I'm back! Woohoo! Been awhile, huh? I've been so sidetracked, I almost forgot about good ole Blue Velvet. Been working on an original story, and then there was the fact my English teacher seems to think we're robots that can do anything. But I did my presentation thingy a couple of days ago, and i think I did pretty good. And guess what else! My bro bought me a laptop! How awesome is that?! The dude is seriously awesome.

Anywho, enough about me! Back to the story! I present to you the new installment of Blue Velvet! Enjoy!

His name is Dean Winchester. He saved my life. He took me in when I had nowhere else to go. I've been with him about eight months. We didn't really get along for a while. I used to think I hated him.

Now I know I do.

"Dean! Why do I have to do it?" I demand, my voice coming out a muffled whine as I rest my face on the backrest of the bench seat in front of me. We're in Baby, the car Dean may or may not like better than me. I'm not entirely sure though, and it's kinda like the military's don't ask, don't tell policy when it comes to his unhealthy love affair with the car. I bet if it were a Transformer, they would have little cyborg android children running around. But that's just my opinion.

"Come on, half-pint, it's not that bad," Dean tries to assure from the front seat. I pick up my head to glare at him. He looks healthier that he did when he first found me, when I first found him. His skin isn't that unhealthy pale it was, his eyes aren't bloodshot from being constantly in the phase between drunk and hung-over. And his emeralds shine now. Not as bright as they could, but I'd take anything over the dullness that was always there before. The dark circles are still there, but only because we spent all night last night alternating between watching the old live action Ninja Turtles movies for the millionth time and researching. Bobby eventually had a hissy fit about the movie being too distracting, so I went to bed. I'm not sure when the two hunters clocked out.

"Not that bad?" I repeat, looking at him as if he had lost his mind, which he clearly has. "Not that bad?!" My voice raises several octaves. Dean rolls his eyes at my melodramatic performance as he pulls Baby into a parking lot. I look out the window and slump back into the seat, knowing there is no escape for me. People outside stare as Dean finds a spot near the front. Baby tends to get looks of envy anywhere we go. Once the car is off, he looks back at me almost apologetically. Almost.

"Come on, kid, you know I don't like this anymore than you—" he starts.

"Then why?!" I exclaim, feeling rather betrayed. You would too. You would hate him just as much as I do. "Why can't you do it? You're good at bull-crapping stories, can't you get yourself hired and get the info yourself?"

He stares at me flatly. "Lex. You realize I'm probably the most wanted person in the country?" he asks. I pout and look out the window. "Kid. Hey, loser. Half-pint. Lex. Lexington. Angel. Most awesome ninja in the world." I can't help but crack a small smile at the last two. He notices and grins. "Look, you do this for me and I'll buy you that book you want so much," he bargains. I look at him out of the corner of my eye suspiciously.


He looks at me in shock, only to shake his head, muttering something about women being evil. "And I'll get you a twenty-dollar iTunes card," he adds. I narrow my eyes at him, trying to decide whether or not this nonsense is worth it. He arches an eyebrow at me and I sigh.

"Fine. I'll do it," I mutter, sinking lower into the seat and crossing my arms. "This is so not fair," I pout.

"Ah, come on, kiddo," Dean says, reaching to open his door. "This is your element. Use your nerd powers for good, like Spider-Man." He got out, gripping a blue folder in his hand. I glare at him through the window before opening my door and climbing out, pausing only for a second to grab my new backpack. "Or Batman. Be Batman. Greatest detective in the world."

"I'd rather be Nightwing."

Dean rolls his eyes and rests a hand on my head. A familiar sense of calm washes over me, cheerful. "Ah, you are still young, my dear child," he says in a horrible British accent. We start for the building in front of us, Dean making sure he's between passing cars and me. There's a lot.

"I oughta tell Gabe on you," I mutter, shouldering my backpack—a plain black one with the bright blue insignia of Nightwing—double strapping it, as they say in that high school cop movie. Dean stops short, looking down at me, his eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"This is nowhere near as bad to bring down that bird brain," he says. "Besides, he and Cas have enough to worry about upstairs. Like keeping the red turtle from starting a war."

I frown, not wanting to think about what would happen if something like that does break out. I haven't seen either Angel in a while, although Gabe does make sure I have a candy close at hand at all times. I'm not sure how he does it, but I'm not complaining. His excuse is saying something about growing Halflings needing sugar to function. Dean says it's his way of apologizing for not being around as much as he should be. Bobby says it's his way of being fatherly.

"Dean, I don't think you realize the severity of my current situation!" I exclaim, shuddering as people stare at us. "I'd gladly take a, a," I struggle for a worthy opponent. "A freaking zombiefied Dalek over this any day!"

"Lex, I think you're panicking a bit too much there, kiddo," Dean says lightly, a chuckle escaping his lips. I glare at him, only to freeze when we get to the door. He doesn't notice for a second. When he does, he sighs, looking back at me. "You'll be fine. Besides, it's a small town."

"I'm gonna die."

"I think you may be exaggerating."

"No, I'm not!" I cross my arms. "Dean, can't we just… I dunno, pass this one on to the next guy?"

"Like who?"

"The Avengers?"

