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By Darkryt Orbinautz:


Twilight whined.

Twilight whined, her body pressed against the stone slab of the underground cellar.

The name...her fri...fr...oh, she couldn't even remember the word now!

Hmph! Celestia and Cadence may be able to make her forget her fri-...but they would never make her forget her, no matter what she had to do to ensure such. Even with her fri- fading fast, Twilight still remember her. Remembered how she would have Sp- what was his name? Spick? Something like that. Have Spick check her over and over once they had come out of the bedroom so they could be sure the 'Want-It-Need-It' they had used for play was properly disenchanted.

She remembered the weeks she spent obsessing over her, before the week they had spent together to start their new chapters of life with each other. She could still remember how much time she spent wasted, trying to understand the mysteries of her body.

Particular how they achieved 'the ultimate harmony' with each other, allowing Twilight the clearest glimpse of the mystery that could ever be gotten, and then she kinda...stopped caring about it.

Rising her leg up, Twilight used her horn to cut it wide open, deep and thick enough for her blood to spill out around her.

Drenching her hoof in her own blood, Twilight began writing a word on the wall. One word. The word. The only word that mattered. The word that without, nothing had any meaning at all.

The name...the name only those closest to her were allowed to know.

Diane was drawn into the wall in large letters.

Twilight pressed her face up against the wall, having the unfortunate side effect of getting the fresh blood on her nose, but it was more so she could read the name over and over again to make sure she didn't forget it.

A groaning creak came from above, heralding the arrival of her captors.

"Hey, Twilight! You feeling better?" Cadence greeted happily enough.

"I'm good, but could you come a little closer so I could rip your wings off with your own severed horn?"

Cadecne frowned and signed. "Not even going to try to be civil, are you?"

"Nuh-uh. Not in a million, billion super-duper extra long light-years."

"Light-years are different from normal years-"

"I know, I know. Think about who you're talking to , Princess Mi Amora Cadenza."

Cadence was displeased at the use of her full name. "Don't call me that."

"Let me out."


"Then I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree."

Cadence shook her head. "Why are you are being so difficult?"

"Why are you trying to erase my memory?"

"You know why!"

"Actually, if you erased my memory, I won't know why, BECAUSE I'LL HAVE FORGOTTEN."

"Uuugh!" Cadence grunted in protest. "If you would've just cooperated with Celestia..."

"Celestia? Celestia who? Celestia, the kind, caring wise ruler of Equestria who's been my mentor, or Celestia the manipulative, self-serving god-spawn who's been directing my entire life!? OH WAIT! They're the same pony! Silly me."

Twilight glared. Cadence just looked at her softly.

"I mean it! Get out of my sight, or I'll come over there and run you through with your own horn!"

"Two exclamation marks? That's...grammatically inaccurate, Twilight."

"Your face is grammatically inaccurate!"

"That sentence doesn't even- you're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

Twilight stuck her tongue. "Go steal some other poor mother's foal, would you? I could use the company."

Cadence was aghast at the sight against her, then noticed the blood on the wall. "What the-!? Who's Diane?"

"That pony your stupid husband kept trying to keep me from marrying."

"Twilight! He's your brother!"

"Oh? Gee, I wish I could REMEMBER that!"

Cadence signed again, muttering Twilight's name. "Twilight, come on..."

"I'll kill myself before I let either of you use me again!"

Cadence rolled her eyes.

"Didn't Lucky Swirl try that already?"

"Yeah...I guess she did."

Cadence giggled. "Well, I'll be leaving now. Have fun thinking about...mmmhhuummm...Diane!"

At Cadence's usage of Twilight's nickname for her spouse, Twilight became enraged.


The chain holding to the wall was unbreakable...so naturally, Twilight's fury allowed to pull free of the wall, yanking out the part of it the chain was attached to.

Bounding forward, Twilight pinned Cadence down and began pounding her in the face with her hoof. She stopped when she heard an exasperated sign, and looked up to see Celestia approaching.

"Well, my most faithful student..." Celestia's referral made it clear she refused to accept Twilight's resignation. "Here you are in a cell with me and my niece, trying to beat her to death for borrowing a nickname."

"NOPONY gets to call her that but me!" Twilight repeated.

"I've been wondering, lately, Twilight..." Celestia continued on, unmoved. "In your own words, I would like to hear the answer to the question...

Of how we got here."

Author's Notes for "Componydum Preview"

Before asking any questions, bare in mind this is a preview. It's supposed to raise questions.

And yes, this is 'Componydium' despite the lack of an 'I'. I changed the name because I realized I kept pronouncing it differently from how I spelt it- whenever I spoke the title, I said 'Com-pony-dumb' instead of 'Com-pony-di-um.'