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Arya woke up finding herself at the Gala once more, she turned around to see her father and Cersei talking again. Arya felt her fists clench, she knew she had to intervene she could save her father. But in a sudden movement Cersei grabbed her father's throat once more and blood began gurgling up from his mouth. Ned Stark turned his head and looked into his daughter's eyes.

"Run Arya run!" he screamed as blood fell from his lips. Arya felt herself cover her ears trying to drown out her father's pleas and Cersei's laughing.

"Dad! No…. no…no!" Arya shook her head and tried to move her feet, but her legs were glued to the floor. "DAD!" Arya began to shake trying to control her emotions. Joffrey came into the hallways and attacked her father slicing him up. Arya watched as the blood was thrown on the walls and across the floor, she urged her legs to move but they remained still. Arya felt as a strong pair of arms engulfed her, she turned to see Gendry holding her closely. She closed her eyes and grabbed his arm for comfort. Arya's body stopped shaking and her breathing became easy once more. Gendry's touch gave her a calming feeling, she knew she was safe.

Arya slowly fluttered her eyes open to see Gendry's sleeping expression staring back at her. She felt his arms around her, she felt safe. Arya laid there studying the contours of his face, she knew Gendry was handsome but now that she was studying him up close it was like he was completely different. His skin had a bronze glow to it and his lips had the perfect shape. Arya felt as her fingers grazed his lips wondering what it would be like to kiss them. She shook her head, those thoughts were absurd she had more important matters at hand. Arya moved her grey eyes to his black hair, it was askew in some places but it fit Gendry's look. His hair curled a bit at the ends, it fell over his eyes as he slept Arya pushed his hair back looking into his shuteyes. She had never seen clear blue eyes like Gendry's, Sansa's Tully eyes were a shade darker than Gendry's, but she found Gendry's to be more welcoming.

Arya moved out of bed slowly deciding it was time for her to shower, she looked upon Gendry's sleeping body once more before she left the room. He looked innocent, but at the same time he looked strong.

Arya walked down the hall and into the kitchen to find Brienne and Hot Pie making breakfast, Brienne turned and smiled at her, "How did you rest?"

"Fine," Arya quickly said trying to avoid the blush that was creeping up her neck.

Hot Pie turned around pointing a spatula at her, "Well at least someone slept well! That couch is not comfortable whatsoever, there are random lumps everywhere and I could have sworn spiders took refuge in that thing!"

"Hot Pie, you could have moved to the leather recliner," said Brienne bored.

"Well…I…uh…'' Hot Pie stammered.

"Didn't think of it? Yeah thought so." Brienne shot back. Arya smiled knowing how much Hot Pie loved to complain and how much he hated being humiliated.

"Brienne, I am going to shower." Arya wanted to get out of the kitchen before Hot Pie could complain anymore.

Brienne nodded, "The towels are under the sink, take your time."

Arya left the kitchen and walked into the single bathroom, she closed the door and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was still in loose curls and the velvet bow was still in place. She undid the bow and let her hair fall around her face, Arya looked at the girl in the mirror she could see her eyes were bloodshot from crying, makeup ran down her cheeks. She felt and looked so weak, Arya quickly opened the drawer next to the sink and found a pair of scissors she held out a piece of her hair and watched as the scissors cut easily through it. Just like how Joffrey cut easily through her father she thought. Hair began falling from her head and into the sink, she cut around her head wanting to be rid of her long hair. After thirty minutes Arya looked into the mirror to find a different person staring back at her. Her hair was just below her ears and her bangs fell perfectly across her face. She gathered her hair from the sink and threw it away.

Arya pulled the shower curtain away and turned on the water, she removed Gendry's shirt from her body and immersed herself with the water falling from the showerhead.

Gendry woke up suddenly from the sound of rushing water. He reached out for Arya, but he was alone in bed. He felt himself panic as he ran into the kitchen scanning it for her.

"Mate she is in the shower," said Hot Pie as he chewed on a piece of toast.

Gendry felt his shoulders relax, she was safe they hadn't got her. He sat down at the circular table with Brienne and Hot Pie, he looked before him to see stacks of pancakes and toast. Gendry's stomach grumbled at the sight of food, he grabbed himself a plate and began serving himself generously.

