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This is a deeply moving story of how Yukimura whores himself over extra tennis practice and Sanada takes full advantage of it.

The footsteps in the hallway were approaching quickly at a pace so familiar that Sanada already knew who it was before the person had even slid the door open. Sanada sheathed his sword in a hurry, looking down at the straw dummy he had just cut down in a perfect horizontal line.


Yukimura appeared just as Sanada had predicted. The Rikkai captain was smiling in that way he did when he wanted something. And since Yukimura was going through the trouble of visiting him in the school's kendo room, Sanada was fairly certain that Yukimura would ask something of him. He just hoped Yukimura would cut to the chase early. Sanada was here to practice kendo, not to be distracted. With Yukimura in the room, Sanada had every reason to be distracted.

"Hey, Sanada, remember how I thought the school was unfair in its regulations?" asked Yukimura. Good, Yukimura was getting to the point.

"This better not be more complaints, Yukimura," warned Sanada.

"No, listen to me for a second," said Yukimura. He moved so that he was right in front of Sanada's vision, gripping the Emperor's shoulders as if he had the greatest idea of all time. Sanada's breath caught in his throat at being at such close proximity to his captain.

"I understand why the school needed to do this," said Yukimura. "I mean, it is winter and there are too many clubs using the gym. I suppose having practice on such few days can't be helped, especially seeing as how the tennis courts are now covered in snow."

Sanada's expression remained neutral but he was hyperventilating on the inside. He forced himself to listen to Yukimura's words, but his eyes were attracted to Yukimura's pink lips like a magnet.

What was Yukimura talking about? Sanada blinked and mentally shook himself. Right, winter was here. And since it was winter, the tennis team was more or less disbanded. Most members had stopped attending practice because of the upcoming exams and tthey could no longer practice outside because of the snow. It meant they had to share the indoor gymnasiums with other clubs. But even then, they were only granted three afternoons of practice per week, which was not nearly enough tennis-time according to Yukimura.

"Ah," grunted Sanada to show that he was listening.

"Well, what if we had private practices?" suggested Yukimura, beaming brightly. "Just you and me, we can go out to that work-out gym close to my house and practice tennis everyday like we used to!"

Private. practice. Sanada's mind yelled at him to not waste this perfect chance to be alone with Yukimura. Just him and Yukimura, sweating, playing… tennis. Sanada felt his skin grow warm and a rising hardness under his hakama.

Sanada shook his head frantically, taking a step back. "Sorry, no."

Yukimura's smiled disappeared in a flash. The look of disappointment didn't last long. He frowned and asked, "Why not?"

"You know exactly why," said Sanada. "Tennis season is over and exams are just around the corner. We need to do well on our high school entrance exams."

Yukimura folded his arms over his chest. He didn't like not getting his way. Everyone always thought Sanada was a good vice-captain and did everything Yukimura asked, but the reality was a bit harsher.

"Tennis is important too," said Yukimura. "We're joining the team next year and have to be on par with the high school team."

"There won't be a high school team to join if we fail all our exams and don't make it to high school," countered Sanada. "Now please leave. You are disrupting my kendo training."

Yukimura opened his mouth, and then shut it again, pursing his lips. Sanada was momentarily mesmerized and he unconsciously licked his own lips.

"But we can't slack off and let our skills go down the drain," said Yukimura. His voice took on a pleading edge.

"Don't be silly. Our skills won't spontaneously disappear because of less practice."

"But…" Yukimura's expression turned to that of a pout. Sanada looked away from the dangerous scene. "Come on, Sanada, it's only a few games for a few nights a week. It won't kill you."

The vice-captain said nothing. He waited for Yukimura to give up and go bother someone else about this. He didn't have time for even more extracurricular activities and although the thought of private tennis practice with Yukimura made his libido rise, it would simply be another form of torture for him in the end.

"I got it!" exclaimed Yukimura. "How about a bargain, Sanada?"

"A bargain?" asked Sanada.

"Yes," Yukimura's smile was back in place. "If you agree to the extra tennis practices, I can pay back the favour. Like, a sort of exchange. I mean, I don't have any money to pay you with but I'm sure we can work something out."

Sanada's mouth was a stiff line. "I don't want money."

"Then what do you want?" asked Yukimura.

A flush rose to Sanada's cheeks. Although the question was not lewd, Sanada's thoughts immediately flew in a dirtier direction.

"Nothing," said Sanada.

"Oh, come on. There must be something you want. You can tell me and I'll give it to you," said Yukimura.

No, stop it! How easy would it be to open his mouth and voice his thoughts, to tell Yukimura what he wanted was to ravage him... No, he couldn't say that! Yukimura would be disgusted and would refuse to ever speak to him again.

