I got some more ideas, so I decided to post another chapter! Thanks to Library2.0 and Guest for reviewing and giving me #s 61, 63, 83, and who inspired 84!

Starting where I left off . . . You Know You're Obsessed With DQ When . . .

61. You try to talk to trees and animals, especially ravens/blackbirds.

62. You insist that ravens/blackbirds are highly intelligent, and wish you could attempt to send a letter using them.

63. Whenever you play 20 Questions and you get one wrong you scream, "OH NO NO NO NOT THE FINGERS!"

64. When someone says dragons are threats/evil, you object and get into a huge argument, which you usually end by confusing the other person with DQ references.

65. You HATE how they ended the anime series, which removes all chance of the second and third arcs being done in film version.

66. Whenever you hear someone say that DQ stands for Dairy Queen, you say, "No it doesn't, it stands for Deltora Quest!" (They say that here in the USA, I don't know if Dairy Queen is worldwide)

67. Whenever you're at a lighthouse you ask random people, "Anyone seen Verity?"

68. You hear the words "ghost ship" and think of The Lady Luck, then wonder if there will be puzzles and games on board.

69. You now know thanks to the books that gambling is absolutely unacceptable, and that you will lose every single time.

70. Whenever a red line appears under the words "Deltora", "Tora", "Shadowlands", or any other name/place in the series, you briefly glare at the screen and click "Add to dictionary".

71. It is TOO true that you can live longer than 150 years! Just look at Doran!

72. You cried/screamed/yelled at the book/hurled the book across the room (okay maybe not that drastic) when Endon, Glock, Doran, and/or Josef died.

73. On the contrary, you laughed when Neridah, Dain, any of the Guardians for both gems and Sisters, and/or Oacus [in the anime] were wiped out.

74. Whenever someone says "I feel doomed", you say, "Doom isn't here yet, he's busy with the Resistance."

75. When there is an essay question like "What, in your opinion, is the best way to overthrow tyranny rule? Include references to the previous chapter", you write, "Complete the Belt of Deltora and find the heir. Duh."

76. Shape-shifters, Animagus, or Animorphs will always be beaten by Level 3 Ols!

77. You like to say "Why in the name of Deltora" instead of any other options.

78. You start talking in 3rd person POV for your amusement, just like Tom does.

79. You've secretly forced your friends into reading the books, not caring if they called it "second grade level" (my friend's mom did)

80. You're suddenly curious about the art of metalworking.

81. Whenever someone drops food and they get off lightly you say, "That would've been sooo different in Noradz . . ."

82. You're reminded of the Noradz people whenever you meet a clean freak.

83. Whenever you see mountains, you go, "Don't take the Belt across!"

84. When you receive stares, you say, "Oh come on, are there ANY Deltora Quest fans out there?!" and earn even more.

85. You would love to be able to jump around those trees like Jasmine can.

86. Whenever you hear of someone obsessed with fire, you automatically ask if it's a certain Sorcerer Oacus.

87. You have a weird feeling that Ak-Baba are related to vultures. . . .

88. You scream "THAEGAN DIED RIGHT AFTER THEY GOT THE RUBY! SHE DID NOT COME BACK LIKE TWO TIMES!" whenever you watch the parts of the anime where they brought Thaegan back as fillers.

89. You wonder if Emily Rodda/Jennifer Rowe approved of the last ten or so episodes - the ones that were only in Japanese - because you thought they were plain dumb.

90. You are especially alert on the nights with a full moon.

91. You like to look at lilies and try to get some nectar from them.

92. When someone asks why you are attempting the above you say, "Oh I'm just collecting some precious nectar from the Lilies of Life, don't you worry! That is, unless you're Gorl. . . ."

93. Chief advisers are now evil to you . . . KILL THEM ALL!

94. Speaking of chief advisers, you think that Prandine/Fallow in the anime seriously needs a pedicure.

95. You imply the fact that books can too be mistaken for weapons. Just look at what Prandine said when Jarred tried to show Endon The Belt of Deltora!

96. You have read any of the following: Rowan of Rin, the Rondo Trilogy, Raven Hill Mysteries, and/or The Golden Door.

97. You think grey + red = Shadow Lord symbols.

98. You laugh at how "Lief" sounds like "leaf", and kind of jump whenever someone says "leaf".

99. You warn pipe players not to let anyone convince them to take their pipe apart - thus earning stares.

And lastly, the one all Deltora Quest fans have been told . . . 100. People who care about you have told you to drop your obsession . . . but you refuse!

That is the finale, since I'm totally dried out of ideas! Now, if anyone wants this to be continued, just leave a review or PM me saying so. It would be also greatly appreciated if you gave me a few ideas like Library2.0 did! Once again, thanks to you all!