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Some Days Ago...

Big Macintosh poked his head out the door of the barn, trying to see if there was any potential witnesses for what he was about to do. It was embarrassing to do this, but he had to.

Seeing nopony around, he clip-clopped out the barn, shutting the door behind. A tool chest was wrapped around his neck above his collar, resting on his chest. The contents of which were his most beloved and secret possession.

Twilight's Smarty Pants doll.

He really did love the doll, with no magic controlling his mind. But that incident with Gabby Gums... he couldn't very well keep it now. He had met with Twilight and talked about it, and he was going to return it to her today.

Thankfully, nopony saw him headed towards the library. Once there, he knocked on the door, answered by Twilight.

"Oh, hello, Big Macintosh!" Twilight greeted. "What brings you here?"

Big Macintosh cleared his throat and gestured to the toolbox. Twilight raised an eyebrow, not understanding.

"Oh!" Twilight exclaimed, realization having struck. "Yeah...okay."

Big Macintosh unlocked the toolbox and carefully lifted Smarty Pants out, hoofing her over to her original owner.

"Thank you." Twilight nodded and closed the door before anypony could walk by and see what they were doing.

Big Macintosh turned and trotted away.

He was barely a few steps away when he heard the library door forcefully jerk back open and Twilight speak in the most chilling, steely, intimidating he had ever heard that even a big stallion like him trembling in his horseshoes.

"Take her back."

Big Macintosh nervously looked over his shoulder, Twilight standing with the door open with an angry look on her face and Smarty Pants in her hoof.

"Eee...now, Miss Twilight, we had an understandin', didn't we?"

"We did." Twilight said bluntly, sounding like a soulless corporate mare. "Something has changed...take her back!"

"Eee...nope." Big Macintosh told her starkly, trying to tell her this was the end of it for him.

"Hmph! Fine. But don't be surprised if she's waiting for you when you get home!"

Twilight slammed the door behind her. Big Macintosh, as analytical as he was, decided to press his ear to the door and try to hear what was going on. It sounded like Twilight was trying to soothe somepony...

Big Macintosh shook his head and went on his way home. His hope was that he would've washed himself clean of anything to do with Smarty Pants, and that Twilight was just being weird.

He got back home, and everything was fine. Applejack was bucking. Apple Bloom was having trouble with her schoolwork and needed his help.

And then it was nighttime, and he was getting ready for bed. He brushed his teeth, combed his mane and trotted to his room.

Lying in the darkness, half-tilted onto his pillow with her arms posed over like she had been waiting up for him for much longer than she should've had...was Smarty Pants.

"Ehh...hello, Smarty Pants." Big Macintosh greeted nervously. He shifted his eyes, poked his head out the door, then closed it before climbing into his own bed.

As he pulled his covers up over him, Big Macintosh felt an uncontrollable urge swell inside him, and he embraced Smarty Pants in his big strong hooves, filled with remorse.

"Ah'm sorry Ah tried to give y'all away, Smarty Pants."

He nuzzled her.


Chapter V


Episode Synopsis: When Cadence is suddenly elated to hear Big Macintosh visiting, Shining Armor suspects an affair, but he may find the truth significantly more disturbing!


In their house in Canterlot, Cadence held a duster in her wing. She was dusting off a desk Shining Armor used for work as Captain. There was a knock on the door, causing Cadence to jump. She wasn't expecting any guests today.

She answered the door, the base of her horn growing warm as she prepared a defensive spell, just in case.

She didn't think it would be necessary once she opened the door, as it was a pegasus guard on the other side. Cadence, minding her manners, saluted.

"Hello, soldier. What brings you to my house?"

The solider, in turn, bowed before the princess of love. "We dug this letter out of the trash. It was intended for you, but you told us to throw it away. We've reexamined the dates, and concluded that was in fact the Changeling Queen at the time."

