Horror movie

Pairing: none, slight Soul/Maka

Soul sighed. Black*star had managed to drag him to a horror movie. He remembered the conversation.



"Your god requests that you watch a horror movie with him!"

"Dude, I saw that one with Maka"


"No, I'm just irritated because-"

"Because he had an arguement with Maka."

"Liz, shut up."

"Well its true!"

"Fine, I'll watch the damn movie"

Soul groaned and covered his eyes as the killer murdered the two idiotic teenagers who thought it'd be great to make love in the haunted cabin in the woods. He wished Maka was there. She loved making fun of those movies.

As the movie ended, Soul punched Blackstar in the arm. "I am never watching a horror movie with you again."

Romantic comedy.

Pairing: Complete Soul/Maka

Soul yawned. Maka had dragged him to see some romantic comedy movie, with the promise that he would get to see something he wanted to see in a couple weeks, though they both knew that was a lie. Soul watched the movie, and put his arm around Maka, as he noticed someone else staring at her. Maka also noticed that person, and leaned toward Soul. As the movie ended, the person who was staring at Maka made his move.

"Hey, why don't you ditch him and come with me?" He asked. Maka felt Soul's soul vibrate in anger and she took his hand to calm him down.

"I'm not interested" She replied simply. The man drew closer "Oh come on babe, don't deny you want this"


And to this day, the janitor still doesn't know how the carpet was stained through with blood.