A/N: It is of utmost importance that you read up to Chapter 91: Evening Sky ~ Goodbye, Mother of 1: Negative Bullet by SorrowfulReincarnation. This drabble details Shinki's emotions regarding Mima's manipulation.

To Live On

It was dark.

Far darker than she preferred.

The gloom hung over Makai even more drearily than ever.

What was this?

She wasn't sure.

Maybe it was Mima. Maybe Yukari. Maybe something else.

She couldn't know.

Or at least, not yet.

She'd been taken hostage by Mima, manipulated and messed with in every sense of the phrase.

She'd survived, though, even after absurd amounts of torture - she was the Goddess of Makai for good reason.

But of course, there are always consequences.

Her sanity nearly drove her physical body to disaster, and that of Yumeko's up the many palace walls.

But there is an end. After all what good stories have no ends? But of course, it is debatable whether that end should be a happy one or not.

Her 'son' frees her after nearly killing her.

Now she's weaker than ever.

Weak. She's dying.



But her 'son' must live on.

Because Gensokyo must continue to exist.

Or else... the Youkai may perish.

And also because... he is her last hope.

The last chance for someone with similar beliefs to continue ruling Makai.

The last chance... for her dreams to live forever on, renewed by eternal youth.