"Do you want a new tennis racket or something? Or, do you want me to do your classroom clean up duties?" asked Yukimura. He shook Sanada shoulder, not giving up. "Come on, tell me, Sanada, what's your price?"

"You." Sanada had croaked it out without even thinking. "I want you," he repeated, seeing Yukimura's confused expression.

There was a silence between them. Sanada's face burned and he looked away, mortified at what he had just admitted. Sanada opened his mouth, fully set on apologizing and saying it had just been a joke.

"Sorry, I-"

"Deal," said Yukimura, cutting him off.

Sanada looked up with wide eyes. Did Yukimura just…?

"Yuki… mura?"

"I said it's a deal," said Yukimura. Instead of a smile or even the disgust Sanada had expected, Yukimura was simply regarding him with a curious expression.

Sanada frowned. "Do you understand what you are agreeing to?" he asked.

Yukimura nodded. "I'm not an idiot, Sanada," he said with a snort. "So, can I count on you to meet me at the gym close to my house tonight?"

"I… Y-Yes."

"Good," Yukimura appeared satisfied. "I'll reserve a court. We'll play a few games and then you can have me afterwards. Well then, I better not disrupt your kendo any longer. I'll see you later."

And then Yukimura was gone, leaving Sanada alone in the room. His sword slipped from his frozen grip, clanging on the floor. Every part of him was still in complete disbelief, both at Yukimura's agreement and in the matter-of-fact way the bluenette had spoken. Yukimura couldn't have been joking... no, Yukimura's tone had been far too serious and he wouldn't toy with Sanada in that way. This meant that tonight they would…


"Come on, Sanada, is this all you've got!"

Yukimura's yell echoed in the large tennis court. Sanada blinked rapidly, trying to get his vision back. Although the gymnasium was illuminated by bright neon lights, Sanada could see nothing. Although Sanada knew they had attracted a small crowd, he could barely hear them either. This was the downside of playing against Yukimura's dreaded Yips.

Normally Sanada would grit his teeth and give it his all, but he was definitely far too distracted today. If Yukimura's constant yells about how he was playing badly wasn't enough, Sanada could feel his stomach lurching and knees shaking every time he merely looked over at Yukimura. In that sense, perhaps it was good that he could no longer see his captain. The thought of their little deal and what would happen after the game was over plagued Sanada's mind.

Yukimura ended their third match quickly. He didn't hesitate to tell Sanada exactly what he thought once they were in the locker rooms.

"Don't tell me your skills have gotten worse already, Sanada," said Yukimura. He stripped himself of his sweaty shirt. Sanada felt his cock harden. "You didn't play well today at all. Is something the matter?"

"Not really," said Sanada. Yukimura took off the rest of his clothing and Sanada was overcome with the sudden realization that soon he would be able to touch that smooth skin as much as he liked. His pants tightened to an uncomfortable degree.

"I expect better matches next time, understand?" said Yukimura. How he could act like a demanding captain even when he was stark naked was something Sanada would never know. "If you can't play better than that, then our deal is off."

Sanada stiffened at the mention of their bargain. "Ah… you still want to do this deal...? I-It's okay if you don't-"

"What type of dishonest person do you think I am?" said Yukimura, hand on his hip and towel in the other hand. "I don't go back on my promises. However, what I do expect you to do now is shower. I may be letting you have me, but that won't happen if you are sweaty and stinky like a pig."

Sanada couldn't find his voice to reply to that. Once Yukimura was gone in his own shower stall, Sanada stripped and washed himself in cold water. He touched his softening dick and sighed.

"Hey, do you mind if we do this at my house, Sanada?" came Yukimura's voice from the shower stall next to his.

Again, the way Yukimura spoke so normally of what they were about to do boggled Sanada's mind.

"It's fine," answered Sanada.

They left the gym feeling squeaky clean. Sanada could already feel his palms growing sweaty just from walking alongside Yukimura, even if the winter air was icy cold. The walk to Yukimura's house was silent and devoid of conversation. Sanada sneaked a few looks at Yukimura out of the corner of his eyes. He wondered if Yukimura was nervous about this too, but the captain's face gave nothing away. Even if Sanada was filled with insecurities, his blood thrummed with want, his mind recalling old fantasies and thoughts of what he would soon be able to do with Yukimura.

Yukimura's house was dark, big and empty, just like most of the other times Sanada had come over to study or have a sleepover. He left his shoes by the door and followed Yukimura up the stairs to the bedroom.

Then he froze in the doorway, staring at the bed.

"I would offer you tea, but it's getting a bit late," said Yukimura, putting down his bag next to his wooden desk. "We should do this fast so your parents don't start wondering where you are."

