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Chapter 1

"Damn," he cursed.

The cops were after him... again. He just robbed some old man on the sidewalk. The grandpa had 50 bucks cash and an expensive looking watch on his person. He never saw it coming until he was on the ground handing his cash and watch to a kid with a gun. The boy smirked mischievously.

He ran, panting, into a narrow alleyway on his right. He could hear the sirens starting to catch up with him. The cops were on his trail and they weren't going to let him get away easily. Not after the hundreds of other crimes he'd committed. Jumping over a trash can, he was on the sidewalk again. Swinging his arms fast with the loot in his hands, he ran away from the cars the next street over. Each step slammed harder into the concrete. Each breath was shorter then the last. He was exhausted, that was obvious.

Now he could see the all too familiar red and blue lights reflecting behind him, the lights creating shadows against the tall buildings. He shoved the money and watch in the pocket of his collared black jacket with haste and tried to kept his focus on his footing, seeing there were cracks and puddles on the ground. He didn't want to slip and get caught. Looking around briefly, he found his escape.

Sliding on his heels, he turned into another alley and skidded towards his destination, stopping when he saw a homeless man. The guy was holding a tin can filled with a couple silver coins and pennies.

Rummaging in his pocket he brought out a five dollar bill from the large wad of money he stashed. You could say perhaps he still had some good left in him, even so he knew his soul was covered in darkness.

He put the green paper in the can. "Here."

"Thanks," the man breathed.

He barely heard the old man over the blare of the sirens as they passed the alleyway. He ducked down and put the money back in his pocket. He let out a curse or two and took off towards his escape. He saw the police cars coming up the street aiming for him. He glancing around for another way out. He grinned when he saw one. For him there was always a way out, maybe he was just lucky. No not lucky, smart. Yeah, smart. If he was lucky he wouldn't be in this situation.

He crossed the street, cutting across the polices path, just in reach of his escape. The cars in his pursuit skidded to a stop with a screech of the brakes. He planted his foot atop a bench and leaped up with all his strength. His fingers faintly brushed the second bar of the ladder. He started to fall back towards the ground when his hand caught the first bar. He dangled there for a moment, as several policeman got out of their cars and used the doors as shields. They knew he had a gun but they didn't know it was hardly ever loaded. Mostly he used it as a bluff, and of course it always worked. He lifted himself up his left hand grabbing the second bar, pulling himself up. Despite the police's warning via gunfire, he made his way to the metal platform.

Once again they warned him by shooting into the sky above his head. He wondered why they just didn't shoot him already. His shoes made little clanking noises as he ran up the zig zag stairs, and again they pursued him. He flew off the last step and onto the roof of a brick building. Cursing the cops, he ran past air conditioners and air ducts. He quickly ran out of roof to run on. As he stood at the ledge, at least eight stories from the ground, the men following him started to fire their guns at him. He chuckled shaking his head before he leaped over an alley to the other building. Landing with a swift roll, he jumped up and ran again. He was always running.

A pain shot up from his thigh suddenly and he fell to the ground, slamming into a air conditioner that stopped his roll immediately. He sat up and winced as the pain shot up his spine again. The bullet had grazed his skin causing it to bleed and throb. He saw one of the policeman mumble something into the radio on his shoulder then smile.

"Not today." He hissed to himself, pushing himself up.

Turning around he ran again trying not to stagger as his leg slowed him down. He could hear more gunshots in his direction, but luckily none hit him. Still... he wasn't lucky.

He crossed to many buildings to count. They were all lined up and were flat, so jumping from roof to roof was easy. Well, it was for someone like him anyways. His leg suddenly buckled under him and he fell onto the cold concrete beneath him.

Groaning, he realized he wasn't going to be able to run any longer. At least the sirens were gone, he thought. The sirens were always following him. It was almost a lullaby for him... Almost...

Pulling the small green combat backpack from his back, he flipped over and laid it onto his stomach. He brought out a long bandage strip from the pack and managed to put himself upright against an air duct. Extending his leg he could see his blood had soaked into the fabric of his black pants. Lifting his leg with a grunt, he slowly wrapped the bandage around the wound.

When he was finished he leaned his head back against the cool metal and sighed loudly. They never stop chasing him, did they? He wasn't an animal, a thief yes, but not an animal. He pulled the watch from his pocket and looked at it. 3:46 am. Great, he thought, I've been running for four hours.

He looked up at the Brooklyn sky and frowned. There wasn't much to look at besides the moon with its creepy smile and bloody teeth. There were no stars. The city's too bright for stars. Never ending light. The city that never sleeps.

But even a person like him had to sleep. He placed his pack behind his head in a sort of makeshift pillow and listened to the city. The loud cars that always honked. The low mumble of chatter from the people below. It never ends. He looked up at the moon, his gold eyes taking in the eerie moonlight.

He thought to himself, why am I still hoping this is all a dream and that when I wake up I'll be rich and everything will be perfect?

He closed his eyes and relaxed.

"Get over it, Kid. This is life," he whispered darkly.

Then he slept, still hoping that it was a dream.

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