conveniently forgot last week?" he asked humourously. Steve didn't even blink at the comment instead he flipped his phone around so his partner could see its contents. The second Danny took it in, he worked his jaw in a professionally but extremely pissed off way.

"Are we sure?" he asked in a dangerously low tone.

"It's from Chin," Steve answered. Then after a heartfelt pause he cautiously added; "You good?"

"To be determined," Danny replied as he stood up and waved at the waiter for the bill. "But I've got you guys... don't I?" he added rather quickly.

"You know you do," Steve said as he stood following his partner's lead.

After paying the bill, Steve unlocked the car door but still felt the need to check that the text he'd received was truly there. He snapped out his phone and glared at the technological beast hoping it had all been a lie. Unfortunately the message from Chin still called out for them;

"H.Q. now," It beckoned, "Cahill's here."

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