I swirl and turn in my bed in any possible way. I haven't been sleeping lately, Rilus hasn't come home, maybe he's dead. It would be the better thing, if he dies the district would take care of us send us to an orphanage and, if we are lucky to a foster home.

In district two there are a lot of couples that can't have kids, and that would do anything to have them. Of course, Cassidy would be the first one in being adopted; everyone loves a sweet and caring girl like her. I don't think that someone want to call 'daughter' to a seven-year-old thief.

I turn around one more time, this time I am facing the window, you can see the moon and a couple stars from here. I'm sure that mother is watching over us. It would be better if she could actually help us, but I don't think she can do much being dead.

Somehow I'm asleep, I can't say I had the best of dreams, the nightmares are back.

This time, is different, the pain is more real. I can feel the needles breaking through my arms, my legs, my body. The cold steel sending chills down my back, just doing everything more painful.

Darkness, cold darkness is all I feel after, everything just leaving me emptier than ever.

I open my eyes heavily, allowing my sight to adapt, I roll seeking to remove the feeling of laziness. I can't though, something is not letting me.

—"What the h-" — I turn round, just to see the body of the Little Cassidy deeply asleep. She has so much peace in her sleep, watching her sleeping is the closest thing to watching an angel.

I wish she could just stay like that, without worries, just her being happy. But this is not a happy world, this is a cruel world that doesn't care about children suffering and becoming assassins just to bring 'glory and pride' to a district that hasn't done anything but hurt them leaving them to their fate.

—"Cassidy, wake up" — I shake her as hard as I could, that girl sleeps like a bear.

—"School is in fifteen, ¡go take a shower!" — The little girl with eyes identical to mine gets up clearly angry and snarls in her way to the bathroom. She knows that if she doesn't obey they'll be a punishment. I can't make her believe everything is color pink, when it is not. Not since mom died.

—"I told you I didn't want you here when I came back!" — Rilus is here; I locked the door and get prepared to start another fight with my 'loving father'.

—"You know, it would be easier to do if you came home every day" — I could hear his footsteps coming nearer, the unmistakable sound of his working boots beating the fragile wooden floor, the tinkling of the empty liquor bottles and his heavy breathing.

Cassidy had finished dressing and was curled up in a ball in one of the corners of the room. The last fight didn't come out very good; I have a scar that will make me remember it for the rest of my life. If he hadn't insulted my mother everything would be different.

Rilus began to knock on the door frantically, hoping for a response. My sister put her hands on her knees and placed her head there, trying to scare off thoughts, not to focus on the problem.

—"Open the fucking door, Clove! I know you're there" — his voice was raspy, it seemed more to a growl, from all the alcohol he had drunk.

—"I didn't know you're now a Soothsayer, Rilus" — I said with sarcasm, and a little touch of mockery in my voice.

—"Don't be stupid and open the door!" — His anger was growing with every second that passed; I knew that it would not last long before exploding.

—"If you want to get in, do it yourself"— I walked away from the door as far as I could, Cassidy drowned a cry. I went to her hugged her, affection has never been my thing, but it is the only thing that calms her.

—"Listen to me Cassidy, I want you to hide under the bed and don't leave until I say so, ok?" — I whispered clearly in her ear, in an order tone.

—"But… what about you? If he does something to you… I don't want to be alone" — her voice began to break, and some sobs escaped her throat.

—"I'll be good; I know what I'm doing. Now go and hide" — I helped her to get up and hide and then I went for my knife, it was nothing out of the ordinary, only a kitchen knife sharp enough to make an injury that can distract Rilus long enough to escape.

Just when I was taking the knife out of the trap in the drawer, the door opened, revealing a clearly drunk figure. Rilus broke out the bottles to the sides of my room causing glass to fly and me in the face. Even if they didn't hurt me a lot; I still felt a few drops of blood make their way down my face.

—"Stupid brat, why you don't obey? I'm your fucking father!" - Right, if you call father someone who is never at home, that never pay attention to you and leaves you to take care of your little sister…

—"And what a father you are…"— I crossed my arms over my chest, keeping the knife in the back of my pants.

—"Don't you dare insult me" — he took me by the wrist and sent me flying towards my bed.

—"Is what you deserve, since the day my mother died you haven't done anything more than get drunk"— It wasn't my intention that he listened, but he did, and that was the drop that spilled the glass.

He came closer, with his hand-made fists, ready to hurt me. I leaned in my forearms, feigning surrender, that confused him a bit, just enough to give me the time to take out my weapon.

A smile spread across my face when I saw his surprised expression, Rilus started backing when I began to play with the knife in my hands. I can't say I know how to use it properly, but I've practice enough to hurt someone his size.

— "Are you scared, Rilus?" — with every step I made he retreated one.

—"Clo… leave that Clove!" — He stumbled one of the broken glass and fell to the ground cutting his hands with more broken glass.

—"How does it feel, huh Rilus? How does it feel to be on the other side, helpless, scared?" — He tried to check his wound, but he couldn't fix his sight in one hand.

Despite all that he has made to us something stopped me, I couldn't kill him, after all he is my father and I'm sure Cassidy is watching I will not take away her innocence, I will not allow it if I can avoid it.

—"You are speechless… what a surprise. I think maybe I should help you a little" — I approached him and buried my knife in his left leg.

The cry of pain that escaped his lips was gratifying; I stare at him for a moment how he was suffering, I really wanted to hurt him. I wanted him to feel everything that my sister and I have suffered, but that wasn't my goal, not today.

—"Cassidy, run!" — I kept pointing the knife at Rilus while I made sure that my sister went down safe and sound.

I saw Rilus out of the corner of my eye, while I was helping her get out of the window she was always had a phobia of heights.

I made the mistake of leaving him alone, a couple of seconds, long enough for somehow managed stand up and take me down, knife in hand.

He had both of his hands on my shoulders making it impossible to move, his eyes went from my scared face to the sharpened piece of steel in my hand.

—"Don't you know that the children shouldn't play with knives?" — He laughed stupidly.

I tried to free myself but it was impossible, Rilus is twice as large, and is stronger than me for his work in the quarries.

— "Now who got his tongue cut off, huh?" —

In a moment of despair I lifted my leg hitting him in the crotch, forcing him to swing and fall to the ground. I took the knife he had taken from me and jumped out the window.

When I landed from fall of the second floor, I was expecting to see Cassidy waiting behind the tree where we used to play, but she wasn't there.

I started shouting her name but nobody answered, maybe this nightmare can get worse.

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