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"Welcome to Facebook! Let the Wizarding World step further into the future with this progressive technological system!"

Severus rolled his eyes. He didn't understand the reasoning for technology in the Wizarding World anyway; they were already years beyond the Muggle world, and they would forever remain advantaged. This was just a bunch of crap to add to his summer workload. Damn McGonagall for making him integrate this utter trash into the school year.

"We are going to teach you the ins and outs of using Facebook to interact with your fellow co-workers, as well as students! By the end of this seminar you will be able to identify the functions of Facebook, learn how to control who will see what you post online, and how to monitor your privacy controls! Let's get started, shall we?

Severus sighed. It was going to be a long summer.

"We are integrating technology into this year's studies. You will all be taught how to efficiently navigate through the internet, and you will be expected to utilize Facebook to interact with your peers and teachers, on a strict professional level. We believe this will promote health to our damaged souls as well."

Headmaster Snape ended his speech rather abruptly. He waved his hand and the famous Hogwart's feast appeared before the students. He took his seat as the normal chatter rose within the students. Whispers of, "Facebook? Sounds mental!" and, "What the hell is a Facebook?" erupted from all corners.

Harry eagerly tore into his feast at the Welcoming Ceremonies for the new Hogwarts school year. He was in his Seventh and final year, (although he was eighteen) and with no evil cronies to worry about, he was determined to live his life to the fullest. At least, that's what he told himself. On the inside Harry still dealt with a dark hole that was constantly growing deeper. He eyed the staff table wearily, seeking out the one man he knew would be returning to Hogwarts as Headmaster this year. Headmaster Snape, Harry had to admit that sat weird on his tongue, was seated directly in the middle, Professor McGonagal on the man's left. Harry tried to keep his eyes off the man, but he couldn't control himself. He hadn't seen Snape since he was released from St. Mungo's Intensive Care Unit. Harry couldn't help the way his heart would swell when he sat with the unconscious man. He felt like it was his duty, and he certainly owed the man. He did everything in his power to not only keep Severus alive, but to clear his name with the Ministry. Harry even made a few threats to the Minister himself, making certain that Snape would receive an Order of Merlin, First Class, for his bravery during the War.

This new technology bit was enthralling for Harry. He and Hermione used Facebook regularly. Harry smiled at the thought of Severus Snape having to be taught how to use the internet. He laughed a bit, his eyes sparkling in the evening candle glow.

Severus caught the Potter boy watching him thoughtfully. This year would be interesting to say the least. Severus was content with Headmaster, even though he was now considered the second most powerful wizard in the world, next to Potter. Potter, the bane of his existence. He scowled a dark glare at the boy and watched as Potter shivered and returned to his food. Foolish Gryffindor spirit and other nonsense like that, Severus thought to himself.

Welcome to Facebook - logged in as Severus Snape. Not Severus Snape? Click here.

1 New message from Minerva McGonagall

What's on your mind?

Post a photo/video - Add location - Add Friends- Messages

Minerva McGonagall

9:26 pm.

Don't forget the staff meeting tomorrow morning, Severus. I will need you there early, please.

Severus Snape

9:27 pm.

Yes, you nefarious old Tabby, I know.

Minerva McGonagall

9:27 pm

Isn't technology wonderful?

Severus Snape

9:28 pm

If you say so.

1 New Friend Request from Harry Potter

Potter? Severus thought to himself. Well, that was quick. The boy should be resting, he should be getting himself ready for class in the morning, he should be doing anything else but wasting time on Facebook already.

You have accepted Harry Potter's friend request. Write on his wall.

I will do no such thing, Severus thought to himself.

1 New message from Harry Potter

Harry Potter

9:31 pm

Evening, Headmaster

Severus Snape

9:31 pm

Potter. What do you want? Shouldn't you be sleeping?

Harry Potter

9:32 pm

I don't sleep. I haven't slept for more than four hours a night since.. Well..

Severus Snape

9:34 pm

.. Do you want something for that?

Harry Potter

9:35 pm

Are you actually offering assistance to me, Sir?

Severus Snape

9:36 pm

Take it or leave it, you daft baboon.

Harry Potter

9:37 pm

Should I come to your office, Sir?

Severus Snape

9:38 pm

You have my permission to roam the halls this once, Potter.

Harry closed his laptop and grabbed his slippers, already half way out the Common Room by the time he actually slid them on.

"Here, Potter. Take this once a night whenever you wish to fall asleep. It will ensure a full eight hours of rest, and it should last you for the week. If you require more, simply ask."

Severus set the tiny vial on his desk as Harry took a seat in front of him. He didn't know how he missed it, but in close quarters he could clearly see fatigue lines under the boy's eyes.

"I- I don't know what to say, other than thank you, Sir. This is so..." Harry couldn't finish because he didn't have the right word for what this situation was to him.

"Unexpected, perhaps, Mr. Potter?"

"You're being nice to me."

"This is not nice. I am not nice. I am merely looking after a student."

Harry eyed the man suspiciously.

"You ran from me..."

Severus knew the boy was referring to his time spent in St. Mungo's once he regained consciousness.

"I needed space."

"You could have at least told me where you went! I was worried about you, Professor!"

"You? Worried about your ex- Potions Professor? Do you hear yourself, Potter?"

"You're not just my ex-Professor. Don't you realize how much you mean to me, Sir? You saved my life, you were pulling the strings behind the scenes. You played just as much an important role as I did, Sir," Harry stood, his repressed anger finally slipping out. He really didn't want to do this, he didn't want to fight with Snape. Seeing the man after months and months of worry was tearing Harry's insides apart.

