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Accidental Love

Griffin POV

I slowly removed my arms from their place around her waist to the door, but as soon as I let go she collapsed and I saw her wounds re-opening. 'Idiot' I thought.

I wasn't strong enough to carry her on my own so how was I going to get her inside, I couldn't drag her. "wait." I said "I know just the person who can carry her." I said. I looked at her, she began to stir from her unconsciousness, "hang on I am going to get help." I told her.

I ran inside, I had to find Frankenstein. There he was with Wayne (the werewolf) talking about something.

"Frank, listen I need your help." I said urgently.

"Hey Griffin, so why do you need my help?." Frank asked.

"There is an injured lady outside that I need you to carry into the hotel." I said trying to hurry the conversation.

"Okay, where is she?" he asked

"Follow me." I replied. Frank followed me outside to where Arianne was lying, still bleeding but not as profuse as before. Frank leant over and picked he up, I held the door open for him and we walked together to Dracula's room.

"Hey Griffin, you don't think that Drac would mind if he finds a woman in his room? Frank asked.

"I don't know." I replied.

Frank laid Arianne down on the bed. Then he called on the house keeping to help with her wounds.

"Let her rest." An elderly which told us.

Arianne POV.

I awoke in a room. It was a beautiful room with black silk sheets and red velvet curtains. I clambered out of bed. My wounds now almost fully healed, there was new clothes waiting for me at the end of the bed, and there was also a note sitting on top of them. I said,

Dear Arianne,

You blacked out when we reached the doors of the castle ( that was my fault, sorry) and I got one of my friends (Frankenstein) to help assist me in carrying you to a room where you could rest. I have left clothes at the end of the bed, they were from another woman who once owned this castle (Martha). I hope you don't mind. When you wake just follow the hall down to the lobby I will be waiting for you to show you around.


I placed the letter on the bedside table, and then I put the clothes on. The letter said to follow the hall "How hard could this be?" I asked myself.

5 minutes later…

Arianne POV

Finally! I found the lobby, it tunes out I was REALLY HARD to find. Anyway the lobby was amazing; it had red velvet carpets and red plush chairs. I walked slowly down the stairs taking in the view as I went on. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I was greeted by a pair of floating glasses. "Hmmm" I thought to myself "floating glasses means invisible man, invisible man means Griffin."

"Hey." said Griffin.

"Hey." I replied. Griffin took hold of my arm; he began to guide me towards the other side of the lobby to meet his friends. We approached them and I was rather surprised to see two other vampires there. He first introduced me to Frank,

"This is Frank. He helped me carry you here." Griffin told me.

"Thank you so much. I appreciate it immensely." I told Frank.

Griffin then introduced me to Eunice, Frank's wife and Wayne and Wanda the werewolf couple. Then he came round to Murray, the Mummy.

Murray had a sort of happy aura around him, a bright shade of yellow around his soul showed that he was happy. The next person that I was introduced to was Mavis. She was a vampire like me; she was very beautiful as well.

"Hi, I'm Mavis. And this is my boyfriend Johnny." She told me

"It's a pleasure to meet you both." I replied.

"And last but not least an old friend of mine, Drac." Griffin said.

The man, Drac (which I assumed to be short for Dracula) turned around when he heard his name. He had stunning sleek black hair. He was tall and wore black clothes and a cape. His mysterious black eyes meet mine. Suddenly…

sorry for the sudden cliff hang (or stop if you preffer) but i wanted to keep you hanging.

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