Jack and Spencer managed to work their way back to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, having to back track a few times around crowds for the parade. Hotch was already there. Spencer and Jack looked at each other. Hotch looked stressed. He looked 'missing-kids-no-leads-time's-running-out' stressed.

"The crowds?" Jack asked.

"No. I had no problems. I took the train to New Orleans Square."

Jack and Spencer looked at each other and did identical face palms.

"Was the conference that bad?" Spencer asked.

"No, I had a fairly nice time at the conference. I met some nice people, and of course lecturing to folks who don't ask 'have you ever shot anyone?', but instead ask intelligent questions always makes for a decent time. Not to mention, the food was excellent. They went all out in getting caters for the event. Rock Lobster was one of the options, and baked potatoes which were perfect and cheese for topping them and some of the best carrots. Dilled and just perfectly done."

"Oh," Jack and Spencer said together.

"Yeah. Let's just ride on these rides." Hotch said.

As they stood in line and Jack told his dad all about his day, Hotch looked less stressed. Spencer juggled bags for a few.

"Hey, backpack?" Spencer asked.

Hotch turned and showed the one he had on to Spencer.

"Yes! What's in it?"

"Cameras, bottle water, and fruit snacks."

"Hotch, have I ever told you how much I love you?" Spencer asked. "Jack, can you carry your dad's water, snack and cameras?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Your dad is going to lend his backpack to carrying Garcia's and JJ's stuff."

"I am?" Hotch asked.

"You are. I'll even wear it while we walk around. Just, you have to take it on rides."

Hotch handed over the backpack, which was emptied and then filled with packages. They even fit the Muppet stuff bag in the backpack and hadn't even used any pockets. Spencer managed to put the small package of his own stuff in his satchel.

"Why did you bring a bag that big?" Spencer asked. "Not that I'm complaining now, mind you."

"I was stressed and not thinking?" Hotch replied. Spencer gave him a sad smile, and Jack started talking again.

Just before they got on the ride Spencer asked "So, the 9 o'clock show or the one that starts at 10:30?"

Hotch looked at Jack. "You still have energy Jack?"

"Loads of it. I can stay up late." Jack answered.

"The 10:30 show it is." Hotch answered. Jack did a happy dance and then turned around to look and see if their set of cars was coming in yet. While he was looking that way Hotch leaned over to Spencer and said very softly, "And maybe he'll be grumpy and bratty tomorrow and she'll actually see him that way and maybe be bright enough to see the difference."

"That bad a day, huh?" Spencer asked.

Hotch shook his head and rolled his eyes. "It was like being with a yo-yo. We'd be in the middle of something she wanted to do, shopping mostly – mind you she was upset when I wouldn't buy everything for her so whined for like the first hour about how I buy Jack everything he looks at and I buy her nothing - and she would be all hand holding and smiles and kisses. Then, out of nowhere usually, she would all of a sudden get grouchy about something. Not to mention, I've heard so much 'see how wonderful a time we can have when we don't have the brat with us?' and 'Life is so much better when it is just normal adults doing the things they both love together' that I'm nauseated. Then when I asked we go to do anything I wanted to do, she refused. Sports store? No. Movie? No. Book store? She yelled at me for that suggestion. Wouldn't even let me go into an electronics shop or the music store next to the second shoe shop. We walked into lunch late for the reservation she made, almost too late, and it was the most expensive but useless bit of food I've ever seen. Like art work made of a teeny tiny bit of food and charging for …I don't know what. Seventy bucks a plate and it was like six bites total! At about two, I finally, after hearing for the umpteenth time how fun it was to do things just with us adults that both loved to do together, asked her when exactly we were going to do anything I loved, let alone liked. She started bawling, and when I didn't fuss and apologize either in words or with bought presents, she started in like she had been this morning telling me how horrid I was at being a boyfriend, a dad, a boss, a person and basically at existing. She didn't stop until I left for the conference. That is assuming she stopped after I left. It was the longest continual rant, but not even the first rant of the day."

"I'm sorry." Spencer said.

