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The weather was getting warmer, now more obviously than ever.

The snow was nearly all gone from the tennis courts with Spring just around the corner. The principal told the tennis team they would be able to resume their regular practices by next week. Yukimura had told Sanada the good news in school, bouncing happily at the fact that they would be able to practice everyday as a team again.

And all Sanada could think of was of what it meant for their evening practices. Yukimura would no longer have the need to hold private practices with Sanada every few days, and in turn their bargain would no longer apply. Their nightly activities would cease completely; without the promise of extra tennis practice, Sanada had nothing to bargain with.

"You seem very distracted today, Sanada," said Yukimura. It was evening and Yukimura had easily won his first set.

Sanada was not in the mood to practice for once. He kept on thinking of how much he would miss spending time with Yukimura like this and found it hard to concentrate on the game. He had grown addicted to the feel and taste of Yukimura and couldn't bear to think of going back to before, back to muttering Yukimura's name against his pillow at night and only having his hand and fantasies to satisfy him.

After a series of rather short matches had ended, they both walked back to Yukimura's house in silence. Once they were behind Yukimura's locked bedroom door, the bluenette slipped his arms around Sanada's neck with practiced ease. Yukimura's lips met the other's mouth in an attempt to coax Sanada to respond, but today Sanada remained as still as a statue.

"What's gotten into you today?" Yukimura looked at him worriedly. First the awful tennis matches and now this? Sanada was always eager for this part at the very least. "Is something the matter?" Yukimura tried to stare at Sanada's eyes but the vice-captain looked away.

"Yukimura, do you enjoy doing… this with me?" asked Sanada.

Yukimura blinked. "Of course I do. What's this about?"

Sanada shook his head. "Nothing." It was somewhat of a relief to hear confirmation that Sanada had not been the only one enjoying this. Yukimura did too. At least he wasn't forcing Yukimura into doing something the bluenette completely dreaded. Yukimura was still looking at him curiously so Sanada leaned in and distracted him with a long kiss.

Kissing was something Yukimura really did seem to like. Sanada was pretty certain that Yukimura would not give a single objection if they spent the night doing nothing more than kissing. Yukimura would always press closer to him, tighten his grip and make these delicious sounds as if Sanada was the best thing he had ever tasted.

Sanada pulled back and Yukimura groaned in disappointment. His lips were already reddening.

They were in an empty house and only had a week more of this at most. Sanada would be a fool not to make the most of the time they had left.

Sanada pushed Yukimura back until his knees hit the edge of the bed. He didn't hesitate to pin his captain down on the mattress, his left hand holding Yukimura's arms above his head. Yukimura emitted a surprised gasp at the very sudden handling. Sanada moved in and plundered Yukimura's lips again, this time delving his tongue into the supple depth of the captain's mouth. Yukimura's tongue met his and it felt like he was being stung by electricity. They sucked and bit and licked and it didn't matter that they weren't getting enough air because Sanada never wanted to stop; he wanted to keep on tasting Yukimura forever.

"Okay, I take back what I said," panted Yukimura when Sanada had finally retreated for some much needed air. "You don't seem distracted at all."

Sanada pressed another chaste kiss to Yukimura's mouth before moving to different targets. He trailed his lips over blushing cheeks and up to suck on an earlobe.

"Take off your shirt," growled Sanada roughly, his teeth scraping along the shell of Yukimura's ear. Yukimura visibly shivered. Sanada loosened his grip on Yukimura's hands so that the captain could toss his shirt over his head.

He would never tire of this, thought Sanada as he traced his hands down Yukimura's naked chest and torso. The skin was pale and flawless, made almost fluorescent in the sliver of moonlight that illuminated the room. Sanada's thumb flicked a nipple then brushed down along a flat stomach. Yukimura laughed breathlessly at the ticklish sensation.

"Beautiful," whispered Sanada and leaned down to kiss that perfect skin. One of Sanada's hands rose to trail between Yukimura's legs. Although the bluenette was still clothed from the waist down, Sanada could definitely make out a bulge within the fabric. He didn't hesitate to rub at the outline of Yukimura's length.

Yukimura hissed. "Don't tease."

"I'm not," said Sanada, rubbing harder. He couldn't help but smile a bit; having this type of effect on Yukimura always gave him a sort of ego boost.

"You are, so wipe that smirk off your face and do it properly."

Yukimura was awfully demanding today, even more so than usual. Yukimura swatted Sanada's hands off to rid himself of his pants. He then had the decency to guide Sanada's hand right back to where it was before, complete with wrapping the fingers fully around his cock, only now minus the clothing.

"There. Now continue," said Yukimura.

Sanada held back the need to laugh. What came out instead was a sort of choked snort. "You are very impatient today," he said. He did start moving his hand so that Yukimura wouldn't start complaining.

"I am simply showing you how to properly give someone a handjob and you should be grateful for the advice," said Yukimura. "Really, I thought you had mastered it by now. Do tighten your grip by the way."

