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Drama. Why did Dean have to put me in drama? I think he hates me. He just made up this hunt so that he can watch me suffer. Why? Because he's evil and has a love affair with a car that's old enough to be his mother.

I think I need to take a breather.

There's a group of kids in the front of the class, practicing for a play they're going to put on in a couple of weeks. There's a Baker, his Wife, Jack from Jack and the Bean Stock, and Little Red Riding Hood. I'm not entirely sure what's going on. Someone called the play Into the Woods. It's a musical. I'm sure Dean will love it.

I sit in one of those chairs that come with an itty-bitty table. There's a group of kids next to me that keep talking despite the teacher's attempts to get them quiet. I feel kinda bad for her. She looks extremely stressed. Apparently, this is a huge project and now she's having some second thoughts.

I busy myself with doodling in my new notebook. A chibi'd Batman hanging out with a chibi'd Superman. I get about halfway through my second drawing when someone speaks.

"Hey, new girl."

I frown, looking up. A boy from the talking group stares at me. The rest of the group is staring too. Everyone that isn't practicing right now is staring. I really hope they aren't what killed that Brendan kid. They don't look that malicious. More so curious. The boy clears his throat.

"You can sit with us," he says hesitantly, as if he was forced to speak up. "Er, if you want."

I look at them for a second, then back down at my drawings. Why not? I start to close my notebook when I note that everyone is staring at me expectantly. I'm gonna be killed and it's all Dean's fault.

When I get to the empty chair next to the boy who spoke, the staring kids went back to what they were doing and the group that invited me to join them let out a sort of air of relief. The boy smiles at me.

"What's your name, new girl?" he asks lightly.

"Dude, don't just call her new girl," one of the girl's snap. "That's rude." She turns to me. "I'm Natasha."

"Tasha," the boy says with a roll of his dark eyes. "I'm Lee."

"Uh, I'm Lexington," I tell them. Tasha's nose crinkles in what can only be disgust.

"Poor name choice, man," she says. "Lexington is the neighboring town. They suck such hard balls, it isn't funny." She looks at me expectantly. "You got another name?"

I frown. "Dean and Bobby call me Lex?" I offer. Tasha nods sagely, as if to say it'll work. Lee rolls his eyes again. I have a feeling he does that a lot. Probably more than Dean. I glance around. Every now and again I catch a kid staring. It's weird. I lean in just a bit closer to Tasha. "Um, why was everyone staring at me earlier?" I ask quietly.

The two exchange looks. Lee sighs sadly. "You were sitting in Marley's spot."

Marley. Brendan Marley. I play dumb. "Who?"

"Brendan Marley," Tasha says in a hushed voice. "He, er, he died right before you came here." She looks around. Lee leans in closer.

"He was killed."

My jaw drops. Maybe Dean was right in putting me here. I'm a pretty bomb actress. "He was?"

Tasha nods. "Yeah. I didn't know him very well, but he never bugged me, so he was an alright guy, I guess." She pauses, looks out to the practicing group. "He was going to be Rapunzel's Prince."

I straighten a bit. "That sucks," I say sadly. It did suck. Kids dying always sucks. People in general dying sucks. "Er, did they catch who did it?" I ask hesitantly, already knowing the answer. Lee shakes his head.

"No. Cops here suck. They say it was a random act, a drifter, but I dunno."

He looks away. I don't ask any more questions.

"Why don't you tell everyone your name and something interesting about yourself?"

I look up at the English teacher and want nothing more than to die. She's a small lady, pretty and fragile looking. Her big dark eyes look at me expectantly, her ruby lips playing with a smile. She wears heels, and that's the only reason she's taller than me. Her hair is black, but only because it's dyed.

I look out into the rows of students. There are only two boys out there. Neither of them is Lee. This is honor's English, and he said that he can barely pass normal English.

"Uh, I'm Lexington Jones, but people call me Lex." I look up at the teacher, trying to remember what her name is. "Can that count as my something interesting?" I ask quietly. The class laughs at that. Okay. I'm going to say that's good. The Teacher gives me a look that says "sneaky, but no dice." My shoulders fall.

"I, er, I live with my brother?"

Teacher pouts a bit. Suddenly, her eyes get wide and she looks really excited. "Tell us about your eyes!"

"My… Oh." I have a feeling a lot of people are going to ask about them. "It's called heterochromia. It's when the pigment is off, so one ends up one color, the other a different color. Sometimes it's caused by genetics, but you can get it from some diseases and injuries too," I explain. Teacher nods.

"Did you get it from someone in your family?" she asks.

I look at her for a second before shaking my head. "No." An awkward silence fills the room. Teacher looks around in a sort of panic before throwing on a bright smile.

"Good enough! Well, Lex, why don't you go and sit behind Tom, in front of Whitney." I hurry to my new seat in the row farthest from the Teacher's desk, catching the looks that some of the girls exchange. "You came on a good day, Lex, because today we're writing poems!"

Groans erupted throughout the room. The Teacher pouts. Behind me, the girl called Whitney leans forward.

"We do a lot of writing in here," she explains, her dirty green eyes under her glasses annoyed. Dean's eyes are greener. "This is, like, the hundredth poem we've done." I crinkle my nose.


