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Accidental Love. (Based in the year 1900)

A Hotel Transylvania fan fiction. Dracula&OC

Adrianna POV

I ran. Ran from everyone. I was badly bruised, Broken and bleeding profusely. I reached the edge of town either I face certain death or I hide in the woods. I chose my second option. I could hear the other villagers advancing on me; they wouldn't go into the forest that I did know. But I didn't want to be an outcast, I had a life. So I turned to them,
"I didn't do it." I protested. "I never would've even thought about killing them."
"Liar, you killed them you killed all of them." Shouted a man.
"How could you accuse me of killing innocent children?" I asked tears welling up in my eyes.
Then a man, the priest stepped forward. We had been good friends.
"Peter, tell them I didn't do it. You believe me? Don't you?" I asked tears now flowing down my face.
He sighed,
"You are more beautiful than any other woman, you can run faster then any man, you can fight better then any solider, you can climb the highest trees to the top most thinnest branches, you have abnormally pale skin, blood red lips and hair as black as night, you killed those children. You are evil. You're a monster!" He said his voice growing louder by the second.
My heart fell. I loved Peter. He did not love me; to him I was evil, devil spawn.
"Peter, don't. I-I thought you loved me." I whimpered.
"I never loved you, nor will any one ever love you!" He yelled at me.
At his words my heart broke, I looked at him I could feel my face filling with pain. I turned to the forest and fled.