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In this chapter... PORN! (omg what a surprise)

It was three days before Yukimura caught him in the hallway at lunch. Yukimura grabbed Sanada's arm and asked "Tonight?". Sanada simply nodded and Yukimura was back on his way.

They met that evening at the usual courts and played their tennis matches without exchanging more than a handful of words. Sanada actually got very close to a victory, managing to get five games during the first match until Yukimura turned serious and won all the remaining games in a row.

It was only once they were hidden in the safety of Yukimura's bedroom that the tension broke. They had to be quiet today because Yukimura's mom was home, washing dishes downstairs. They kissed against the locked door until Yukimura whispered "get on the bed, clothes off" in that commanding tone that would have made even the strongest tennis player obey.

Yukimura leaned back against the door and watched enticingly as Sanada approached the bed.

The vice-captain shed his clothes slowly. He attempted to make it look graceful, like the way Yukimura did it, but he just felt self-conscious. In the end he merely chucked his clothes off without regard to where they landed. He lay back on the bed and waited for Yukimura.

When Yukimura was done staring, he prowled closer, like a refined cat closing in on his prey. His eyes glinted and never left Sanada's body. He stopped at Sanada's cock, half-hard from anticipation alone, and smiled in quiet satisfaction. Yukimura striped himself of his clothes on the way to the bed. His hands reached out to lay Sanada out on display, roaming down his arms, chest and muscular thighs. It seemed like Yukimura wanted to take his time to explore today. Sanada had no objections to that.

"You're eager today," noted Yukimura. He traced his hands back up Sanada's chest, feeling the goosebumps rise on the vice-captain's skin. "Is three days too long a wait?"

"It's fine," said Sanada. He paused then added, "But I wouldn't mind more frequent practices."

Yukimura grinned widely. "Practices?"

"To improve our tennis skills of course."

"Oh, I'm sure." Yukimura chuckled. "To tell you the truth, I am quite eager today as well. I was thinking about last time."

The last time they had been together in private flashed in Sanada's mind instantly. He could remember all too well the stretch of Yukimura pushing inside him, the invading pleasure that had consumed him and the burn he had felt the day after. He wondered if Yukimura wanted to take him today too. Sanada had the feeling that he wouldn't object to anything Yukimura had in mind; he could never say no to his captain.

"Remember our bet last time?" asked Yukimura. Sanada nodded. "I was curious… what would you have asked of me if I had lost our little wager?"

Sanada gulped and turned red. "I, ah, would have asked you to take me in your mouth."


Yukimura darted his head lower and Sanada's heart skipped a beat. Suddenly Yukimura's head was between his legs, his lips tugged up in a smile. His mouth was so dangerously close to Sanada's now pulsing cock. Yukimura planted a wet kiss on Sanada's inner thigh, still inching closer. Sanada moaned.

"Like this, Sanada? Did you imagine me on my knees in front of you, sucking you off, and letting you fuck my mouth?"

Sanada didn't know how it was possible to be so aroused without having even been touched, but his cock was rock hard and straining, oozing on his stomach. Yukimura's words sent surges of desire through him, somehow even more powerful than his touch. He could feel Yukimura's breath on his dick. Just a bit closer and…

Yukimura pulled back at the last second. Sanada let out a frustrated groan.

Yukimura shook his head, waggling his finger like he was scolding a child. "Ah-ah, I don't think you've earned that privilege yet, Sanada," he said. "But... perhaps one day you will be rewarded."

"You're cruel," Sanada panted, watching Yukimura roam back up his body. Yukimura simply kissed him as he laughed at Sanada's fuming pout.

"Actually, there was one other thing I was curious about," said Yukimura. His hand reached down between Sanada's legs, past his balls and lightly touching the rim of his entrance. Sanada would have clenched his legs shut if Yukimura wasn't on top of him. "Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to take you again. As I said, I have a question for you."

Sanada squirmed, having trouble concentrating when Yukimura's fingers kept on massaging the sensitive skin around his hole. "Hnng… what is it?"

"Remember last time, when I was stretching you open?" Sanada nodded, remembering it all too well. Yukimura continued, "How is it you feel such great pleasure when I'm inside you? You've had me many times yet I've never thought of it as particularly pleasurable. Why is it that your reaction is so different from mine, Sanada?"

Sanada blinked blankly, surprised. The bluenette appeared completely serious. Sanada didn't have to think too long. He remembered the feeling perfectly; the pleasure rushing through him when Yukimura had pushed in his body, pressing on that one spot that had made his every thought vanish. Sanada hadn't been successful in pleasing Yukimura there in the past but now... maybe, just maybe, Sanada would be able to succeed this time.

"Let me show you," said Sanada.

He didn't wait for a response before rolling them over. The captain lay back on the soft mattress, watching Sanada lean over him. Sanada pushed Yukimura's legs up, telling Yukimura to hold them up and apart. Yukimura blushed hard and, for a second, he looked ready to refuse. Then, very slowly, Yukimura grabbed under both his knees and held them to his chest. Sanada's breath caught. Like this, he was able to see everything. Everything from Yukimura pink-tipped cock, his tight balls, down to his puckered hole was completely exposed to him. Sanada leaned down to kiss Yukimura, thanking him for trusting him so completely like this.

