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Warning: GAY SEX PRON.

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"How about we make this deal more interesting, Sanada?"

Sanada finished tying his tennis shoes and looked up at a smirking Yukimura. "It depends on what you mean by more interesting," Sanada replied.

"Oh come on, tennis matches are always better when there's something on the line," said Yukimura. His grin was predatory. "Care to make a wager on the outcome of today's match?"

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Sanada had very low chances of winning and that Yukimura was probably plotting something. He had never won a match against Yukimura before and he doubted that would change today.

Seeing Sanada's hesitation, Yukimura decided he needed further persuasion. "Don't tell me the great Emperor is afraid of losing?" said the bluenette, his tone mocking. He could practically see Sanada's flaring stubbornness rising. "I didn't know you were such a coward, Sanada."

"I'll make you take those words back, Yukimura," growled Sanada.

So predictable, thought Yukimura with a smile. Sanada fell into it so easily.

"Good, how about we bet with the same charges as last time?" said Yukimura. "The winner gets to give an order to the loser."

Well this wouldn't be so bad, thought Sanada. He had lost last time but it had turned out that Yukimura wanted nothing more than a few kisses. If Sanada won though… oh, he knew exactly what he would ask for. Countless times he had imagined Yukimura going down on his knees before him, taking his cock into his mouth. The mental image was enough to get him worked up.

"Let's start this match then," said Yukimura.

They did just that. From the beginning, Sanada could see that this was no ordinary match. Yukimura was playing with his full power, so much that by the time Sanada had lost his first game, the effects of the Yips were already blurring his vision. Sanada gritted his teeth and didn't let it take over him. He won the second set, blazing with determination.

It appeared that both of them very much wanted the prize this time around.

"Don't push yourself too hard, Sanada," teased Yukimura. "We both know how low your stamina is."

Sanada faltered for a second and missed his serve. The ball hit the net and Sanada fought back the blush threatening to appear on his cheeks.

"Worry about yourself, Yukimura," said Sanada.

They played long and hard, and Sanada even thought he was doing far better than usual. But eventually his iron will broke and he succumbed to the Yips, all his senses shut down one by one. Even though they had been tied at four games each, Yukimura quickly pulled ahead after that.

The next time Sanada could see the field, it was after he had lost the match.

"Good match, Sanada," said a very satisfied-looking Yukimura.

Yukimura's eyes were flaring with energy all the way back to the locker rooms. They showered and changed in silence but Sanada was not oblivious to the looks Yukimura constantly gave him. Sanada could feel Yukimura's heated stares burning through him.

It occurred to Sanada while they were walking to the Yukimura household that the bluenette had not said what his prize was going to be.

"So what's your demand going to be today?" asked Sanada as nonchalantly as he could.

Yukimura licked his lips. "Nothing big. I just want to try a little something tonight."

"Oh?" When Yukimura didn't elaborate, Sanada pressed on. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"I want… to take you, Sanada," said Yukimura.

"Take me where?" asked Sanada, frowning. Yukimura merely laughed and stared at him like he was missing something very obvious. It took several seconds before Sanada understood and when he did, his features slowly contorted to something akin to horror.

"T-Take me?" Sanada very nearly squealed it out. Surely Yukimura couldn't mean it like that, right?

But one look at Yukimura's very eager expression showed that yes, it was exactly like that.

"Will you stop that!" said Yukimura exasperatingly. He pulled his finger back for the sixth time, glaring at Sanada. He hit Sanada's behind sharply, earning himself a yelp. "What's the problem now? Why do you keep tensing up?"

"I… nothing…" Sanada shook his head, his red face looking embarrassingly down at the pillow under him. Being in this position, bended over naked and open, was so uncomfortable, especially when he knew Yukimura was looking at him so closely right behind him. Sanada had the urge to cover himself. Each time he felt Yukimura's slick finger nudging at his entrance, he couldn't help but tighten up.

Plus, he remembered Yukimura saying it had hurt at first…

"Don't be a baby!" said Yukimura. "You do this to me all the time and I never complained. Take it like a man!"

He felt the finger pressing against his hole again. Sanada tensed for a second and then took a deep breath to relax. He was being silly... he knew Yukimura wouldn't hurt him.

