A/n: This is my first Doctor Who fic, so sorry if I didn't British it up quite right or the characters seem a bit odd. Nevertheless, everyone could use a little fluff in their lives! Enjoy! :)

"Rose, run!" the Doctor yelled behind him, stopping momentarily and reaching back for her hand. She trailed only a few feet behind him, trying to keep up with his longer strides.

Rose grinned to herself as she pondered how they always got themselves into such heinous situations. It seemed every time she turned around they were running for their lives on some foreign planet, chased by monsters and aliens until they both collapsed in a fit of laughter, safely back on board the TARDIS. But that was on a good day.

As fate would have it, it was not a good day. As they ran, the ground buckled beneath them and the Doctor and Rose went tumbling into a deep, dark hole, both landing gracelessly. The Doctor immediately scrambled to Rose's side.

"Rose? Rose!" he questioned quickly. When she didn't respond immediately, he wrapped his hand around her wrist, checking her pulse. He found it beating strong, albeit a little fast, signaling that she may be experiencing pain.

"Rose, can you hear me? Come on, time to wake up," he said gently, laying his hand on her cheek. Rose elicited a small moan. "That's it Rose," the Doctor praised with a small smile, pleased that she was beginning to come to.

"Wh… what happened?" Rose mumbled sleepily, moving to sit up.

"Ah, ah, ah!" the Doctor chuckled. "Just stay where you are for now, Rose. We took quite a tumble. How are you feeling?"

"'M fine, Doctor, really. You're overreactin' like usual," she muttered.

"Even so, I would feel better if you let me check you over," the Doctor stated simply, reaching into his coat for his sonic screwdriver. What he felt made him cringe. His sonic had been dented and damaged in the fall and would be useless until they could return to the TARDIS where he could repair it.

"All right, Rose?" the Doctor prompted, waiting for her approval to begin his exam.

"No, Doctor, really! 'M fine, just want to get back to the TARDIS," she replied curtly, sitting up. This elicited several sharp pains, but she ignored them in her desperate desire stand. "There, see? Just fine, yeah?" she said, trying to ignore her aches and pains.

"…All right, let's get out of here then," the Doctor said skeptically. "I'll boost you up so you can climb out, okay?" he said, kneeling down. Rose put her foot in his hands and he lifted her up until she could reach the ledge and climb out. "Upsy-daisy," the Doctor said, boosting Rose up as high as he could.

Rose reached for the ledge and let out a tiny gasp of pain which did not go unnoticed by the Doctor. "Rose?" he asked, beginning to lower her back down.

"Just a cramp!" she yelped, scrambling out of the hole. The Doctor followed closely behind.

"Rose, tell me what hurts," the Doctor prompted gently, reaching for her hand.

"Nothing hurts, Doctor, really. Just a cramp, like I said," she muttered, stepping away from him. "Let's just get back to the TARDIS, yeah?" she said, turning away from the doctor and beginning to stroll toward the trusty ship. The Doctor caught up with her quickly and easily.

"Rose Tyler, you're not invincible," he said breezily, walking alongside her. "I'll let it go for now, but when we get in the TARDIS it's straight to the med bay for you!"

"Doctor, I'm fine!" she huffed, glaring at him. "I really would appreciate it if you would just dr- oh!" she choked out, a look of pain flashing across her face as she protectively covered her abdomen. She dropped to her knees, wheezing and coughing.

"Rose! Rose, look at me, please!" the Doctor exclaimed as he knelt down beside her, worry clear in his eyes. Rose's face was contorted making her discomfort very clear.

"Doctor…" she managed to breathe before succumbing to the pain and letting the darkness envelope her.