" Why no one is answering their phones? Is not it the whole idea of having one, so people could reach you! I have no idea what is going on right now… Just as I was about to say bye-bye to my life, Alaric collapsed. He freaking died! Which means that something really bad happened to Elena. Just the thought of her being … I can't event think of the word… Shit., Shit shit… "

Damon was racing through the interstate, breaking all possible speed records. He had Alaric's body in the car with him. He couldn't just leave him there. Even considering he was turned into vampire-killing machine, he was still Damon's only friend. After Alaric collapsed in his arms it seemed that Damon had a nervous breakdown. He had very little time to regain his composure, to pull himself together and get to Elena.

So here he was stuck in no-news zone, willing his car to drive even faster, if it was possible. It was late at night and highway was relatively quiet. He quickly swiveled between cars. Concentrating on the road, Damon didn't allow himself to think. If he would let his mind to wonder, it would be just a matter of seconds before image of Elena's lifeless body would creep in.

" Turn left… go straight… faster…faster…" was only words allowed in his head right now. He could feel his heartbeat rising as he flew by " Welcome to Mystic Falls" sign.

Not much longer, just few more intersections and couple of turns before he would reach hospital parking lot. If something happened, they were probably here. He slammed on his brakes as hard as he could, with tires rubbing against the pavement his car swung a little before coming to a complete stop. Damon jumped out of the car, not bothering to shut off the engine or close the door. He was running towards the entrance. Once he was inside he froze, the reality hit him again, almost knocking him unconscious. Was he really about to see Elena and not get some witty comeback on his greeting? Damon shook his head, he has to know what happened. Just driving in that car, without any news drove him nearly insane. He looked around again and saw familiar face, lady doc who bloodjacked him before, Meredith something.

" Where is she?" – Damon grabbed Meredith by her shoulder and dragged her with him as he walked forward

" Damon, wait.. wait! – Meredith protested. She broke free from his grip and now was facing him. She stopped him from moving any further. – You need to know, when Jeremy brought Elena here earlier today. Her injuries were worse than I let on… -she continued her explanation while Damon trying to turn his brain back on. – it wasn't just a concussion, it was cerebral hemorrhage. She needed my help…"

"What are you saying?! " – Damon mumbled in shock. He froze in place.

"Usually Meredith's help meant… oh. SHIT! Not good….it's soo not good! She gave Elena my blood?! Did she? Will she turn? Oh my God! No NO NO! Definitely not according to plan. Plan was not to let Elena die at any cost at all. I will kill whoever is responsible. I will rip their heart out and force them to eat it! "

Meredith led Damon to the morgue double doors. She explained to him that Elena and Stefan were took a deep breath before he kicked both of the doors open.

" WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? " – he roared directing his attention and gaze at Stefan.