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The cookies were nearly gone, although at least there were a few of each type left. Henry was asleep in JJ's lap, and Jack was yawning. Spencer was shutting down the laptop, promising more photos available for viewing if others so wanted. Rossi was starting to clean up. Spencer smiled as he watched Hotch look around and then go first to help JJ get Henry to Will so she could get up. Hotch helped her gather all Henry's stuff and the dishes they'd brought for dinner. He helped them take all their stuff and Henry to their car. When he came back in, he started right into helping Rossi clean up.

This was the concept Beth was missing most, Spencer thought. They were family and Hotch wasn't a separate entity entirely to his self. They were all connected. Hotch threw his arms around Jessica as she said something, and then helped her with folding tables and chairs in the back. He called back and forth to Garcia and Alex, laughing as they teased him. He slapped Morgan on the back as Morgan hefted six chairs at once and managed to make it to the shed with them. Spencer tucked his cookies into his satchel, with his laptop. Then he went and started to gather Jack's gifts, and help Jack gather all his stuff from the entertainment room. Rossi was teasing Jack about 'hanging with girls' and Jack was telling Rossi about his day with Ian and the girls and Spencer.

"And Spencer, when Jade got tired, he just picked her up. He didn't say anything about it being tiring or her being a burden or anything, just carried her. And the girls liked him, just as much as I do. I think they've met him before, though, not Kimi, but Jade and Ruby. Sometimes they called him Uncle Spencer like Henry does. Isn't that nice? Did you see how Snow White kissed Spencer? She kissed him on the side of his mouth! But it looked like Rosie did kiss him on the mouth, just a small one, of course so did Patrick, and his was a small one too. He kissed Spencer's forehead and nose and cheeks, too. They probably didn't always do small kisses, because Spencer said they were boyfriends a long time ago. Then Calisto and Calliope simply covered Spencer in kisses, and Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter kissed him."

"Who is Rosie?" Rossi asked.

"Oh, the pixie, the one Spencer saw on Daddy and Jack day. She is Patrick's little sister."

"And Calisto and Calliope?"

"They have the sandwich shop, they make the bestest sandwiches ever. Mine had shrimp and crab and was just yum! And Daddy's was yummy, too, but his was beef and cheese all melted and had mushrooms and peppers and onions and other good stuff. Their shop is kinda by the school Spencer went to. And Calliope has loads of siblings and they all had funny names, but some changed them and her mommy and daddy got upset because one works for the CIA, and Patrick has a brother named Stuart who doesn't live by them anymore, I think he must live more by us. And Calliope had a sister named Pineapple, who changed her name to Sara, which was a smart thing to do really, but she also became a…republican and that made her dad hyperventilate. And there is even more newer siblings but Calisto says they are wild animals."

Rossi just stared at Jack.

"Which one is Calisto?"

"Calisto is the one who had her arms around Spencer. Calliope is the other girl; she is the one who makes Spencer his French fries. But we didn't get to taste them."

"Yes, those I heard about."

"Hey you, have you dropped any other items anywhere else?" Spencer came in.

"You got my book?" Jack said.

"I did."

"I got all my cars. We should be good." Jack said.

"We'd better go get your daddy moving then, we have work tomorrow and you have school."

"Spencer, you didn't finish looking over the cases! You didn't get the other maps!"

"How'd you know about that?"

Jack just smiled at him.

"You little turkey!" Spencer said, sweeping in and tickling Jack. Jack giggled.

"I don't mind being a turkey. You know what else you forgot?"


"To give Uncle Dave and Derek their lecture."

"I did tell Rossi your new rule. We'll go find Derek and give it to him now."

"Not going to miss this." Rossi said, following them.

As soon as Spencer crossed the threshold, he shouted. "Yo, Morgan! Get your hind end over here."

Morgan looked at Spencer like he'd lost his mind, but came over anyway just to see what was up.

Jack pointed to one of the chairs on the deck. Spencer pointed to it as well. "Sit."

"Now listen here, Pretty Boy, you can't go bossing people around…"

"I said sit." Spencer said in a very stern voice. Morgan sat.

"Rossi, if you would," Spencer waved to the chair next to Morgan and Rossi sat right down.

"Now, we need to discuss the type of examples you set for the younger members of this team, this family." Spencer said. Morgan went to say something and Jack went "Shhh!"

"We have had to put together a new safety rule for Jack. Can you remember it, Jack?"

Jack stood straight. "When an adult asks you to keep a secret from one of your trusted adults, never do so. Especially when it's a secret about something that made you feel bad or uncomfortable, or where you were touched. Even if they threaten you. It is not good to lie about what happened to those who care about you, ever."

Spencer beamed at him. "Word for word. Good Job!"

"I wrote it down, too, on the back of one of my lists."


Spencer's voice got stern and serious again. "Now, in the discussion about this the behavior of you two, in regards to Beth and Jack's calling her about the end of the season soccer party, came up. Can you imagine why? Morgan?"

