Tony paced the confines of autopsy waiting for Abby to come back from her lab, where she was changing. He'd told her she had ten minutes. Ten minutes. It was well past that now. Had to be. As he walked past Ducky's office he peeked in on Ava. Still sleeping soundly. Cute kid, he thought to himself, getting angry again that anyone could ever call her a 'damned kid.' He made himself move on and concentrate his anger on Abby. Didn't the woman know how to tell time? Ten minutes doesn't mean fifteen minutes, or twenty-five minutes. It means ten! It's been….he looked at his watch and ground his teeth in anger… thirteen minutes! He was dying to go looking for her, but he didn't dare leave Ava alone.

Hearing the door creak, he looked up and saw her, in tight, well-worn blue jeans and big baggy sweatshirt, sleeves rolled up. "Abby!" He stormed over to her, ready to give her a piece of his mind. "Where have you been? I told you ten minutes! What….." He had to stop speaking because Abby was hugging the breath right out of him, her head tucked into his chest. Something was wrong. "Abbs?…. What's wrong, are you ok?" Tony asked worriedly, his arms wrapping around her, holding her close.

Abby sniffled. "I don't know," she hedged, never letting up on her hug.

"C'mon, Abby, talk to me," he encouraged, untangling himself from her arms and putting his own across her shoulder, leading her to sit on one of the gleaming silver autopsy tables with him. Once sitting, he again pulled her close. "What's up, little buttercup?"

Sighing, Abby snuggled against Tony's chest. "Well," she sniffled again, "I know you told me not to stop and look at anything, but….I did take a look out the windows in my lab. I think we're in the eye of the hurricane, because there wasn't much blowing around."

"And this has you so upset why?" Tony asked, kissing the top of her head.

Abby sat up a little and looked at Tony. "Because there was nothing blowing around. There's nothing out there, Tony. It's like a ghost town. Only it's worse than a ghost town, because instead of a desert, there's water everywhere, and trees are down, I even saw a few live wires sparking." She was almost ready to cry. "I'm….I'm scared, Tony."

Tony saw the fear in Abby's eyes, and the silent plea begging him to make everything alright in The Wonderful World of Abby again. He pulled her against his chest again and hugged her. "We're ok, Abby…."

"We're not ok, Tony! What if trees fall across all the roads? No one would be able to come in and rescue us! Or…or what if the sparking wires start a fire? And there's debris blocking all the exits, and we can't get out? We could burn to death! Or suffocate from smoke inhalation! That's a horrible way to die, Tony, you're aware of everything going on around you, but it just gets harder and harder to breathe…."

"Hey, been there, done that, survived it. The plague, remember?" He gave her a little squeeze.

Oh! How could she have been so mean as to remind him of that? She gasped. "Oh! I'm so sorry, Tony, I didn't mean…." She pushed herself away so she could look at him.

Tony pulled her back to his chest with a smile. "'s'ok, Abbs. Doesn't bother me to talk about it anymore." He rubbed her back gently. "As for the trees and sparking, live wires…..they're no match for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Nothing would keep him from getting to you, you know that. He'd take on anyone and anything to make sure you were safe."

With a small smile, Abby sighed. "Yeah, I know." When Tony was quiet, she rushed to add, "he would for you, too, Tony! You're like a son to him, you know. He'd never tell you that, but you are. Like when you were agent afloat? And just a little while ago, when the Director had you undercover watching Agent Barrett…."

Tony pulled away and placed a finger over her lips with a smile. Typical Abby! "It's ok, Abbs, I know." He couldn't seem to move his finger away from the softness of her lips. He stared down at where his finger rested, wondering what those lips would feel like on his….

Abby felt the soft pressure of Tony's finger on her lips, saw him staring down at her mouth, and wondered what the soft pressure of his lips on hers would feel like. "Would you, Tony?" she murmured against his finger.

Still dazed by the feel of her lips moving under his finger, he rasped, "Would I what?" He swallowed hard.

"Would you? …Take on anyone…or anything…?"

Without him being aware of it, Tony's head began to lower towards hers. "For you….." Leaning in, he placed his lips to Abby's, gently at first, giving her time to stop him, to push him away. She whimpered. And pulled him closer. Opened her lips, tongue searching for his.

Oh. My. God. She was kissing Tony. Tony was kissing her. Kissing her! Abigail Sciuto! She moaned at the thought, and her fingers found their way into his hair. His soft, short, silky hair.

