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It was official.

The weather was warmer once again and the ground was now clear of snow. Tomorrow, the Rikkai tennis courts would be open once more and the team would be able to practice morning and afternoon everyday. It meant Yukimura would no longer wish to have extra practice in the evenings, which consequentially meant Sanada would no longer be able to ask for special services afterwards.

Sanada had repeatedly reminded himself that this day would eventually come, hence why he had made the most of his time with Yukimura all week. However, it still didn't make this whole thing easier. Sanada was visibly grumpier all day, snapping even at Yanagi for no reason during lunch period and getting angry at anyone who tried talking to him. What made everything worse was how very obviously happy Yukimura was at the thought of having the courts back.

Sanada spent the day thinking about what he would do that night. After all, it would be their final night together.

He debated over various scenarios, planning out every minute he had, but it was a nearly impossible thing to do considering he didn't know how long their tennis match would last, nor how tired Yukimura would be afterwards. There was only one thing Sanada knew he had to do that would ensure the best results: he would have to play tennis good and hard. The better he played, the more Yukimura would step up the pace and the faster the game would end. There was the possibility that a tough match might exhaust them, but for the most part a good game meant an enthusiastic Yukimura afterwards.

That was why Sanada gave it his all that night.

It was already dark outside when Sanada and Yukimura faced off for their last match of the evening. They were alone on the tennis courts, their footsteps, heavy breathing and the sound of the ball hitting their rackets being all they could hear. Yukimura was glowing and completely delighted, wiping the sweat off his brow every few minutes. Sanada stood on the opposite end, a frown stuck to his face as he focused to the best of his ability. He was impatient, leading to him using the fast-paced Fu and Rai very frequently. Yukimura would mutter about Sanada's troublesome techniques, yet he appeared more and more thrilled each time Sanada shot the ball back at him.

If it was any other day, Sanada might have felt proud of the fact that he had lost five to seven; it was the most points he had ever gotten from Yukimura. As it was, Sanada was humming with adrenaline, not tired in the least despite such an intense game.

No, he couldn't wait.

He wanted something now or else he felt like he would explode. He had waited all day for this. He couldn't wait another second.

The shower room was empty save for a single stall. Sanada hung his towel and moved in. He yanked the shower curtains back with roughness, startling Yukimura.

"Sanada! You scared me," said Yukimura. The bluenette was under the water spray, soap in his hair. His skin was the same beautiful ivory that Sanada would never tire of tasting. There were still some marks on the captain, although they were fading now. Lovebites layering the inside of his thighs and several bites marks around his nipples.

Oh how Sanada craved to give him more.

Sanada glared at a fading mark along his hip. They would disappear eventually, leaving no traces that Sanada had ever been there. Yukimura resumed washing the soap out of his hair, asking Sanada something that he didn't quite catch and then talking with an excited tone about the good game they had just played.

Ah, Sanada just couldn't wait.

He stepped under the water, paying no attention to how small the stall was. His arms circled Yukimura's waist, his lips kissing up the bluenette's neck. Sanada grimaced when he tasted soap.

"You smell," said Yukimura, wrinkling his nose. "You'll get me all dirty again."

"The school courts open tomorrow," growled Sanada as if that explained everything. His hand inched lower and grasped Yukimura's flaccid cock. He gave it a few languid pumps, feeling it start to twitch with interest.

Yukimura moaned. "Sanada, you're not being fair." He head lulled back, panting hotly against Sanada's neck as the vice-captain stroked him. No, Sanada was not wasting a single second today. "We're not even at my house yet."

Sanada continued, stroking the flushed little thing until it swelled and beaded at the tip. Sanada licked his lips, remembering the sensation of having its weight in his mouth, his tongue running up the twitching veins and playing with the tip as he listened to Yukimura's moans. He dug his finger along the slit, feeling Yukimura shudder in response.

"I'll let you feel this again and again tonight," Sanada spoke against Yukimura's flushed ear. Yukimura was turning that lovely shade of pink like he always did when he was aroused. "I hope you're not planning a hard training schedule for tomorrow because I will exhaust you so thoroughly that you won't even have the strength left to run laps."

The captain shivered. "Hnn, is that so?" said Yukimura, almost in a matter-of-fact way for someone desperately humping another boy's palm.

"Yes, that is so," growled Sanada and squeezed. That earned him a most delightful cry from his captain.

"I'm glad our training helped you – ahh – improve your endurance," Yukimura said, "but, don't get too ahead of yourself." Yukimura's look was far too sly. "By the end of tonight, you'll be as exhausted as me- Ahh! I'm close, don't stop!" He dug his nails into Sanada's arms.

Sanada held Yukimura through his climax, unsure of whether to take Yukimura's words as a challenge or a promise. In the end, he didn't have the time to dwell on it as Yukimura recovered and wasted no time in scolding him for getting him dirty again and then once more telling Sanada that he smelled.