"Aww...you went through all the trouble of digging it out of the trash?" Cadence cooed. "That's so sweet." Cadence took the letter and smelled it. "You even spray some cologne on it so I wouldn't be repulsed by the smell! Here, let me give you something for your trouble..."

"That's really not necessary..."

"I insist!"

Cadence grabbed the Guard to hold him still and gave him a little peck on the cheek. The guard blushed.

"There." Cadence said. "A special kiss for a special guard."

Cadence covered her mouth as she realized what she just said.

"Don't-don't take that the wrong way!"

"Yes, Your Highness...I wasn't going to. I just hope the Captain doesn't learn about this and order my head on a plate..."

The Guard turned around and galloped off into the distance. Hopefully before Shining Armor got anywhere near the area. Cadence unfolded the letter and scanned it over. The smile on her face grew progressively wider and wider as she got further down, eventually resulting in an unstoppable "SQUEEEE!" when she had reached the end. She squealed in delight and walked in place. "Oh! Oh! This is wonderful! I'm so happy for her!"

There was another knock on the door, interrupting Cadence's moment of happiness. "Now who could that be this time?"

She pulled open the door to see the same guard as before, still looking slightly embarrassed.

"Ahem...Sorry to disturb you again so soon, but we've received another letter with the signature as the one I just gave you, only this one arrived only just today."

"Let me see!" Cadence snatched the letter from his hoof, and had nearly torn into it when she realized how rude she was just now. "Oh, I'm sorry. It's just... these are from a really good friend of mine, and it's so nice to know she's doing well."

"I can imagine. Now, if you'll exscuse me, I'll be off...and hopefully, I won't have any more letters for you today!"

"Hopefully!" Cadence waved him off with a smile before reading the second letter. The smile on her face was even bigger then the one she had for the first. And the squee...



Shining Armor burst into the room, slamming the door open, his helmet slightly askew, having rushed over from what he was doing at the sound of his wife screaming.

"Cadence, are you all right!? I heard screaming!"

"Um, yes. I'm fine. Big Macintosh is going to be coming over later."

Shining Armor raised an eyebrow. "Mac coming over...is cause for screaming?"

"Well...he's going to be doing something special for me and a friend of mine." Cadence explained.

"Uh-huh..." Shining said, still not sure just what justified the incredibly loud squeal his wife had just made. "Well, I was in the middle of some Royal Guard stuff, so I have to get back. Sorry to leave you so soon, but duty calls."

Cadence smiled and nodded. "I know."

Shining Armor uneasily closed the door.

In the royal barracks, Shining Armor's gathered troops for the day were organized into a line, a few of of them levitating tennis balls and raquets into places where they would be hidden.

The Guards had learned how to balance their time during the the course of Shining Armor's reign. When the Captain heard his wife's squeal, he took off blazing. In the time it took him to leave, they had managed to put their drills on hold and set up a tennis match. And before he could get back, they would be able to put their tennis things away and get right back to their drills like absolutely nothing changed. They were particularly concerned this time, as shortly before Twilight and Pinkie got married, Shining had some issues with a tennis match he played.

Shining came trotting back into the barracks' courtyard, where he was pleased and proud to see his loyal guards exactly where he left them.

"Good to see none of you abandoned your post!" He exclaimed.

"Yes, sir." A male unicorn exchanged knowing glances with the female pegasus on his right.

"Sorry about leaving you so suddenly, but you know..."

"Hey, your wife was screaming. We get it, sir." A troop assured him. "Oh, was she okay, by the way?"

"Yeah...she said was. But she also said Big Macintosh was coming over, and she was really happy about it...said he was doing something special for a friend of hers..."

"Big Macintosh?" A male guard questioned. "That drop-dead gorgeous stallion from the Apple Family?"

Shining Armor glared at him dubiously, and he expected the rest of the troupe to do the same, but instead, they all either muttered something in agreement if they didn't answer yes to his question.

"Sounds to me like your wife having an affair." One guard at the far end of the line said. NOW everypony glared dubiously.

