Attention my dear friends! (I consider all of my followers and readers my friends I love you guys!) If you watched the New Power Rangers Super Samurai today then Jayden's secret has now been revealed! I have prepared for this! I still plan to use Charlie and Jackie as Jayden's sisters even though Jayden already has a sister. The next story will be the twins trying to adjust to the sudden thrust into their lives because if you think about it, Charlie and Jackie have never met Lauren so they don't even know they had an older sister. It's already in the rough stages but it will be put into motion! It doesn't have a title yet but I'll think about it. It'll probably be ready after this story or during this story. Anyway enjoy my new story the Rouge Rangers!

Love, Diamond!

The rangers were fighting nighlock in the time square and were surrounded by moogers. The nighlock had slipped away to cause more mischief.

"What are we going to do?" Emily asked.

"There're moogers everywhere" Mia said.

"We're surrounded" Mike said.

"I've got a plan" Jayden said before he pulled out his phone. "Charlie, Jackie you're needed"

"You got it!" One voice said.

"Time to rock and roll!" Another voice said.

A few minutes later help for the rangers arrived two twin girls flipped over the rangers. They were Jayden's young sisters Charlotte and Jacqueline Shiba, the white and black samurai rangers. Charlie has curly chocolate brown hair and dark red eyes. She is wearing a white tube top, a red halter vest over it, a jean skirt, red stockings, and yellow wedges. Jackie has straight chocolate brown hair and ice blue eyes. She is wearing a long sleeve black and white off the shoulder shirt, a royal blue vest, black skinny jeans, and black ankle combat boots with royal blue laces.

"You nighlock are going down!" Charlie exclaimed.

"Yea you get ready to get a load of my righteous wolf spirit!" Jackie exclaimed before she let out a wolf howl creating blue sound waves causing to moogers to fly away from the rangers.

"Harmonious phoenix spirit!" Charlie exclaimed forming a sun ball shaped like a phoenix. She threw it and it flew in a circle destroying most of the moogers.

"There goes most of the moogers you all can handle it from here my sisters and I are going after the nighlock" Jayden said. "Time to morph guys"

"Right!" The twins said. "Samuraizers! Go, go samurai!" The twins exclaimed before they morphed into the white and black ranger.

"White samurai ranger ready!" Charlie exclaimed.

"Black samurai ranger ready!" Jackie exclaimed.

"Rangers together! Samurai forever!" Everyone said.

"Now let's go get that nighlock you guys stay here and finish off the rest of these moogers" Jayden said.

"Right" Everyone said before they did what they were told.

Once the battle was over, Charlie and Jackie walked into the Shiba house in awe.

"Wow this brings back some flashbacks" Charlie said.

"I know I wonder if that piece of gum I left six years ago" Jackie said.

"It's long gone Jacqueline" Jayden said.

"Well you're no fun" Jackie said.

"So is anyone going to explain?" Mike asked.

"Yea Jayden you never told us that you had sisters" Emily said.

"How about we all sit down and get to know each other and Charlie and Jackie can explain" Jayden said as they sat down.

"Well I'm Charlotte Shiba" Charlie said.

"And I'm Jacqueline Shiba" Jackie said.

"Charlie and Jackie for short it's just easier to remember" Charlie said. "Anyway our mother and her twin sister were the white and black rangers" Charlie said as she reached into her purse and pulled out a scroll.

"You carry that scroll around with you?" Kevin asked.

"Well we don't live in the Shiba house like the rest of you we had to make sure it was safe" Jackie said.

"As I was saying. We are the white and black rangers only two people who are extremely close can be the white and black rangers" Charlie said.

"Mainly twins and Charlie and Jackie are at that age where they are ready to become samurai rangers" Jayden said.

"Yep we turn sixteen tomorrow" Charlie said.

"But someone else has a birthday tomorrow too" Jackie said poking Jayden's stomach.

"Stop it" Jayden said pushing her hand away.

"It is your birthday isn't it?" Emily asked happily

"We have to do something special" Mia said.

"Don't worry about me guys I'm not a party animal whatever you do is fine" Jayden said.

"So what are you guys going to do tomorrow?" Mike asked.

"We have a hair appointment" Charlie said.

"Yep nothing puts me in a good mood then have a nice fresh hair cut" Jackie said running her fingers through her hair.