"Gendry," Brienne looked up at him with her large blue eyes, "I want you to take this tonight." She reached into her jeans and pulled out a semiautomatic pistol and placed it on the table before him. Gendry looked at it with wide eyes, he knew Brienne had a gun for their safety since they did not live in the best neighborhood.

"Brienne, I—''

"It's for your own safety, you never know what you will run into tonight." Gendry nodded and took the gun hiding it behind his pants.

"Do you even know how to use one?" asked Hot Pie annoyed.

Gendry glared at him, "Want to find out?"

Hot Pie went pale and shook his head. The group heard the bathroom door open as Arya walked out dressed in her dress from the night before. Gendry watched as she took a seat next to him, she stared at the food dully.

"What the fuck did you do to your hair?" asked Hot Pie rudely. Gendry heard a smack from under the table, "OUCH, I mean it looks good." Brienne glared at Hot Pie for being rude.

"It was bothering me and getting in the way, so I cut it off."

Gendry looked at her new haircut, it suited her. The short pixie like cut fit the frame of her face perfectly, "I like it." Gendry blushed realizing that he was voicing his thoughts once again. Arya looked at him and gave him a small smile, she reached for a piece of toast and began shoving it into her mouth. Everyone ate their breakfast in silence anticipating what information they would receive tonight.

Robert Baratheon lay in the hospital bed as the heart monitor beat every now and then showing that he was still alive. Beside his bed Cersei Lannister waited for someone or something. There was a knock on the door as Jamie Lannister entered the room with a vile of red liquid.

"Envy, I was not expecting you to take that long just to get a stone." Cersei crossed her arms and stared at Robert Baratheon's slumbering body. "Make it quick, we are going to need Gluttony." Jamie nodded his head curtly and grabbed an empty needle from a tray and filled it with the red liquid.

"This won't hurt a bit," Jamie chuckled as he pierced the needle into one of Robert's main veins. As soon as the red liquid was running through Robert's veins his heart monitor began beeping erratically and his body began to convulse. Robert opened his eyes to show a red glow emitting from them.

Cersei Lannister laughed, "Well done Envy, well done." She watched as Robert began to fight against the red liquid, but his fight was lost when his body lay still with red electricity surrounding him.

Robert turned his head, "Lust, I am hungry I can smell the blood of the people outside. Can I eat them?"

"No Gluttony, remember to play your part and save you appetite for later." Cersei said smiling wickedly.

Gendry waited on the couch for Brienne to return from the store with more ammunition. He sat on the couch staring at the television as the daily news came on. The usual reporter came onto the screen with a stack of papers in his hands as her began to report more news on the Gala last night.

The reporter quickly paused and held his hand up to his ear as he received new news, "Breaking news here. King Robert has woken up and is recovering from the gunshot he received earlier. Queen Cersei confirms that her husband is in good health and a quick recovery is expected."

"They got him."

Gendry jumped not noticing Arya sitting next to him, she was quite as a shadow and smooth as a cat. "What do you mean?"

Arya looked at him raising an eyebrow, "Cersei is his husband she has to be behind this, there was no way he could have survived that shot." Gendry nodded his head making sense of it all. He watched Arya as she stared at the television trying not to reveal any emotions. It was the first thing about Arya that he noticed; she did not like showing any emotion, she buried it down until it completely consumed her. He wanted her to cry like she had the night her father died, he wanted her to be relieved of all her emotions. But he knew that was not possible she would never show any weakness.

"Arya, Gendry it's time." Brienne walked into the room looking at Gendry and Arya with worried eyes. "Hot Pie is in the bathroom getting ready, but I am sure he is trying to hide."

"I will get him." Gendry said as he stood up and headed towards the bathroom.

Brienne and Arya stood there for a moment waiting. Brienne went into her room and came out with a bowler hat, she handed it to Arya, "Here."

Arya looked at her confused, "Why are you giving me a hat?"