Sanada obliged and said nothing more. It still surprised him how easily Yukimura was able to voice what he wanted, despite how lewd the demands were. Perhaps it was because he was a captain and used to giving orders. Still, as Yukimura was keening under his touch, Sanada half wanted to obey the demands and half wanted to tease Yukimura some more. Today Sanada was more inclined on the latter.

For once Sanada knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to explore and linger, taste and kiss and bite, caress and scratch until Yukimura could no longer take it. It was a risky decision and Yukimura might get mad, but Sanada decided it was a risk he was willing to take. He wasn't the same hesitant, awkward lover as when they had first started out. Now Sanada knew Yukimura's body as well as his own; he knew what made Yukimura gasp and laugh and moan.

Yukimura noticed something was amiss when Sanada's grip slackened.


Smiling, Sanada let his hands roam up along the planes of Yukimura's toned stomach, reaching up to twist and pinch at rosy nipples. Yukimura growled, already his impatience beginning to show its face once more. No doubt the earlier tennis matches had not been enough to fully sate Yukimura.

"Patience," said Sanada. He was hard himself but he would wait. He was going to make the absolute most of the time he had left. He lowered his mouth and sucked in a pebbled nub, lavishing it with long tongue strokes. Yukimura's hands were in his hair, pulling and pushing as if he couldn't decide if he wanted Sanada's mouth there or somewhere else.

"I'm not feeling patient today, Sanada," warned Yukimura.

"You are never patient," replied the vice-captain.

Sanada indulged himself in a slow feast, nipping at Yukimura's chest meticulously, thoroughly ensuring that he had tasted every inch of an area before moving on to the next one. He kissed his way down Yukimura's stomach, tasting the bitter pre-come that had leaked there earlier. Yukimura hung heavy and still very much hard between his legs. Despite Yukimura's occasional impatient quips and sighs, Sanada was reverent in his caresses and strokes. He could feel Yukimura relaxing under his touch and the thought pleased him very much.

When Sanada finally wrapped his hand once again around Yukimura's dick, he gave only a few tight languid strokes before he heard Yukimura cry out and a hot splash on his palm. Sanada blinked, surprised at how fast it had happened.

He barely saw Yukimura's embarrassed red face for a second before the bluenette slapped a hand over his mouth and hid his face with his other arm, rolling over so that he was facing away from Sanada.

"Yukimura," murmured Sanada, reaching for his captain's arms with a widening smile. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about." Yukimura had absolutely no idea how horribly endearing he was being, hiding cutely to the side. Sanada had to stop himself from roughly pinning those hands up and taking Yukimura right there on the spot. "I love the noises you make, Yukimura." Most especially the involuntary ones, he thought.

Yukimura hid his face in the pillow. Sanada kissed his shoulder, gently whispering reassurances in his captain's ear. Despite his attempt, Yukimura's ear seemed to get redder. Sanada didn't think he had ever seen Yukimura so embarrassed before.

"Hm, so I suppose you don't want to continue?" asked Sanada.

Yukimura turned just enough so that one eye glared back at him. "Since you are so interested in being impossibly slow, then maybe I'll just go to sleep and you'll be ready when I wake up," Yukimura snapped.

"Slow or not, you enjoyed it a lot just now."

As Yukimura sulked into his pillow, grumbling over Sanada's too slow methods, Sanada took the time to rid himself of his clothes. Yukimura's one eye watched intensively as each layer was shed until Sanada was as bare as his captain. The bottle of lube was already prepared on the nightstand and Sanada took it, uncapping it and spreading the slippery liquid on his fingers. He could wait for Yukimura to come around; he was going nowhere for the rest of the night.

Despite Yukimura seeming indisposed, his legs still spread apart when Sanada slid wet fingers between his buttcheeks. Sanada poured an ample amount over the area and worked on rubbing it in as best he could without actually penetrating. No, he wouldn't breech just yet... He just pressed and made lazy circles over the twitching hole; a slow teasing touch. He would wait… wait for it…

"Sanada." Yukimura's tone was a warning but it was laced with so much desire that it came out sounding like a plea.


There was no answer. Sanada rubbed even harder over the puckered muscles. The entrance relaxed under his fingertips. It would be so easy to just delve his fingers in that heat… already it felt ready to suck him in. He was barely over a minute into it when Yukimura made a noise that sounded like a pained groan, muffled by the pillow.

"God, hurry up," gritted Yukimura. "Enter me, stretch me, fill me, just do something!"

There was something just so satisfying about Yukimura practically begging to be stretched. Sanada didn't have the self control to make it last longer. He thrust two fingers in at once and the result came in the form of Yukimura arching back with his mouth open in a silent cry.