The next morning, Charlie and Jackie silently snuck into the Shiba house after their hair appointment with scarves over their heads.

"Okay we just sneak into our rooms and then when the gap sensor goes off we'll morph and it'll be all good" Charlie said.

"I can get down with that" Jackie said.

"Hey guys" Jayden said as the other rangers walked in.

"Crud" Charlie and Jackie said.

"How was your hair appointment?" Emily asked.

"Good oh good" Charlie said.

"So let's see it" Mike said.

"See what? My new keychain? Look it's a cow it moos" Jackie said squeezing it causing to moo.

"Why do you two have those scarves on your heads?" Kevin asked.

"Oh you know it's getting colder scarves are in" Charlie said not noticing Mike sneak up behind them and yank the scarves off their heads.

"Oh double crud" Charlie and Jackie said. Charlie's hair was bone straight and went all the way down to her waist and was deep red velvet color. Jackie's hair was cut short and reached the middle of her back and was wavy and ice blonde.

"Um surprise" Charlie and Jackie said weakly.

"You want to explain?" Jayden asked.

"Well we went for a wash and cut like you said" Charlie said.


"Alright girls since it's your birthday I will pay for your hair appointment" Jayden said.

"Awesome" Charlie said.

"But listen to me carefully. All you're getting is a wash and a cut. No highlights, no streaks, no color, just a wash and cut okay?" Jayden asked holding out his card.

"A wash and a cut" Charlie said.

"Jacqueline say it" Jayden said.

"A wash and a cut" Jackie said.

"Alright remember a wash and a cut" Jayden said handing Charlie the card.

"You got it" Charlie said before they walked off.

Charlie and Jackie were waiting for their stylist to come and do their hair.

"You know what I hate?" Charlie asked.

"What?" Jackie asked.

"When people confuse us" Charlie said.

"I know if people took the time to realize which voice is which, which hair texture is what, and our eye colors then we wouldn't be in this mess" Jackie said.

"I have an idea" Charlie said.

"What?" Jackie asked.

"Let's just dye our hair" Charlie said with a shrug.

"Yea but wait a minute Jayden said only a wash and a trim" Jackie said.

"Oh yea" Charlie said.

"…That's never stopped us before" Jackie said.

"That's…good enough for me" Charlie said.

"What can I do for you ladies today?" The stylist asked.

"Straighten my hair out as much as possible and make it as red as a red velvet cupcake" Charlie said.

"And for you?" The stylist asked.

"Wave it up make it ice blonde and cut it so it goes all the way to the middle of my back" Jackie said.

"Alright let's get started" The stylist said.


"Here's the bill" Charlie said handing it to him.

"A hundred fourteen dollars? !" Jayden exclaimed.

"Yea wash, cut, color, and style" Jackie said counting on her fingers.

"Time's two" Charlie added.

"Well I think they look great" Emily said. "Now c'mon we've got some cake and ice cream in the kitchen" Emily said.

"Oooo I hope it's rocky road!" Jackie said happily before she and Charlie ran into the kitchen with Emily and Mia.

"Uh I feel a Charlie and Jackie headache coming on" Jayden said rubbing his head.

"You name your headaches?" Mike asked.

"No my head just hurts a lot worse when Charlie and Jackie do something they're not suppose to" Jayden said.

"Alright we are officially out of ice cream and Jacqueline's about to have a panic attack" Charlie said.

Jackie let out a small pout as she tried to scoop out more ice cream.

"I'm going to the store to get more" Charlie said.

"Get the mint chocolate chip one please!" Jackie exclaimed as Charlie walked out. "So is anyone good at chess?" Jackie asked curling her legs into her chest.

"I'm not playing with you" Jayden said.

"Poo" Jackie said pouting.

"I'll play" Kevin said.

"Yay!" Jackie exclaimed happily. "I'll go get the board!" Jackie exclaimed before she ran off.

Charlie was walking through the frozen freezer aisle picking up everyone's favorite ice cream except for Jayden but that's only because Jayden didn't eat ice cream he didn't want it messing with his diet but Charlie got him some ice cream anyway. She was walking to the check out counter before she bumped into someone knocking her down.

"Ow" Charlie said. "Oh good I don't have ice cream on my butt" Charlie said looking at her skirt.