"Well, think about it." He said, trying to explain himself. "What does a pony who has affair do? Make excuse! Believable excuses that let the original spouse think nothing's wrong! Look, since she mentioned another pony, he has no reason to be suspicious, right? Cos Big Macintosh is doing something for her friend. I say he should ask that 'friend'!...You know, just to be sure."

All the other guards started murmuring and discussing amongst themselves the validity of his reasoning.

"Hey! Enough!" Shining put his hoof down, slamming into the ground. "My wife is not a cheater, and the next pony to so much as suggest the idea will be scrubbing stalls! Now, get back to today's drill!"

The assembled guards saluted, stunned into silence by Shining's outburst, and proceeded to run around the track.

Watching as his soldiers ran around in loops, Shining snorted. How dare they. How dare they. Hadn't they heard what his wife had go to through to get married to him? The kind of suffering she had to endure? The idea that she was cheating on him was- was absurd! The very notion...

Of course, as is the norm, when an horrific, unthinkable idea is put into a pony's mind, they tend to start obsessing over it. What if Cadence was cheating on him? What if he had done something- without even realizing it- that was so bad, so terrible, so...repulsive that it pushed Cadence over that line and made her willing to cheat in spite of all their trouble?

Throughout the rest of the drill and most of the day, all the guards noticed Shining Armor's change in attitude, and how solemn he seemed...

None of them had the guts to say anything, however. Which was smart, seeing as one of their member had caused the problem in the first place.

Later, after the day's drills were finished, Shining placed his crested helmet on his table in the captain's office, the events of the day still playing in his mind. The words of his guards still echoing in his head...

He looked down at his helmet and placed his hoof on it, observing his reflection in the helmet's gleam and saw just how pitiful he was right now. HIs eyebrows furrowed. He was stronger than this! He was better than to wallow around miserably in whatever ponies wallow in (grass?) wondering if his wife was cheating on him! No! He had the strength, the WILL, the integrity, to change up to his own house, and demand to know if she was!

And that was exactly what he was going to do. He dashed out his office and the barracks and went charging across Canterlot until he reached his house.

Once he got there, however, his resolve left him. Here he was, about to charge straight into his house, and accuse his wife who he loved of having an affair. What kind of husband did that?

But then...he heard laughing coming from the door, and he felt offended. He swatted the door open and stomped inside. Cadence and Big Macintosh were having tea on the dining table, and they were both stunned at Shining's forceful entrance.

"Something wrong, Shining Armor?" Cadence asked politely, the steam of her tea flailing about.

"I talked to my guards today." Shining explained, sounding a little harsher than he meant to. "And they made a pretty convincing argument that you were cheating on me with Big Macintosh!"

"C-cheating on you?" Cadence stammered. She and Big Macintosh exchanged looks. A moment of awkward silence ensued, Shining still angty, Macintosh flustered, and Cadence bewildered. It was interrupted by a hilarous uproar of laughter, coming from none other than Cadence herself.

"AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cheating! Hahaha-haaa!...W-with Big Macintosh. Oh! Oh-ho...that's...ha." Cadence took in a deep breath and patted her hoof on the table, trying to calm down. "Okay...okay, I think I'm done." Cadence rolled her eyes. "Aannyways... no, I'm not cheating on you with Big Macintosh. What did your guards say that made you think that!?"

"But-but..." Shining stammered, anger deflated and now more concerned with trying to keep from making a mule out of himself. "Just what exactly is Big Macintosh doing for your 'special friend'?"

"Carrying her." Cadence answered.

Shining's mouth stopped working. "...What?"

"Big Macintosh is carrying my special friend." Cadence explained. "Here. Big Macintosh, why don't you let Shining Armor see her?"

"Eeeokay." Big Macintosh drawled. He scooted around his chair to reveal Smarty Pants sitting on the table, roughly next to Big Macintosh's tea plate.

"Smarty Pants?" Shining questioned, walking up to the table. "Twiley's old doll is your special friend?"

Cadence nodded. "Say hello to each other, both of you."