Oh. My. God. He was kissing Abby. Gibbs was going to kill him! …. Tony felt her hands in his hair, felt her sigh against his lips and framed her face with his hands, holding her in exactly the right spot for his lips. His fingertips traced the outer shell of her ears, stroked the lobes, feeling a rush of satisfaction when Abby shivered. He dropped his hands to her neck, slid them softly down to her shoulders, down her arms to her hands, tracing her fingers.

With another whimper, Abby intertwined their fingers so they were holding hands, causing Tony to moan. He squeezed her fingers, groaning when she returned it. He pulled his hands from her grip and placed them on her small hips, holding her in place. In a swift, experienced move, he rolled himself off the metal slab so he was standing, Abby still sitting on the table. He dropped one hand to the outside of one of her knees and moved it to the side, then stepped into the v of her legs. Legs that instantly hooked around his hips, pulling him closer to Abby.

Both Abby and Tony moaned when his hardness met her softness. Even through two pairs of jeans, it was still an explosive moment. Abby couldn't believe she was doing this, and doing this with Tony! Never had it felt so comfortable, so right, and so exciting at the same time. She felt Tony's lips travel down her jaw, licking and nipping, sliding down from her ear to her neck, while she gasped in lungfuls of air, trying to catch her breath. She gave a little yelp when she felt Tony nip her neck and put his hands under her butt and lift her closer to his erection at the same time. Ohhhhhh my God, the rumors she heard whispered in the break room weren't just rumors….there really was nothing little about DiNozzo!

Hearing her cry, Tony made to pull away, but was stopped when Abby wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him back to her mouth for another fiery, wet kiss. For a split second, he let his mind wander, and realized just how natural this….with Abby….felt. Then Abby circled her hips against his, and all rational thought fled his head. One hand on her ass holding her close, he ran the other up her back, lifting the baggy sweatshirt as he went. Only to almost lose what little control he had left when he discovered she was braless. Abby squirmed against him again, and one of her hands grabbed for the arm behind her back. He put up a struggle - her skin was so soft and smooth - but stopped when he realized she'd dragged the hand around to the front. Where it now rested just below her unfettered breasts. He reluctantly released her mouth, rested his forehead on hers, breathing heavily. He had to make sure this was what she wanted, that she was ok with this. Because while it might just kill him, he would stop if she said no. "Abby?" he whispered, unsure, hopeful.

Abby gazed into Tony's eyes, seeing the uncertainty, the anticipation, the honesty in them, and she knew if she said 'stop,' he would. She knew he wouldn't ever hurt her for the world. "Is this for real, Tony?" she asked in that raspy voice of hers, feeling tears build in her eyes. "I don't think I can be casual about this….not with you…." Oh God, she'd cry if he said 'no' or let her go now.

Tony softly placed a chaste kiss on her lips, her cheek, her forehead. "I'm done with casual, Abby." He tousled the bangs on her forehead with his free hand. "I want to be done with casual." Cupping her cheek, he murmured roughly, "with you."

Abby groaned. Tony had no idea just how sexy that voice was. "Me, too."

They stared into each other's eyes, and as if practiced, their heads moved toward each other, lips meeting in a soft, gentle kiss. When they separated for a breath, Abby realized she'd forgotten to answer Tony. She put a hand to his cheek. "Yes, Tony."

For a split second, Tony wondered, 'yes what?' then remembered he'd asked her a question. And she just answered. With a 'yes.' He wanted to shout for joy, but settled for that gorgeous smile. With another soft kiss, Tony began to help Abby off with her sweatshirt. It was almost over her head when she all of a sudden stopped him. He'd known it was too good to be true….

Abby scooted closer to him, legs still wrapped around his hips, locking behind his back. She wasn't going to let him get away now, she just needed him to understand one little thing. "It's still 'yes' Tony. I haven't changed my mind. It's just….there's a three year old in Ducky's office that could walk out here any second…." She hoped this didn't put him off.

Tony managed to hold back the sigh of relief. She didn't want to end this. He'd forgotten about Ava, sleeping on the couch in the other room. "I can work with that," he rumbled, sending Abby a wink, and he smiled when he saw the color of her eyes change to a deeper green.

Abby sent him a sexy smirk of her own. "I was hoping you'd say that!" She pulled him back down to cover her lips by the neck of his sweatshirt.


Abby and Tony were plastered together, one of her hands cupping his rock-hard erection through his jeans, the other around his neck, holding him close, mewling and cooing in his ear. Said mewls and coos were, in turn, turning Tony on even more. One of his hands cupped one of Abby's knees, holding her lower body as close to him as she could get, the other was under her sweatshirt, playing with her braless breasts. He murmured words of encouragement in a low, deep voice. They'd lost all track of time….until a cry from the office behind them jolted them apart.