"Hey are you okay?" She looked up and saw a boy with spiky dark red hair and dark brown eyes. He is wearing a crimson t-shirt, blue jeans, and brown flip flops. "I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going"

"It's okay we all do it" Charlie said before he helped her up.

"I'm Roy" Roy said.

"I'm…" Charlie started. 'Wait a minute what was that thing Ji said about people outside of the Shiba house?' Charlie asked herself.

"Charlotte, Jacqueline you must not make personal relationships outside of the Shiba house. For the nighlock could use them as bait to hurt you" Ji's voice said in her head.

'Well he is cute and one friend outside of the Shiba house wouldn't hurt. Plus when have I ever listened to Ji?' Charlie asked herself.

"You're…" Roy said. "Did you forget your name pretty lady?"

"Oh I'm sorry I was just thinking. I'm Charlie" Charlie said.

"Charlie huh? That's an interesting name for a girl" Roy said.

"It's short for Charlotte" Charlie said.

"Ah now that's pretty" Roy said which made Charlie giggle. "Since I knocked you down how about I pay for your ice cream"

"Oh wow that's so sweet" Charlie said.

"So are you having a party or something?" Roy asked.

"Today's my birthday" Charlie said. "The sweet sixteen"

"Ah yes the all important sweet sixteen" Roy said. "So Charlie if you're not doing anything tomorrow would you like to go get some ice cream with me? Consider it a late birthday present" Roy said.

"Aww aren't you sweet" Charlie said. "How's three o'clock?"

"Sounds good" Roy said. "I'll meet you there" Roy said as they paid for the ice cream.

Charlie walked into the Shiba house a big smile on her face.

"I've got ice cream" Charlie said as she passed out the ice cream quarts.

"Good timing I just beat Kevin in seven games of chess" Jackie said.

"Why play Jacqueline? She's like a national chess champion" Charlie said sitting down next to Jayden.

"I tried to tell him" Jayden said with a sigh. "So what took so long?"

"Oh I wanted to get everyone's favorite" Charlie said.

"Charlotte come with there's a problem with the pilot light" Jackie said taking her arm before they ran into Jackie's room.

"Pilot light?" Mike asked.

"Please don't start she just says things like that" Jayden said.

"You met a boy didn't you?" Jackie asked.

"Yes! And he's so insanely cute we're going out for ice cream tomorrow so I need you to cover for me" Charlie said.

"You got it" Jackie said before a knock came to the door. "Come in" Jackie said before Emily came in.

"Hey guys I couldn't help but over hear that you met a guy Charlie?" Emily asked.

"Oh yea it's no big deal" Charlie said.

"You're not going to meet him are you?" Emily asked.

"Oh no I know it's wrong" Charlie said.

"Right you can just wait and if he likes you enough…he'll wait" Emily said.

"Yea" Charlie said.

"Well c'mon we're going to play the zord game" Emily said before she walked out.

"Ow" Charlie said grabbed her chest.

"What's the matter?" Jackie asked.

"My chest hurts Emily's mood just dropped and I felt it" Charlie said.

"So what's the matter?" Jackie asked.

"When she was talking about Roy waiting" Charlie said. "Maybe she's upset because she wants to date someone and she can't"

"That could be it" Jackie said. "So who do you think it is?"

"I'm not a psychic Jacqueline we have to figure out these things one day at a time" Charlie said.

"But that's so boring" Jackie said with a sigh.

"C'mon" Charlie said taking Jackie's wrist before they walked out.

The next morning, the rangers were having breakfast before a long day of training.

"Hey Charlie check it out there's a dinosaur in my tea" Jackie said pulling up her green dinosaur tea infuser from her cup of tea.

"Jacqueline the long list of weird things you own never ceases to amaze me" Charlie said.

"Thanks" Jackie said.

"I don't think that was a compliment" Mike said.

"…Well I'm going to see it as one" Jackie said. "It's my first official day of being blonde and I'm going to appreciate it" Jackie said proudly.

"Good morning everyone!" Antonio exclaimed happily as he walked in.

"Antonio you're here early" Jayden said.

"Yea but that's mainly because I didn't eat breakfast" Antonio said before he sat down next to Jayden

"You can have some of the fruit salad" Charlie said.

"Charlie wouldn't let me turn it into a breakfast burrito" Jackie said.

"Not everything can be turned into a breakfast burrito" Charlie said.