"Uhhh...Hello. Smarty Pants." Shining Armor said uncertainly, waving his hoof.

Smarty Pants remained motionless on the table. Shining questioned if she was really going to say hi, or if Cadence and Big Macintosh were just sharing the same delusion. He shifted his gaze between Cadence and Big Macintosh.

"She says she's happy to see you again after all these years." Big Macintosh told him, somewhat giving Shining the creeps. He didn't notice Cadence's expression grow concerned. She, in fact, left the table before either stallion realized she had left them.

"Uh...it's good to see you too?" Shining Armor greeted.

Big Macintosh cracked a small smile. "Eh-heh...sorry fer being so rude to ya, but could Ah talk to Smarty Pants alone?"

"O...kay." Shining Armor assured him. Rather than have him leave the room, Big Macintosh bit Smarty Pants on the back of her neck and left the room.

Shining Armor rested his knee on the table, utterly confused and having absolutely no idea what to think about any of this.
Cadence came back, still looking concerned about something.
"Hey." Shining said, seeing his wife's sad expression. "What's up?"

"Oh...nothing." Cadence assured him. He was not fooled.

"Come on, Cadence." Shining said softly. "You can tell me anything."

Cadence looked away.

Shining, seeing he wasn't getting anywhere, decided to change the subject. "Soo...are you delusional, and Big Macintosh runs with it, or is Big Macintosh delusional, and you run with it?"

"Uh, well..."


The married couple whipped their heads around to see Big Macintosh poking his head out of the door to the next room over. "Cadence, could you come over and talk to Smarty Pants wit me?"

"Sure." Cadence answered. Shining glared as Cadence walked towards the door.

"Shining, I'm not cheating on you. I promise."

Shining was clearly not satisfied.

"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" Cadence made the nessecary motions. Shining still wasn't satified, as he saw the Pinkie Promise as a childish quirk of Pinkie Pie's, rather then the soul-binding demonic pact it truly was.

Cadence sighed and shook her head. If Shining wasn't going to be happy with that, then there was nothing she could do. She went into the room with Big Macintosh.

Cadence closed the door quietly behind her, then let totally loose on Big Macintosh.

"Why isn't Smarty Pants talking to Shining Armor!?"

Big Macintosh shrugged. "Ah don't know. She won't tell me. Ah was hoping y'all be able to put it together."

Big Macintosh held up the doll of the hour, her mouth stitching still, in total silence.

"Smarty Pants, why don't you talk to Shining Armor?" Cadence cupped Smarty Pants' chin in the hopes of comforting the doll and getting her to open up.

Cadence and Big Macintosh looked at each other, both concerned over Smarty Pants' total silence.

"Don't worry." Cadence grabbed Big Macintosh's hoof. "I've sent a letter to Twilight Sparkle. She'll be right over, and we can get to the bottom of this."

"Ah hope so...Ah want to know why she won't talk to him, especially after it's been so long..."

"I do too..." Cadence held her hoof out. "May I?"

"Eeeyup." Big Macintosh answered. He raised Smarty Pants into the air and handed her over to Cadence. Cadence's horn lit up, pulling a hairbrush out from a nearby cabinet, and she started brushing through Smarty Pant's hair.

"Now, Smarty Pants...why don't you tell us what's wrong?"

Cadence brushed and stroked Smarty Pants' hair, and basically did whatever else she could do to make the doll relax, be it a tea party with some old dolls of Cadence's or giving her a 'bath' and 'massage' combo. When even after all that, she still would not talk, Cadence and Big Macintosh began to feel very defeated.

Cadence sighed. "What's wrong, Smarty Pants? Did Shining Armor do something?"

Shining Armor rested his knees on the table, hind hoof tapping impatiently. He didn't like how long he was being kept waiting. As long it was taking, Shining Armor started to wonder...how long did a session of making-out usually take for him and Cadence? Would Big Macintosh have faster than him, or slower?
Looking up at the clock, and seeing how little time had actually passed, Shining felt a little silly. A pony's sense of time is often diluted when they're tense and upset about the possibility of something.