"Ah." Sanada shifted awkwardly. His heart pounded in his ears. There they were, alone in the bedroom.

Yukimura looked back at him expectantly. "You know, if you don't make a move, then it sort of defeats the purpose of our bargain," said Yukimura. He stepped closer, again observing Sanada in that curious way. "I thought you wanted this?"

He did want this. Oh, yes, he wanted it so badly that it almost hurt. He wanted to push Yukimura down on the nearest piece of furniture and kiss him, touch him, feel him writhing, moaning and gasping his name. This opportunity was what he had been waiting for for years.

Sanada's shaky fingers went under Yukimura's chin. Their eyes met, cool blue and smouldering brown. Then, carefully, Sanada's erased the distance between their lips. The sweet touch sent sparks of electricity down Sanada's spine, igniting a fire inside him.

"Is this okay?" asked Sanada against Yukimura's mouth.

"I told you it was," replied Yukimura. "And I told you to hurry."

They pulled apart, Sanada pushing a strand of Yukimura's hair behind his ear and muttering "beautiful" under his breath.

Yukimura turned a lovely shade of red. "Y-You don't have to compliment me either. I said I was doing this," said the bluenette, stuttering in embarrassment. Yukimura stepped out of Sanada's embrace and headed to the bed. With a short look back at his vice-captain, Yukimura began to rid himself of his clothing.

"I'm no specialist, but I do think you need to strip as well, Sanada," said Yukimura.

Sanada worked on doing just that, but it was hard to do when he was distracted by Yukimura's exposed body. Yukimura stripped like he did when he was in the locker room then he lay down on the bed. Sanada pulled his clothes off with more trouble than usual. He paused before pulling down his pants, wondering what Yukimura would think when he saw how aroused he already was, but then Yukimura snapped at him to Hurry up! and Sanada was fully naked within seconds.

Sanada approached the bed carefully, his erection standing at full mast between his legs. He reached out a hand and touched Yukimura's pale thigh. Yukimura shivered. Sanada licked his dry lips. It was a shame that it was so late in the evening otherwise Sanada would have drawn this out, taking his time to touch every milky inch of Yukimura's skin.

"Are you going to do this or not?" asked Yukimura, impatient again.

Sanada nodded. "Spread your legs," he said, hardly believing the husky voice that was coming from him. A rush of exhilaration spread through him when Yukimura obeyed. He ran his hands along Yukimura's legs, from his knees up to his inner thigh, kneading the smooth flesh and hearing Yukimura's breath hitch.

"Do you have…" Sanada motioned for a bottle of something, lotion, lube, anything that would make insertion less painful.

Yukimura reached for his nightstand, opened the top drawer and dropped a tube within Sanada's reach. It did the job well. Sanada spread the slick substance on his fingers. Then, he looked down at his target: the puckered hole between firm buttcheeks.

"I'll go slow," said Sanada reassuringly. He pushed Yukimura's knees up higher. Tentatively, Sanada ran one moist finger along the rim of Yukimura's entrance, feeling the skin tense under his fingerpad. It was only when he felt Yukimura relax that he worked the finger inside him. Yukimura barely reacted. Sanada bit back a groan when he felt how tight and maddeningly soft Yukimura was inside.

"Does it hurt?" asked Sanada. His breathing sounded too loud in the quiet room.

Yukimura snorted. "I'm not as fragile as that, Sanada," he said though his voice was slightly shaky. "I can take a finger or two. Don't worry; I'd tell you if something is wrong."

"Okay. Then…" Sanada inserted his second finger without too much trouble. Yukimura tightened for only a few seconds and then allowed him to breech in and move freely. Sanada pushed in and out until his digits glided smoothly. Yukimura's face was a mask of deep concentration.

It was when his third finger was inserted that Yukimura hissed. Sanada drew his fingers out immediately.

"Did I hurt you?" said Sanada, running his hands soothingly up Yukimura's thighs again.

"It's fine!" said Yukimura. God, at this rate they were never going to get this done! Sanada was far too docile. "Just put it in!"

"I don't want to hurt you."

"It will hurt regardless so get over it!" Yukimura's tone was dangerously impatient.

Sanada fumbled forward, leaning over his captain. He felt Yukimura's legs wrap around his waist. God, how many fantasies had he had like this? Sanada reached down and stroked himself a few times, positioning himself correctly.

"Ready?" asked Sanada, looking at Yukimura's face for confirmation.

"Do it," hissed Yukimura.

He pushed in and ohh, the heat, the tightness... it was pure bliss. It was amazing – so, so good – that Sanada moaned and didn't stop until he was fully sheathed. Even then, he wanted to pull out and push back in. He cried out as Yukimura squeezed around him, painfully tight.