"That's it, relax for me," cooed Yukimura. His finger didn't enter yet, slowly massaging the ring of muscle while his other hand rubbed gentle circles on his lower back. "I'm going to push in now."

The first breech in felt strange, but Sanada exhaled in relief when he felt no pain. Yukimura was being gentler than he had expected. The finger wriggled around, stroking at his inner walls in ways that was not at all bad. Just the thought that it was Yukimura's finger inside him made his whole body heat up and a pang of arousal shot through him.

Yukimura inserted the next finger without warning and gradually began steady thrusting motions. Sanada panted at the sensation of those fingers gliding against his sensitive hole, stretching the muscles. The captain continued until his fingers went in and out smoothly. And then, as he went to pull them out, Yukimura's digits curled up and touched somewhere new.

The sensation was so strong that Sanada gasped and collapsed down on the bed sheets. Yukimura immediately withdrew, sounding extremely concerned.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked.

Sanada shook his head. What the hell was that? After a bit of hesitation, Yukimura's fingers returned to finish their job. The fingers brushed around that spot again and a rush of sensation shot up Sanada's spine. He panted, biting his lips hard to stop himself from making any obsene noises. He mostly succeeded, until a whimper escaped his throat when Yukimura fully pushed directly on that spot.

Again the fingers withdrew. "Are you sure you're alright?" said Yukimura, worry lacing his voice. "I know how you feel rather stretched at first, but I don't want to continue if I'm hurting you, Sanada."

Yukimura thought this was hurting him! Sanada couldn't get his voice to work, to say that it was the exact opposite, that his body trembled in nothing but pure pleasure. Yukimura sighed and went to get up but Sanada's hand shot back, grabbing Yukimura's wrist before he could stand.

"Please," Sanada gasped out.

Yukimura's eyes darkened in an instant. Those blue eyes took in Sanada's shaking body, seeing how stiff his cock was, leaking pre-come on the sheets under him. Understanding spread across the captain's features instantly. Yukimura practically ripped his pants off, scrambling to rid himself of his last pieces of clothing. He stroked himself a few times and then went to lean over Sanada's back, his erection pressing urgently against the cleft of Sanada's ass.

"Do you want this?" Yukimura breathed heavily.

Sanada could hardly focus with the feeling of Yukimura teasing his hole. The most pitiful-sounding whimper tore through his throat. Yes, god yes, he needed this.

That was all the affirmation Yukimura needed. He pushed in slowly and it was both bliss and stretched pain for Sanada. Sanada stopped breathing for a second, feeling the invading heat pushing in deeper, far deeper than fingers had touched him. Sanada reached in back to touch the place where they were connected, where Yukimura's slender cock pulsed as it sank in further still. Just when he felt like it he couldn't take in any more for how full he felt, Yukimura stopped.

"Oh, Sanada," gasped Yukimura. He could see why Sanada enjoyed this… the feeling of his cock being wrapped by such slick sucking heat was heavenly. His hips trembled with the effort to not move, to let Sanada adjust because he knew how painful it was at first. Yukimura distracted himself by kissing along the wide expanse of Sanada's back, licking the light coat of sweat off and tasting salt on his tongue.

It wasn't long before he could take no more. He thrust out and back in, fast yet gentle, savouring the feeling with every particle in his body. He built up a rhythm, remembering to reach down to help Sanada as well. To his surprise, Sanada was as rock hard and wet as before. Yukimura's hand pumped, following the same pace as his thrusts. Sanada grunted appreciatively.

And then, Sanada started shifting in place, breaking the rhythm.

"What is it?" asked Yukimura, afraid that Sanada was uncomfortable or in pain.

"C-Can you... ngh," Sanada grunted. "Can you… hit upwards?" Sanada's face turned red from voicing the request.

Yukimura moved lower and angled his thrusts more up as Sanada had requested, not sure what Sanada was getting at. "Like this?" he asked.

Sanada shook his head. "Lean back a bit."

Yukimura did so, still not sure what the point of this exercise was. His cock was left only half buried and longing to return in Sanada's body but he would obey if it meant making Sanada more comfortable. But when he pushed in at that angle, Sanada's whole body suddenly convulsed and tightened around him. Yukimura voiced his surprise, seeing stars from the sheer tightness of it.


