I ran. Ran from everyone. I was badly bruised, Broken and bleeding profusely. I reached the edge of town and the thought of either facing certain death or hiding in the woods flickered through my scrambled mind. I chose my second option. I could hear the other villagers advancing on me; they wouldn't go into the forest that I did know. But I didn't want to be an outcast, I had a life. It was all I had. So I turned to them,

"I didn't do it." I protested. "I never would've even thought about killing them."

"Liar, you killed them you killed all of them." Shouted a furious man.

"How could you accuse me of killing innocent children?" I asked tears welling up in my eyes.

Then a well-dressed gentleman stepped forward, face a mixture between agony and horror. We had been good friends once upon a time and I hoped he would remember that.

"Peter, tell them I didn't do it. You believe me? Don't you?" I asked tears threatening to escape down my face.

He sighed,

"You're toxic, always have been. Too alluring for your own good, a devil in disguise. You are evil. You're a monster!" He said his voice growing louder by the second until he was spitting with anger and slivers of fright.

My heart fell. I loved Peter like a he was a part of the family I never had. He did not love me; to him I was evil, devil spawn. Just an obstacle in the way of his success.

"Peter, don't. I-I thought you loved me." I whimpered.

"I never loved you, nor will any one ever love you!" He yelled at me.

At his words my heart broke, I looked at him I could feel my face contorting with pain. I turned to the forest and fled.

I stumbled and tripped my way through the forest. There were huge spiders and bugs, which would have petrified any other woman but I was too roused but tonight's fracas. I stumbled on practically holding my body together with my arms when I found a hidden entrance, one that was not so hidden and was spilling light out of every open crevice and hole.

I walked through the gates till I reached the end of the drive, it was there that a castle had seemingly erupted from the ground into my sight just I had approached it. "Safe" was all I could think. I hobbled up to the door, but I couldn't go any further, my slowly healing wounds had re-opened and were now pouring out blood. "H-h-help" I whispered just before my knees buckled and then I hit the ground with an exhausted thud.

I awoke still at the entrance, all alone, my wounds had begun to look better, I tried to get up but I felt a stabbing pain travel throughout my body causing me to gasp in agony.

"What was that?" I heard someone ask. Footsteps echoed and I saw the bushes to the side of me part but I didn't see who came through them.

"H-hello?" I called out hoping for an answer. "Is there anyone there?"

"Yes, I am here." The anonymous person said.

"Who are you, and where are you. I-I can't see you." I said.

"I am Griffin, also more commonly known as The Invisible Man. I am here, you see the floating glasses?" he asked soothingly.

"Y-yes. I do." I answered.

"Now I am going to help you up, Miss?" griffin said.

"My name is Arianne." I whispered, out of breath. "And I am a monster" It was a strangled, whimpering cry that I couldn't stop for erupting from my cracked lips.

"Arianne, lovely name I haven't heard it before." Griffin said wrapping his arm around my waist helping me up. "A monster? Really?" he asked a slight happy edge to his voice. I gathered he didn't entirely understand or recognise my tone and the meaning of my words.

"Thank you." I replied.

"The castle, you can get help there." He replied. "Though may I ask, if you're a monster how you are bleeding like a normal human?" he asked.

I didn't like talking about this subject I was also bleeding to death and extremely tired. It wasn't even my fault I was this way. I didn't have the energy or bother to tell my tale but I dint want to insult my rescuer.

"I was cursed by a witch. She was beautiful but she hated anyone more beautiful than her. Even though I wouldn't call myself beautiful." I said trying to answer his question without getting into too much detail and without passing out.

"Oh." Was the only thing he said.

We walked in silence some more until we reached the castle doors. Griffin slowly removed his arms from around me so he could open the door, but as soon as he stopped holding me up I fell, the fall stretched the newly closed wounds and they re-opened again, this time waves of fresh blood dripped down my body. Unable to keep control I fainted.

Griffin ~

I slowly removed my arms from their place around her waist to the door, but as soon as I let go she collapsed and I saw her wounds re-opening. 'Idiot' I thought.

I wasn't strong enough to carry her on my own any further so how was I going to get her inside, I couldn't drag her.

"Wait." I said to myself rather loudly "I know just the person who can carry her." I looked at her, she began to stir from her unconsciousness, "Hang on I am going to get help." I told her.

I ran inside, I had to find Frankenstein. There he was with Wayne (the werewolf) they were talking to each other in loud, thunderous voices.

"Frank, listen I need your help." I said urgently.

"Hey Griffin, so why do you need my help?." Frank asked.

"There is an injured lady outside that I need you to carry into the hotel." I said trying to hurry the conversation.

"Okay, gosh, where is she?" he asked worried.

"Follow me." I replied. Frank followed me outside to where Arianne was lying, still bleeding but not as profuse as before. Frank leant over and picked he up, I held the door open for him and we walked together to Dracula's room.

"Hey Griffin, you don't think that Drac would mind if he finds a woman in his room? Frank asked with a fleeting smirk.

All I could do was grin in reply and let out a small chuckle.

Frank laid Arianne down on the bed. Then he called on the house keeping to help with her wounds.

"Let her rest." An elderly which told us.

Arianne ~

I awoke in a room. It was a beautiful room with black silk sheets and red velvet curtains. I clambered out of bed. My wounds now almost fully healed, there was new clothes waiting for me at the end of the bed, and there was also a note sitting on top of them. I said,

Dear Arianne,

You blacked out when we reached the doors of the castle (that was my fault, sorry) and I got one of my friends (Frankenstein) to help assist me in carrying you to a room where you could rest. I have left clothes at the end of the bed, they were from another woman who once owned this castle (Martha). I hope you don't mind. When you wake just follow the hall down to the lobby I will be waiting for you to show you around.