"Wait, wait, Sanada," panted Yukimura. Sweat gathered on the bluenette's forehead. "No, I'm fine – it's fine, don't pull out. Just don't move, oh please, don't move." He squeezed again, and Sanada felt like pleading Yukimura to stop doing that before he came early.

Sanada gathered Yukimura in his arms, kissing the top of his head, his sweaty forehead and those sweet lips again. Even if this was just some bargain they had made over a few tennis matches, Sanada didn't want to see Yukimura in pain. He stilled and waited until Yukimura stopped clenching around him and grew less tense.

"I'm going to move now, Yukimura," Sanada whispered in Yukimura's ear.

He couldn't stay still any longer. His hips pushed up and down, testing. Sanada repeated the motion when Yukimura showed no pain. Again and agan, he pushed in and pulled out in what quickly escalated to a desperate rhythm. It was all too good, too much… the unbearable heat and god, when Yukimura squeezed it was as if he were trying to suck him dry. His fingers dug into Yukimura's hips. He had been waiting for this for too long and he wasn't going to last long at this rate.

"I do expect you to play me better next time, Sanada," said Yukimura, strained. Was he still thinking about tennis? Somehow Sanada was not surprised.

"Mhmm." Sanada's answer was nothing but a panting moan.

"The stakes will be the same, but I trust your performance will be better come next time. Both on the court and off," said Yukimura with a breathless laugh.

Next time… same… stakes? Sanada vaguely realized that Yukimura was suggesting there would be a next time. So then... this was not the only time he would get to embrace Yukimura. The very thought made his limit appear at a breakneck speed.

"I'm going to come," moaned Sanada. His thrusts grew harder and faster. "Oh, Yukimura."

He had wanted to last longer, he really did. It was almost embarrassing how fast he came, spilling himself inside Yukimura with an even more embarrassing cry escaping his throat. He slumped, his whole body resonating with the blissful aftermath of orgasm.

The moment came to an end when Yukimura squeaked out, "You're squishing me!" from underneath him. Sanada rolled himself off Yukimura. All his limbs felt like limp noodles. He stared at the ceiling in disbelief.

"Are you okay?" asked Sanada the moment he regained control of his vocal cards. He remembered Yukimura's pained expression at the beginning.

"Nothing I couldn't take," said Yukimura, though he did cringe when sitting up. "Just sore… and sticky."

Sanada couldn't help the thread of guilt gnawing at him. Even if Yukimura had said it was fine, he had practically taken advantage of his innocent captain. And all this over a few tennis matches no less!

"How could you let me… over tennis matches…" mumbled Sanada, looking down at his hands.

Yukimura's eyes glinted dangerously. "What?" he demanded. "How could I what over tennis matches?"

"Nothing." Sanada stiffened.

"Oh, I know what you are thinking, Sanada Genichirou." Yukimura poked him hard on the side. "As I recall, you were the one who asked this of me."

"I didn't think you would actually…"

"Actually what? Whore myself for tennis matches?" Yukimura's tone was dangerously cold.

"No! That's not what I meant to say," said Sanada.

"No, but you thought it," replied Yukimura.

Sanada was quiet as another pang of guilt rushed through him. Maybe this had been a mistake after all. "I'm sorry," he muttered.

Yukimura sighed. "Don't apologize. I'm just disappointed that you would think that way towards me." Yukimura reached out and turned Sanada's chin so their eyes could meet.

"Sanada, do you honestly think I would make such a deal with just anyone?" asked Yukimura. "Really, the only reason I agreed is because I trust you and I know you would not hurt me in any way. Rest assured that these are stakes I would not agree to with anyone else."

Sanada felt relieved to hear that. Yukimura let his vice-captain take him into his arms and kiss his neck. The captain shifted, a bit uncomfortable from the stickyness running down his thighs and his unsatisfied cock jabbing up against his stomach. Looks like he was going to need another shower once Sanada was gone.

Sanada kissed and nipped Yukimura's neck affectionately, letting his hands roam along Yukimura's sides and fully taking advantage of the little amount of time they had left before Sanada had to go back home. For years now he had fantasized about this day. Despite the guilt, part of him couldn't help but feel so exuberant that he had done this, that he knew the taste of Yukimura and knew just how good it felt to be buried inside him. Sanada pushed the guilt away. For now he was content to lay there with Yukimura and touch him. Let him deal with the guilt later.

"Would you really want to do this with me again?"

"I told you before," said Yukimura in his impatient tone again. "We made a deal. I don't mind. If claiming me is your bargain, then so be it."

Sanada responded by kissing him with as much fervour as he could muster.

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