Underworld: Revenge

She made it more difficult on us. She killed my sister. She ruined my life. She brought this on our species. Now, I have to save us. I must correct her mistakes. Five years ago Selene and her lycan lover killed our coven's last remaining elder, Marcus. Before that, she killed another named Victor who loved Selene like a daughter, and she repaid that kindness by killing him. Without our elder's guidance and power, we were helpless during The Purge. Most of our coven was destroyed, and we survivors scattered.

My sister and I ran. We had nowhere to go. No one to help us. We lived in the sewers for two years fighting the surviving lycans and avoiding humanity. One day the lycans flushed us out into the streets. By that time, the government had soldiers posted everywhere. We didn't stand a chance. They had UV rounds in her before we could make a move. If Selene had not killed Marcus and Victor we would still have had elders to protect and guide us. Selene's selfishness is the reason my sister is dead. With my sister murdered, I was alone. Now they will all pay. I will see to that.

I have trained myself to the peak of my vampiric ability. Hunting lycans has become my new favorite pastime. The rush of putting a sliver nitrate bullet into an animal's head makes me feel powerful. Once a week, after the sun has gone down, I go for a much more difficult pray. The soldiers that oppress my kind deserve to be put in their place. I do a great service to vampires and lycans alike. Most soldiers think my kind is a myth. That makes them easy to kill. They have no idea what they're up against.

Five years have passed since the coven fell apart, and I am a soldier of vengeance. Nothing can stop me. I have made an important discovery while snooping around Antigen, a biotech company. They are holding the rogue Death Dealer Selene and her filthy mutt, Michael, in cryogenic chambers. I am now on a mission to break into Antigen and kill them both. I am going in equipped with my two main Walther P99s and two backup pistols. Along with a double barrel shotgun and a dozen throwing knives. If I fail here, these past three years will have been in vain. I will kill her.

Knowing that I could not just walk through the front door while there were guards everywhere, I found an alternative entrance. By alternative, I mean a drainage pipe that leads to a sublevel water treatment plant across the street with a connecting tunnel to Antigen's parking garage. I will have to kill dozens of people to accomplish this task. It must be done. This will be my most dangerous mission yet.