"I just wish I knew what went wrong." Hotch said. Spencer snorted. "Do you know?"

Spencer shrugged. "Let's just enjoy the ride. After we all get home to Quantico, if you decide you want to ask again, we can revisit that."

They piled in the ride and all enjoyed it. They then decided to back track and ride other rides since they were going to the late show and everyone decided Splash Mountain would be too cold that late at night in October. They rode the carousel and the tea cups and the Matterhorn again, and then Space Mountain.

Although the line to Space Mountain wasn't long, Spencer noticed Jack was leaning on things a lot and fidgeting.

"Tired?" Spencer leaned down and asked Jack. Jack shook his head.

"Tired of standing?" Spencer asked. Jack nodded. Spencer looked at Hotch, who had decided to keep the backpack and looked tired himself. Then he reached down and lifted Jack into his arms. Jack leaned his head against Spencer's shoulder and played with the lanyard around his neck.

"What are they all?" Jack asked.

Spencer pulled the lanyard out a little ways. "On the right side are the pins from this year. I got Mickey and Minnie in Halloween costumes because I came during Halloween, and I got a ying yang Mickey head as my Mickey pin and I got one for the year with the park name and date. Then I got the donut and tea, because of our special breakfast, and Snow White's evil step-mother as my second pin for Monday."

"But we got her evil step-mother's autograph Tuesday." Jack said. Spencer just smiled and Hotch snorted.

"For my pins for Tuesday, I found one of Space Mountain and one of the Princesses, and yesterday's pins are Jungle Mickey, and then Patrick bought me a paradise pier pin and one of Fawn. Today's pins aren't on yet. Do you remember what we picked out today?"

"You got the Mickey Wheel one and the one with Buzz and Woody together." Jack said.

"Yep, because I wanted to remember how much fun we had on the Toy Story ride and how brave you were on the Mickey wheel."

"Cool. They tell the story of our trip!" Jack exclaimed.

"They do."

"You do have one from today on there, well two." Jack said.

"I do?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah, the ones from when you traded." Jack pointed out.

Spencer looked down and Jack helped him move the pins he got for trade to the right side of Spencer's lanyard.

"There. Those will be good additions to our trip's story." Spencer said.

"They will?" Jack asked.

"Most definitely."

"What are the pins on the other side?" Hotch asked.

"Those are my pins for trade." Spencer said. "I keep them on that side because it is easier for me to remove them and add to that side. We have the handful of stitch pins I started out with, three of my stash left, and two of the newer pins that Patrick gave me for trading yesterday."

"Is it heavy?" Hotch asked. Jack lifted the lanyard and it jangled.

"Not really, Dad. But it could be noisy!" Jack said. They laughed. The line moved along and Spencer set Jack back down as they got to the place to go onto the ride.

"It wasn't any scarier at night time," Jack announced as they exited the ride. Hotch and Spencer laughed. The respite from standing seemed to have fixed Jack for a while and he was ready to move again.

They stopped at the Star Trader again, Hotch and Jack briefly coming in before Spencer whispered to Hotch that he needed to do some special day shopping. Spencer stayed in and picked up some toy sets Jack had looked at (and extras of them for himself, Henry and Garcia) and a Princess Lea hat, a few Star Wars T-shirts and Chewbacca hats and Darth Vader and Darth Maul figurines to work more off Garcia's list…and a toy set for Henry from himself, the toy set for Henry from JJ's list and the stuffed Ewok and t-shirts for Will and JJ and Henry, as close to matching as possible, from JJ's list, and a coffee mug for himself (and four star wars vinylmation boxes, and the star wars vinylmation pin set which he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed before, and light sabers and star wars themed t-shirts for him and Jack and the specific potato head Jack wanted...he'd give the extra to Henry). And toy sets to finish out Christmas for Jack and Henry. He then found his perfect Star Tours pin, and got a few extra star wars pins as well. The guy running the cash register laughed hysterically as Spencer tried to organize the items he had by whose list the belonged with and which card he needed to use to shop with. Luckily, Spencer also had time to talk with him and he produced a Mickey Fun Wheel pin when Spencer said he hadn't been able to find one by the pins and wished he'd picked an extra up while in the other park earlier. He was generous with mystery pins when Spencer explained what he was doing and about Jack's birthday (he let him buy six of the Hidden Mickey pouches and three dollar pouches). Spencer met with Jack and Hotch at the Green Men store and picked up the most of the rest of JJ's list (and a few more things for Jack, Garcia and himself – including the Phineas and Ferb items from Garcia's list and the Toy Story items from Garcia's list). Spencer was astounded he'd made it through a store without adding pins, until he looked at the sales men's lanyard and saw two pins he's been looking for for a while. After asking if the man could take the time for trading, a stitch and one of Spencer's stash went to getting Spencer year pins for two years he hadn't been to the park. Hotch and Jack laughed when Spencer explained what had taken so long in the shopping line.