But yeah...it was a bit...no, no, he was going to be honest with himself. It was outright stupid to think Cadence would've cheated on him in the first place. Why had he listened to his guards about this!? This was the stupidest, dumbest, most idiotic thing he had done since...since... since just before Twiley's wedding!

Shining glanced at the clock again. Then he glanced at the door Cadence and Big Macintosh disappeared behind.

Maybe I should check... He thought to himself. Just to be sure.

He got off the table, dusted some dust bunnies on his chest off, and walked up to the door. He raised a hoof to knock on it, then faltered at the last second. He held his hooves and tried to take in a deep breath and relax. This time, he succeded in knocking on the door.

"Cadence, sweetie? You okay in there? You and Big Macintosh have been in there awhile...alone." He emphasized the last word. He heard a frustrated scoff from behind the door.

"Really, Shining Armor? I Pinkie Promised! Is that not good enough for you!?"


Cadence swatted the door open, in a fantasic echo Shining's earlier action of the same. "Really? Do you even know what Pinkie does to ponies who break their Pinkie Promise?"


"Things." Cadence hissed. "Terrible, horrible things that will make your worst nightmares seem paltry in comparsion!"

"My worst nightmare?" Shining put a hoof to his mouth. "Hmm...I'd have to say the one where I found you and Chrysalis cuddling on Twilight's bed, and you and Twilight tried to shove Big Macintosh on to me." Shining put both hooves over his mouth, realizing he had said that out loud. He and Cadence looked at each other.

"Yes!" Cadence rasped. "Pinkie will do things so much more terrible than that! Beyond comparison!"

Big Macintosh's head appeared over Cadence's in the doorway. "Eeesaay...is that why y'all asked not to call y'all 'Shiny'?"

"Yes..." Shining embarrasedly admitted. "So, what's taking you two so long in there?"

"Uuuh...well..." Cadence stuttered. She didn't want to hurt Shining's feelings with the knowledge that Smarty Pants wasn't talking to him on purpose.

A knock on the door saved Cadence in just the nick of time.

"I'll get that." Shining walked away and opened the door, revealing a very concerned looking Twilight Sparkle.

"Twiley!" Shining exclaimed, elated to his little sister. "What brings you here?"

"Cadence wrote me a letter." Twilight coldly pushed Shining to the side and walked in. She looked around the room, and seemed upset that she couldn't find what she was looking for. She rounded on Shining Armor. "Where is she?"

"Who?" Shining asked in confusion. "Cadence?"

"Smarty Pants!" Twilight snapped.

"I...it..." Shining stammered, now more confused than he had been through the entire rest of the day- and that is a lot of confusion.

"Here!" Cadence came tumbling into the room with Smarty Pants hanging from her hoof. "She's right here!"

"Ah!" Twilight visibly brightened at the sight of her doll. She took her from Cadence with her magic, and proceeded to nuzzle Smarty Pants' cheek. "It's good to see you again, Smarty Pants."

Hmh. Cadence couldn't help but notice that was exactly what Smarty Pants had said to Shining.

"Mmm...now." Twilight held her former doll up in her hooves. "What's so wrong that you just absolutely will not to talk to Shining Armor about it?"

Everypony's ears flattened, each of them straining to hear if they could catch Smarty Pants' answer.

"Uh-huh." Twilight said at last. "All right. I think I can manage that." Twiight turned away from her doll. "I need everpony to leave the room and give me and Smarty Pants absolute privacy. Can we do that?"

Shining went "uhhh..." but Cadence and Big Macintosh nodded enthustisaclly. Cadence grabbed her husband by the tail and dragged back into the room she and Big Macintosh had talking to Smarty Pants in. Once inside, though, Shining huddled by the door and tried to spy on his sister through the keyhole.

"Shining, what are you doing?" Cadence asked, slightly disapproving of it.

