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I'm not sure of where I am, or what am I doing here but something in the air tells me that it isn't something good.

How did I get here? I don't know, the only thing I know right now is that this place is freezing cold.

—"Clove Green" — a muffled voice says my name with fury, whoever this is it's getting closer.

—"Who are you?" — I say sitting in a velvety white chair.

—"Don't you recognize your own father's voice? That hurts my little girl" — my eyes widened when I heard the raspy voice I loathed.

—"Rilus? How… did you find me?" —I could hear the fear in my own voice, and every passing second made the urge to run harder to resist.

—"It doesn't matter, what matters now is that our family is together again, right Cassey?" — I turn around to see what I feared. Not only has he found us, but he had her too.

—"Let her go, Rilus" —my voice was a claimant whisper, he knew I would do anything to save my little sister from his clutches and I was sure that he'd use it against me.

I tried to run, to take her away from him, but it seemed as if every time I was near them they just went further away.

And suddenly he stopped, grabbed the little girl by the neck and punched her delicate face.

Her helpless and frail body hit the ground making a horrible sound.

Everything went black…

I thought that this was the end that somehow he had managed to kill me.

I was very wrong.

My hand and fee were tied; tape covering my mouth, all I could do was watch.

Cassidy was behind the wall, crying desperately, asking for help.

—Dear Clove, I warned you. Before you ran away, that bad things would happen, remember?—he smiled maliciously and a table with all sorts of weapons came out of the wall — these are the consequences

He grabbed Cassidy's arm and inserted something resembling a needle in her arm, Cass shouted but Rilus silenced her with a blow.

—Enjoy the show— he pressed a button and spikes went out to Cassidy's body. Her cries of agony pierced my ears, every inch of her small torso was bleeding.

Every time my little sister moved those things were buried deeper and deeper into her body, tears began to fall from my eyes and the feeling of not being able to do anything was unbearable.

'This is your fault, you should've never escaped', 'Your sister is going to die for YOUR fault', these phrases repeated themselves over and over in my head.

Guilt overwhelmed me and my chest started to hurt.

Rilus got bored and was now looking at a sword mischievously.

—Let's see how much damage can this cause— he felt it in his hands and delivered the blow, Cassidy's hand separated from the rest of her body and hit the thin glass , her blood red as the carmine clouded the glass. Oh, but as the wonderful father he is, Rilus cleaned it so I could see again.

Little Cassidy was about to pass out, she was close to giving up. I managed get my feet free and I ran to the only thing that separated me from her.

I started hitting the glass with all my strength, this only angered him even more. He grabbed a strange thing, like a stick with a spiked ball attached to one end and began beating her mercilessly.

And… when he was done the only things that were left were broken bones, lakes of blood and the remains of tears that once had been his daughter.

He killed his own daughter without thinking it twice.

I could still hear her laugh, her voice, the way she sang, but all that was soon replaced by cries, endless and horrific screams of agony and crying… crying that never stopped.

I hit the window with rage, letting shouting and swearing left my mouth. All I wanted to do was break this thing and make him suffer, slowly and painfully.

I would make him pay for what he did to the lovely creature that lay dead at his feet.

—It's your turn— he whispered in my ear and imprisoned me in his arms.

His laugh, his laugh was all I could hear, I could feel his arm tighten and loosen each time a laugh escaped his lips.

He was happy, the bastard was enjoying every second of it, and after all he was going to kill his daughter with his own hands, something that had always wanted to do.

One by one he cut my arms, my legs the pain was unbearable.

I was getting weaker every passing second, and when I could swear that I couldn't feel more pain, he managed to make me feel it again, but I didn't care at the end this pain was going to help me meet my little sister again.

A dim light breaks through my eyelids, and in that moment I know that it's the end, the end of Clove Green. I just have to pen my eyes and go to the light; I took a deep breath and prepare myself for what's coming.

When I finally manage to peel my eyes open the only thing I see is a blinding light and someone standing next to it, his lips move but I can't hear a word.

So this is heaven, I never thought it would be so weird.

I cover the light with my hand and my eyes adjust quickly, I can see who is talking now.

—You have to get out, now! — he started shaking his hand in front of my face— Come on Clove, don't do this to me— that's when I discovered that it wasn't the sun that prevented me to keep my eyes open, but Cato holding a lamp in front of them.

I got out of bed, my sister was still asleep but all our stuff had already been packed.

—Time to go—I said reluctantly, the idea of leaving this shelter to return to nothing was not something I looked forward to. Cato nodded a little more relaxed.

Soon Cassidy was awake, I'd put my boots and we were ready to go.

When I took the backpack where we had kept our clothes it seemed heavier than yesterday, we had not put anything other than that.

—What's in the bag? — I asked taking Cassidy's hand and passing one of the bag straps through my shoulder.

—I... I filled it with some food and well, necessary things. It will only last a few days but it was what I managed to ste… take from the warehouse — I smiled gratefully, he had already done too much for us, we were complete strangers after all.

—Thanks — he nodded and led us through the door and into the hallway, this time without bandages on our hands.

—Well, when we cross the gym there will be a door, it opens long enough to let a person go out, so you should run. After that, you'll never see me again —Cassidy squeezed my hand knew she was afraid, she felt more safe with Cato at her side, although he had only eight years.

The gym was completely dark, all that lit our way was the lantern light that the blonde boy held in his hands, it'll only take a faux pas to be discovered and for some strange reason that made me excited.

