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Last Chapter…

"Oh c'mon, Rose, it's just a little needle, nothing to be scared of," he said with a sad smile. He cleaned her arm and slid the needle in painlessly. "See? They don't call me Doctor for nothin'." He was relieved when Rose grinned. "That's my girl," he praised. "The medicine will be kicking in soon. Don't try to fight it, when you get tired just go on to sleep and when you wake up you'll be feeling much better." The Doctor leaned down and placed a kiss on Rose's forehead as she drifted off to sleep.


The Doctor worked quickly. He hooked Rose up to a heart rate monitor and waited for a few minutes until he was sure the pain medicine was thoroughly in her system. Once he was sure she wouldn't feel any pain, he felt around her shoulder, confirming what he already knew: her shoulder was dislocated. With a sad sigh, he set to work resetting her shoulder. "Sorry, I'm so sorry…" he muttered as he replaced her shoulder with a loud crack. He bandaged her shoulder tightly and placed her arm in a sling. The Doctor stopped working momentarily and smoothed down a few strands of Rose's hair before directing his attention to her midsection. He ran his fingers across her rib cage, thankfully finding no breaks. Reaching around, he grabbed the dermal regenerator and made a few passes over her bruised and damaged skin.

The Doctor slowed her drip to gently ease her from her sleep. Sitting down in a nearby chair, he watched her sleeping peacefully and smiled. I'm so lucky… she's so beautiful, he thought to himself. The Doctor began to wrap himself in all of the memories he shared with Rose and grinned. They'd had so many great times together, so many that he would never forget no matter what happened to his beloved companion. The Doctor began to drift off into lavish daydreams that carried him to all of the many planets they'd visited together, laughing and running for their lives, as usual. As he sunk down into his comfortable chair, The Doctor realized how much the tension from the day had affected him. He felt the tightness in his shoulders rapidly lessening as he rolled them and let out a huge sigh. He allowed his head to flop onto the back of the chair. Just a short nap…


"Where am I?" Rose slurred, stirring from her induced sleep. The Doctor was immediately stirred from his reverie. Rose jerked in fear as he appeared in her line of sight, not immediately recognizing him.

"Shh-shh, Rose… it's just me," he soothed, petting her cheek gently with the back of his hand. "It's only me," he whispered.

"Doc…tor…" Rose breathed heavily, reaching for his hand. "Doctor, it hurts," she groaned, rubbing at her midsection and wincing.

"I know, Rose, I know… you'll be a little sore for a while, but not to worry! I can give you something for that straight away!" he said, suddenly excited, before breezing around the room and producing a small cup of lime green liquid. "Drink up!" he prompted, helping Rose sit up and holding the cup to her lips.

She tentatively sniffed at it and wrinkled her nose in distaste.

"Now, Rose, are you going to make me plug your nose?" he chastised playfully, swatting gently at her nose with one finger.

"I'm not drinkin' that," Rose said, leaning away from the cup of medicine.

"Alright, alright," the Doctor said in faux defeat. He pulled a few things from a cabinet and began clanking around at his workstation. "I can always inject the medication, but I'll warn you, it burns like hell," he said turning to her with a needle in hand.

Rose bit her lip. "Right, I'll just drink it, yeah?"

"Good girl," the Doctor said with a grin, returning to her side with the medicine. "Here you are, one good gulp and you're done," he encouraged as he helped her sit up. Rose put her lips to the cup and swallowed the vile green liquid, gagging at its offensive taste. The Doctor handed her a cup of water to chase away any remnants of it.

"I know it's a bit strong, but you'll be feeling much better in no time," he said with a smile, sitting down on her bed.

"So Doctor, what's the damage?" Rose said playfully. The Doctor could tell that she was already getting back to her old self.

"Dislocated shoulder, few bruised ribs, and bruises and scratches covering most of your skin. Don't you worry, though, I fixed you up right well. Just gotta keep that arm of yours still for a few days and it'll be back to touring the galaxy!" he said with a dramatic flourish of his hand.

Rose smiled, laughing at his antics and leaning into him.

"I couldn't ask for a better Doctor."