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It was a chilly fall Sunday evening and I was once again digging through garbage trying to find something decent to eat. How can I live like this? I yell silently in my head. Just like all the other times, I come up with nada to eat. Then, after I give up, my stomach growls indicating that I'm hungry. "Shut up, I know you're hungry. I'm trying here." I say while noticing that some local New Yorkers walking by staring. "Take a picture. It will last longer!" I yell to them as the quickly scurry. I sit down with my stomach growling like the lion king. What I would do to get some food.

~Charlie's POV~

I never expected to run into her. She was just…there.

That girl, that homeless teen girl sitting on the side of the street passed out with her stomach growling, she looked hungry. She looked tired and cold and scared. I look to my left and noticed that piles and piles of trash are dug out of the restaurant's garbage can. She was digging in the garbage? Just to find something to eat. I decide to go over and see how, if any, I can help her.

"Umm…excuse me." I say while poking her. She remains silent and her eyes remain closed. "Do you want me to buy you dinner?" I offer while her eyes still remain close and she doesn't move a muscle. "Wait…are you okay? Hello?" I rant. She wasn't responding or moving. It was like she was almost…oh God.

I dig into my backpack searching for my cell phone. I dial 911. "Hello 911. What's your emergency?" says the operator on the other line. "Uh yes. I have a homeless teen orphan here and I asked if she wanted any food because she was hungry but when I asked and asked and even eventually poked and shook her, she didn't respond at all. She wouldn't talk, open her eyes, move, nothing!" I am practically screaming into the phone now out of panic. "Sir just calm down. Where are you?" the operator asks. I give her our location and about 2 minutes later the paramedics show up.

I stop the paramedic concerned for the girl. "We don't know her current health state. By the way she's dressed and how skinny she is, it doesn't look good. She'll be at the Manhattan Mercy Hospital if you want to see her later." the paramedic rants in one breath. I nod in understanding and the medics rush her away to the hospital. Kadee and I outta go see her later. I think quietly while running home.

~Natalie's POV~

I wake up not knowing where the heck I was. My eyes flutter open and all I see are lights. Bright lights. Am I dead? Can I see mom and dad now? I think just as a doctor comes in rejecting my previous though. "So Natalie Cooke. How are you feeling?" she asks. I sit up slowly. "I-I…" I stutter. I finally spit it out. "I'm fine. Just sore." I answer while finally noticing while my arm hurts like crap. There was an IV attached to it. "You were found by a young man in an alley totally dehydrated and malnourished. He called 911 and brought you here." the doctor answers my thoughts. "Really? Did you get the guy's name so I can find him and thank him?" I ask.

"You don't have to do that." says a teen boy as he walks through the door of my hospital room. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was him.

~Charlie's POV~

"You don't have to do that." I say entering Natalie's room. The doctors did a DNA test and found her birth certificate. Her name was Natalie Cooke and she is 14 years old. Her parents passed away from a untreatable disease and left her a orphan. She lived with a foster family but ran away because of alleged child abuse claims. She has lived the rest of her life up to now in the streets wondering when her next meal is going to be.

As I walk over to her, she looks shocked to see me. "You're…you're…" she stutters a moment. "Charlie Prince?" I say answering her question. She nods and looks like she is about to either scream or wet her pants. My lucky guess was scream. "OH MY GOD! CHARLIE PRINCE! IS THAT REALLY YOU?! I'M A HUGE FAN! I LOVE YOU!" she screams as she suddenly claps her hands over her mouth after the last word. Her face becomes a tomato red. She looks down totally embarrassed. "Sorry. I sound like a crazed fan girl now. I wouldn't blame you if you just ran out of the room expecting me to chase after you." she says ashamed. I felt kind of bad. "It's cool. Really. You okay?" I inquire. She looks up with surprise like I wasn't going to ever ask her that. She nods and says "I am now." with a huge smile on her face. I can't help but smile too.

~Natalie's POV~

"Thanks Dr. Grayson. Natalie and I would like to leave now. Mr. Worth said he would pay you guys later, if it was okay." Charlie informs Dr. Grayson. She nods and leads me to the bathroom so I could change into my new clothes courtesy of Charlie and the hospital themselves. After signing discharge papers, we leave.

I ask Charlie the question I have been wondering for a while now. "Where are we going?" I interrogate. He just chuckles and smiles. "You'll see. You'll like it." he simply answers.

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