They walked to the Haunted Mansion, managing through the crowds starting to gather to watch Fantasmic's first show, Spencer often lifting bags high in the air to maneuver better. Every time he did either Hotch or Jack would laugh.

The line to the Haunted Mansion was probably one of the longer ones they stood in that day, but like Jack pointed out they had time to spare. Spencer played with taking photos in the dark with his different cameras and Hotch had Jack tell him all about his day in detail, as opposed to the over view he had received earlier.

"Hey," Spencer said as the line was about half done. "Can I give Jack his birthday presents from me while we sit waiting for the show to start?"

Hotch shrugged. "Sounds like a good way to spend time to me."

Jack jumped up and down. "I can't wait till tomorrow. I saw a kid today with a 'It's my Birthday' badge and I want one of those and Aunt Jess said she got me a special lunch planned and we'll go to the California Adventures park tomorrow and I'll take Daddy on Tower of Terror and Toy Story and Goofy's flight school and the Mickey wheel and it'll be so fun."

Hotch smiled. "I remember. Lunch will be awesome."

Jack smiled. "Maybe we can work on my shopping list tomorrow, too."

Spencer smiled. "We can go over it and see if there are things to mark off it before you go shopping."

Jack smiled.

The line moved and Spencer started reading the sayings on things they passed out loud. Jack picked up a conversation with some other kids in the line in front of them. One of them had Jack Skellington ears and Jack noticed it seemed bigger than his, until he realized they were real bandages. Jack asked all about them and the kid was eager to share. Jack pulled Spencer's shirt to get his attention.

"Sorry, Jack. What's up?"

Jack pointed at the boy with the Jack Skellington hat. "I found an object lesson."

"An object lesson?" Spencer asked.

"Remember earlier when you told me not to swing and play on the bars in lines for rides? He was doing that and fell and cracked his head open! And it bled and bled and he had to get a new t-shirt and a new jacket and his mommy had to get a new jacket and his mommy had to leave his little brother and sister with his aunts and cousins in line at the submarines while she rushed him out of line to the first aide place. He wants to go back tomorrow and ride the submarines and see if he could still see his blood where he cracked his head! Isn't that cool?" Jack said.

"I'm not sure cool is the word I'd use, but it is very interesting. It very lucky his extended family didn't mind the others being just left with them like that."


"Beyond his mommy, daddy, and siblings."

"Oh. That is good. His whole family came almost. There are fifteen of them here and then his other grandma and grandpa. That's so cool, too!"

Spencer laughed. "Yes, that is pretty cool."

Jack scampered away enough to talk to the other kids again, and Spencer looked and thought he could mostly figure out who was part of the family Jack had been speaking of. He noticed Hotch trying to figure it out as well.

"Sisters?" Hotch asked.

"Yes. Large age gap between the oldest and the youngest." Spencer said.

"Youngest sister an accident or in a line of other siblings?" Hotch asked.

Spencer watched for a few moments. "I'm going to go with at the end of other siblings. The oldest is a second mommy to the youngest ones kids, though. Watch how they just go to her when they want picked up or something."

"I think the youngest had the little boy who got hurt quite young, as a teen." Hotch said.