Morgan hung his head. "We told people to lie to others and cover up something that hurt Jack."

"Exactly. Was that the right thing to do?"


"Was it a good thing to do?"


"Was it a safe thing to do?"

Rossi answered this time. "No."

"Was it a thing that would build trust in any involved?"

"No." Both answered, as well as Jessica.

"If we want Jack to trust us, to come to us with problems, we have got to be his trusted adults. He has to know we have his back in everything. You two shook that, and made him even worry about the rest of us as well. Not to mention, I'm sure it hurt Jessica as much as it hurt me when we felt we couldn't tell either."

Jessica nodded.

"If my dad needs a girl other than the ones he has here, and Henry's mommy, in his life, it needs to be one like you told me about. One who wants me as well. One who wants to be added to our lives, not take away everything that makes Daddy really happy. They have to like and be kind to everyone here, not call them names and be rude, because when you add someone to a family it is adding. The important things don't change, just little ones to make life good for everyone involved." Jack said.

Spencer and Garcia smiled, as Jessica and Hotch both got misty eyed.

Rossi kneeled before Jack. "Come here, you." He held his arms open for a hug. Jack ran into his arms.

"I promise. I might still encourage your daddy to date and go out, but I will not make excuses again. You are right; your daddy deserves someone who loves everyone here, because we are family. And you deserve someone who adores you."

Jack smiled and hugged Rossi back really hard.

Alex knelt beside them. "I hope you will allow me to earn a spot as one of your trusted adults and let me be added to your family."

Jack smiled. "I'd like that."

Morgan finally recovered from Spencer's lecture, and the fact Spencer could give one and use that kind of voice and make him feel about two inches tall, just by voice. "I'm sorry, Jack. I guess I just didn't think about what that would mean to you, or what kind of example you are seeing."

Spencer smiled. "Good enough, Jack?"

"Yep. It was a good lecture. You do a good 'in trouble' voice." Jack said.

Hotch nodded off to the side.

"Now, if everyone has got things cleaned up, we all need to be getting home to bed. We all have work tomorrow, or school." Hotch said.

"Who's taking who home?" Spencer asked.

"You're on my way home, Spencer," Alex said. "At least you are if your place is the same as listed in your file for work."

"It is." Spencer said.

"Ok, let's go move your suitcases, I hear you have several."

"Yes, well…I also have everyone's stuff." Spencer said.

"We'll spread it all around Thursday night, if we aren't called out or are back home. My place this next time." Hotch said.

"How about soups? Each person could bring a pot of soup or some homemade bread?" Garcia suggested. "I found two recipes I've been dying to try, but it's not worth it when it's only me eating."

"I like that idea," Spencer said. "I make a killer lentil soup."

"And Aunt Jess makes some good soups; she could do one of hers." Jack said.

"Jess, I'll email what ones I'd like to do and you could see if you have others you could do." Garcia said.

Jess moved Hotch's and Jack's stuff to her car, and Spencer and Alex got his stuff to her vehicle.

"Spencer what type of maps did you want?" Garcia yelled before Spencer got in.

"Hiking ones, that show all the trails and what types they are."

"They will be waiting for you, Baby Boy!" Garcia got in the SUV and pull out.

Morgan waved and left as well. Spencer was almost ready to get in his seat when a shout made him lift his head. He knelt in front of the door just in time to catch his armful of Jack. Jack hugged him tight.

"Hey," Spencer said. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just…" Jack paused and placed both his hands on Spencer's cheeks and looked right into his eyes. "Thank You. You are the bestest friend ever and only because of you was my family vacation a good vacation. I love you, Spencer. You are my Spencer."

Spencer wrapped his arms around Jack and hugged him close. "And you are my Jack. Nothing will ever change that. Always, Jack."

Jack ran back to his dad and Aunt Jess as soon as Spencer let go. Rossi was watching from his front step and Alex was watching from the driver's seat. Hotch waved to Spencer and Spencer got in the vehicle.

Luckily Alex was willing to talk case ideas all the way to Spencer's home. She helped him get the luggage to his apartment.

"It's going to be quiet for you now, isn't it?" Alex asked.

Spencer nodded.

"Spencer, remember to stake your claim, if you really want it." Alex said, leaving before he could respond.

Spencer turned his TV on, just to have noise in the background that sounded like talking. He pulled his suitcases to his bedroom. He thought about unpacking, but then decided to do a bit more on his idea of the trails. He opened his satchel and pulled out his laptop. A paper fluttered to the ground. Spencer picked it up. It was Jack's list.

"My favorite people in order in which I like them bestest"

Daddy and Spencer

Aunt Jess and Auntie Penny and Uncle Dave

Henry, His Mommy and Daddy

Derek and Miss Emily and Miss Blake -Can I call her Miss Alex

Because these are my family