"To conceal your identity. The last thing I need to see is your face splattered on the news with the headline: 'ARYA STARK DEAD'" Brienne watched at Arya placed the hat on the tip of her head. "He cares about you." Arya looked at Brienne with a raised eyebrow and then peered down the hall. "I can tell how he is protective over you."

"He just feels sorry for me," said Arya.

"You really are clueless aren't you?" Brienne said smiling to herself. "It's easy to see with the way he looks at you."

Arya opened her mouth to say something when Gendry and Hot Pie reentered the room. Hot Pie was nervously shaking Arya felt bad for dragging him into this, but it was his choice to enter the car that night.

"Let's go. I will drive." Arya quickly went to the kitchen table and grabbed the keys to the Boss. Arya stopped at the door and turned to Brienne, "Thank you, for everything." Arya walked out of the door and into the parking garage.

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive?" Gendry had caught up to Arya's pace, she turned to look at him and met his clear blue eyes.

She shook her head, "No I want to drive, it clears my mind."

"Oh now you want to clear your mind after all the shit that has happened?!" complained Hot Pie.

Gendry and Arya turned around at the same time yelling, "Shut up Hot Pie!" He shut his mouth immediately embarrassed by their reactions. Arya unlocked her car and began driving to The Throne, they arrived at the club ten minutes later.

"Park on a side street so no one can find the car." Gendry said as he pointed out a street a few blocks away from the club.

Arya turned off the ignition and began to get out of the car when Gendry held her back, "Wait a second." Gendry reached behind his jeans and pulled out a gun. Arya felt her eyes widen with horror.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Arya watched as Gendry loaded the gun with fresh bullets.

Gendry lifted his eyes and looked into Arya's shocked expression, "I am keeping us safe." Gendry locked the bullets in and checked to see if the safety was on before he tucked the gun back in his pants. Gendry ignored the looks that Arya and Hot Pie shot at him and climbed out of the car.

The group made it to the club just in time, when they entered lights were flashing and EDM music was blasting through the speakers. Arya watched as some girls tried to dance on Gendry, but he pushed them aside fixing his stare on Arya. She peered to the back of the club to see Jory sitting in a booth with a glass of whiskey in his hand. Arya moved her way through the crowd and found herself sitting beside Jory.

"You made it here." Jory stated. "Were you followed?"

Arya looked towards Gendry for an answer, he simply looked at Jory and said, "No, and I made sure we parked far off just in case."

Jory nodded curtly, "Smart boy."

Arya was getting fidgety not wanting to linger too long, "What information do you have Jory?"

Jory refocused his attention on Arya, "Before your father was killed he was doing some research about other economies that had fallen. And he came across something peculiar." Arya nodded for him to continue, "As your father was looking through some documents regarding the stock market crash of 1929 he found a photo of Cersei and Jamie Lannister with a wealthy banker. He went through more records and found that the banker was her husband and he was murdered directly after the crash."

"How can he be sure it was them and not a distant relative?" asked Arya.

"That is what I was asking myself child, but then we found more evidence. Do you remember the revolution that occurred in France when the people killed the King and Queen?" Arya nodded. "We found some documents stating that Cersei Lannister was a woman of the people's court. She advised who should be killed and who was to be saved."

Arya felt her heart skip a beat, "But how can she live so long? What is she?"

"That is exactly what your father and I were looking into, we had a theory of a substance that can give someone immortal life. It can be in the form of a liquid or it can be crystalized; they may be in possession of multiple philosopher stones. Now that they have the King he is in grave danger."

"But they got him already, he is in the palm of their hands," cut in Gendry.

Jory took a sip of his whiskey, "Then we are too late and now with your father dead they will soon be after me. But heed warning child, the Lannisters' are a force to be reckoned with, they cannot be killed if they possess philosopher stones and they will not hesitate destroy this country."

"What are we to do then? Run forever?" Arya clenched her fists; there had to be a way to kill the Lannisters.

"Go to Jon up North at his Wall post, you should be safe there."

Arya was filled with hope once more, it had been four years since she last saw him, and he was moving positions every six months there was no way the Lannisters knew of his whereabouts. The group sat at the booth taking in the information that Jory had given them. The music of the club changed and the lights seemed to dim, Arya had a strange ominous feeling overcome her.