"Stuck with the dad though, that is definitely his dad." Spencer added. "The shorter of the teen girls doesn't like that the younger ones look to the oldest aunt as a second mommy, though, watch how she is constantly trying to set herself between them. The taller teen girl just accepts it. Those two sets of families must spend a lot of time together."

"Social status difference or just region difference between the siblings?"

"Maybe both? Or maybe just assumed? The shorter teen girl is better dressed than the other, and wears make-up and had a more professional hair style, but her siblings not so much. The taller teen and the little blond girl are dancers though, watch how they fidget."

Hotch and Spencer looked at each with large eyes of dawning realization. "We are profiling other people in Disneyland lines!" Spencer gasped. "I think perhaps this has been too long a vacation!"

Hotch just looked around and smiled.

"Feeling any better?" Spencer asked.

"Much. Who would have thought that lines, loud rides, squealing people and even shopping could be more relaxing than a nice day out as a couple?" Hotch replied.

Spencer laughed. "You should text that to Dave and Morgan right now."

Hotch laughed.

"I was talking with Garcia last night, so Jack might have ended up a bit spoiled today… and I heard what Beth said this morning." Spencer said.

"Oh?" Hotch asked.

"If it's not acceptable from me alone, we'll tell him it's from me and Garcia. She was very firm in her instructions to give Jack the best family vacation I could give him."

"She knows he wasn't with Beth Tuesday?"

"Yeah, only because she yelled at me when she thought Beth and Jack day had no photos and I assured her that Tuesday had photos."

"I can see that. Did you tell her anything about why?" Hotch asked.

"No, but it slipped that she took you off for four hours of Hotch and Jack day."

Hotch cringed.

"I'll text her to let her know that the missed time was made up, plus some. We'll include a photo or two and she'll be good. We were both wondering about tomorrow night." Spencer said.

"Beth will have Jack. I don't know what they will do, but one of the things that made her mad today was when I told her that tomorrow night she was going to be watching Jack and that there were to be no complaints from any source about it. Also, we will be checking up on them every half hour, you take the on the hour checks and I'll take the half hour checks. Also can you do one at five thirty? I'll have left not too long before that. Someone picks me up at 4:45. Ask to talk to Jack. I wish I could find a way for Garcia to nanny it, but I'm at least going to have her stand-by."

"Seriously?" Spencer asked.

"She's upset. Beth wanted to go to a play. I was supposed to call UCLA and tell them I was not going to be there and we were supposed to have taken Jack to you since I won't let her lock him all alone in the hotel room. I told her work came first, as this is technically a working vacation."

"That's good, I guess." Spencer said. "My lectures from five to seven and from seven to nine are on topics Jack didn't need to hear."

"What are they on?"

"Sexual identity repression and criminal intentions and the Bio-Chemistry involved in sexual identity repression." Spencer said. "I'm given them with Roxie Warner, who has been working with me on these ideas for the last four years. We published our papers earlier this year. Now people are trying to replicate our findings. So far, so good."

"Interesting. Have you given them to anyone in the bureau?"

"I've sent copies over to several departments, and of course our department has a copy. I think Garcia has read it."

Jack pulled on Hotch's pant leg. "You two ready? I think we're next."

Hotch picked up Jack. "You still awake enough?"

"Yep," Jack said. "Might need a snack after this though, dinner was a while ago."

"I'm sure we can find something." Spencer said.

The ride was fun, even though Spencer complained he liked the normal version of the ride better, but Jack pointed out that he needed to ride it so he could mark it on his map. After the ride they went and found snacks, and then wandered around the New Orleans Square, shopping some more. Jack pointed out the ornament store, and found two more ornaments to take home (and talked Spencer into a few more as well and pointed out Nemo ones that would satisfy Garcia's 'something from Nemo' list item). Spencer also ended up with more ears, as they had to stop and get Garcia's pink pirate ears ("How on earth could you forget them, Spencer?" "They weren't on her written list!") and Jack decided Spencer needed some pirate ears as well. Hotch helped Jack pay for it and Jack convinced Spencer to wear it for the rest of the evening. Spencer happily put them on, without any complaints, when he saw the smile it brought to both the Hotchners when he did so.