"T-There!" gasped Sanada frantically. He pushed back to further impale himself. He heard Yukimura groan as Sanada clamped down on him like a vice grip and at that moment the captain had no qualms about doing exactly what Sanada ordered.

The bluenette focused on hitting that target again and again. He didn't know why Sanada loved it so much but seeing how much it brought him such pleasure was all he needed to know. Yukimura licked his lips, his half-lidded eyes loving the sight of Sanada trembling underneath him, moaning because of what Yukimura was doing. Oh, he had waited far too long to do this.

He was determined to make Sanada come first, though by the looks of it, it shouldn't prove to be much of a challenge. Sanada's breath was erratic and his cock was twitching when Yukimura gripped him. He briefly wondered if Sanada could have come without his dick being touched, but that would have to be an adventure for next time. Right now Yukimura wanted to give them both some much needed relief.

As Yukimura had predicted, Sanada was the one who spilled first. Sanada cried out Yukimura's name and coated Yukimura's hand with his seed. Yukimura milked him dry until the sensations became too much and he also succumbed to the pleasure, groaning as he ejaculated inside the emperor.

Although it had been quick and fast, they were both utterly exhausted. Sanada slumped down on the covers, breathing heavily. Yukimura lay on his side, running a soothing hand over Sanada's hips, feeling the tight muscle under the skin relaxing. His cock softened and slipped out of Sanada's now-dripping entrance. He smiled, looking up at Sanada's messy halo of black hair.

"There, now that wasn't so bad," chuckled Yukimura. He leaned in to kiss along Sanada's shoulder. "I do think you enjoyed that."

Sanada grunted but didn't deny it. Slowly, Sanada turned his head, his eyes a gentle fondness as he leaned in to kiss Yukimura's lips.

The room was quiet and still as they lay there, looking at each other. Yukimura's lips tingled from the kiss and he slowly returned Sanada's small smile.

"Sanada?" Yukimura decided then that he would ask a question that had been nagging at him since they had first started this.


"Why me?" Yukimura asked. Why him? Why did Sanada want this and from him of all people? Was it because they were friends who trusted each other to say nothing about this to others? "I understand the desire for physical pleasure, but why all this with me?"

Sanada's smile slid off. He reached out and stroked Yukimura's cheek like he was petting a fragile animal. "I like you, Yukimura," Sanada whispered. "I've always liked you. You're beautiful."

Yukimura snorted at the beautiful comment, but Sanada kept looking at him like he was completely serious.

"I've always wanted you, Yukimura," Sanada said.

"Oh," said Yukimura simply because he didn't know what else to say. He averted his gaze.

"Why did you think I was doing this?" asked Sanada.

Yukimura shrugged. "I don't know." He stared determinedly at the ceiling. "I thought just for the pleasure. Or maybe to practice?"

The comment wounded Sanada. How could Yukimura think that of him? "I would never use you for practice," he snapped. He did it because he liked Yukimura. Was that really so hard to believe?

"No, I guess not. If you wanted to practice you would have picked someone more experienced and who wasn't a virgin," said Yukimura. "Still… it feels far-fetched. I knew you all these years and never even suspected that you felt that way towards me. I feel awful for not noticing it before."

"It's in the past now," said Sanada. He cleared his throat and then said, "A-Ah so you were a virgin before…"

Yukimura scoffed and playfully slapped him on the head.

"What made you think otherwise?" demanded the bluenette.

"Well…the first time we… did it, you didn't appear nervous at all so I thought…"

Yukimura rolled his eyes. "Well rest assured that it was you who stole my virginity. Happy now?"

The biting tone made a wave of guilt wash through Sanada, guilt that was reminescent from back when they first started this whole arrangement.

"Sorry," muttered Sanada. He had, in every sense of the word, defiled his captain without even thinking about Yukimura's feelings.

"It's fine. I stole yours too now. We're even." Yukimura grinned.

"Yes, but…" Sanada's face turned red. "I'm glad. I always wanted you to be my first."

The room turned quiet again. Sanada looked away after having said such an embarrassing confession and Yukimura didn't quite know what he could say to that.

When the silence dragged on, Sanada decided that it would be better if he left. He silently put his clothes back on and left without saying another word.

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