Sanada didn't understand the point; they would get dirty all over again later tonight, that he was sure of.

The fact that Sanada had not attended to his own needs in the shower was something he ended up regretting the entire way to Yukimura's house. Not only was he far too eager to get there, but the throbbing between his legs was far more obvious than he had first thought.

On the bus, Sanada sat cross-legged to divert attention away from his crotch area. When they got off the bus and walked down Yukimura's street, Sanada had to manoeuvre his bag to hide it. Yukimura couldn't stop giggling.

"I must say, this is quite a funny situation," commented Yukimura.

Sanada grumbled. "Let's just hurry to your house."

"Oh, I forgot to mention that my parents are home today."

"W-What?!" Sanada's face fell, hearing all his plans for the night shattering into a million pieces in his head.

Yukimura simply laughed at Sanada's mortified expression. "I'm only joking. You should have seen your face," said Yukimura. He suddenly grabbed Sanada's arm, pressing up against his side. "Don't worry. We have the house and the night to ourselves."

It was a warm early spring night. They didn't even have their jackets on anymore. Sanada was hot, either from the tennis match they just played or from the anticipation of what was coming. He could hardly believe winter was over already, gone in a flash just like that. It felt like it had been only a few days ago that he had made this deal with Yukimura and kissed him for the first time.

"It's warm tonight," Sanada said out loud.

"Ah…" murmured Yukimura. "We'll be high schoolers soon, starting anew. How long do you think it will take for us to make the high school regulars?"

"Five days," said Sanada. "Maximum a week."

Yukimura laughed. "Such a long time? You're too humble. I was thinking… three days? I'll defeat whoever the captain is and earn myself a good spot on the team. And then…"

Yukimura didn't have to say it. Sanada knew what he was thinking: A three year consecutive win. A chance to redeem themselves. Something for Yukimura to strive for. In only a month's time, they would once again be training hard for their goal.

Yukimura's house was as dark and silent as Yukimura had promised. They took off their shoes and Yukimura offered Sanada some tea, which Sanada declined as politely as he could while trying not to just grab Yukimura and drag him upstairs to the bedroom.

"Are you sure? Mom just bought a new kettle," said Yukimura, edging towards the kitchen and not towards the bedroom. "We have some sencha, gyokuro…"

Oh, to hell with it.

In a single step, Sanada was there, leaning down and stealing Yukimura in his arms, hauling him over his shoulder. Yukimura gasped in alarm, squirming as Sanada began hauling him upstairs. Yukimura was much lighter than Sanada had expected.

"Sanada, what do you think you're doing?" demanded Yukimura.

"I'll make the tea in the morning," said Sanada. "But unless you want me to take you against the dining room table, then you should keep still."

Yukimura did stop squirming and instead chuckled, like Sanada's impatience was somehow funny. Yukimura won't be laughing for long, thought Sanada. Soon he would be making sure that the only words coming out of Yukimura's mouth were moans or pleas in the form of Sanada's name.

He kicked the door open and took care to lay Yukimura down gently on the bed. Sanada wasted no time and crawled on top of him. He opened his mouth, then closed it. His hands moved up, then down, and up again. Sanada paused, frowning.

He had been so eager before and now… he didn't know where to start. Looking down at Yukimura put him face to face with multiple contradictory feelings. He wanted to rip Yukimura's clothes away, yet at the same time he wanted to savour the moment and kiss every inch of skin as it was slowly exposed. He wanted to bite that smooth neck and hear him gasp, but still he wanted to caress his captain, kissing him gently as if they had all the time in the world.


Yukimura's voice pierced the bubble, shaking Sanada out of his trance. Confused eyes met his.

"S-Sorry, I just…" Sanada paused once again looking at Yukimura as if he were at a loss of what to do, like this was the first night all over again and he didn't know how to proceed. He stroked a hand up Yukimura's cheek. "I don't know where to start."

Yukimura laughed. "Hoh? What happened to your boasting advances from earlier? Lost your nerve already?"

Sanada quickly decided that kissing Yukimura's smug little face was definitely the best action to take. He had no intention of backing down on his promises, and even less now that Yukimura had taunted him into taking action. Sanada pressed their lips together and it was almost as if it acted as a type of tranquilizer on Yukimura. The bluenette sighed, laying back serene and relaxed and opened his mouth. Sanada took the invitation, finding the other's tongue and giving it all the attention it desired.

When Sanada pulled back, Yukimura whined and pulled him back down for more. Sanada obliged him, trying to ignore the strain in his pants without much success. Sanada tried slowly moving out of Yukimura's grip to rid himself of his clothes. However, Yukimura had very different ideas. Yukimura hold on Sanada's neck refused to budge.