Finally the crowd from the first showing of Fantasmic had left and it was open for finding seating for the next showing. It was a good thing, Spencer was starting to have a hard time carrying all the bags and not dropping ones which should not be dropped. Hotch, Jack and Spencer found seats front and center, but back enough not to have to kink their necks at any point. Spencer then started looking at and rearranging the stuff in bags and digging in the backpack, with Hotch covering Jack's eyes and Jack giggling like mad. Spencer signaled that he was ready and Hotch uncovered Jack's eyes.

"Happy Birthday, Jack. A day early but since I won't be here to give you things tomorrow, you get them today." Spencer handed Jack one of the medium sized bags. While Jack opened his gifts, Spencer stuffed what he could into the backpack, like the ornaments. He also consolidated bags where he could.

Jack giggled. "Is even the ones I know about in here?"

"Of course, but we can even open them up, so we know what ones you got." Spencer said.

Jack pulled out three pins (which were surprises) and had his daddy help put his pins on his lanyard. He pulled two hidden mickey pin pouches and Spencer and he opened them. Jack squealed when he found a Jack Skellington candy corn and a Donald Duck soda bottle. He then pulled out the Star Wars figure sets (Disney characters as the characters of Star Wars and then a set that had a ship and figurines to go with it) and the four boxes of vinylmation figures. He set those aside and reached in again. Jack pulled out several t-shirts and a light saber and the Chewbacca potato head. He pulled out a box of little green alien toys and plushy toys of Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Buzz Lightyear. Finally Jack pulled out a Mickey Mouse cup filled with magnets and key rings.

"All right," Hotch said. "Jack might now officially be spoiled."

Spencer laughed. "I told you, it's partially Garcia's fault. To be fair though, getting through JJ's list for Henry today and Garcia's list tended towards more buying than I might have otherwise and some of the items are mementoes of Jack and Spencer day more so than birthday gifts, but I gave them to him for his Birthday. However, remind me to start fulfilling lists way early next time we do something like this. And remind me the whole time I don't really need items to match as well. I've never even seen Phineas and Ferb and I ended up buying myself a stuffed Perry the Platypus."

"I know which are for Jack and Spencer day! The light saber, and the Star Wars T-shirt and the Star Tours pin and the pins of the Mickey Wheel and" Jack paused to look at his lap, "and the pin of Stitch!"

Spencer smiled. "The pin you chose earlier is still in my bags. I didn't get into our first pins shopping bag. And we have a whole bunch of mystery pins to go through."

Jack laughed. "I chose Toy Story Mania, because I saw Woody and we went on his ride and I got to tell Spencer all about Toy Story while we were in line. Do we have time to open the vinylmation boxes?"

Spencer looked at his watch. They had about five minutes before the show would start. "At least a few of them. Go for it."

Jack pulled Fozzie Bear, Sweetums and the Swedish Chef from his Muppets boxes and R2D2 from the Star Wars box. He had no doubles and he loved what he got. He had just tucked everything back into his bag when the show started.

For the next half hour nothing was said beyond outbursts of 'cool' and 'wow' and 'incredible', and such. Lots of gasps and cheering and clapping took place. Spencer had all three cameras going and managed to also just watch. He was very happy he had them out though, because Jack's face - eyes wide in amazement and beaming with joy - was a sight for sore eyes. Patrick had been correct when he'd told Spencer the show was a must see. It was amazing and Spencer was as enthralled with the show as Jack. He loved the pirates on the ship and Peter Pan, he loved the dragon and Wizard Mickey and he loved the old Mickey at the helm of the riverboat. Hotch's face was as full of delight as Jack, and Spencer made sure to get that on film as well.

When it was over, Jack looked over to his adults. "That was so cool! I liked it way better than the Color one."

"Worth a late night?" Spencer asked.

"So worth a late night." Hotch answered.

