This story is AU kind does not die ,neither does vince or letty.


I sit back and pretend to listen my girlfriend, Bianca, ramble on about some chick she couldn't frankly I didn't care and simply nodded my head or said something in agreement every few I wonder how I got and I have been together for almost two years now but I knew I wasn't in love with her. She was beautiful and I was lucky to have her but I couldn't help but compare her to 's pale,with long blonde hair and blue eyes,short and very doesn't have much of a body just a cute face. I met her at the racers after Letty left was tired of my arrogant ways and felt I didn't appreciate her enough.I was expecting her to eventually come home but after two weeks I started drinking to numb my pain. I never came out and said it but I was heart broken. Letty was my everything and I had lost her. I drowned myself in the race scene and the skanks but I missed coming home to someone and receiving the unconditional love you get from a partner. Bianca was one of the many chicks I hooked up with at the racers. She was always looking to take things farther with me so I said What the hell?

I needed normalcy in my life and I was using Bianca to provide that. It seemed like everyone was settling down or atleast stable in has a son named Rico and is wife is perfect for him her name's Sasha and she keeps the old coyote in 's been dating this girl named Gabrielle for the past 6 months which is like a decade for him so I think its pretty serious. Thankfully Jesse survived his injuries and has engulfed himself in his has his eye on some girl he met at our store but he hasn't asked her out Mia, my baby sister is engaged to no other than Brian O'Conner. I wanted to hate him at first but he did save all of our asses and he proved he genuinely loves my sister. If she's happy I'm happy. Plus, we've grown close over the last three brings me back to why Letty has reigned control over my mind for the past few weeks. Mia and Brian are getting married next weekend and she's Mia's maid of honor. Although I haven't seen her Mia has assured me that Letty's tried on her dress ,brought the dress and is coming down tonight so she can be with Mia until the with the final preparations and all the other girly shit women do when the get married.

I was caught off guard when Mia first told me Letty would be her Maid of honor. I hadn't heard from Letty in three years and I thought it was the same for everyone else but apparently I was wrong. I should have known Letty would keep in contact with Mia. They are after all best friends regardless of what she and I went through.

So, here I am getting dressed and preparing to head to Mia's house. Last year she brought the house next door arguing brian and her would need more room and privacy especially now that they're getting married. She was right I know she wants a family but I didn't see the point at first since we all come and go through the houses whenever we want.

I throw on a wife beater with a black button u over top of it and a nice pair of jeans and sneakers before heading over to Mia's. She made it clear we all had to be semi dressed up for dinner tonight and was not about to get on her bad side.

" Dom,you look nice", Mia said before I could even walk through the front immediately engulfed me in a huge hug before allowing me to sit down and relax.

" Wassup bro", I greeted Vince who was already on the couch watching Jesse and Leon who were engrossed in a game of grand theft auto."Shit, just watching these two knuckleheads", he said as he sipped on a I could get up to get one for myself Brian walked in carrying two in his hands." Here , you're looking awfully spiffy tonight", he joked as he passed me the corona and sat on the chair." Mia, said to dress is wearing a button up 's wrong with mine?", I asked taking Vince and Brian both in." Sasha prolly dressed Vince and you know Mia wasn't letting me come down in a t-shirt but you on the other hand..Bianca doesn't dress you and you've never followed Mia's orders so closely before", Brian analyzed before taking a sip of his corona with a smug smile on his face.
"You know, I think there's another reason why he's dressed should I say someone else", Vince chimed in. Leon and Jesse forgot about their game and were listening intently to our conversation.

" I agree", Leon chimed in.

"Yea, I can't wait to see what happens when Letty gets here", Jesse added.

I wanted to argue back but the sound of an car pulling up outside the house caused us all to fall quiet and my heart to face. Bianca was far from my mind as I prepared myself to be face to face with the love of my life for the first time in three years.