"Yukimura… Let me at least-"

"Not yet," Yukimura panted, sucking on Sanada lower lip. "We have all night. Kiss me some more."

Sanada gulped. At least now there was no more doubt about Yukimura's infatuation with kissing. "J-Just let me undress first. I'll kiss you again, I promise."

Yukimura grumbled but let him go. Sanada freed his erection right away, sighing in relief. Having it in his pants the entire way home had been far from comfortable. He slid his shirt above his head, happy to note that Yukimura was doing the same to his own clothes. He helped Yukimura out of his pants and then they were touching again, all hot naked flesh rubbing together. Sanada rubbed his cock against Yukimura's thigh. It was not nearly enough to satisfy him but it felt good.

Yukimura had stuffed his tongue back into Sanada's mouth immediately after their clothes were gone. The softness of Yukimura's lips were anything but gentle as they invaded his senses, demanding more and more until Sanada was utterly powerless to stop it. Sanada's eyes were barely open, just enough to see Yukimura's long lashes and blushed skin. A few more kisses later, Sanada vaguely realized that Yukimura was above him and he wondered when exactly they had switched positions.

Yukimura released Sanada's lip from between his teeth, showing him a quick smile before nuzzling down against the crook of his neck and kissing the skin there too.

"You're really comfortable," Yukimura said. "And warm. I feel like I could fall asleep on you."

That was most definitely not what Sanada wanted Yukimura to do on him. Yukimura saw Sanada's expression and laughed. Sanada pursed his lips, realizing that Yukimura was laughing at him a lot today.

"Oh, don't worry; I'm not falling asleep on you just yet, my dear vice-captain," said the bluenette. "I already have plans for you tonight." He grinded his hips down and Sanada could feel that Yukimura was just as eager as him.

Sanada held his hips, massaging his fingers along the skin there. "Does that mean you're done kissing me?" Not that he was objecting to Yukimura's show of affection, but Yukimura's mouth was distracting him from other tasks.

"Never." Yukimura smiled, stealing another kiss from his lips. "But rest assured that I'm fully confident in your ability to multitask, Sanada." The bottle of lubricant was suddenly there, taken from under Yukimura's pillow. Yukimura was also there again, good on his promise as he kissed along Sanada's ear and back down to his mouth.

Fine. Sanada supposed he had very little choice on the matter. He had very little trouble opening the bottle and pouring it down his fingers. He reached lower, giving fleeting touches to Yukimura's member and slipping past it to rub at his most secret place. Before Sanada could ask if this was okay, Yukimura moaned into mouth, nodding and whispering feverish encouragements.

Yukimura accepted the fingers, putting up no resistance as Sanada scissored them and eagerly awaiting the touch to that one sweet spot that would turn Yukimura into a writhing mess. When Sanada pressed against it, he felt Yukimura's entire body shudder. The kiss turned sloppy and a low-pitched whine emitted from Yukimura's throat.

"Hurry," Yukimura whispered and reached down to grip Sanada's member.

The preparation was hastier than usual but neither of them cared as Yukimura was soon batting Sanada's hands away and sinking down on Sanada's cock, cringing only for a few brief seconds as he adjusted to the girth.

"Are you okay?" asked Sanada, pushing a strand of hair behind Yukimura's ear.

Yukimura smiled and took Sanada's hand in his own, twining their fingers together. He kissed the back of Sanada's hand. "I'm better than okay," Yukimura said. "You played so well tonight, my vice-captain. You deserve this. Tonight is for you."

Sanada's protests died in his throat as Yukimura moved. He raised himself high and then impaled himself back down, hard. His control and mesmerizing sway of his hips was a sight Sanada could not look away from. Sanada's legs flexed but he was trapped by the pulsing velvet around his cock and the tight desperate hands clawing at his arms. Yukimura bit his lip, the flush covering his entire chest.

God, he was so beautiful.

Though he was breathless and stretched, Yukimura still sought out Sanada's mouth. The moment Yukimura leaned for a kiss was when Sanada grappled out of Yukimura's grip and twisted their positions. Sanada smirked victoriously and pushed in as deep as he could go, feeling Yukimura clench around him.

Yukimura's weak hands tried to push him. "No, you can't, if you press there I'll…!" He screamed at another hard thrust, his hands grasping at air. Sanada took them only to pin them on both sides of Yukimura's head. "S-Sanada…!"


"I-I'm supposed to be – ahh – making you feel good," Yukimura said, panting openly and moaning every time Sanada hit the right spot. Even as he said it, his hips were straining to keep up, his heels digging into Sanada's back. He was so wet; the pre-come glistened on Yukimura's stomach and leaked down on the bedsheets.

"You are making me feel good, Yukimura," said Sanada.