I placed the letter on the bedside table, and then I put the clothes on. The letter said to follow the hall "How hard could this be?" I asked myself.

Finally, I found the lobby, it tunes out it was REALLY HARD to find with my still semi-blurred vision though it did let me experience how amazing the lobby was; it had red velvet carpets and red plush chairs that had gold trimming and were all beautifully treated. I walked slowly down the stairs taking in the view as I went on. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I was greeted by a pair of floating glasses. 'Hmmm' I thought to myself 'floating glasses means invisible man, invisible man means Griffin.'

"Hey." said Griffin with a raise of his glasses.

"Hello." I replied. Griffin took hold of my arm; he began to guide me towards the other side of the lobby to meet his friends, I gather he didn't sense how uncomfortable I was from his touch. We approached them and I was rather surprised to see two other vampires there. He first introduced me to Frank,

"This is Frank. He helped me carry you here." Griffin told me.

"Thank you so much. I appreciate it immensely." I told Frank.

Griffin then introduced me to Eunice, Frank's wife and Wayne and Wanda the werewolf couple. Then he came round to Murray, the Mummy.

Murray had a sort of happy aura around him, a bright shade of yellow around his soul showed that he was happy. The next person that I was introduced to was Mavis. She was a vampire like me; she was very beautiful as well.

"Hi, I'm Mavis. And this is my boyfriend Johnny." She told me

"It's a pleasure to meet you both." I replied quick and without emotion.

"And last but not least an old friend of mine, Drac." Griffin said.

The man, Drac (which I assumed to be short for Dracula which was a common name for the time I was from) turned around when he heard his name. He had stunningly sleek black hair. He was tall and wore black clothes and a cape. His mysterious black eyes meet mine. Suddenly…

My eyes met his mysterious black ones. I held out my hand and felt his cold soft skin underneath mine. I felt my heart tug and my head spin

"H-hello." I said suddenly shy.

"Vwelcome to my hotel for monsters." he replied smiling shyly

"I am grateful to be here." I replied.

"So are you a vampire?" Johnny suddenly blurted out.

I laughed hollowly.


"Oh that's cool. Do you have any powers and stuff?" He continued

"Of course. I can do many, many things." I told him. "But they are for another time." I said

Johnny stepped a bit closer. I knew that he wasn't normal but I never thought that he was a human. i herd his pulse under the smooth thin sheet of skin on his neck and I smelt the sweet blood in his veins.

I felt my eyes widened and my fangs extend from their sheaths. Dracula noticed what was happening and he whispered in Mavis's ear. Mavis looked at Arianne and slowly pulled Johnny away.

"Oh my, I am so sorry." I apologized

"No, no it's my fault I should have told you." I heard Griffin say. "Let's go and I will show you the rest of the hotel." He continued he placed his arms around me tenderly and lead me away.

Dracula ~

It has been a few days since Arianne first arrived and I have been catching myself always thinking about her beautifully sculpted face. I have never meet such a vampire as her even Martha didn't make me feel this way, so it cannot be love... Can it?

"Um, dad?" I heard Mavis ask.

"Ves my little blood-orange?" I replied

"You're staring at her again." She told me.

"Vat? No I'm not I was admiring the wall behind her." I quickly said.

"Sure you are." She said over her shoulder as she left with Jonathan.

"Oh Martha vat am I to do?" I sighed.

Arianne ~

Griffin and I were walking to the garden to eat. Griffin over these past days had been so nice to me and he always made me laugh. We reached a table set for two and he pulled out my chair

"Why thank you Griffin." I said.

"A pleasure." He replied. Behind us a mariachi band of skeletons began to play a song that made my body feel like dancing.

"Dance with me!" He exclaimed grabbing hold of me and pulling with me to a bare place in the garden. We danced until our feet hurt and then we fell into a bunch on the ground laughing.

Dracula ~

I watched through a window as Arianne and griffin sat at a table in the garden and then when they began to dance I felt my heart pang with jealousy. They fell down together in a bundle laughing and that almost blew my jealousy meter out the water. I vowed that I would make her love me one way or another.

When they parted and went their separate ways I followed Arianne and hid behind one of the steel knights that stood facing the opposite wall. I listened as Arianne approached.

Arianne ~

"Guess who" I heard as I felt two soft hand cover my eyes.

"I have no idea." I said laughing. I turned to find a pair of floating glasses and shorts and a tee-shirt.

"Gosh you have a beautiful smile." Griffin gasped in awe. "Like seriously blinding, I think I'm going blind." He held up his hands to his face as if shielding a bright light. I'd never had such a compliment in any of my years, nor had I met anyone so strange. A small bout of happiness welled in my chest.

About a week after I arrived I was in the lobby waiting for griffin when Dracula came up to me. I instantly froze and became nervous. Why did I feel this way around him?

"Hello Arianne. I was wondering ifv you vanted to join me vor a valk in the garden?" He asked

His gaze had me frozen in place and I slowly nodded forgetting all about griffin. He held out his hand and I took it.

Griffin ~

I arrive into the lobby were Arianne said she would wait but I couldn't find her anywhere. Then I spotted Frank and Eunice

"Hey guys have you seen Arianne?" I asked.

"Oh yeah she left with Drac about 20 minuets ago."

"Oh." I said. It then hit me that Arianne had only been with me the while time she was here I never once thought that she might want some time with her own kind. So I'd give her a few weeks.

Arianne ~

Drac took me to a beautiful place in the garden and we had such a lovely time together. And when he dropped me off at my room I was sad to see him leave. I closed my door and slumped onto my bed falling into a deep happy sleep.