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When Rachel woke up she noticed that something was different. She wasn't alone. She slowly turned her head to the left in an attempt to see who's arms were encircling her. All she could see was his chest.

" Well look who is awake. " Brody chuckled.

" God, Brody, I didn't realize that was you. You scared me. " Rachel said snuggling more into his arms.

" So are you better now? I mean do you need to cry some more? " Brody asked unassuredly.

" Yeah I am fine. It still hurts but not as much, ya' know? I guess it cause I have such great friends. " Rachel said smiling.

He turned over so that he could face her. His eyes met hers and the two just stared at one another.

" Rachel, you don't need him. You are a georgeous, sexy woman. Don't let him tell you otherwise. " Brody reassured.

" Brody? "

" Hmm? "

" Kiss me. Please. " she said looking down.


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