I pulled up to Mia's house and smiled as I looked at the house next door that held so many memories. I promised Mia I would come down to stay for a few weeks until the wedding. We've been sisters since we meet when we were six years since Dom and I broke up I've stayed away. We talked on the phone but it wasn't the same as being here in the physical.I missed her and I knew she missed me.I just wasn't ready to face Dom at the we broke up I was man had been my world since I laid eyes on him and suddenly I was faced with a life without didn't break up because he was cheating on me or vice versa. Dom and I started dating when I was 15 and he was was the only man I that I wanted to be with anyone else but I didn't know who I was anymore.I needed to find myself and I couldn't do that with the title of "Dom's girl".

My hands shook slightly as I let go of the steering wheel of my car and let out a deep sigh. "Time to face the music". I quickly ran my hands through my hair as I looked myself over in the mirror before exiting the hair was straight and hung down to my breast and I had a bang that swooped to the left side of my face.I wore lip gloss and slight bronzer to give my skin a slight wanted everyone to dress nicely so I was wearing a pair of black skinny leg jeans,a cream button down silk shirt and a pair of black pumps.I know everyone's going to be surprised by what I'm wearing but I'm still the same Letty I've just grown up some more and my style has changed alittle.I walked up to the door and knocked. I was mentally preparing myself for Hurricane Mia when the door opened and a high pitch scream assaulted my ears.

"Oh My God Letty !I missed you so much !", Mia practically screamed as she attached herself to me.

"I've missed you too Mia but why don't we take this inside ", I told her as I began to walk us backwards and into the house.


"Dom,breath", Brian whispered to me as he and Vince chuckled. I didn't realize I was holding my breathe until he mentioned it and I quickly let it go. My letty was here and even more beautiful than the last time I saw her. She looked happy and peaceful. Are those heels she's wearing?She's definitely changed in some ways but from what I see I love it. She looks absolutely amazing. I couldn't help but laugh as she tried several times to distangle herself from Mia.I don't know how it happened but our eyes locked on each other and in that moment I knew she still loved me and that I still loved her. It was just a matter of whether she'll give us a second chance.

" Hey baby girl", Vince said as he hugged Letty. They always had a brother/sisters type of relationship.I knew he missed her alot and that he couldn't wait for her to meet Sasha and Rico. I sat back and watched as everyone greeted Letty before I stood up to greet her.

" Okay,guys come help me in the kitchen ",Mia tells Vince,brian ,Jesse and Leon. I knew what Mia was doing and I appreciated it. Once we were alone I walked over to Letty who was still standing by the door." Hey", she said as I stopped directly in front of her.I could smell her coconut scent as I struggled to keep from kissing her."You look beautiful", I said as i took another step closer. I searched her eyes but she did not stop me and her eyes were full of desire.

"You don't look to bad yourself", she says with the smirk I have come to love over the years.I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. We stared in each other's eyes for a few seconds before she leaned in and I leaned down into her.

"I've missed you baby", I say before I closed the gap between us and kiss her. She immediately opened her mouth and allowed my tongue into her mouth as our tongues danced. I don't know how long we were kissing but a knock at the door interrupted us. When we finally pulled apart I realized I'd backed her up against the door and had her legs wrapped around my waist.

" Damn you're beautiful.I've missed this ", I say as I looked down at bodies pressed tightly up against each other.

"I missed you too baby", she says as she kisses me softly.

" MIA!DOM! Open the door!"

My heart stops at the sound of Bianca's voice. What the hell is she doing here? I wanted to ignore her but Letty pushed me away and opened the door.

" Dom baby!", Bianca squeals as she jumps in my arms shooting Letty death glares. I push her off of me slightly before looking back at Letty. The happy ,peaceful Letty that I was just kissing has now been replaced with angry Letty and she looks ready to kick ass.