"Better?"asked the vice-captain. Sanada was easily able to find that pleasure spot inside the bluenette and he pressed on it without mercy. He had no trouble working his hand in and out of Yukimura's body, but still his pace was unhurried, pressing in just so that Yukimura could feel every slide and movement, every twist and curve of his fingers. By the time Sanada added a third digit, Yukimura's cock was once again engorged.

"I swear, Sanada," Yukimura said in-between the fingers' thrusts. "If you ever… tease me like this… ever again… I-I- Ah! I will exhaust you… so thoroughly during our… matches that you won't - ngh!- even have the strength left… to get aroused!"

Sanada added the forth and final finger, looking down at the hole stretching and clenching to accommodate it all in. It was an enticing sight.

"Is it really so wrong to go at my own pace?" asked Sanada.

"Your pace is equal to a turtle's- no, a snail's speed," said Yukimura.

Sanada slowed down and then stopped, four fingers completely buried inside Yukimura. The bluenette wailed pitifully, feeling Sanada slowly dragging them out until only a single digit remained in.

"You bastard," gasped Yukimura.

"Insulting me won't give you what you want," said Sanada, completely removing his hand altogether.

Yukimura completely abandoned words in favour of growling like some feral animal.

"I don't know what that means, Yukimura," said Sanada in an impossibly calm voice. He moved his hips up just enough for Yukimura to feel his hard shaft against his hip.

Yukimura's next sound was the most desperate moan he had ever heard. "Sanada, take me, fuck me, just please!"

Sanada gripped his own cock for a quick lathering in lubricant and thrust himself fully in, all in one sharp movement. Yukimura was caught completely off guard, not expecting the full girth all at once. He immediately tightened, screaming as more release flew out of him in thick jets.

"Better?" asked Sanada.

Instead of getting embarrassed, Yukimura had better things to say.

"Fuck you," hissed Yukimura. Perhaps that was a good hint as to how frustrated Yukimura was because it was very rare for the captain to resort to swearing. Sanada once again began a pace, this one hard and almost as fast as he wanted. Sanada found that bundle of nerves and attacked it relentlessly. Yukimura was delirious, his moans a constant stream and unrestrained as he writhed on the bed, upper body down on the mattress, hands clenched in the sheets and his ass raised to connect with Sanada's hips.

Sanada trailed one hand up Yukimura spine. Yukimura very nearly cried when Sanada slowed down again.

This was going to be a long night.

"No more," panted Yukimura, boneless on the bed. "No more Sanada, I have nothing left."

Sanada was breathing just as heavily and felt tired enough to pass out on the spot, but somehow he still wanted this. He wanted to exhaust them both so thoroughly that neither could forget this night. Sanada kissed down Yukimura's stomach, tasting four orgasms worth of come on the skin.

"One more," said Sanada, hoarse. "One more, Yukimura."

Yukimura's cock was red and sensitive when Sanada touched it, earning him a hiss from his captain. But when he began stroking again, the member slowly started to swell. Yukimura didn't object for much longer; either Yukimura was still enjoying it or he was much too exhausted to protest.

"Please, Sanada…" It wasn't clear what Yukimura was pleading for but once Sanada took him in his mouth, all voices stopped in favour of wanton cries. Yukimura was fully and completely debauched under him. His skin was laden with marks of teeth, sucking kisses and nail scratches. His eyes were closed and his mouth open in a silent cry, a sliver of saliva escaping from the corner of his mouth.

Sanada was patient, knowing it would take some time before Yukimura was ready to spill again. He coaxed Yukimura back up the stages of arousal with his tongue and mouth. He slurped and flicked the organ with what he was happy to say was practiced ease. His tongue dug in the slit, tasting the remaining hints of come from earlier.

Yukimura had lost most of his voice, but he still mewled beautifully as Sanada showed him exactly just how well he knew his body. It took longer than Sanada had thought but finally Yukimura tensed, his muscles seizing up. Yukimura had nothing left to spill and barely a few drops dripped into Sanada's awaiting mouth.

By the time Sanada slipped the softening member out of his mouth, he realised that Yukimura had his eyes closed and had fallen asleep.

Sanada smiled. He didn't blame his captain as he felt pretty tired as well. He felt more sated than he had ever felt. He was sure he wouldn't push Yukimura this far again, but he was glad he had done this and indulged to his heart's content at least once before this was all over. He was slowly growing to accept the fact that soon these memories would be all he had left and Sanada figured he should at least be happy that he had been given such a chance to be with his captain at all.

Sanada was ready to fall in next to Yukimura on the bed and go to sleep, but his exhaustion would have to wait. He went to the washroom and came back with a wet cloth. He pressed the damp cloth along Yukimura's stomach and thighs, washing the drying mess they had left. Yukimura made soft noises and moved slightly but still remained fast asleep. Only once that was done did Sanada join his captain, pulling the covers up over them both.

He moved Yukimura's hair out of the way and kissed him. "Good night, Seiichi," Sanada murmured and then he was sleeping, his hand clutching Yukimura's.

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