"I'm trying to spy on Twiley and get an understanding of just what the hay is going on!" Shining snapped.

"But Twilight said she needed absolute privacy..."

"Relax...she's not going to know I'm here."

In the other room, Shining could see through the keyhole as Twilight set Smarty Pants down on the table and start talking with her. Twilight's body language suggested it was anything too serious or important. More like catching up with a lost friend after a long period without contact. Then she turned towards the door and walked up to the keyhole, causing Shining to wonder if maybe she know he was there.

"Absolute privacy, Shining!"

"Ooh...okay. Wow." Shining removed himself from the keyhole, and could hear Twilight's hoofsteps as she walked back away. "Twiley's gotten really observant since she moved to Ponyville."

"Actually, Ah think that was Smarty Pants who found y'all out." Big Macintosh said.

"Yes." Cadence agreed. "Smarty Pants has a thing where she can do that..."

Shining bit his lip, trying to reign in his anger, but he couldn't take it any more.
"What is with you two!? And Twiley! Acting like that old, beaten-up, worn out old doll is alive like another pony!"

"You said 'old' twice." Cadence pointed out.

"Yeah, well, I don't care right now!" Shinng retorted. "I've a bad day since I went back to the barracks, and I want to- I DEMAND to know what's going on!"

Cadence grimaced and exhaled sharpy. "You're not gonna like this, but...Smarty Pants can talk. I know it sounds crazy, but she can. She only does to ponies she likes, though; me, Big Macintosh, and Twilight Sparkle. We're concerned about the fact you can't hear her, and she talks to you through one of us instead."

Shining raised an eyebrow.

"HA! Yeah, okay. Fine. I-I'll play along and pretend Smarty Pants can talk." The guard-captain scoffed.

"Okay, everypony!" Twilight called from the other room. "You can come out now."

The three of them looked to each other for permission before exiting the room.

"I figured it out." Twilight explained, a hoof wrapped around Smarty Pants affectionately. "How many of you know I used to have a crush on Cadence?"

"A...crush?" Cadence parroted. Shining grimaced, not wanting Twilight to know he knew that-or how he knew that.

"Yes. A crush. Smarty Pants thinks I should've had a chance to -and this a qoute, mind you- 'court' Cadence before Shining Armor proposed. But I've talked to her, and she'll work on getting over it." Twilight turned to Smarty Pants and nudged her in the wither. "Say hello to Shining, Smarty Pants."

Shining kept his ears open for a response, but he got nothing. Twilight frowned at her doll.

"Ugh! She's in one of her moods..." Twilight said exasperatedly. "One day, she'll talk to you, B.B.B.F.F. Is there anything else you need before I go?"

Cadence's mouth flopped like a fish out of water gasping for air. "You...you had a crush on me?"

"I did." Twilight answered. She took hold of Cadence's hoof and patted it. "But don't worry. I love Pinkie Pie now. And there is nothing anypony can do to ever change that." She turned to Shining. "Same goes for you."

"Heh...all right then. I...still don't know what's going on, exactly, but...love ya, Twiley."

Shining Armor and Twilight hugged each other before Twilight waved goodbye and left.

"So..." Shining drawled. He pointed at the table. "Tea, anypony?"

Big Macintosh and Cadence shared a chuckle. "Tea."

And so, the four of them, Smarty Pants included, all sat down and had tea, attempting to absolve some of the awkwardness they had found themselves consumed in.

It was late at night in the Canterlot castle, and Cadence had been invited- somewhat mysteriously- onto the balcony just a tower away from where Luna kept a significant amount of her work.

Stepping out onto the balcony, she was greeted to the sight of a rather down Blueblood on his haunches, staring out at the star-filled sky.

"You came." Blueblood said, sounding more polite than he had ever been. "I wasn't expecting you to actually come."

Cadence smiled sweetly. "Of course I did."