"Yay!" Teacher repeats brightly. "See, class, Lex is in the spirit!" I look around, eyes wide as everyone stares at me flatly.

"What? I didn't—"

"Just go with it," Teacher advises, giving a smile. I nod, unsure of what to do.

"Oh… Okay?"

"Now, we'll be doing a simple poem today, at least ten stanzas, no more than twelve, with a rhyme scheme. Make it deep, give us something to think about!" Teacher says excitedly. She must really like her job. "You have all hour, and it's due tomorrow. We'll be reading them in class."

My head falls on my desk. I hate Dean. I hate Dean so very much.

Maybe I'll use that in this poem.

Whitney and Mina walk me to my next class. Mina is the girl that sat behind Whitney in English. She's a small girl, sickly thin without being sickly. Does that make sense?

"What're you doing for lunch today?" Whitney asks suddenly as we walk to the lockers. I have a new English book I need to get rid of.

"My brother is picking me up," I say. Whitney makes a small pout.

"Oh. Well you should come with us tomorrow, if you want," she says. I smile as Mina speaks up.

"So you live with your brother?"

I nod. "Yeah. We move around a lot though, so I'm not sure how long we'll be here for," I explain.

"For his work?"

I nod. Not like I'm lying. It is his job. Saving People, Hunting Things. He called it the family business once. I look around, notice a couple of people staring. That reminds me… "Hey, why was everyone staring at me when I sat down?" I ask. Mina rolls her eyes.

"That used to be Brendan's seat. Don't see why they make such a big deal out of it. Not like he's going to come back."

Whitney laughs. "That's horrible, Mina!" She keeps laughing anyway. I frown a bit as we pause in front of my locker. It's a bottom locker and there's a tall kid with uber long blonde hair in the way. It's tied back in a low pony that reaches his mid back. He's kinda cute. There's a girl holding his hand.

"Um…" The boy looks down at me. His eyes go wide in surprise.

"Oh, sorry, didn't see you," he says, pulling the girl out of the way. I give a small shrug as I reach to open the door.

"It's okay." I drop the book in and turn to follow Mina and Whitney. "That's that dead kid, right?" I ask them as we start for their lockers. Whitney nods.

"He was a jerk," she states mater-of-factly. "And everyone thought he was just so awesome."

"I don't get it," Mina sighs sadly. "The guy was horrible and everyone loved him." She shrugs as they stop in front of two lockers. "Oh well, nothing to do now." I nod and make a note to keep an eye out on these two. The dead don't like being talked about like that and if this Marley kid comes back, these girl's are screwed.

"Does anyone know who killed him?" I ask. Whitney looks at me.

"You're not scared, are you?"

I scoff. "With my brother? No. I was just wondering."

The girls exchange looks as we start back the way we came from. "Well…" Mina starts. "Some people say that he was messing with a weird group of people. The Occult and such."

"Yeah. They say he pissed them off and now…" Whitney trails off, shrugging her shoulders. The act looks deviously innocent. If that's possible. "What's your next hour again?" She asks.

"U.S. History."

"Ah. Teacher isn't here. We're watching a movie."

I nod. "Cool.

Dean sat still, his face in his hands, his mind on the girl he had left at the library.

Jail. He got himself thrown in jail. Why? Because the damn nonhuman pointed its gun at the girl and Dean reacted. Pulled his gun and fired. The girl went into a sort of shock. She didn't scream, she didn't look away. She just watched, mismatched eyes wide. It wasn't until someone came for her that her trance was broke. It was the lady from the diner. The girl didn't want to go with her though, despite their friendly banter from before. She looked at Dean once as he was being led away.

There was something wrong there. He just couldn't put his finger on it. It was driving him crazy. He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head.

Someone was walking up to his cell. He could hear the footsteps, the tinkling of the keys. The steps stopped in front of his cell. He didn't look up. Not until he heard the lock turn and the door creak open. A uniform stood at the door. His gun was out.

"Winchester. Isn't there supposed to be another one of you?" The cop asked with a smirk, knowing exactly where the missing brother was. Dean glared murder at the cop as he slowly stood. He kept his eyes on the drawn gun.

"What's that for? You aren't going to shoot me, are you?" he asked lightly, his façade easily staying up despite the situation. "Someone's gonna notice," he pointed out. The cop smirked.

"There's no one left to notice. We are many, and we move quickly, infect quietly. Destroy all, move on to the next town."

Crap. Shades. He was messing with Shades. Dean glared at the Shade, and then realized what he had said. No one left. Did that mean…

The Shade grinned wickedly, noticing Dean's realization. "Well, there is one left. Little girl. Funny eyes. Can't seem to get in her," the Shade mused before shrugging. "Ah well. We'll figure out something special for little Lexi."

Dean wanted to see the cop's brains on the wall. Wanted to see his entrails on the ground in front of him. Wanted to rip out those red eyes—

Red eyes. Three layers of color. That's what had been wrong before. The woman's eyes…

How had he not realized?!

Before he could figure out the answer, the Shade raised the gun and pulled the trigger.

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