"Yee of little faith my dear Charlie" Jackie said.

"So why do they call you Charlie? Isn't that like a dude's name?" Mike asked.

"It is but when Jayden and Jackie were little they couldn't say Charlotte so they said Charlie and now everyone just calls me Charlie. The kids in my kindergarten class use to tease but then Jackie poured finger paint down their pants so that stopped really quick" Charlie said.

"I was just using basic instinct" Jackie said with a shrug.

After breakfast the rangers went into the courtyard for training. Emily, Mia, Mike, and Kevin were waking the dummies, Jayden and Antonio were sparring and Charlie and Jackie were sparring.

"I'm so glad Jayden's little sisters are here we can finally figure out more about his life" Emily said.

"Yea but don't they seem a little immature?" Kevin asked.

"Yea but they can fight did you see the way they took on those nighlock with that chi spirit?" Mike asked.

"There's only a few people who can do that in the world" Mia said. "My grandmother was able to do it"

"…I could do it if I tried" Kevin said.

"Sure Kev" Mike said.

Jackie was doing her best to defend herself against Charlie but she was too fast. Charlie took her arm and immobilized it over her shoulder before they tumbled to the ground. Charlie kneed Jackie in the face before she hit her with the front of her leg.

"OW!" Jackie exclaimed.

"Point" Charlie said as she stood up.

"Point my ass" Jackie said. "How is that a point?"

"Because I'm standing up and you're on the ground" Charlie said.

"Alright then" Jackie said standing up and brushing her self off. "Next point's mine"

"We'll see about that" Charlie said before they went at it again. Charlie was doing her best to fend off Jackie but she had a great defense. Charlie went in for a roundhouse but Jackie did a split to dodge it. "Huh?" Charlie asked.

"Got ya!" Jackie said before she swung around and wrapped her legs around her sister bringing her down.

"Ah!" Charlie exclaimed as she fell. "Oof!" Charlie exclaimed as she hit the ground.

"Point" Jackie said.

"Charlotte and Jacqueline have really blossomed haven't they?" Ji asked Jayden as he walked up.

"Yea I guess I can give them that. They're so in touch with their Zords they're able to use them for fighting" Jayden said.

"Yes I see great things in their future" Ji said.

"Yea…I do too" Jayden said.

Charlie was able to sneak away from the Shiba house so she could meet Roy for ice cream. She got dressed in a white long sleeve shirt, a blue jean mini skirt, and red high heels. She straightened out her bow before she took a deep breath and walked inside. She saw Roy sitting down at the bar.

"Hi Roy" Charlie said.

"Oh hey Charlie you look nice" Roy said.

"Thanks" Charlie said with a small blush. "So are you new to town?"

"Yea we moved here not too long ago" Roy said picking up the menu.

"Do you like it?" Charlie asked.

"Well my grandmother is the chief of police so I guess I can't get into too much trouble but it's an okay town" Roy said. "You wanna get a sundae?"

"Sounds good" Charlie said.

"So have you lived here your whole life?" Roy asked.

"Pretty much" Charlie said. "It is a small little water town and I'm not too big on water but there is lots to do. We have this super awesome amusement park my brother, my sister and I go there all the time" Charlie said.

"So there are three of you?" Roy asked.

"Yep I've got an older brother and a twin sister but I still see her as my little sister because she is two minutes younger" Charlie said. "What about you?" Charlie asked.

"I've got an older brother and a little sister so I guess we're both middle children" Roy said.

"Seems that way" Charlie said smiling.

After eating ice cream, Charlie and Roy went through a walk in the park just talking and getting to know each other better. Then it was time for Charlie to go home.

"Do you need me to walk you home?" Roy asked.

"Uh no it's kind of private property I don't want you to get in trouble. I'll just call you tomorrow okay?" Charlie asked.

"Yea sounds good. I had a really nice day" Roy said.

"Me too" Charlie said before Roy kissed her cheek and ran off. Charlie let out a small blush before she rubbed his cheek. She walked into the Shiba house and saw everyone sitting in the living room.

"Hey guys" Charlie said.

"Hey Charlie where have you been all day?" Mike asked.

"Just a nice little walk" Charlie said sitting down between her brother and her sister.

"So how was it?" Jayden asked.

"It was nice…it was very nice" Charlie said with a small smile.