"B-But…! Ahh, stop stop I'm close- no, don't! I'll come…!" Yukimura shallow breaths and clenching muscles showed just how close he was to losing it. It was heartening for Sanada to watch, knowing that he was able to make his captain feel so good so easily. When this whole thing had started, it had been a completely different story. Sanada was almost embarrassed when he remembered how unskilled his old self had been.

"Hm, you'll come? But I haven't even touched you there yet," said Sanada, indicating towards Yukimura's erection. Even so, Sanada stilled, his thrusts turning slow and gentle. Yukimura was a shaky tense thing and god, Yukimura really needed to stop clenching around him so tightly. Sanada reached lower to touch the place where they were joined, but the gentle motions did little to calm the sensitized area.

He loved it, every bit of it. He loved the way Yukimura clung to him, digging his nails into the skin of his back. He loved the way Yukimura gasped and moaned his name when he was inside him. He loved the way Yukimura always sought out his lips, always wanting to kiss him again and again like he couldn't get enough.

"Sanada…" Yukimura pulled him closer, his lidded eyes searching his.

"I'm here," said Sanada, cradling Yukimura's cheek.

"Feels good – ahh! – Genichirou!"

Sanada gasped, a surge of arousal spiking through him. There was no part of Yukimura that was being fair right now, saying his name in such a voice with that pleading face. Sanada wasn't about to last long either. He found Yukimura's cock and barely had a hand on it when white seed spurted out. Yukimura's face was contorted into an expression of pure bliss, his cry loud and unrestrained.

The pressure built inside Sanada too and it took very little to drive him over the edge as well. He felt Yukimura shudder as the warm liquid gushed into him, filling him to the very brink. It did little to quench Sanada's fire. Even as he softened and lay along Yukimura's side, Sanada already felt ready for more.

He expected Yukimura to lay back with a satisfied smile and make a snarky remark or two. Instead, Yukimura crawled over him again and kissed him until he was breathless.

"Why are you kissing me so much today?" asked Sanada.

"Since this is the last day of our bargain, and you don't kiss me nearly enough, I'm taking what I want for myself," replied Yukimura simply.

Sanada wanted to say something, maybe to tell Yukimura how he never wanted this to end and that he wanted to keep on doing this, but all he did was sigh as he let Yukimura shower him in kisses, those swollen lips sucking along his neck and nibbling the skin.



"Can we just stay like this tonight?" Yukimura asked, lying languidly along Sanada's body, rubbing his cheek against Sanada's. "You probably want to do more, but... do you think we could do something different? I just really want to stay with you like this for now."

"Are you tired?" said Sanada. Saying Sanada wanted more was an understatement. Seeing and feeling Yukimura's naked body right here was already making him harden.

"Ah, something like that," muttered Yukimura, his eyes shiny. "I know you ultimately decide but…"

Sanada paused, biting the inside of his mouth. He had gone through many scenarios for tonight previously in his head and all of them had included several exhausting rounds of sex. Suddenly all the fantasies shattered in Sanada's mind. Yukimura didn't want that. Perhaps Sanada had pushed it too far last time…? That alone was like a cold slap to the face.

"Sure," said Sanada, distant.

Yukimura beamed, kissing him again and cuddling cutely against the side of his neck. "Thank you, Sanada," he said. "I've been wanting this you know… to just stay here like this… and kiss you over and over…"

Sanada grunted his reply. "If you didn't want to do it with me then you should have said so in the first place." Just the thought that he had been about to ask Yukimura if they could continue this was enough to upset him. Sanada knew he should consider himself lucky to have saved himself from a rejection, but it was hard to feel any happiness at the moment. Clearly Yukimura was not as eager to do this as Sanada had originally thought. Had Yukimura been dreading this part of their bargain the whole time? Sanada would have asked if he wasn't afraid of the answer.

He turned to his side, making Yukimura slide off him. When Yukimura crept close and tried to kiss him again, Sanada shook his head away.

"What's wrong Sanada?" Yukimura sensually moved down to lick his shoulder blade. "I can't keep kissing you if you move away," he said, teasing.

Sanada sighed. He couldn't do this. Every beat of his heart sent painful spikes up his chest.

He left the bed and began searching for his clothes. This whole thing had been a stupid idea. Sanada should never had done this… getting more attached and now being left with nothing.

"Where are you going?" Yukimura demanded, sitting up on the bed with a frown on his face.

"Home. I'm tired."

"No need. Stay here," said Yukimura, patting his sheet invitingly. "We'll sleep together."

Sanada finished buttoning up his shirt and grabbed his pants. "I can't. I have things to do."

"… Can't you do those things tomorrow?" Yukimura almost sounded disappointed.

Sanada put on his cap and grabbed his bag. "I'll see you at practice tomorrow, captain," he said and left before Yukimura had the chance to say anything more.

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