Sanada felt more confident now. His rough hands brushed down from the bluenette's knees to his thighs and then kneaded the soft flesh of his buttocks. He knew Yukimura's body well, nearly as well as his own now. Surely Yukimura would soon feel the same sensation Sanada had experienced last time. He lightly sucked two of his fingers, wasting no time in pressing the first into Yukimura's awaiting body. It sunk in without resistance, easily allowing a second to breech through.

Yukimura's face was a mask of deep concentration. It didn't hurt him anymore, but still there was nothing he would describe as pleasure. The only thing present was the usual sensation of pressure reaching inside him.

Sanada waited. He was eager, but never to the point where he would risk hurting his beloved captain by being hasty. Once his fingers were able to slide back and forth smoothly, he began craning them in search of that spot. He prodded along the slick inner walls, pressing deeply and then shallowly when he didn't find it. He didn't have to search as long as he thought before finding that secret place. He briefly wondered how he had managed to miss that spot all the other times, but this was no time for thinking of the past. Sanada rubbed around it and then slowly pressed.

Yukimura let out a gasp. The hands holding his knees up faltered for a second.

Sanada looked up. "Good?"

"I don't know," breathed Yukimura. "Do it again."

Sanada curled his fingers a second time, fully brushing along that small bundle of nerves. This time there was no mistake about it. Yukimura's hips practically arched off the bed. Sanada didn't stop, continuing to massage his fingers along that spot and marvelling at how quickly Yukimura's cock went fully rigid.

Yukimura had to let go of one of his knees to hold his hand over his mouth. Sanada wanted to pin Yukimura's arms over his head and hear the moans, but he knew that was not the wisest decision with Yukimura's mother just downstairs.

"I don't think our reactions are all that different now," Sanada whispered into Yukimura's ear. The bluenette shivered and had to bite down on his hand to keep sounds from escaping. Sanada felt powerful knowing he had such a strong effect on Yukimura's body. He inserted a third digit without warning and pressed harder. Yukimura's eyes rolled back.

"Ah… s-stop," said Yukimura between his fingers. It was too much, too good. He couldn't keep on holding it in.

Sanada's grin was wicked. "What was that?" he asked and didn't stop.

Yukimura wailed loudly, unable to contain the sound. Sanada panicked, realizing that he might have gone a bit too far. He pulled his fingers out and tried to listen behind Yukimura's choked breathing. Thankfully, he heard no one coming up the stairs.

"You need to be quieter," said Sanada. The last thing he wanted was for them to be discovered and forced to stop. "What if your mom hears us?"

Yukimura shot him a dirty look. "I warned y-you t-to stop," he said, his voice still shaky. His anger soon left him when Sanada leaned in for a kiss. Yukimura eagerly kissed him back.

"Perhaps we should do something less strenuous today?" Sanada suggested. He very much wanted to plunge into Yukimura's body, but he feared that both of them would be unable to contain their noises.

Yukimura shook his head. "I can take it," he said.

"Are you sure? I don't want to get you in trouble or—"

Yukimura cut him off with a quick peck on his mouth. "It's fine. I just…" Yukimura bit his lip. "I want you inside me."

Sanada's breath caught. He never thought he would hear those words come out of Yukimura, yet there they were, Yukimura smiling coyly and rolling them over once more. He let Yukimura manoeuvre them until the bluenette was on top, reaching blindly for the lube in his bedside drawer. Yukimura poured too much, the lube splattering on Sanada and the sheets. Yukimura rubbed some along Sanada's length and then drew himself up. Sanada helped steady Yukimura's hips as Yukimura slowly sank himself down.

Sanada muffled his captain's noises with a kiss. It didn't take long for Yukimura's body to adjust to the intrusion. Yukimura started by rotating his hips, moving to find that spot inside him again. Sanada bit the inside of his cheek to keep himself from crying out as Yukimura moved and, god, how was Yukimura still so deliciously tight? He knew Yukimura had found his pleasure spot when the heat suddenly clamped down around him almost painfully, causing both of them to moan. And then they were moving, Yukimura riding with wild abandon and Sanada pounding up into him at a pace that was equally brutal.

Sanada found he very much liked this position. It gave him a full body view of the bluenette sweating heavily as he impaled himself on Sanada's cock. Yukimura ground his hips down again and again, seeming to become tighter every time he did it. Yukimura's cock bobbed up and down, leaking pre-come on Sanada's stomach.

"T-Touch me too," shuddered a dishevelled Yukimura, his eyes lidded. His nails scratched down Sanada's chest with desperation.

Yukimura reached down to kiss his vice-captain when he couldn't hold in his voice. Sanada didn't mind; he swallowed each sound eagerly and mixed them with some of his own. He then ran his hands up Yukimura's sides, feeling that smooth skin trembling under his touch. Sanada's fingers found pink nipples and rubbed them. Yukimura reached for him, kissing him desperately to release a cry.