"The park is open for another hour, anything we need to do?" Spencer asked.

"Find a black and white mickey pin!" Jack shouted.

"I agree. I saw one at the emporium and it's near the exit." Spencer said.

"Reid! You've turned my child into a pin junkie!"

Spencer just laughed. "Get your stuff and let's go!"

Spencer led the way back to the big shop and he and Jack found their old time Mickey pins, in honor of the coolest show at Disneyland and added Peter Pan pins and Wizard Mickey pins. They managed to get out of the store with only their pins and a two Mystery pins a piece and a dollar pouch pin, and a Hotch in hysterics laughing at them. Spencer took pictures.

As they exited the store Jack spoke up. "We didn't go through my shopping list."

Hotch nodded his head. "How about some dessert at the Hotel if anyplace that serves kids is still open?"

"Sounds like a plan," Spencer agreed.

The restaurant was still open when they got back from the parks and so Spencer, Hotch and Jack sat down to desserts and hot chocolate. They pulled out maps and lists and started looking over them, crossing things off. Jack's list ended up only about three items by the time his dad and Spencer had finished with it…a t-shirt with Goofy on it, a stuffed Perry the Platypus ("You should have told us while buying Garcia's and mine." "Spencer, I want to buy it myself!"), and a jacket. He also had listed - find a present for Aunt Jess. Hotch suggested a coffee mug but Jack wanted something special, he just didn't know what yet. Garcia's list was down to a fairy wand from one of the princess stores and the dwarves in some form and villains in some form and something Peter Pan. JJ's list was down to one item, a jungle vest for Will. Spencer laughed and said if they didn't get one at Disneyland, he knew where to go to get one elsewhere.

"From your bag in your closet?" Jack asked.

"No, not the one from my closet, Jack. I'm going to need it in February." Spencer said.

"You have Jungle clothes in your closet?" Hotch asked.

"No, I have clothing to wear to dig sites when Patrick is in charge in my closet. I have a small suitcase labeled 'for digs'."

"You go work on digs for vacation time?" Hotch asked.

"Sometimes." Spencer answered.

"Huh. So, how's your list, Spencer?" Hotch asked.

Spencer smiled. "I've souvenirs for everyone in the team, including you, and Jess. And I'm pretty good with my own too. Heck, after shopping for Garcia and with no one to rein me in, I way over good with mine. However there is still a good deal of money on my 'for Disneyland' card and my 'pin trading' card, so I don't care. However like Jack, I think I want a jacket. Mickey mouse or maybe one of the other main characters, maybe Star Wars. No Jack Skellington. We can pick it up on Saturday."

"We're going Saturday?" Hotch asked.

"For some of the day. Garcia got a good deal on a ticket for Jack and the rest of us will have days left on our five day passes."

"Besides Dad, we need to go on Splash Mountain with Spencer still." Jack said.

"Not to mention we need to go do the essential family pictures still." Spencer said.

"Family pictures?" Hotch asked.

"Yeah. You and Jack in front of Walt and Mickey, in front of the big Mickey Pumpkin, in front of the castle, in the Toad's ride car…" Spencer said.

"And Daddy, we have to go back to Toontown, if we can't go tomorrow." Jack said.

"Garcia thought we could go like half the day and then go to the beach in the afternoon when it is warmer." Spencer said. "What were your plans for Saturday?"

"As far as I know, we didn't have any. Beth just said she was sick and tired of the park." Hotch said.

"After Monday?" Spencer asked.

Hotch raised his palm to his forehead. "Sorry, I forgot. When she said that it had been in the midst of trying to convince me she had actually spent all Tuesday with Jack and that Jack was lying to me and you were going along with him because you wanted more pay for taking care of him that extra day, it was all a plan you two had hatched together to make her look bad and ruin our relationship."

Spencer raised his eyebrows.

"Um….did you tell her you weren't paying me at all for the time I spent with Jack?" Spencer asked.

"You could pay him, Daddy. People pay babysitters all the time." Jack added.

"Your dad doesn't need to pay me Jack. It's been all good for me." Spencer said.