"Aunty Abby!"

As they hurried to right their clothes before Ava could run out and see something she shouldn't, Tony's cell phone suddenly came alive. Picking it up, he saw it was Gibbs. "You take the kid, I'll take the boss," Tony said, opening his phone. "Boss! When did the phones start working again!"

Abby lost track of Tony's conversation as she picked up little Ava, cuddling her close. "You ready to wake up, sugar plum?"

Ava scrunched up her nose. "I not a sugar plum, I a bambi!" Abby laughed and hugged the child close. "Yes you are, kiddo." Both girls looked up as Tony cleared his throat and walked in. "Unca' Tony!" Ava jumped from Abby's arms to Tony's, barely giving him time to prepare to catch her.

He cocked an eyebrow at Abby. "One more thing she's learned from you. The art of surprise." He kissed Ava's forehead. "Have a good nap, mia bambina?" He smiled when she nodded. "Well then, how'd you like to get outta' here and go home?" His ears rang with the echo of both Ava's and Abby's shouts of joy.

"Is that what Gibbs called to tell you? It's safe to leave?" Tony barely had time to get in a quick kiss before the autopsy doors swished open.

"Abby!" Gibbs' concerned voice called from the outer room.

"Gibbs!" Abby ran from the office, full speed ahead for Gibbs. "GibbsGibbsGibbsGibbs!" Tony, still carrying Ava, took his time walking out behind Abby. "And I'm sorry, I thought there'd be time for the tests to finish, and then I could take Ava home, but then Tony came down and said the Anacostia had closed already, and…" She talked while Gibbs did a visual check, making sure she was ok. He scowled when he saw the bump and bruising on her forehead, touching it gently. Gibbs turned angrily to Tony, about to read him the riot act when Abby stopped him. "I'm ok, Gibbs. It could have been a lot worse if Tony hadn't gotten Ava and I out of there. The windows blew in, knocking me off my feet. But Tony ran in and took Ava out, then came back for me." She looked bashfully at Tony. "He saved my life, Gibbs."

Pressing a fatherly kiss to the bump, Gibbs said, "c'mon Abbs, I'll take ya' home."

Abby shot a look at Tony. "Um, I'd rather go with Tony, if it's ok with you," she asked Gibbs sheepishly. "We need to take Ava home first. And I'd….well, he's taken such good care of me, Gibbs. I kinda' want to finish out the storm with him. If that makes any sense."

Tony busied himself with helping Ava on with her coat so he wouldn't have to look Gibbs in the eye, afraid the older man would know exactly what had happened between he and Abby, and wasn't ready to die just yet. He and Abby still had unfinished business. "It's fine with me, boss."

Gibbs looked from his SFA - his son, for all intents and purposes - and Abby - his daughter in all but blood. There was something…..Abby was stammering nervously. And Tony was blushing. He smiled to himself. He'd been waiting over ten years for these two kids to discover what was right under their noses. But he'd never tell them that! "You sure, Abbs? I don't mind…."

Abby smiled at Tony. "I'm sure, Gibbs. Tony will take care of me." She took Ava from Tony's arms and left autopsy, heading for the stairs, leaving Tony alone with Gibbs. Tony gave a self-conscious laugh as Gibbs got in his face. "Heh, heh, uh, the storm, ya' know, and…." He almost swallowed his tongue from the head slap the older man gave him.

"You'd better take care of her. Or her boiling you from the inside, out, will seem like a walk in the park. You understand me, DiNozzo?" He gave Tony his best squinty glare.

Tony gulped. "Loud and clear, dad. I mean, boss. Gibbs. Sir. Sorry! Didn't mean to call you sir, boss. Gibbs…" He sighed with relief when Gibbs gave him the 'get out of here' nod, and he ran off after Abby.

Gibbs watched Tony's hasty exit with a smile. Then he walked back into autopsy, looked over the numbered chambers and pulled one out. "Good location, quiet neighbors, the right square footage….the perfect place for him if I have to kill him….." He slammed the door shut with a smile, sure he wouldn't need the chamber, and walked out of autopsy, turning out the lights behind him as he left.

Typical psychic Gibbs, he never knew that the chamber number he'd picked to store Tony in was the same exact one Tony had picked for himself as things began heating up between himself and Abby.

Or did he….?



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