She turned towards Gendry and Hot Pie, "We need to leave now."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, leaving so soon?" Arya turned to see Joffrey peering down at her with red eyes. "I see your little friend Jory has told you our secret, how disappointing to kill someone so young." The shadows around Jory turned a shade darker as hands began to emerge from the darkness. The hands grabbed Jory gauging his eyes and shoving themselves down his throat. Jory's whiskey soon slipped from his hands and fell to floor the glass shattered without making a single sound. Arya felt Gendry pull her behind him and take out his gun positioning it point blank at Joffrey.

Joffrey tilted his head looking at Gendry with a mocking smile, "You are just as daft as your stupid father, but no need to worry he is on our side now." The shadows left Jory's dead body and headed towards Gendry. Gendry undid the safety on the gun and began to shoot Joffrey.

Joffrey took several bullets to his head, but he stood there unaffected as blood began to poor from his forehead. Red light began to consume Joffrey's wound as it began healing itself.

Hot Pie pulled on Arya's arm, "We have to leave now!"

Arya looked at Hot Pie terrified, "We cannot leave Gendry!" The music seemed to turn louder as the lights began to move erratically.

Gendry widened his eyes when he saw that Joffrey's wounds were healed. He grabbed Arya and Hot Pie and began to run for the nearest exit. He turned shooting Joffrey knowing that his bullets would not affect him, but knew they would slow him down. The music was blasting in his ears as they reached the back exit of the club. Gendry was worried about Arya's safety he needed to keep her alive.

All three of them piled out of the club in a hurry and began running down the alleyway, Gendry halted the group when a large figure emerged from the darkness.

"I can smell your hearts beating with anticipation." Robert Baratheon showed himself in the light, his mouth began to salivate as he looked at the three.

Gendry held the gun up, "Move, I am not afraid to shoot."

Robert Baratheon looked at him smiling, "You would kill your own King? Better yet your own father?"

Gendry clenched his hand around the gun, "You are not King to me." Gendry pushed his finger down on the trigger and let the bullet pass through Robert's stomach.

"You fool. Now I can eat you." Robert ran towards the group, Gendry pushed Hot Pie into a wall and grabbed Arya as they dodged Gluttony. Arya watched as Robert Baratheon fell to the floor barely missing Hot Pie. They grabbed their chance trying to run away from Gluttony once more. Arya looked behind her and saw Joffrey Baratheon smiling wickedly at them. Shadows began to chase them as they got closer to the car, hands began reaching out for Arya she tried to quicken her pace with Hot Pie and Gendry in front of her. A hand latched itself around Arya's ankle and pulled her to the ground. Arya fell to the ground on her side and felt her shoulder pop out of place. Arya tried crawling across the floor, but the hand had a firm grip on her.

"GENDRYYYY!" Arya yelled. Gendry turned immediately and saw how more hands were coming for Arya. He ran towards her and grabbed her hands pulling her away from the shadows. Gendry reached for his gun and began shooting in the darkness, the hands released Arya and he pulled her towards him. Arya frantically grabbed onto his shirt and hid her face in the crook of his neck.

"LET"S GO!" Hot Pie yelled from the end of the alley. Gendry picked up Arya and ran to the Boss. He grabbed the keys from Arya and turned on the ignition, he noticed that Arya was grabbing her shoulder in pain as he buckled her in.

"Mate we have to leave now," Hot Pie looked behind him to see flashing police light approaching them.

"Arya do you know how to use this?" Gendry asked as he held the gun to Arya. She nodded her head taking the gun and unclicking the safety. "Good, wait for my signal to shoot." Gendry shifted the car into first gear and hit the gas. They were sent flying, Gendry quickly switched to second gear as they approached a streetlight. "Okay Arya roll down the window now! Peak out and hold on!" Gendry hit the gas harder now going 90 mph, he shifted into fifth gear and drifted into a u-turn. "Arya shoot now!" He saw Arya fixate her stare on the police cars as she shot at their windshields.

They drove their way out of King's Landing and into the countryside. Gendry refused to go any slower in case they were being followed.

Now the war really begins, Gendry thought to himself.

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