Hotch shook his head. "I didn't reply at all. I had already gone through several rounds where I did and she just kept on and got more and more loud and insistent, so I had moved on to the don't respond and maybe she'll get bored with it all stage."

"How'd that work?" Spencer asked, sounding curious.

"She finished trying on shoes and finding matching bags and went to buy them, where she demanded my credit card, again, and I told her no, again, and she moved on to complaining to the clerk about how horrid I was making her pay for her own items and didn't the clerk agree. Then she gave me the silent treatment while we traveled to the next store."

"So it worked?"

"Spencer, she was trying on shoes for two hours, she ranted the whole time, unless she was talking to the sales person who was bringing her shoes. Then she was all lovey dovey and cooing at me."

"Two hours?" Spencer asked.

"Two hours."

"What did you do?" Spencer asked.

"Sat. If I picked up my phone to call anyone or do anything else, she started yelling at me about ignoring her and threatening to cry."

Spencer looked at Hotch with a horrified expression and then turned to Jack. "Remember when I said I wasn't sure I was good with little girls and probably not big ones either?"

Jack said "Yeah, but you were great with the little girls. You were very patient and kind to them, even when they giggled a lot and asked you to hold them."

Spencer beamed. "Thanks Jack. However I'm pretty sure I'd not be good with big girls, especially ones who shopped in shoe stores for two hours."

"Haven't you gone shopping with Auntie Penny?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, and I didn't run away screaming but Garcia's different. She lets me bring books and puts games on my phone and lets me go look other places if I get bored."

"Besides shopping with Garcia is always entertaining." Hotch added.

"Huh," said Jack.

Spencer looked at his watch and sighed. "I think Jack and Spencer day has to come to an end. I have to go work tomorrow. My first lecture is at nine. Hotch, want to give me the bags?"

"Just take the backpack. It will be easier."

"Jack, do you want to come up with me and get your stuff I still have or just have me put it in a 'for Jack' pile?"

"You have a for Jack pile?" Hotch asked.

"Yeah, I might have done most our shopping today, but I've done some all the other days as well. Jack did his shopping for Henry yesterday."

"Yeah, I owe Spencer about twenty dollars probably. I got Henry some stuffed jungle guys."

"Nah, you're good Jack. If you're worried about it, you can give me back what is in your lanyard pouch when we're all done with Disneyland and we know you won't need it anymore."

"Spencer, you silly. That was your money to start with."

"Yeah, but I was going to let you keep it."

Hotch laughed at the two. "We'll figure it out. Keep Jack's stuff and add it to his pile. Night Spencer."

Hotch handed Spencer the backpack, which he slipped on with his satchel. Spencer waved and dragged himself and all the other bags up to his room.

Spencer looked at the bags he dropped to the floor as he entered the room, and to the backpack he'd shrugged off, and to his own satchel. Then he looked at the clock. He sighed, turned on his lap top and went to wash up. It had been a long day. A good day, but a long day. He exited the shower having come to only one decision in it. Get his satchel ready to go for the next day. He pulled out all the packages and random items from his satchel, and filled it with his notes and papers needed for the next day. He took the bigger camera out, checked the other two, and set battery packs to charge. He set his phone to charge. He dug out his ipod and set it to charge as well. Finally he made sure his laptop was plugged in and charging. He unpacked Hotch's backpack as well while he looked at his email. There was a consult that the LAPD wanted seen to, but Spencer decided he'd do it during downtime tomorrow. He put all the bags in his suitcase, which would not shut and turned out the main lights, leaving the bathroom light on still. Before he'd been down for two minutes, he sat right back up, turned on his light, and grabbed his maps. He made sure his maps were complete and made notes where he'd seen Disney personnel with pins to trade. Hotch may not be happy with the new hobby, but Jack had been so happy and anything that gave him good thoughts to focus on instead of bad ones was something good in Spencer's mind. He tucked his pen and maps back into his satchel, and tucked his lanyard into it as well. Then he turned out the light and went back to sleep.