Dean shakes his head. "You've got issues, kid. Come on, people are staring." He opens the door and motions for me to go in. My stomach starts flipping. My throat goes dry. I clench my hands into fists. They shake and my palms feel sweaty. Today I face the greatest monster in my time with the Hunter by the name of Dean Winchester. A monster even he can't protect me from.

I take a breath and walk into Purcell High School.

The cafeteria is big enough. There are several rows of tables lined down the room like they got their idea for the set up from Hogwarts. I shift closer to Dean as we make our way to the office, the closest door to us. I can feel the eyes of the other kids on us, curious and probably already judging. This is exactly why I took online classes. Once again, Dean opens the door for me and I shuffle in. He follows close behind. There are two women behind the desk, but both are older and not Dean's type at all. Still, the Hunter immediately turns on his charm as the smaller woman looks up at us.

She's nice looking, a kind face and soft eyes. Still, looking nice and being nice are two different things.

"Oh, hello," she says brightly, sitting up straight. "What can I do for you?"

"Hi, I'm Dean Jones, and this is Lexington," he says lightly, leaning against the counter, a womanizing smile on his lips. I roll my eyes as he goes on. "I came by last week to get registration papers for her, and was told to come back with them and the kid on Monday morning, and well, it's Monday morning."

"Ah, yes, I remember now!" the lady says with a smile. "I'll take her papers and put them in the computer." Dean held out the folder to her. "Mrs. Davis, the counselor, wants to see you. Her office is just out in that hall," she tells us, pointing to another door. "Her door should be open."

Dean smiles. "Thanks." We walk out and I elbow him in the side. "Ow! What was that for?!"

"Jones? Really, Dean?" I demand.

"What? I like Casey's character!"

I shake my head. "You're supposed to be the adult here, you loserface," I mutter, going quiet when we get to an open door. A woman inside looks up and smiles brightly when she sees us.

"Ah, Miss Jones, I've been expecting you! Come in!"

Not creepy at all. But still, Dean just smiles and pushes me in.

"Hi," I manage weakly. Dean rolls his eyes. We go to her desk, each sitting in a chair laid out. I slouch a bit while Dean leans forward, looking around.

"Man, makes me feel like I'm in trouble," he jokes lightly. Mrs. Davis laughs. I want to die.

"So, Mr. Jones—"

"Please, call me Dean."

"Dean," she corrected herself, smiling. "It says that Lex was enrolled in online classes for her first two high school courses. Why come to public school now?"

"I need some sort of normal schooling if I want to make it in college," I lie. Dean smiles. Mrs. Davis nods.

"Of course. Speaking of college, what are you planning on studying? Just out curiosity, if you don't mind."

I shrug. "'s okay." I pause, can't help feeling Dean's gaze on me. He's just as curious as the teacher lady. "Um, I was thinking about going in for criminology."

"Criminology?" Davis looks shocked. Dean looks impressed. I nod. "Wow."

"Yeah." I smile weakly.

"Well, I'm glad you chose Purcell, and we're all more than happy to have you here," she says genuinely. She holds out a slip of paper, and when I take it, I see that it's my schedule. "Dean, I assure you that your… er, I really don't want to stick my foot in my mouth here…" she trails off. Dean laughs it off awkwardly.

"No worries. This little nerd here is my baby sister," he lies, tousling my hair. His nonchalance rolls off of him in waves. It's distracting. I glare at him before smacking his hand away. Davis laughs.

"Ah. That's believable. I was the baby in the family too, and trust me, my big brother acts just like you."

Dean chuckles as he stands. I stand with him, not wanting him to leave me here. "Hey, us older siblings have to make sure you little ones don't go get into trouble. Also the birthright to teasing is always a plus," he adds slyly. I narrow my eyes at him.

"I'll have you know, I've won many a prank wars in my day," Davis brags. Dean laughs at that. "Now then, Lexington, you can wait in the commons with the rest of the kids. The bell should ring pretty soon." I nod. Dean waves good-bye and I follow him out, even going back outside with him. He stops and looks back at me. There aren't as many kids outside anymore.

"I hate you."

"I know. Just a couple weeks. Ask about Brendan Marley, see if there was anything going on there, but be careful," he adds sternly. I nod, looking down at my bright blue converse. I wear basketball shorts and being in need of a tan, the shoes pop out even more. Dean sighs, resting a hand on my shoulder. Warmth. "You'll be fine."

"What about you?"

"Psh, I can handle a couple weeks without you around," he says hotly. I cock my head to the side, giving him a flat look. His look of defiance wavers. "It is gonna be kinda quiet though." He shrugs. "Lunch for you is open campus. You want me to come get you?"

I nod without thinking. He smiles warmly. "Good luck, kiddo. Try not to piss off any bullies."

I roll my eyes. "Dean, please. If a bully tries to mess with me, I have you and Bobby and Gabe and maybe even Cas to pull of my revenge. I'm not worried about that nonchalansense." He raises an eyebrow at my new word.

"Sure, kid. Well, see you in a few hours."

"'Bye," I mutter as he walks away. Inside, the first bell rings. I take a breath and turn to face the door.

Here goes nothing. I reach into my hoody pocket, surprised to find a Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream chocolate bar that was not there when I got here with Dean. I look up and can't help but smile.

"Thanks, Gabe."

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