Harry started to run away, he was headed for the door when Snape's hand firmly grasped his arm, halting the boy in his tracks. Severus pulled Harry around to face him, the man's robes whirling around them both. Harry's face was so close to Snape's, Harry could feel the older man's breath on his cheek.

"Do not assume, Mr. Potter, that just because you saved the Wizarding World you can mouth off to your Headmaster," Severus growled deep and low, his silky smooth voice vibrated darkly around Harry. Mesmerized, Harry found he couldn't move away. He felt his face flood with heat and his heart sped in his chest. Severus thrust the sleeping potion in Potter's hand, his own breath came out in soft spurts. Neither were aware of the fact that they were leaning into each other ever so slowly.

"Now get out of my office, Potter," Severus whispered, almost close enough to kiss the boy's lips. Harry closed his eyes. With a great deal of effort, he pushed away from Snape's hold and exited the Headmaster's office.

Harry's first week of classes zoomed by in fits of homework and dreamless sleep. Harry was thankful for the sleep, but he could do without the homework crowding his schedule. He was overdue on quite a few subjects, and really, there was no way to work with Facebook clouding his view. It was procrastination station for even the most honorable student.

Welcome to Facebook, Harry Potter.

What's on your mind?

Do you even have to ask? Harry thought to himself.

Naturally, his next status update read, "Do you even have to ask?"

1 New Message from Severus Snape!

Severus Snape

11:43 pm

Potter, why are you not sleep?

Harry ignored Snape, but Severus knew the boy read his message.

Severus Snape

11:50 pm

If you want another brew, you'll have to come up and get it. I'll leave my wards down until half past midnight, Mr. Potter...

Harry Potter

11:50 pm

I don't want anymore, Professor...

Severus Snape

11:51 pm

And why not?

Harry Potter

11:53 pm

I just don't, Sir.

Harry closed his laptop, annoyed with everything. He threw himself down on his bed, reaching for the small electronic device he owned, his iPod Touch. He could always drown his miseries away with music. He impatiently pushed the annoying white earbuds into his ears and turned the volume out, rocking his foot in beat with the rhythm.

He gave in about an hour later and accessed Facebook from his iPod. He loved to lyric-spam his profile, posting lyrics to his favorite songs. Most of the time no one would understand, because Harry listened to music that no one else his age listened to. To Harry, it was more than a steady beat- he loved when the lyrics of a song held deep meanings.

This one song instantly brought tears to his eyes when he listened to it. He thought of Ginny and how her pain had now taken over a part of her life that she would never be able to get back. He though of how much he loved her, and how much he sacrificed by letting her go. She asked to be left alone to mourn in peace, and in that mourning she had taken her own life. Harry never spoke a word to anyone- Ron nor Hermione- about just how guilty he felt about her death.

"I wear these tears and pretend they're not there just for you, hurting myself you say that I need help and I do, under your spell, if you look you can tell I love you, yes I do. Oh I'm Poisoned with love but I can't get enough, so I'll keep walking on broken glass for you.." *

1 New Message from Severus Snape!

Severus Snape

1:15 am

Potter, if you ignore me again I will personally hex your balls up your arse.

Harry Potter

1:16 am

I might like that, Sir.

Severus Snape

1:17 am

Come get this potion, wretched boy.

Harry Potter

1:18 am

I told you, Sir, I do not want that potion. I am content with laying here and crying myself to sleep. Kindly bugger off.

Severus Snape

1:20 am

... So you'd rather bathe in your self pity than relieve yourself by resting your mind? How idiotic.

Harry Potter

1:22 am

I remember kindly asking you to bugger off, Professor.

Severus Snape

1:24 am

I will do no such thing, Potter. Ten points from Gryffindor for language.

Harry rolled his eyes. Just like the git, he thought.

Harry Potter

1:26 am

Fine, you win. I will be there shortly.

Harry closed his laptop and slipped out the Common Room once more.

Severus could see the boy did not lie about crying. His eyes were still irritated and red. He stood by the door as Harry entered, the boy's eyes clouded and glazed with heavy mist. Severus briefly wondered what had the boy so rattled, but he knew better than to pry. It was not his business anyway, and he was not Dumbledore.

"Here. Drink this now," Severus commanded the boy as he handed Harry a small glass.

"What's this, Sir?"

"Scotch, older than your life, I suppose. Do not question, Potter, just drink it."

Harry shrugged and sipped a bit. It tasted... bitter. He swallowed more and confirmed his first thought of the clear liquid. Horribly bitter.

"I.. I think I'll stick with soda, Sir."

"Wise choice. Sit."

As Severus fetched the next dose of potion for the boy, Harry's eyes scanned the portraits in detail. All were slumbering, a mix of soft snores filled the silence of the room. Harry watched Dumbledore's portrait sleeping peacefully. He suddenly remembered how Snape loyally followed the man, even after death. His heart filled with such sorrow in that moment.

Severus leaned against a pillar and watched the boy's eyes tear up as he searched Dumbledore's portrait, perhaps searching for answers to the questions he still yearned to ask. Severus knew all too well what the young man was going through, and he was determined to not see Harry fall into the trap he was headed for.

Disturbing the boy's thoughts, Severus dropped the vial into Harry's hands.

"This will get you through until next Saturday. You will come see me next Friday. That is not a request, but a command. Understood, Potter?"

Harry simply nodded his head, his fingers playing around the cap of the potion. He wanted to leave, he wanted to run again. His entire being itched to get out of the room, to run back to his dorm and hide under his covers. He was safe there.

Severus sighed, then walked to the door.

"Potter.. If ever you should feel the need to.. talk to anyone. You are welcomed here whenever you so wish. I want you to know that..."

"Yeah.. Thanks, Professor.."

A/N: * Poisoned With Love by Neon Hitch