—We're almost there, remember what I told you and good luck, when Cato gave me the flashlight I could see his beautiful blue eyes worried yet confident that we could get out of this.

I did not know what to do so I gave Cassidy the lamp and hugged him, it was an uncomfortable embrace but I didn't know what else I could do.

He put the palm of his hand in a sort of digital device, a green light blinked indicating that we could go out, but in the second we stepped outside an alarm said otherwise.

The only thing I could hear after that was the strong sound of a siren and the treads of many men coming from both of our sides. A second later several men dressed in white approached us and began to separate us.

I tried to get rid of them, I kicked, scratched, bit, I did everything I knew and could do, and then I realized it was useless they'd never let me go.

—Clove! Clove help me! —the voice of my little sister bristled my skin, although I could not see it I imagined tears coming out of her eyes and I realized that I had never heard her be more scared in my life.

—Cassidy! Let go you stupid! I have to go with my sister — I kicked the man and ran towards her, but all that I gained was a blow to my head and three peacekeepers holding me. Why wouldn't they let us go? We haven't done anything wrong.

At that moment I raised my eyes and saw one of them injecting something to my sister.

—No, Cass! —It was all I could say, before they did the same to me.

When I woke up my hands were chained and I was sitting on something very cold. My head hurt horrors and there was too much light.

—You're finally awake, it was time brat —a raspy voice said from the corner of the room—took you more than the other two— I lifted my head and saw a peacekeeper, a little older than the ones from the city, but just as intimidating.

—Who are you? — My voice sounded distant, I did not even recognize it.

—What matters here is what you have to say, Clove Green — he took off his helmet and hurled it towards the table.

—Now tell me, dear, how on earth did you get to this place, eh? — He spoke after a small pause and sat directly across from me looking into my eyes, but I kept my mouth shut.

If I told them something, they'd begin to ask more questions and if they knew that I hurt my father and that I practically killed a peacekeeper, they would kill me, and Cassidy, and maybe even Cato.

—Maybe this will help you speak — he took a glass remote from his pocket and pressed a button, in the window appeared a first blank screen and then revealed the image of a little girl with dark hair turned to the wall. Slowly the chair started turning and I realized who she was.

I got up, pulling everything in my path, what had they done to Cassidy? Her freckled face was covered in a mixture of tears and blood, her face paler than a ghost and she trembled so much...

—Let her go— I whispered the anger present in my voice, but the man in white only response was to press another button.

—Does your head hurt princess? Do you wanna go home with your sister? —another man with a mocking voice spoke to Cass, who was so scared that she had gone mute.

When she had enough force to nod the man hit her on the cheek, leaving a long red mark and making her cry and moan with pain.

—No! Let her go! —I ran to the window and began to beat it, yelling as if doing so they'll live her alone.

—Oh, we will. But only if you speak— the breath of the man in my room collided with my ear, I could feel her lips contort into a smile.

—No I… I can't -if I do it will be certain death for all three.

—Well then, let's see how your little friend is doing — the screen changed scenario and focused on Cato, his hair was matted and his face red from the effort that he was putting, apparently, here in the Center had many different forms of torture.

A syringe was lying on the edge of the table; his face contorted with pain, but no word came out of his mouth.

—He will not talk, and neither do I —I said with the most determined tone I could.

—You will princess, this is just starting— the soldier's eyes filled with malice.

I could feel the sweat running down my forehead, my face heat up and my arms and legs trying to rid from the pain, the fire.

But there was no fire; those damned soldiers began to inject me when I refused to talk, increasing the dose every time, which caused excruciating pain.

They had left pictures of Cassidy and Cato suffering in hope that that will help, but I would not go without a fight, and I'm sure that they won't either.

I have no idea how much time has passed, but I don't think I can take much more of this.

—Okay — a short and tired voice echoed in the room, audible between our cries.

—Hablaré— Cassidy se había rendido, mi pobre hermana, tal vez- tal vez cuando se enteren de que ella no hizo nada la dejen ir.

—I'll talk — Cassidy had surrendered, my poor sister, maybe when they find out that she had nothing to do with this they'll let her go.

—Go ahead darling, tell us the truth and nothing will happen to you

My sister is very smart for her age, she knew we couldn't have done anything. But I should've been the one to speak.

Once she surrendered all of us were put together in a room. There were many people around a small table and a few peacekeepers behind us.

—It all started when... — I interrupted my sister with a look and continued, I told them everything without omitting any details, after all if I was going to die I should die telling the truth.

The people in the room were astonished when I finished and their eyes passed from Cato to me.

—You know what that means— a woman with white hair said after consulting it with the group.

—Death— Cato said grimly.

Nobody moved a muscle, we didn't matter to them.

—Save my sister — the words came out of my mouth without my permission, everyone in the room frowned.

—She is innocent, she didn't have anything to do with this, please. Kill me, do whatever you want with me, but don't hurt her —

Cato shook his head from one side to another as a sign of disapproval his eyes were lost, his face still red and distorted.

—Are you willing to make a deal? — I removed the eyes from Cato and looked at the man who had spoken, he had a scar on his right eye.

I nodded

—If you training here do that we say and keep our secret, we will keep her alive — What if I don't? Maybe they're fooling me, I can't trust them. But on the other hand, it is our only option, if I refuse...

—Fine, I will do what you ask — and that's when I gave myself to them, to the training center, I gave them full control of my life in that room, I had given my life in exchange of my sister, and I would do it again.