If anyone who's read my Through the Eyes of a Stranger and is reading this, this is what I meant when I said I had a few ideas for one-shots. Probably not what you were thinking I would write, but I've had this idea for a while.

Also, I got the idea from DarkPaladin000 's You know you're addicted to KTK when, except this isn't Keys to the Kingdom. Thanks for the idea!

Disclaimer, no matter how much I want to own DQ, I don't.

You Know You're Obsessed With Deltora Quest When . . .

1. The words "belt" and "pipe" have a new meaning to you.

2. You're suddenly interested in gems, especially topazes, rubies, opals, lapis lazulis, emeralds, amethysts, and diamonds.

3. Whenever you see the word "leaf" or "lief" (yes it's a word, I actually looked it up) you complain that it's spelled wrong and/or the "L" isn't capitalized.

4. The word "quest" always seems to stand out and remind you of Deltora Quest.

5. You wonder why there isn't an island named "Deltora", then declare that your map forgot about it.

6. Whenever you see a gem you wonder what its powers are, and if you can use them.

8. You try to solve riddles whenever you can, in case your life depends on it.

9. Whenever you read a book about another world you keep wondering why there just aren't enough monsters in it.

10. Whenever you head into a forest/wood, you bring earplugs in case there are Wenn around.

11. You hope to find Jasmine hiding there, or Kree or Filli.

12. When you were typing a fanfiction for DQ you realized "Del" was a word and looked it up.

13. You search the skies for flashes of color, indicating a dragon above.

14. Or you look out for passing Ak-Baba, and marvel how you never see them, then remember you're on Earth, not Deltora.

15. You want to go to Deltora so badly!

16. You think that swordplay sounds cool now.

17. Whenever you hear the word "palace" or "castle" or any other name for a building, you ask if it was built by Ralads.

18. When you see mountains, you immediately think that they're the Barrier Mountains and that the Shadowlands lie beyond them, so you like to stay away from them.

19. You somehow think that the Rithmere Games are related to The Hunger Games (with alterations). Maybe Suzanne Collins read DQ as well?

20. The word "forest" reminds you of the Forests of Silence, "lake" The Lake of Tears, "plains" Opal territory, "desert/sands" the Shifting Sands, "mountain" Dread Mountain (or #18), "cave/maze" the Maze of the Beast, "valley" the Valley of the Lost, and "palace/castle" the palace of Del.

21. You think that there's an underground sea and that you would meet groups of pipeplaying goblins there.

22. When you're in a cave, you wonder why there's no Glus nor gem-colored walls.

23. You're always aware of the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost and westernmost points of an area, and hope that you won't find any Sisters there.

24. You like to search the library, hoping to discover forgotten books, maps, or (most of all) hidden secrets.

25. When you saw the anime, you kept pointing out stuff that they changed, left out, or added.

26. Whenever you see rats, you wonder if Reeah will come and eat them.

27. Lilies remind you of the Liles of Life, and then you realize Gorl isn't guarding them.

28. You realized that "Glus" is just "slug" mixed around, because you've read the books infinitive times.

29. You want the Guardian's/Fardeep's riddle house thing (excluding the "pets")!

30. Whenever you see ravens/blackbirds, you hope that they're highly intelligent and try to get them to send your messages.

31. Or you hope that they won't get eaten by Thaegan.

32. You don't think melting a witch with water will work anymore - only spilling a drop of blood will!

33. You were so busy reading that you still didn't notice there was no number 7.

34. You went back to check.

35. You realized 7 is the number of gems there are in the Belt and the number of tribes, and you're laughing at yourself for missing such an important number.

36. You think people with masks on are the Masked Ones, and you should be very cautious among them, even though your brain is screaming, "IT'S JUST MARDI GRAS!"

37. Dragons are no longer a threat - instead, you'd love to ride one!

38. Your friends/family [don't] realize you're trying to make/force them to read/watch the series, and you've actually succeeded.

39. Whenever you start talking about the books, everyone vanishes because they know you're fully capable of rambling about Deltora Quest for quite a while.

40. You think that just maybe you're related to Adin. Hopefully.

41. You actually think some of those monsters exist, and are looking for Mere charms just in case of attack.

42. You honestly don't think that knights, catfish, bees, snakes, toads, or slugs are what they seem to be.

43. It would be fun to write/talk in code, then watch as the others try to figure out what you wrote/said.

44. You've searched all over the place for the Deltora Annals, becoming upset when they weren't there and screaming about how they had things that shouldn't be forgotten.

45. All those riddles just might have improved your IQ, and you like to tease others using them.

46. You know that "divide and conquer" always works thanks to the books.

47. Goblins are not goblins - they're groups of Aurons, Plumes, and Keras!

48. You wish you could hop around in trees like Jasmine can.

49. And you wish you were as smart as Lief in the books.

50. Whenever you see white marble you wonder if it came from the same stone that Tora is built of.

51. You catch yourself trying to summon the dragons with your mind or repeating their names in your head.

52. You're now searching for double meanings in everything you read.

53. You have no idea how the Shadow Lord can create such complicated plans like the ones he used to conquer Deltora, but would love to do something alike.

54. People have asked you to stop your obsession, but you just say, "That's like asking me to stop living!"

55. You stare at moth's wings - if they have a message written on them, you know you've invaded Masked Ones' camp.

56. Whenever you're around bees you start screaming that smoke is the only way to calm them.

57. You call your enemies slimy Ols and laugh when they look confused.

58. You've asked to have a vacation in Deltora, then felt miffed when they asked where that was.

59. You actually took the Dragon Tribes test in Secrets of Deltora.

60. And lastly . . . you love the books even if they're "second grade level" and will gladly admit you're OBSESSED!