It was maddening. Sanada had to be doing this on purpose, thought Yukimura. His pleasure spiked back and forth with each motion, made so much better, yet so much worse, by the touches on his chest.

"N-Not there," hissed Yukimura, reaching out to grab Sanada's hands. His cock was aching and longing for contact but Sanada didn't relent and instead pressed harder on his nubs. "S-Sanada!"

Sanada didn't listen. Instead, the vice-captain rose, unable to restrain himself any longer. Yukimura yelped and wrapped his legs around Sanada's waist as he was lowered back on the bed. Sanada attacked Yukimura's chest with bites and kisses, lavishing attention on any skin he could reach and fully intending to mark it as well as he could. Yukimura panted openly, delirious as Sanada's pace grew in speed and strength.

"Sanada, ohh, don't stop...!" Yukimura threw his head back at a particularly hard thrust, spreading his legs even further. "Yes...!" They were being so loud, but he couldn't stop now, not now. He would rather be discovered by his mother than have to stop now. Finally, finally, Sanada reached between them and gripped his tender cock. Yukimura humped Sanada's palm and within seconds he was shuddering and coating both their stomachs with white seed.

There was a knock on the door.

"Seiichi," his mother called out. They both froze at the sound of Yukimura's mother standing just outside the room. Neither had even heard her come up the stairs. Sanada attempted to calm his thumping heart and frantic breath, but it was hard to do as he was still balls-deep inside his captain.

"Yes mom?" said Yukimura. Sanada was impressed that Yukimura managed to sound so casual although he was shuddering in Sanada's embrace from his orgasm, covered in sweat and cum.

"It's getting a bit late. Is Sanada-kun planning on staying the night?" she called out.

"We're nearly done the homework. Sanada's just about finished," said Yukimura.

"All right," she replied. They waited and then breathed out in relief when they heard her walking back down the stairs.

Yukimura lightly laughed. "That was close."

Sanada nodded in agreement. "A-Ah... I guess I should go."

Yukimura looked at him strangely. "You're not finished yet," he said and began moving again. Sanada groaned as the friction around his cock made itself known once more.

"Y-Yukimura, it's too risky, what if your mother—"

"Oh, it won't take long. Besides, I'm sure you don't want to walk home with a boner in your pants. Just lay back and let me do the work."

Once again Yukimura took the lead. He was about to protest when Yukimura grounded down again. Sanada quickly forgot that it would be bad if Yukimura's mother discovered his son bouncing on his best friend's cock, instead thinking only of More and God, Faster.

Yukimura worked him at a relentless pace, the room silent save for the wet sounds of their lovemaking. The bluenette stared down at him with an enticing gaze. Sanada stared back, noting how ravished Yukimura looked with lovemarks coating his chest and neck, his lips a swollen red and his hair a sweaty mess. He saw Yukimura's tongue dart out and lick his lips before the pleasure pushed him off the edge.

He spurted out days worth of buildup. It took a while before he was fully limp and empty, feeling like he had ran not one, but four marathons for how tired he was. Yukimura shuddered when he felt the thick liquid continuing to spray inside him and then dripping down his thighs.

"Well today was quite… adventurous," laughed Yukimura once he was laying on his side and cleaning between his legs with a tissue. Sanada grunted in affirmation and went searching for his clothes. He wished he was able to spend the night instead of having to leave Yukimura's warm bed.

"Hn." Sanada grunted, the cold air running along his skin and giving him goosebumps, cooling his sweat-covered body. "Next time lets wait until your parents aren't in."

Yukimura chuckled again. "Agreed."

Yukimura was perfectly content to wrap himself in a cocoon of blankets as Sanada got dressed. Sanada was almost jealous, wishing he could join Yukimura in the soft blankets. Yukimura stared out his window thoughtfully.

"The snow's melting… the weather's getting warmer, ne?" said Yukimura.

"It is," said Sanada. It was still cold, but it was a lot warmer than the last few weeks.

"Soon we won't be in need of all this extra tennis practice," murmured Yukimura. "I can't wait till the school courts open up again."

The implications of that stung Sanada. He was reminded that this... whatever this was, wasn't going to last forever. Soon Spring would come and these secret nights spent tangled together will be mere memories.

Sanada went back to the bed, turned Yukimura's chin and kissed him. He savoured the taste of his captain for several seconds and then let go, looking at Yukimura with something close to desperation and longing.

"What was that for?" asked Yukimura.

"I felt like it," replied Sanada. "Also, we really should have studied for that test today."

Yukimura laughed. "We'll take make-up exams together. We'll make sure to study together next time."

Sanada knew he had loitered around for too long. The goodbye kiss they shared was long and lingering and had Sanada twitching in his pants again. It also came with the promise of another meeting in a few days, and another later that week.

Sanada thanked Yukimura's mother on the way out and soon he was out in the cold winter air.

On his way home, Sanada noticed there were grass patches visible where the snow had previously covered the ground. Sanada frowned at the unsettling image and scurried on home.

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So I'm super glad to see that I'm not the only one who appreciates uke!Sanada. :D

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