As with Luna, Cadence actually had a different relationship to Blueblood that was a closely guarded secret. In the public eye, Luna was Cadence's aunt. In truth, Luna was Cadence's mother. In the public eye, Blueblood and Cadence were cousins.

This may sound ridiculous, but...in truth...

Cadence opened her wing and wrapped it around him. "What's wrong?"

Blueblood sighed. "I told Chrysalis about her being a Regress...Aunt Celestia cast a memory charm on her, and you already got onto me for it, but Luna found out recently and had to give it to me again."

Cadence sighed and shook her head.

"Son...don't take it personally. My mother just reacts to this kind of thing without thinking about it."

"Mmm..." Blueblood nuzzled Cadence. "I heard your current husband asked you about whether or not you wanted a foal. You said no, didn't you? Was it...because of me?"

"No, Blueblood." Cadence stroked his mane to comfort him. "It was because of how many ponies I've foalsat for."

"Cadence! Blueblood!"

The two of them turned around to see Luna stomping towards them. Pipsqueak was curled up on Luna's wing, alternating between being awake and being...not. The Headless Horse's fire would occasionally spark out from his hooves.

"Hello, mother."


"Silence, both of thou!" Luna snapped. "We have urgent information, and it must be dealt with swiftly! The Grey Sisters outrage over Celestia's allowing of Chrysalis to stay is growing, and we must make our move!"

"Right!" Cadence and Blueblood saluted. "...What is our move?"

"We must find a filly." Luna answered. "She is of absolute importance to our plans if we are to...undo the curses Celestia has cast. Find her. We haveth been told she resembles a fictional character named Daring Do."

"Her name?"

"Vivian... Vaccine." Luna said with a pause. She nudged Pipsqueak with her nose. Pipsqueak woke up, saluted, and hopped off the Princess' wing, igniting himself in the Horse's blue flame.

Luna started flapping her wings, air swirling around her in currents as she rose through the air. Once she had reach a suitable height off the ground, her eyes turned white with power and she pointed her hoof towards the stars, the shadow of Nightmare Moon rising up on the castle wall behind her.

"Go forth, my children! Do not fail!"

Blueblood, Cadence, and Pipsqueak/The Headless Horse saluted before going forth. The Headless Horse turned into a fiery wisp and flew over the balcony and Cadence flew off into the distance while Blueblood galloped back into the castle.

Luna watched them all go with her empowered, blank white eyes. But even as magic surged through them, it was easy to see the worry and concern in her eyes.

"Do not fail...and, please, don't get hurt."

Author's Notes for "Silence"

...Cadence is Blueblood's mother! Totally not ridiculous. Well, it's a hipster thing. Some ponies make Luna Blueblood's mother. So, I, instead, have made Cadence his mother.

Hey!...Stuff from ACITA!

As I was working on this chapter, it occurred to me that...nothing important happens. Nothing in here will be relevant later. There's nothing in it that's going to affect future chapters.

So, I realized I had to do one of two things: Either, change my plans so that something IS important. Or discard this chapter entirely.

Instead, I've just tacked some vague foreshadowing onto the end there...bleh. Probably not the best course of action, given how long this last updated, but...

Oh, yeah. I've already committed this and some other stories of mine to Twilight/Pinkie shipping, but Twilight/Cadence should TOTALLY BE A THING! It certainly makes more sense than Shining Armor/Rarity, I tells ya! *Cough* Looking at you, NocturneD! *Cough*

Changed the summary somewhat on this update. Here's the original, for posterity:

It's been a while since anything major has happened in the life of Twilight and friends, but all that is about to change. As Twilight's world is rocked upside-down by the most unlikeliest of ponies, she will prove herself as a good mother. All mothers say they'd tear the world apart for their filly, but what marks a mother as 'good'...is having the gall to back those words up.

I said I would tell what story elements I took from other stories on the sight, but we're up to chapter 6 now, and the only story element I took from another story I can't tell you because it would be a spoiler! Eeesh... then again, there are some elements that more inspired by 'general' story -uh, thingies- than specific stories I've read.